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Brand new Kirani AYAT music out now. Stream on Apple Music. birthday gift for me perhaps ? @HitUpShabazz Yourself 😃My people I’m going live on IG with @crescendo_gh tune in let’s spend some time. @HitUpShabazz I no dey mind 😂 I get kapa 💪🏿💪🏿“Jumping” Out Now On all Digital Platforms 🌪 Shot & Edited By @cHiwqxs Powered By @BLOODLINERECOR2 PS: this is…
Retweeted by WAVINHO @HitUpShabazz Oluman Sha✨🧡 @Kofmotivation Young motivation 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 @kuvie_ Okay 👌🇨🇲🔥🌍 NOUVELLE SORTIE🌍🔥🇨🇲 A Découvrir la nouvelle vidéo "NYAMA NYAMA" de @RENISS_ de son album "NZO" réalisée par…
Retweeted by WAVINHO @kuvie_ 😂 you dey workout ?New Music Alert 🚨 Trap lord @KiraniAYAT teams up with Free The Youth to serve us an anthem! Stream #IKnow on…
Retweeted by WAVINHOLet’s go 🔥🔥🔥 repost:✨🌍✨ ‘Daring' & 'different': two words that describe @KiraniAYAT's music & stagecraft. One of…
Retweeted by WAVINHOThanks guys. Was really looking forward to being in Cannes. Hopefully next year. Enjoy. after progress, IG hoes don't excite me - @KiraniAYAT
Retweeted by WAVINHOThats FACTS in caps but no cap. Kirani AYAT - Di Asa (L.I.F.E) 💗✨ ORDER LINK OUT NOW 🇬🇭 🌍
Retweeted by WAVINHO @KiraniAYAT @TeamAYAT @YouTube Love your music you make I dey feel the huasa dialect in your raps
Retweeted by WAVINHOThank you 💪🏿 artists, 10 different voices, 100s of hours writing, arranging and mixing each piece, 1000s of people to share i…
Retweeted by WAVINHOWhat’s ur #MOODSWINGS COLOUR SO FAR #Vrmg4Life #Gogetem
Retweeted by WAVINHOHello there, I’m glad & excited to share my much anticipated Ep with you today!!! #Cp (Contingency Plan) OFFICIALL…
Retweeted by WAVINHOKirani AYAT - GUDA (Official Video) via @YouTubeKirani AYAT & FTY - I Know (Visualizer)
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 some arrogant display of ignorance.
Retweeted by WAVINHOkyer3 s3 akoa wae pi3 y3 k) gye nframa kakra. prosecute this guy
Retweeted by WAVINHOBurn Babylon System
Retweeted by WAVINHOCatch @KiraniAYAT on Nothing but the T with @pearl_batista on crescendo_gh’s ig live at 7:30pm Tomorrow.
Retweeted by WAVINHOToday’s throwback is from @KiraniAYAT ‘s debut ep, the Zamani ep. The song and Ep are available on all streaming pl…
Retweeted by WAVINHOTune in
Retweeted by WAVINHOHey, hope you good. I’ll go Live on Instagram (@kiraniayat) tomorrow Friday 7:30PM with @crescendo_gh for an interv… @crescendo_gh 2017 that was my debut EP. it was offline and got put up again in 2019. Please make the corrections. Thanks @KiraniAYAT wavyinho
Retweeted by WAVINHOthis be abuse
Retweeted by WAVINHO🔥🔥 isn’t this blowing up? They actually admitted it!!!
Retweeted by WAVINHOFlash Africa | KIRANI AYAT IS ONE OF THE FINE BREEDS OF YOUNG RAPPERS HOLDING HIP-HOP DOWN IN THE GHANA. part. some self-control – Kirani Ayat advises fellow artists to the Hausa afro trap throne, kirani AYAT shares the sublime music video to his current single 'GUDA', filmed… my Talkertainment (that name funny 😄) interview on GhanaWeb Zealand health official resigns over two covid-19 cases imported from Britain
Retweeted by WAVINHOKirani Ayat And Free The Youth Team Up For An Impactful Music Project via @Kuulpeeps - Ghan… @CryptonBlvck We no dey like learn. Over sabi Dey worry we @Bridget_Otoo 💪🏿🙏🏿 @KumiFayva_WB 💪🏿More life Zamii ❤⛽.
Retweeted by WAVINHO @iNene233 Could be 😃 @CryptonBlvck 😂So cool’ve never had a birthday party in my life and I was really looking forward to having one this year with friends, f…😂 bum ass problem be say we think say the truth no dey matter. that’s the only thing that matters. We shouldn’t play with…
Retweeted by WAVINHOThe only thing crazier than how she was killed (while playing the organ in the middle of Sunday service at Ebenezer…
Retweeted by WAVINHOPlease get tested if you were at the NPP Primaries. Get Tested if you registered for voters ID and you know the pre…
Retweeted by WAVINHONo country on earth has successfully contained Covid-19 without closing nonessential businesses and paying people t…
Retweeted by WAVINHOEconomy > Infrastructure twitter are now Occupying beds in Korle-Bu and UGMC, the same UGMC they condemned... politics doesn’t save lives
Retweeted by WAVINHOIf your friends decline to go somewhere because of COVID-19, STOP peer pressuring them! Stop making people feel gui…
Retweeted by WAVINHONew Music Thursday Kirani AYAT & FTY - I Know (Visualizer)
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rhythmmycoolayor or whatever that guy says be 🔥🔥New music out now. 🔥🔥🔥 @KiraniAYAT @MsNaa cancer szn is upon us !!
Retweeted by WAVINHO @KaySoFromTema @KiraniAYAT 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by WAVINHOJuly 1st 1960: Ghana becomes a republic and Kwame Nkrumah becomes its first President. God Bless Our Homeland 🇬🇭.
Retweeted by WAVINHO @KiraniAYAT i know 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by WAVINHO!!!
Retweeted by WAVINHO🔥 is manufactured defeatism. They're expecting us to get tired and give up
Retweeted by WAVINHOI’ve Been patience so long but no yawa more vim. @MsNaa @KiraniAYAT @KaySoFromTema Royalty month!!!!
Retweeted by WAVINHO @pagnaahuda Ba yawa 😎 @KiraniAYAT @KaySoFromTema It’s Cancer SZN baby💃🏾🔥
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Retweeted by WAVINHO @_riaboss_ Cat mama😅 blimey... yes my fav DJ too. Actually been a minute Mitchy. Miss you ❤️ fav producer is a cancer and my fav radio personality too. That’s @KaySoFromTema & @MsNaa ✨❤️🦀Yasssss
Retweeted by WAVINHO @pagnaahuda I’ll need you to run up my cupcakes in 9 days. TanksCancer szn upon us. 🦀I absolutely agree with him. Every year stunt performers put their bodies on the line to achieve cinematic greatnes…
Retweeted by WAVINHOA new rent bill, significantly addressing the current challenges of rental housing in Ghana has been prepared and p…
Retweeted by WAVINHOFor all of my “All Lives Matter” Christians:
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Retweeted by WAVINHO🚨 New Music 🚨 Kirani AYAT & FTY - I know Prod. KaySo Stream: Out Now AYAT & FTY - I Know (Visualizer) The Youth Taxi & Trotro NASCAR t shirt.🏁 It is always a rush and competitive on Ghanaian roads due to the fact…
Retweeted by WAVINHOTuesday Music Vibes 🎵@deborahvanessa7 - Sweet Ex 🎵@jderobie - Back it 🎵@KinaataGh - Behind the scenes 🎵@KiraniAYAT…
Retweeted by WAVINHO🍸🍹🥃🍷 🎶🎶" I Know" 🎶🎶 🎧🎤 @KiraniAYAT 🎤🎧 #YLounge w/ @DjKessGh
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This Is Why @omg_itz_meg Thinks You Should Listen To @lhardd_ ‘s Goosebumps
Retweeted by WAVINHOSauce Papa Series.
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