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My job is to wash guys balls and carry heavy stuff on the PGA Tour. The People’s Caddy TPC

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Umph ! Crop Circles that his 20 supporters are standing in are like some weird Sci-Fi movie. young people of this country have become so conscious, a couple of them brought their own bags so as not to pol… God have mercy on your uniformed slanted brain brother ! The proof is right in front of your eyes if you open… at River Islands in my opinion is the most underrated par 3 in the world ! Haven’t been there in 20 years. La…’s it pay and who we playing ? Bidens Blindys ! It’s like just look around peeps. It’s like any criminal investigation ! Follow the money !… uniformed Tweeters ! I 100% get you not liking our President but I ZERO get you not understanding that the Bi…💯
Rafa could swing in a phone booth. That action probably comes from having a poor grip. Meany dogs look like you. That’s cool. 😂 cool to see your baby when you are out shopping. said dic yer hand up if while in college you and your mates drove up in the Team Van to the Augusta gate and asked the… cool that a gifted author is willing to help an old broken down looper tell his life story that prolly his ow… years ago me, @BRENTHENLEY , @ScottyhamCville and DJ Nelson entered a 4 man scramble in Flowery Branch GA.and e… kinda know Keith and would trust him with my wallet and wife if they drove across the country. Well.... for sure… damn sure ain’t her fault ! I got 20 autographs at Augusta when I was in high school and I have no idea where a… Hog Nelson was my strongest Scramble Partner I ever had. I was the 2nd. I am now my 5,500th best partner. Rivera guy is a Top Shelfer ! Hung out with him somewhere (can’t remember) and in 10 seconds I got why his pl… got a million of em.
Dear PGA Touring Pros. Danny Noonan (Micheal O’Keefe) is hoping to Caddie during the Masters Par 3 event. He’s a so… it is folks ! If you wish to hear the most in-depth look at our crazy job, it can’t get better than this ! P… would have been the best ! Giggle. stuck his hand out to me and said “hey Kip”. I said you do your homework ! Lol. It was a glorious day spendi… this play wins the ballgame for Seattle they should retire his jersey ! The Cardinals got zero points here afte…’s do a bet where we don’t have to listen to each other. Maybe a $50 Top Golf gift card. Action ? got action ! And let’s bet double that on the Electoral College of each state. All those Fruities in Austin wo… will you hear it ! have strong opinions on our government but I will never hate you for having opposite ideas. That’s why we live in… will here neither from now on ! #HeGone year ago in California if you supported Trump you were like a Leper in a crowd and had to whisper. Today with t…💯% ! You couldn’t be more correct ! We spent a large part of Gavins life hoping he would talk more. The great gam… though you called me a loser you couldn’t be more correct on Trumps involvement in your health. The same as an… you imagine being so blinded by party affiliation that you can become so poorly informed of the mis dealings of…
Can you imagine having a multi million dollar job where you didn’t do jack shit to deserve it and being mad at your… man Double G didn’t have his best stuff today and Ole Happy Gilmore ran us down but Gavin made an incredible bun… Trump has killed 200,000 Americans with the Covid, I would like to congratulate him on the millions of Cancer…’s an interesting fact ! I have no idea what difference it makes. People die from all kinds of reasons. Are you… Judy Rankin the most underrated announcer in the game of golf. She’s got my vote ! Always on top of the game !’s a penalty ! Those teams should be ejected. 😝 Left had us in World War 3 in the first year of Trumps reign. When in reality was there ever a more peaceful 4… is actually a kid in the field of this Junior Event I’m carrying (riding a cart) in that his name is Happy Gi… Chiliwhomped chip shot could be called a Kipper.’m turrible at these things. Someone number the holes.
Little Big Man was a stud today. Fought back from 4 over to shoot 1 over ! When I was in the 9th grade I was tryin… day out caddying for my stud bud young man Double G Gavin Greeson ! He’s got a 2 shot lead heading into the last round tomorrow !The Greenskeeper gets home Monday night. I think she is getting polled then. I will keep you posted. get a 47 inch driver and accept a few less fairways in reg and lower scores most weeks. with 3 bogies and putted like Ned In The First Reader ! been 58 with a lil luck but I shouldn’t Caddie embellish. Dahlman (can’t spell it) played golf with 3 flunky ass caddies in Vegas because it was the right thing to do… man with the ultimate out grown his pants call ! If we had 20 Joely Dalhmans we wouldn’t need the other 200 ! W… warms my heart more than the Northeast peeps in my timeline ignoring the idiots trying to scare them into b… got dumber since 1918 ! Please don’t quote the news in rebuttal ! kept misreading my putts and hitting bad putts that went in. Blind hogs find acorns sometimes. Fire pureness comes from my high school and college buddy Gary Queller Weller. He has always been the harde…’s wrong with you idiots !! I NEVER said he said Super anything. Go bother someone else. an idiot ! I never said he called em anything. So he called them Predators not Super Predators. Lol. That oth…
Snake you are “Blinded by the light, revved up like a deuce another runner in the night” If you think Biden won tha… tweet or Biden ? I said nothing racist. you ever heard his private taped phone calls ? You never cease to amaze me with your uniformed hatred. for as Zebra to hide his stripes ! ! It’s odd that when we are young we have the save the world mentality and once we pay taxes for 10 or 20 y… invited out to the Men’s Group at Council Fire today. Such a treat every time ! Great bunch of Members and ALWA… did say that in the first 15 mins of the debate. She seem to expose her slant later in the debate. wasn’t “centrist” during the OBama Administration that i fully supported and I guess you were fine with that time… that CNN has yet to mention the part of the debate where Trump asks Biden to explain away his son getting rich… looked at us Americans with his far away stare and lied during the entire debate.Biden with his far away stare looking at the camera does not give me a sense security.I want to see the stats of this debate. It seemed that she did let Biden talk much more. Thinking back she seemed… Welker so far has been a wonderful referee. Impossible job that she is doing great !So far the boys are acting like men and the Moderator couldn’t be doing a better job. Also so far fair and balanced.I’m Fixen to watch the POTUS hand Biden his ass.
There were no chicks in the car. Chicks dig the long ball sometimes ? 🤷‍♂️’s a K. Written is hard!
And maybe a few like this ! 13 was Round Daddy’s, mine and even Brent’s number in high school sports. I mark my pen… are a ton of balls marked like this at the bottom of lakes and way out in the woods on golf courses all acros…, wind and water are way cheaper and way better for the environment but so far not near enough energy is made fr… would Google for exact stats on our oil importing but we can’t Google for accurate information anymore. I do know…’s going to be great if Biden gets elected and we end America being self sufficient on producing our on oil and w… best Caddies Caddie that was ever under the strap ! What a great man he was ! @BRENTHENLEY saw him buy a poor f… Mudd followed closely by @BradFaxon in my neck of the woods. @johncookgolf kicked butt as well. I finished 4…
💯% here I sit again ! Crap ! anyone else’s watch CNN and when the Caronabro’s Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon are on they think that their screen is frozen ?Giggle haven’t watched Fox in 2 weeks. You are a Sheeple 100%. My politics doesn’t fit your uniformed agenda and that’s… have never stopped yelling that Trump would have us in World War 3 during his administration but stop and… ! By hiring Hank, Tiger wanted to prove (and he did !) that it was himself not the teacher getting it done but… Haney took a look at this golf swing and said “we need to make some drastic changes” under rated tweet. tweet proves how mislead Americans can become. I can’t prove Trump hasn’t been a thief and he probably has bee… ! Yer mom dropped you on your head a lot as a baby I guess. Call Trump a jerk, a narcissist and even call… wasn’t a lie. He “earned” less than 400K as a Senator ! He STOLE the rest. How can The Democratic Party and th…
@maxhoma23 having @JT_ThePostman ‘s twitter account for the day is epic stuff. At least I think he has it or sudde…