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Streaming, Dev, Weather + Wonk! Created: e621, FA! Plural NB/T Grils! Owner: @Maou! Best Bun: @MiniSlash!

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(sings the song and starts playing it as loud as i can from a mp3) remember the rice know the rice love the rice…
Retweeted by Arki the Skandark a.k.a. Mono & Prisma ~⚧~ #0621 @doodledipart @KinarOfficial @verysweetstuff Stinky Caaaaaaaat :D @BetaDecayPlus We've had bad luck with small animals like that. A gerbil also did the same thing XD XD @BetaDecayPlus (We call them that because the first time we ever held a chinchilla, it crapped all down our favorite sweater XD) @BetaDecayPlus It's a lil poopy baby :D @FriendOfMothman They'll just explode. @FriendOfMothman Wow, what a child that person is.Trying to deal with some PTSD flashback problems this morning. Might be quiet a while. Love you all @Raging_Grace As in the scene All the way as far back as 2001 @Raging_Grace Turned out that a bunch of people in postfurry were abusive so that might explain some of it @BellaRizinti <3
@donoteat1 We think the trains look even better with the graffiti on them. Why? Because they look like grubby, na… @CinnamonGhoul @rosalinekarr Pikachu is adorable with a bandanna though! @BladezReza @bitchypanic @polooor @SusanBChurch11 @SenMarkey Keep lying to ourselves about WHAT? You're not making any sense.What happened to Lauren Duca? They started off doing some great journalism. Then they got a lot more fame. And th… @BladezReza @bitchypanic @polooor @SusanBChurch11 @SenMarkey Still not providing any proof @TanaSimensis @xandertheblue @JordanUhl There was no general election in 2018?? @catcontentonly Also what is this "divine feminine" she's going on about? And what on earth does it have to do wit… @catcontentonly @IllyBocean Seriously. There are plenty of women who are just as evil in a capitalist sense. This… @nerdjpg @KayinNasaki Hahaha, nice one Alicia. @OttoLontra Nah, sorry. It'll pass on its own with timeFeeling depressed. @ayasebun Can we be your pilot and co-pilot?Glad that Doctor Who is portraying Edison as the disgusting little shitlord thief he really was. @Dr_Hailey_Who Arki 2020: It's bean squooshing time! @bitchypanic @polooor @SusanBChurch11 @SenMarkey Probably.Support yr local trans & queer creators with yr $!! Post yr Patreon or CashApp/Venmo or etc and I’ll RT. Here’s my…
Retweeted by Arki the Skandark a.k.a. Mono & Prisma ~⚧~ #0621 @acvalens Support this disabled queer streamer through PayPal at <3Catching up on Doctor Who and wow, they really went full on current day political with this episode didn't they? Holy heck. @bitchypanic @polooor @SusanBChurch11 @SenMarkey Yeah, we've been seeing a lot of people saying things like this.… @n5A6ccp5QC9u15Y @SusanBChurch11 @SenMarkey The US let in a ton of nazi scientists after World War 2 so uh.. Maybe… @nargesbajoghli @oddfox The judge should find out which CBP officers did this and sentence them to immediate execu… is why when I (Prisma) embarrass Mono, she'll take control of her arm and slap me, so I have to use my arm (t… funny thing with our plurality and the way that we, Mono and Prisma, function as a semi-gestalt is that each of… @Calliethulhu We can be a femboy little, did you say? Hooray!Prisma: Mono is being bad and trying to slap my side of the head, despite the fact it hurts both of us, because she… @KAIJUTASTROPHE P: She do that. She's a slut you see. A horny subby masochistic dirty little whore. M: HEY! *punch… @spagbolshevism @gastrogeorge @NParticipacion @spinningjoe @DawnHFoster Execute All Tories? We could vote for that. @KAIJUTASTROPHE Mono: UwU Prisma: She just wants someone to cut off her head and make her give oral from the wrong endWe forgot just how arousing some of the creatures in Doctor Who are. God, we'd love to get fucked by some scary sp… in the mood to get roughed up a bit. Might have to beg our Owner very nicely for some fun later, before bed…
@SourPatchKin *quad earperk* @MizukiGoesWoof We'll have to do lots of making out, 'cause we regenerate, so you'll have to keep re-infecting us! *foams a bit*So many of you have been so very supportive after our big long thread about developing dementia and our plans to ev… @MizukiGoesWoof Eat! Gotta feed that rabies~ @MizukiGoesWoof And we'll share lunch with you! It's these little things called "kati pockets". They're a microwav… @MizukiGoesWoof Can we curl up on your lap to watch TV??? @MizukiGoesWoof Lets do it!! @MizukiGoesWoof @loliconpride *makes out with Mizuki, sharing foam~* @JadynPlayzTweet @queeniac__ @Fx_280 @JamesMarriottYT Congratulations, you learned how to post an image! What a pr…*opening a can of tuna* Cat: Oh my GOD Me: No- Cat: SECOND dinner?? Me: No, this is m- *taps me with her paw* Cat:…
Retweeted by Arki the Skandark a.k.a. Mono & Prisma ~⚧~ #0621 @timburrs @Hypetaph Punching pands is fun for the whole family @loliconpride Kinda looks like dangling from the collar is a transgender symbol~ @GwenStarlight sad the middle center one isn't "freespacing out" @G_Padraic We think some guns look neat but we would never own one, because we could never use it. We're a pacifis… @MizukiGoesWoof Come commit crimes with us, sis!"With hard work and determination, you to can be considered a goddess!" Thanks for the body shaming, we guess??? :… @RegalTails @KniazSkrime We don't have that kind of muscle definition and we're still goddesses o_~ ~_o @JadynPlayzTweet @queeniac__ @Fx_280 @JamesMarriottYT Jadyn is not a real name. @Wangleberry Valium is a godsend. We take that and xanax to help us deal with our severe anxiety and panic attacks.I decided this WWII poster needed an update
Retweeted by Arki the Skandark a.k.a. Mono & Prisma ~⚧~ #0621 @Ngm1997 D'aw! @Kaelyrhn *makes that face like someone just ate a rotten egg* @Kaelyrhn They might as well have called it Invasion of Privacy Simulator 2019So talks about how silly "Darth" names are between a discussion between @SteveYurko @Matt_Pichette @MikeLuckas and…
Retweeted by Arki the Skandark a.k.a. Mono & Prisma ~⚧~ #0621 @Kaelyrhn Yeah it's like.. It makes us wonder about the person who MAKES a game like that. D:Is it just us, or is the game "A Normal Lost Phone" really, REALLY fucking creepy? Like, we went to try and play i… @BetaDecayPlus oh my god that gif is amazingFeel kind of shaky but.. better, after having admitted everything that's going on. We were so scared of pushing p… @a_alice_nsfw Thanks! Can we call you Four? Short for 4189~ You can call this one Six~On a lighter note.. Here's a character we came up with for @Maou's setting. They're a cute little (but don't call… @Kaelyrhn Thanks, Kayleigh~ @Shadolith Thanks, Marcy :)And pinned tweet updated. There. Now we're going to go *aaaaaaaaaaaa* because writing these tweets was really hardAll we ask is that, if you can bear it, stay friends with us. Help us keep making new memories. And, of course, pl… we don't need any apologies or pity or anything.. We're grateful for all the time we've had, all the experienc… if you, the person reading this, decide that this is just too much, that you can't be friends with someone who… when the time does come to go... we want to have as many of our friends and family around when we do. Because… we are going to do whatever we can to slow it down, as long as it's something that doesn't affect our quality o… you're all important to us and we want you to know. We don't want it to come as a sudden shock or anything. And… then: We're going to focus on getting the care to enjoy life to the fullest with the few good-ish years left.… a point is going to come where we will say goodbye to the world and plan to go in a nice, peaceful fashion with… don't know how many years we will have left, but our decline is likely already in the middle stages somewhere. C… so, when we feel that this point is getting close, we are planning on quietly leaving this world. While we're c…'re locked inside your own mind. You might even be relying on tubes for eating, breathing.. you're alive, but not living.Unfortunately, the laws in place to allow for medically-assisted euthanasia in the states that allow it, demand tha… are medications that could push that point a *little* further back, but the side effects of those are horribl… this is the hard part... but please, read it all before saying anything: There is going to be a point at some… rest.. are progressive and eventually fatal. But that's not the worst part. The worst is that before it kills…'ve been terrified of losing loved ones, friends abandoning us, because it's hard to witness what's gonna happen,… that, for a very long time, we tried desperately to pretend we didn't have, because it's a *huge stigma* and ev… need to get a neurological consult for confirmation, but from our own symptoms and what we've been told by previ…'ve started getting occasional auditory hallucinations. We've even started to forget friends, which was kind of the "wake-up call".We can't do the motor impairment tests (similar to the tests that the police also use to see if you're sober) anymo… stumble about when we walk and can barely balance upright anymore. Talking is harder, because we forget words a… of our long-term memory is gone. Short-term memory is getting very unreliable. We're forgetting to do routine…'s what led to: A) Our big breakdown last Thursday. B) The suicide attempt in May. C) Our general state of extre…, so as you might know, we've been chronically ill for a very long time, with a laundry list of physical proble…
@Swymbiote we know you love drone stuff so we're wondering what you think of this kind of helpful drone~ @floofderg Hey, we're curious, what brought you our way? We can imagine a few things~ Could be we're trans, or an ABDL, or a furry..~