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nutted in 3.14 seconds, call that shit a cream pi
Retweeted by kirsty @Imogenstweets @kaatiemxx why so accurate😭
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@aPlasticSmile i had to squint my eyes to read this holy fuck @aPlasticSmile I played for an hour or so with a mate to see if I would like it, and yeah na was not good. Won’t be playing this season🥴🤣
Thanks for 1 million subscribers 😎
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Retweeted by kirstyme eating meatballs whilst @KSI is talking about his penis length and girth 🥴
@Imogenstweets and croissants zi’ve lost 8lbs in 6 days lmao am I dying
@aPlasticSmile @NickCarterrrr @racheyroo552I will give someone $100 paypal that retweets this. Must be following @NickCarterrrr & @aPlasticSmile. Tag one frie…
Retweeted by kirstyMy experience with Mini Ladd, I was 17. (photos in replies) Read:
Retweeted by kirstyI was manipulated by Miniladd, I was 16/17. He was 20+. (photos in replies) Read:
Retweeted by kirsty @itsWaddles_ @Imogenstweets oopsies
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Retweeted by kirstythis is who cops saw as a threat. this is who they held down and had injected with ketamine in order to sedate him.…
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Retweeted by kirsty @Imogenstweets lmao i would be the same
How Mixer shut down
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if any homies need help transitioning to youtube from mixer, hit me up. i'll do what i can if you're switching to…
Retweeted by kirstyNo Victory Royale will ever compare to the one Ninja just got
Retweeted by kirstyWANT A LIFE SIZED SWAGGERSOULS TO WATCH YOU WHILE YOU SLEEP? This 1ft tall figurine is my best and final collab wi…
Retweeted by kirstyit’s horrifying how recent these are - My story! Read:
Retweeted by kirstynot sure why I decided to have an online shopping binge in the same week that my rent and bills come out🥴
@TaliaMar looking at all the girls’ bums and boobs is such a mood 🤣 we gotta appreciateTwitter how tall are y’all? If you’re shourter than 5’3 comment your height!
Retweeted by kirstythis boils my blood
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brother crashed his car tonight and somehow came away unscathed don’t take anything for granted
#LovePLT @OfficialPLT #LovePLT
just finished watching @VintageBeefLP’s the forest multiplayer playthrough and loveeed it although i always wonder…
love when parcel says handed to resident but it was just left outside and i’ve been at work all day???? luckily i…'ll give $1,000 to a random person who retweets this within the next 24 hours. Must be following @Celsians & myself (so I can DM you).
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@GFuelEnergy @GammaLabs @GFUELesports @Topdxg🖤 FLASH RESTOCK + GIVEAWAY 💗 🗣 Our “BLACK PINK” #GFUEL Shakers & Starter Kits have returned, folks! And to celebra…
Retweeted by kirsty @irrick_ok_ dems the rules @irrick_ok_ i already follow so i expect the 5 push-ups xdoing it again bc I'm more fat than michelin
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as if I was on fortnite and the game crashed 🥴 @kfcgaming the snowy bit of the map will always be the worst addition to fortnite @aPlasticSmile wtf🤣 @aPlasticSmile @TopdxgGiving someone $20 paypal that retweets this within 6hrs. Must be following me so I can DM. Tag one friend. Good luck!
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@Imogenstweets @tramL116 hahahhahhahahahh i love thisAddressing @Symfuhny Aimbot Allegations: Read:
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I’ll give $200 to a random person who retweets this within the next 12 hours. Must be following so I can DM the winner. Happy Saturday 💙
Retweeted by kirsty @VeeCi5 @BubbleRescue Seems to come and go as it pleases ahhahaha @Yaks44044179 @JKFlLES @BubbleRescue 1250 @BubbleRescue #BubbleRescueTakeover @DNPthree @GridGamingIO have made such a good game. I love these type of games 😩😩 @Yaks44044179 @JKFlLES @BubbleRescue I managed to do it, just keep at it! @JKFlLES @Yaks44044179 @BubbleRescue The button disappeared for me to watch them @VeeCi5 @BubbleRescue Yeah I watched it twice to get coins and then it disappeared for me 🥴
@DNPthree I really like the game tbf @JKFlLES @Yaks44044179 @BubbleRescue i’m having to wait 10 mins for a life🥴 @Yaks44044179 @BubbleRescue Same🤪😭 @BubbleRescue i’m stuck on 17 and having to wait 10 minutes for another go just to fail😭😭🤣 @BubbleRescue forever waiting 10 mins for a life 😥To celebrate the Bubble Rescue takeover, we're giving away $7,500 in prizes during game play Available on iOS & An…
Retweeted by kirstyWe stand with the Black community & against white supremacy, racism, & police brutality & condemn the killings of G…
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Retweeted by kirstySo this happened to me yesterday where I live in south Holland, IL. Karen calls me a nigger then drives to the poli…
Retweeted by kirstyTo celebrate the launch of my new mobile game I am giving away $7,500 to players and $200 to someone who retweets t…
Retweeted by kirstyfound out melissa benoist and chris wood got married and my heart 🥺
Dream x Youtooz giveaway! RT & follow @Youtooz to win. Drops June 26.
Retweeted by kirsty @WatchMixer use me as a no button @aPlasticSmile good morning queenDone. Streamers can stream Dissimulation and New Age without having to worry 🙌🏿
Retweeted by kirstyI'm super excited to announce @GridGamingIO has acquired its first mobile game and its launching tomorrow. It is…
Retweeted by kirstyTo celebrate the launch of my first worldwide mobile game... I’ll give $250 to a random person who retweets this w…
Retweeted by kirstySince I won 100T Game Night, I get to choose 5 people for any piece of @ElgatoGaming gear + a hat from the Numbers…
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We’ll give $2,000 to a random person who retweets this within the next 72 hrs. Must be following @LANDN & @DNPthree.
Retweeted by kirstyI fucking knew it is how the police think they can treat a 62 year old black man in Tottenham but this 1 happens to be my dad…
Retweeted by kirstyPeople in the Uk: The UK isn't racist Sainsbury's: We'll remove an offensive statue People in the UK:…
Retweeted by kirsty @Lazarbeam its so worth it
since you boys know everything what’s this
Retweeted by kirstyI'll give $100 to someone who retweets this within the next 60 minutes. Must be following so I can DM. I want to…
Retweeted by kirstydoes anybody remember warehouse 13, oh my god i forgot i even watched itdescendants is SO trash and yet it’s almost 5am and i’m living for it
evermore is the most beautiful disney songWorst 5 a side team ever...
Retweeted by kirstyYouTubers seeing Twitch streamers talk about DMCA
Retweeted by kirstythis mf thought i wasn’t gonna do it LMAOOOO
Retweeted by kirsty @KEEMSTAR £kirstyjanette #Keem 🤗There has been so much horrible news for months. Just want to brighten someone’s day. $500 CashApp giveaway. 1. (…
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@SuniDey holy shit @itsWaddles_ i take it back