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just that 14 year old competitive cod player that everyone aspires to be πŸ˜ŽπŸ’― part time trickshotter πŸ˜ŒπŸ™Œ full time pussy slayer πŸ™ˆπŸ’¦#PickleUp

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man why
@blumwah @yodogloI now tell me which has more mechanics or @blumwah @yodogloI annie and mechanics in the same sentence? lol @yodogloI i thought it was common knowledge @yodogloI @yodogloI did you know that if all 3 inhibs are taken that each wave spawns with 2 super minions instead of 1 @ijdawg998 @PlayVALORANT Newest map right? @ijdawg998 @PlayVALORANT forcing you to play the new maps @nbltmd is why I don’t play this trash game team wins? dont even need to see our team to know we got outdrafted hard
@rickyreapers just dont die next time then you wont have that problem @Froste bro why you got salt just sitting there @kvrohs i hope man @kvrohs her. @yodogloI build tank go fast won this game
@JKap415 definitely high at the 50 you can see the game a lot better @THump neither team deserved to win tbh @THump @NOT_K4 calling out refs on inconsistencies = brady hate i guess @THump @NOT_K4 @KityZorb i mean he got better receivers, gronk back, and a really good defenseim down for a bills vs bucs super bowl @Leo__ffs @Leo__ffs bailed out by refs yet again so disappointed the refs always gotta fuck up good games man if youre letting them play ALL GAME you cant call P… goat CALLS THE WHOLE FUCKING GAME AND THEY CALL THAT?????? WHAT A FUCKING DISAPPOINTING END TO A GREAT GAMELMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO IS THIS SOCCER?????????????? @NFLLMFAOOOOO you kick a FG with 2 minutes left LOLthey talkin bout a 46 yard FG like its a 60 yard FG @rickyreapers never had a white drink if its free but i am not wasting my money on itbrady doing his best brees impression @rickyreapers i had a bud light seltzer i think and it just tasted like water witha very slight flavor it was just garbage @rickyreapers cuz theyre popular but they taste like trash imomaybe brady just arm punting it cuz he knows the packers offense cant do shitbrady is trash LOLrodgers trash. o line trash. packers trash.i will switch to state farm just win this game @AaronRodgers12 @jakkuxd @nbltmd man this is the first tweet i see from you???bum @Equanimeousill never get why defenders still put their head down after they saw what happened to shazier @KityZorb @rickyreapers we could probably get 10/12 in pickle acid cuz they all love gambling @THump cuz brees cant throw that far down the fieldits about time they intercept brady. he just been lobbing it up and his receivers just grab it every time @KityZorb @rickyreapers like i said tried a couple years ago everyones just broke @rickyreapers nevermind dont wanna be in a fantasy league with you @rickyreapers also want people that will try and not just quit after they start losing cuz it gets boring @Leo__ffs @rickyreapers you gonna make team maga? @rickyreapers tried to get people a year or two ago but it floppedpackers scored they're winning this @rickyreapers want to do one but dont know anyone that does it @Gavpai @dracubina i mean is she wrong @THump b-b-but rodgers doesnt have good receivers or o-line or a defense dont the bucs just put 3 on adams? rodgers not throwing to anyone else LOLyo this tom brady guy is pretty good at checkdowns! @blumwah @TwitterSafety I feel unsafemagnus about to lose in classical GOOOOOOOOOOOO @rickyreapers @Froste thanks LOL @Froste i blame marco
@FuzYKarma ion know what you did but good shit karma @yodogloI 48% wr darius? this guy STINKS but thats too many champions for this early int he season @yodogloI how you gonna have 41% wr in gold in the first 2 weeks of ranked @kvrohs @rickyreapers what was his score @imGiIl @Broncos hey man let me dreamhey @Broncos @yodogloI nah im not playing with jaron or tom @yodogloI yo lets play @yasuchu__ Xenoblade and elsword uou got bad taste @yasuchu__ playing elsword turn @LeagueOfLegends @yasuchu__ wanna make this streak bigger?pretty good way to start off the season on my alt @yodogloI LMFAOOOO @chickfiley @Leo__ffs @jack @MyFavsTrash its literally you??? @chickfiley @Leo__ffs @jack @MyFavsTrash haha oh hey maids!! @Leo__ffs @jack @chickfiley @MyFavsTrash hey don’t worry
you know me, jungle viego with 28 pink wards bought @heyhihellomomo @ellieramm LMFAOOO @Mxriarose hes so cuteEverything is fine. @bloodyrose27_ 😳😳😳
@LeagueOfLegends @blumwahhaha ladies still waiting"the more you play our game the more you derank" @Gavpai aight lemme know if you wanna play later @Gavpai wanna play some league @Mxriarose mmmm chick fil a breakfast @G0RM0TTI alright league time get on @G0RM0TTI ITS NOT EVEN STRONG LMFAOOO just worked in pro play cuz engage then zhonyas to buy time + kalista to pull… @G0RM0TTI ap support jarvan wait for the support j4s on my team @kvrohs yes. @lmChroma his micro is really good and keria compliments him so well