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Team Instinct Level 40 My Favorite Pokemon is Rhyperior I'm a gamer I'm a true pokefan who also likes super mario

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Goodbye @TwitterSupport my account has been limited and I don't know why? Is there a way to make it unlimited. Thank you an… @VivinkArt @golgopathe It's not a real Pokemon game @JPRPT98 @Touyarokii I've watched this funny video @golgopathe I think Garchomp is a hammerhead shark and a dragon @scyther_shiny @thetrainerclubb Great job @scyther_shiny Rhyperior @LoudNecrozma I meant the original Yamask @LoudNecrozma Scyther in let's go. Galarian Yamask in sword @risokichi How did you make it? @YourFriendPablo Rhyperior is cool @Lg_15601 Yes of course @GenesectParody I hope you get lots of subscribers in the futurePowering up both of My Frenzy Plant Venusaur to level 40. And Giving the Hundo Venusaur a 2nd charged attack. 💜💜 vs Gothorita. Gothorita's debut @jirachiposting Maybe his Galarian form will evolve @_BlastaMike Why did you name your shiny Blaziken Julio? Did you get it from him or he just likes Shiny Blaziken? @Rain20_Sky Adventure time. I liked this show when I was younger than the other shows @2Obutters I have a few Shadow Pokemon that Don't learn frustration @effiemcbeefie @SwgTips Yes @effiemcbeefie @SwgTips Yes ,of course @effiemcbeefie I decided to give this on my Pundo Venusaur and I'll power up 2 frenzy plant Venusaur to level 40 to… @pogobestbuddy Used it on my kanto grass starter @FemArceus @HattereneFloof I know that @bhebe_ganda Now that shundo has Shadow Ball and Psystrike as 2nd charged attcaks @Magikz_Trikz @REVERSALx7 Thanks @twineedles_ What happened to realcradily? @sleepiartuwu Is it from a real episode? @Propagandaunt I got the charm in sword. Still got no shiny outside of trading/transferring @_BlastaMike She Decreased Azumarill's attack by 2 and Meganium tanked 2 iceBeams @LukeSkybuilder @Simi_SLO @pokeAK101 Astonish is weak and slow and the move sucks. Bite is great but less energy gain. @pokeAK101 Seaking is broken in go Battle League rn @TerryTheBuneary Rampardos @CombeePropagan1 @arrokudatime Me after eating that Kiwi Pizza or a pizza with chocolate cubes or a pineapple pizza @poke_miners I gave my elite tm to Venusaur @RealGot2GoFast Looks Like Heatran @LegacyZelaya Are Legendaries allowed in the master league this season? @TheEternalEvil @Cinnamontoast46 Yes @LoudNecrozma Where am I? @GreninjaAsh21 Zhu ,Zhu pet @pxllenpuffs @pvpoke Is this a new lag? @MikeNerdlaw That's not a caterpie @trdf53 Virzion can be mock solo'd @OhSomeBlossom1 Beautiful @DragaGanda So Dragapult is the best Pokemon in that game because he's op. What about Tyranitar and the other psued… @GloriaParody @Ice_Furret Is this the real you? @NovaIol rip @pokeAK101 @pokeAK101 @SwgTips @_BlastaMike @julioceliao @pvpoke Are there still any lags in go battle league?… @Lockstin Jynx, Muk, Weezing, Exeggutor, Venusaur @Steelix_Parody @ShinyMetalBird So who's going to work in the stove? @ShinyMetalBird @Steelix_Parody You're both a gen 2 steel types @Steelix_Parody Maybe a yummy cake @Darmaniganda I love this video so much @Masterful_27 Dunsparce is a pure normal type
@ReaIRayquaza Don't destroy Sinnoh, Johto or Kanto @LeoDubFire Mewtwo @REVERSALx7 You're a hardcore pokefan. How didn't you know that Machop is not from johto. @connoa1228 @REVERSALx7 It's Pokedex number : 66 Johto dex numbers 152-251On what Pokemon did you use the elite tm that you got from go battle league? @GreninjaAsh21 100% correct @julioceliao @RaphalD7 Can frustration be elite tm'd? I don't like the situation that frustration can't be Tm'd. I… @REVERSALx7 Bruh, it's kanto. Niantic made him common in the Johto event because there's a mission to catch a fight… @_Pokedex_Facts That's interesting @WildSusanBoyle @Cochin0Mum What a crazy ammount of things @KevinSaludares @gingerlykimber1 🤩🤩🤩 @HattereneFloof Do what the missions tell you @shuckle4smash I don't like them. They are lame like Mehtapod @NovaIol It's extremely uglyRetweet so others have to see this funny rat
Retweeted by KingPerior @ReaIRayquaza Dr Eggman Swearing @julioceliao Hooray @DottsEthan Why are you 🤦? New lags? @pvpoke I hope new Pokemon will learn those moves that have less energy gain and moves that have a secondary effect in the latest pvp update @Dogesire That's really cool @GardePropaganda @GigalithGanda Yeah @BestestScraggy So gen 3 Rampardos and Rhyperior @GreninjaAsh21 248 306 409 464 Guess the Pokemon. Hint : National pokedex numbers @MamoswineParod1 I watched it when I was younger @pxllenpuffs @Darmaniganda That's extremely cool @frosty947 @LoudNecrozma @KukuNChips It's Galarian Simpson @LoudNecrozma After How many eggs? @BestestScraggy So if you do this, that means that I could get Rhyperior in gen 1 @lesbian_pokemon It's not a Pokemon @lesbian_pokemon It's a male @lesbian_pokemon Oh no, you don't @lesbian_pokemon It's genderless. @lesbian_pokemon Mewtwo is genderless @GoNintendoTweet I hope it's real @CuteCherrim Cherrim is really good for pvp in Pokemon Go @CuteCherrim Yes, the great league god. Thats how @SwgTips called you @FilthyPoke @pogobestbuddy @NianticHelp They'll do it in 3 more days. The johto starters will be rare on friday @UnderwaterVids @HattereneLol What a rare and giant fish @HattereneFloof Are you playing in an emaluator? @Vikavoltear I agree @Touyarokii 34 @adultswimOOC @ShyingMell It's robot chicken. What season from robot chicken is it from? @HattereneFloof It's groudon with the move FirePunch @RealGot2GoFast This video was posted at my birthday @HattereneFloof Do you have two golett?