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Seattleite Far-Left/"Antifa" Indie Journalist .Streaming, Dev, Weather, LGBTQIA+, Equality! Created: e621, FA! Plural NB/Trans F! Owner: @Maou! Bun: @MiniSlash!

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@HExRTUNDxRBLxDE @lespacino @tsmadi_massacre still can't be turfed out until the order expires on the 15th of october lease or no lease @tsmadi_massacre @lespacino :( @lottasoup *peeks out from between the cushions* HI BEANE. @AdequateEmily YIKES @lespacino @tsmadi_massacre What the butch boss a-bove said :) You're alright for now, but take this time to be prepared. :) @TaylorInSeattle @DylanInSeattle Hell, you could probably find a transgender female cop if you looked hard enough a… @TaylorInSeattle @DylanInSeattle Nono, clearly we just want all the WHITE officers gone. Such fucking bullshit. W… @chelc_txt fuck!!
@DustyToxin Definitely? @davidrmunson We all have bad nights from time to time. Be well. Stay safe. :) @davidrmunson Sorry. We/Us are our pronouns. We have dissociative identity disorder, which is why we refer to ourselves in the plural. @davidrmunson @GMBondesson @Ishikawa_Sachi We're critcizing anyone who just uses the broad label of "mental illness… @GMBondesson @davidrmunson @Ishikawa_Sachi That is to say, not terrifying, not driving you to commit crimes, but we… @GMBondesson @davidrmunson @Ishikawa_Sachi Some people, like us, are quite happily co-habiting with the others they… @GMBondesson @davidrmunson @Ishikawa_Sachi The brain is the most complex system on the planet. We barely understand… @GMBondesson @davidrmunson @Ishikawa_Sachi There's more to mental health issues than just depression. or anxiety.… @Ishikawa_Sachi The downside is a drag, sure. But we're not going to pretend there's nothing nice, though. That t… @Ishikawa_Sachi Maybe you didn't mean that, but that's how it feels to us. We'd rather talk about colors whisperin… @Ishikawa_Sachi To say that enjoying these small upsides is somehow... well, the implication seems to be that it's… @Ishikawa_Sachi We have Dissociative Identity Disorder and Schizophrenia. Sure, sometimes it sucks. The things tha… @BeardedHeckler There's more to "mental illness" than just depression and anxiety. Our DID means that we're never… @tnmntdumpsta @ComComPod @lottasoup That goes right in the 'ribbing stu' bank. @ComComPod @lottasoup it can't do DMs?!? @ComComPod shelves! *shakes a fist*d lottasoup mate it was great, the cross stitch too and I loved the note. Thanks again. I look forward to decoratin…
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@Robbotron @Octav1usKing @ashens Thank god we're touching our faces! @Idsummondemons :O!Nice to know that @jesterjacobs is someone who gets extremely offended and starts to attack you, when you ask them… @jesterjacobs @PseudoPsausage What's so amazing about a basic level of journalistic rigor or looking into someone's… @jesterjacobs And yet, you felt comfortable saying "So exciting to meet one of these guys in the wild!". Mousing o… @PseudoPsausage @jesterjacobs It's called "making sure you do your due diligence on an individual before writing about them". @jesterjacobs And here we were, willing to learn, even from someone who misgendered us :/ @jesterjacobs If so, who are some of these comedians, or agents, or TV executives, or producers, or anything comedy… @jesterjacobs Infact, your entire tone over these series of tweets seems to be one of "I'm upset because you picked… @jesterjacobs You brought up "pervs" and comedians of color, whilst not directly mentioning the largest group of pe… @jesterjacobs It's WELL known that women of color have it worse than men of color that white women have it worse t… @jesterjacobs We're not a "guy". And as for our problem? You're not directly addressing women. You're not referri…"but can't manage a little solidarity for Jewish people with no voice. Why?" And still no mention of women. So wh… check that tweet, shall we? "During lockdown, the Comedy industry managed to have a p… This article is disgusting and disingenuous. A reporter proudly defending free speech, sa… @thevarsmolta @PhilNWang @pierrenovellie This is more throwing a spotlight the tenure problem in academia. Someone… @jesterjacobs No voice? Nearly 3,000 followers. Almost 1300 youtube subscribers. Four awards, six finalist spots a… @pierrenovellie @Therealnickyru And yeah, Twitch earnings are like any other job. Prepare to pay your taxes on 'em.… @pierrenovellie @Therealnickyru The reason for it, is that the ability to have people subscribe to you (which costs… @CultOfTheHyena Arki Juwuniper Kirwin-Muwuller @SoozUK nice seeing you talking w/ @Robbotron two great flavors that taste even better together! :D :Dlate night late upload. Commission for @kirwinia: they lovingly dubbed it "Past The Depth Gauge And Going Down Fast"
Retweeted by Arki J. Kirwin-Muller aka Mono & Prisma ~⚧~ #0621 @Andyris @theinfinitesofa Oooh, nice, but ouch.. nearly $50 including shipping. For a lightweight hoodie. :OOn Monday's show, Ben Bailey Smith (aka Doc Brown) revealed he was runner up to @DonaldGlover to be Young Lando Cal…
Retweeted by Arki J. Kirwin-Muller aka Mono & Prisma ~⚧~ #0621 @hazeldurg Yessss! @TheMorningSongs heheheheheh kilo oscar kilo @PitfallPup @VixxtQ like any english possum would be caught dead drinking jack @OozeRatOfficial chelsea manning jihad dsg;ldhfjsg;s @Domesticon flick gross lake union water at you maybe something minor @Domesticon XD
Retweeted by Arki J. Kirwin-Muller aka Mono & Prisma ~⚧~ #0621 @peachdalooza adorable kill it with fire @Shophaune exactly right???? @Alyx4077 NWS Radar Station in Islip, NYWe see you all liking our late night high tweets we see you all you're gonna pay :O :Othe neverending story is trans allegory cause the real story that never ends is cis nonsense
Retweeted by Arki J. Kirwin-Muller aka Mono & Prisma ~⚧~ #0621 @chillallment a strong energy found here @KayinNasaki this is making reading NOAA advisories VERY FUNNYKOKX is pronounced "cocks" right? it's not just us that thinks that, right?hey @KayinNasaki there's a radar station in Islip called KOKX bsfdbgslgs
With every thing we lose, it feels like a piece of us has gotten ripped out. And we have no idea if we'll ever fin… @CrissaKentavr @Matdredalia @MattytheMouse @JadeKintsugi Imagine it was something like: things without sentience can't consent? @Matdredalia @MattytheMouse @JadeKintsugi No interest in wading into the threads about someone who did genuinely ha…
@YeenQueenLilith nope~It's Awful Sci-Fi Sunday Night/Monday Morning watched Independence Day THen the sequel Now? Deep Impact @Doc_Wolverine pronounced "tiddy poods' @MattytheMouse @JadeKintsugi One would at least hope the fandom is accepting of someone who hasn't hurt anyone and… @quatoria through the ages she's heading west, y'knowIt's so annoying when someone complains about the same subject, again and again, over and over... but won't actual… @JediofGallifrey @lisaquestions We don't want Biden's hands on *anything* just thinking about that makes us wanna… @spekulation We're so fucking tired of Carmen. She needs to be thrown the fuck outta office. But how do you unsea…
Catching up on @BoontaVista and found out that @LucyXIV is monitoring us and reading all our tweets Lucy, we apolo…
@spekulation bet the turnout will be hilariously pathetic @brat_rat_Fink @Maou @MiniSlash @Idsummondemons @BubbleBungaroo *big big super group hug for every headmate that wants one!* @BubbleBungaroo @Maou @MiniSlash @Idsummondemons @brat_rat_Fink Aw, thanks sweetie!*blows big kisses of love to @Maou @MiniSlash @Idsummondemons @brat_rat_Fink @BubbleBungaroo, the wonderful people… @androidbuttslut the best kind :D @BubbleBungaroo That's a cute jd!
@lottasoup you mean it's not?!?thanks for helping me, ,youoh wait, we see ithow do you spell ebbw vale? @lottasoup fucking sheeran >:O @MaffiLu whoa trippy @ZiaDemoness @AntirooDraws We'll be the best footstool you've ever had, my queen! o//o o///o @AntirooDraws *yeep yeep* That.. That sounds a lot like us, actually. @AntirooDraws Yes, My Queen. @ZiaDemoness @AntirooDraws Yeep o.o o.o @AntirooDraws Are we more a paw slut or a useless little footstool? @AntirooDraws And we're curious what the sub role term would be. 'cause we're definitely one of those @AntirooDraws Hey wait a minute are you gonna fuck us and make us lick your paws off in the woods :O :O @AntirooDraws That sounds really nice! We accept ^.^ ^_^ @AntirooDraws you'll take us hiking? that sounds good? @chelc_txt @kidpixkid dfgjdfls omg