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Journalist at @nzstuff. I write about gender, inequality, disability. DMs open.

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@NaomiArnold I mean and then there was the time I went to Niue to escape work! And I turn up at the scuba place to… @NaomiArnold In New York at some random dive bar with a friend, laughing about a guy she liked from home. Some guys… @awbraae @comingupcharlie @GeoffreyKeey I think that’s what I was saying too? Humans are weird @awbraae @comingupcharlie @GeoffreyKeey my uncle is a vegan who has twice posted the David Attenborough doco in the… @Ahhmandah it's so sad and i can't stop thinking about it
"This secret contract between white children, white parents, white teachers had been revealed, like a lover’s note…
Retweeted by Kirsty Johnston @ICaitlinCherry @LizzieMarvelly Kind of hoping both my eyes go proper black now so I can one-up her 😂😂 @LizzieMarvelly I cannot compete 😂 You still in the cast? @StephDyhrberg I’ve said it before and will say it again: burn it all down @hellomotorbike Just a lot of cuts and bruises 😂 @GlennMcCNZ The surgery was fine I was just unaware of the whole fainting thing @GayMaxine I said it in slightly stronger language 😂 @Raiani_Diane @lisa_macready @LizzieMarvelly How long ago did this happen Diane?Also if you’ve been sedated probably leave your bathroom door open, my poor boyfriend couldn’t wake me up to get in… while you were all enjoying the election I had my wisdom teeth extracted and then passed out face-first into… @RobKiddNZ Many questions @QCbillington Yes @jurisprunedance @RabbitWhyte @Libratrue1 @BexGraham Tautoko thatAbsolutely astounding - this really shows the scale of the red swing. Look closely for the blue arrows at the start…
Retweeted by Kirsty Johnston @jurisprunedance @Libratrue1 @BexGraham Yes. But is that because juries are very susceptible to rape myths (ie. she… @Kiwicossie @crims0nl1z @AndrewLittleMP @SpeakerTrevor They can’t intervene in the courts system. The best thing yo… @VenerableDonkey @eilishsilie @MariaSherwood2 It does if you read the story - they’re saying a jury, on seeing thos… @eilishsilie I think it’s saying the texts would have allegedly damaged her credibility to the point the jury might… was 13. He was 26. But she sent him some friendly text messages so go ahead and quash the convictions, and don’…
Labour has a strong mandate. If it does nothing with it – failing to act on climate change, welfare, tax, housing,…
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Great piece by @michelle_duff on what Ardern could (and should) do with her huge majority @Caleb_Speak @JoannaKidman @keraoregan @WallisKeziah 🙏🙌 @RobbieNicol I thought he didn’t drink any more? @isaac_davison did a profile and he said he’d given it up!! @LachlanForsyth Damn
@MegdeRonde This is Steve. Kirsty isn’t allowed her phone rn. It’s for the best.Also this pic was taken right after surgery. Don’t remember taking it 😂😂😂 definitely not looking so chipper nowTapping out of pre-election twitter early because I just got four wisdom teeth out and tweeting on whatever god-lov…
Superb article. "We talk about the problem of male suicide, but hardly ever talk about why men are lonely, experien…
Retweeted by Kirsty Johnston @tonywalljourno You’re a young leftie woman on the INSIDE Wallo. I see you x @RebekahWh I just ... why ... it’s such pointless bureaucracy! @RebekahWh What? Omg settle down DOC @BenThomasNZ *hand-delivered to your personal mailbox in error @rachelz @Knhannah Patriarchy won’t fall on its own x
@paulapenfold @ikon_media A strong week on the "take no prisoners" front here in NZThis is one of the most incredible pieces of journalism I’ve seen in NZ. @ikon_media’s work on state abuse is foren… scoop leading @NZStuff and the @DomPost today: Winston Peters was briefed about the NZ First Foundation's expe…
Retweeted by Kirsty Johnston @han_dall 🙏the way he used his tail as a propeller
Retweeted by Kirsty Johnstonplease look at this picture of my friend’s cat who had to get shaved for surgery
Retweeted by Kirsty Johnston @C7Design His “likes” are a deeply soothing experienceI didn't go to work because a cat fell on my head and then a dog with shoes tried to do me justice.
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Retweeted by Kirsty JohnstonLook today has been a lot so I’m just RT-ing things from my boyfriend’s wholesome and wholly un-political feed, please enjoyPutting oat milk in my oatmeal
Retweeted by Kirsty Johnstonwhere are they going
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Retweeted by Kirsty JohnstonValais Blacknose Sheep from Switzerland
Retweeted by Kirsty JohnstonFamilies of children with disabilities a 'hidden minority' during Covid-19 lockdown, many still in 'survival mode'
Retweeted by Kirsty JohnstonThis is so heartbreaking
@tnichss @Tim_Batt The framing on that story is so frustrating like “omg not everyone is entirely selfish wow and S… @MacleodJust Wasn’t for you, was for the other person. Sorry :) @AirNG4blu @MacleodJust Could you perhaps click through and educate yourself? The paper linked to explains post 20-… @AirNG4blu @MacleodJust It’s nothing to do with being “unwillingly pregnant”. The story spells this out: “Doctors s… @sciencegal_NZ Let them shout into the windOnce more for the incorrect and misleading people at the back was supposed to do this job the first week I joined Stuff, and then Lockdown II happened. Praise be that… it is'We have failed': NZ women's groups give scathing update to United Nations on gender-based violence
@Knhannah I will get my boobs out in my spare time, thank YOU @taramcallister4 I’d hoped the handkerchief top might be the one thing that stayed in the 90s. Sadly, no @EllaFrankly I might have to suck it up and get another one I think. Particularly given they have a front AND a back @EllaFrankly How good are they!?! @sonyacole They must have used up the full allocation of fabric elsewhereMe: Internet, I would like a new white work shirt please Internet: @BenThomasNZ Thoughts and prayers @chamfy "Hello young brown woman, look at me talking to you and then incidentally bringing up your ethnic backgroun…'ve been waiting for @BenThomasNZ's take on the Wellington Is Bad article all day, he used to be so reliably acros…
We wanted to ask Billy Te Kahika some questions. He didn’t stay long enough to answer them all, accusing me of bein…
Retweeted by Kirsty Johnston @paulapenfold @StuffCircuit @NZonAir Ahhh awesome to see your hard work come to fruition! Look forward to watching tomorrow
THE GENDER JUSTICE COLLECTIVE SCORECARD IS LIVE ✨✨ Interested in how the parties stack up on the issues that our c…
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“I didn’t know they still did that” is the most common reaction when people say they have had ECT. Thanks to the br…
Retweeted by Kirsty Johnston @drayeshaverrall I am in Auckland 😢 Go well! @drayeshaverrall When! What forum!?
I will vote for the party who bans spreadsheets presented as scanned PDFsGod I love this fact checker @LegallyFeminist Thank you 🙏"There was no national strategy yet and the sexual violence bill had been held up. Despite welcoming more funding,…
Retweeted by Kirsty Johnston @Tim_Batt @sharkpatu @HaydenDonnell @CarolHirschfeld Mate, one thing the media can do with absolutely no prompting is ... talk about mediaIf you feel bad about the price, I’ll collect koha’s antibody treatment was tested using cells originally derived from an abortion | MIT Technology Review
Retweeted by Kirsty Johnston @BexGraham @mikeythenurse The submissions were actually quite depressing? Imagine being one of these NGOs you’d fee… @BenAtki03120156 @top_nz Thanks for replying @BenAtki03120156 @top_nz But what about reducing violence against women in the first place? Not hearing much about… @BenAtki03120156 @top_nz What do you mean independence and trust in women? @SimonThomsen14 I’ll let him knowNZ was asked to the give the UN an extra update on its progress on addressing violence against women, after its 201…
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@mrbear_gttown I’m super confused. All the reporting talks about “women and children”. Did you even read the cabine… @mrbear_gttown It has? @top_nz How will you address the underlying gender dynamics that are also a driver of family violence? @mrbear_gttown Family violence is a gendered issue. Here’s a cabinet paper explaining NZ’s current approach @mrbear_gttown Sorry?NZ was asked to the give the UN an extra update on its progress on addressing violence against women, after its 201… @SimonThomsen14 Max is more of a gatherer
@BexGraham @Rachelgpeters @Jasonwalls92 lol reminds me of during Covid lockdown, I did some shopping for…