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don’t know. don’t care.

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There’s Sinhgad, Pratapgad, Raigad and then there’s :
Retweeted by KI have woken up this morning and laughed for 10 minutes straight looking at videos on Twitter. The content early mo… the best TikTok ever (Sound On)
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gonna tell my kids this is dora
Retweeted by K @scaryhairyman I wish this was a real scenarioI’m just done. If i’m pissed - you will know. I’m not keeping quiet anymore. People just walk all the fuck over you. It’s sick.If the planets had a meeting
Retweeted by KThat friend who tripped over nothing
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@shrutithenaik The seconds leads are so damn cute sometimes. I want to smack the actress and say HEY CAN YOU PLEASE… @shrutithenaik Dude NEVER happening. It’s like every series has the same plot but weirdly each story is soooooo different??Does neither of the party realise they are fighting on TWITTER - an online platform?? Like.. go work? I’m sure ther… have had more people announce their pregnancy this year than marriage announcements. The transition is complete, i’m officially old.If you’re 30+ you will understand my predicament 😭😭I ate sev puri. RIP oesophagusWhy can’t my stupid phone catch the pink hue 😭😭😭 didn’t go viral on tik tok like I expected it to so I’m giving twitter a try
Retweeted by KJust because you lost me as a friend doesn't mean you gained me as an enemy. I'm bigger than that , I still wanna s…
Retweeted by Kinteresting, when I watched this I actually thought, somebody save this woman
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Can’t. Stop. Eating.’m so glad to see my friends’ ex move on and be HAPPY. Especially when that moron never deserved her in the first… @InternetTofu @BhargavFunbuckt What did you get exactly by tagging his account!?! @Goddamittt Oh no my friend. She is not as annoying. Someone else has taken her placeWhere is the OHMYGOD OHMYGOD chick?? I’m not missing her but just realised i haven’t seen her annoying face in a whileYawning at 8 pm. I love old age 🙄🥰🥰 for 1.5 hours and i legit feel like i lost a kg in running around and the best gym ever 😂My favourite 💜
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You gonna eat wild rodents and then be shocked about catching a disease?!!! @Kishnani_T I mean i have the updated one but not rolled out for me yetAnd i’m watching Harry Potter. AGAIN. But after so long. At what age will i stop liking this movie series?When are the likes disappearing? I think that’s the most free-ing thing i’ve heard in a very very long time. Atleas… be 5'6 talking bout "what would you do if i was there rn" idk pet you?
Retweeted by KI’m gonna say this with full authority that this is true but OH SO GOOD. Trust me when i say this as a non vegetarian, it is a rarity.Seeds of Life : HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. So glad Bandra has got some better options for healthier eating.ty fellow human
Retweeted by KMy lips are chapped and it is 28 degrees outside. Go figure
Bitch it’s on why do you keep reminding me i’m working tomorrow @schmmuck Why are you doing this to us. WhyWhat a beautiful email from my son's school!
Retweeted by K @TataCLiQCare Haha thanks super cute gestureOmg TataCliq sent over the cutest Children’s day hamper but i have no idea why me 😂 miss seeing his face. When is season 3 expected??? @ShekharRavjiani Tired of celebrity ranting about 'eggxorbitant' meals in 5 star hotels... First you are not poor a…
Retweeted by KI am listening to spotify after months and WHAT A BANGER OF A PLAYLIST has been curated for me in ‘Discover weekly’. Tooo fucking goodHere's the full video.
Retweeted by K @chin80 Just the beginning! @chin80 I felt a nip in the air last evening!
@panku_ The one and only 🙄🙄After spewing all that shit this chick is now acting like she’s another human being. What do people eat for dinner… am done with dinner and dessert by 8:30pm. Channeling my inner 👵My ‘happy’ food is a salad and i can’t make this shit upI’m now positive that people who claim to have seen aliens have actually just seen baby owls.
Retweeted by KSlight nip in the air
💔😔 @Aks_Ay Yes that’s never happening just like i’ll never buy an Android @PWNeha Move on. Let it go. People come and go. Don’t hold on to them. Make space for new people :)I will DIE if Vodafone exits India.. i’m not an Airtel girl 😭😭My son is already overthinking!! 😂
Retweeted by KJob applications be like “How did you hear about us?” Nigga WHY? was it a secret?
Retweeted by KI don’t care about other days of the year but i HAVE to eat Jalebi on Gurupurab. It’s a tradition
What the fuck is going on on the TL. Depression and anxiety will exist years after we’ve come and gone. Calm a bit… videos should be sent to Academy awards. No shit.
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Will we have babies? Only time will tell doing everything possible to avoid making a work brand plan. Like i can work on anything today BUT the br… an ‘ayurvedic’ pain patch - it has left me with a horrific rash that hasn’t gone in 4 days (intensity has red…
I have work. I need to sleep. And now i’m wide awake ugh @EastRenaissance @KylieJenner Man she’s vile10 pm and struggling. All new low discoveredHEADLINE : AMERICAN DISCOVERS OTHER ACCENTS EXIST @AttitudeMag I mean isn’t this good news then?! The idiots deserve to die 🙄
Barely 1 am and STRUGGLING to keep my eyes openOhh helllo i love you
@iamJokunle 😭😭 why is he so cuteKylie’s insta stories are focussed around her breasts so i don’t understand why she doesn’t make a separate insta f… everyone has gone to Mastodon. GOOD. Bye @BeingDeeSee Haha! I don’t like to reveal my address on SM :pAs much as i LOVE the rains, not in November man. Go away. (I still love you).
My system knows it’s about to rain before my app does! Got my sinus headache since morning, been sneezing, head has… often do celebrities talk about IVF? Almost never. So happy to see this out there! to a time when weed was still legal on twitter😂
Retweeted by KIt's been three days since we had rain. Bombay r u ok?
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OMG what a disgusting father. SICK @nalayak_munim My name actually is something else on my birth certificate. An error by BMC 😕Why do people test my patience like WHY @Rubal Well for me UPI is failing constantly and HDFC net banking is refusing to workUnable to pay credit card bills on Cred. Extremely weird. Anyone facing issues?? Constantly fails
Father wears his wife's pyjamas as he minds their baby so that their child doesn't cry
Retweeted by KA fight breaks out when a husband comes home and finds his wife with another penguin.
Retweeted by KWish somebody had taught me that it is OK to have a life outside work when you’re younger. I’m happy today’s kids a… seen anyone so happy to see me before
Lawyers go berserk in UP's Kanpur. Target an inspector on motorcycle. Assault him on road in full public view after…
Retweeted by K @chin80 Happened last time also remember.. their babies dont hatch ya.. @chin80 Hahahahah no this is an actual x ray! And it’s actually very tiny.. only because of x ray it looks bigger @panku_ Haha thanks @chin80 You can see the three eggs na! @chin80 She is pregnant ya!This baby got knocked up! 🙃 days back - someone VERY VERY close to me told me she thinks men SHOULD come first, and she does not believe in…