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My name is Viiru & I am #thetoiletcat. I'm famous for my videos. I'm a #travelcat. My roadtrip #cattrip20 My video

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My first hunt 🪰😺 Fly where are you... I will find you and catch you 😸 @Charlie_met_i_e He was just outside alone almost an hour. We noticed he wasn't inside and Dad went out to look for… took a nap with Granny today but it didn't last long since they found something online they've been looking for y… @TeddyB_cat Must be a ginger thing 😸I'm magnetic 🧲😺An old nail followed me home after I checked the pile of old planks today. They say never bring your… is Dad's boy too 😸😻 morning kiss 😽😺 was another lovely day 😻🌞 Kismet really likes to be outside. @SynapseRut Thanks 😽 @sandrafcurley86 They try to get inside in these old farm houses. That's why everybody usually have cats 😺This is our main job here Kismet. To make sure mice won't get inside the house. The reward is to have a little late… night I called Kismet to come downstairs to see something. After a while Mom came down too to see what was hap… loves to be here too 😺😻 @Jayna_Raxant Completely healed 😸I've been working so hard that I took a long nap on Caturday. Kismet came to say hello 😺💤 to teach Kismet to do his business outside 😸🐾 likes this warm weather. It's a new thing for him but he likes it more than the cold winter 😺🌞's been a warm weekend. Kismet is enjoying the sun. The warmest day so far and the warmest day for Kismet ever 😺🌞 love it here 😻🐾 @kedi_sofa Get well soon ❤️
@SquidInkyJinxy @DomainDoris @myexfostercats @jerry_tuxedo @GeneralCattis @scruffkit @bestestestvamps Oh yeah pawty… hug time 😻 trying to catch a fly but they are too fast for him 🪰🐾😺 is talking to the birds who live upstairs 😺🐦 @Freeds Yes I've seen that 😺 Here everybody knows the words 😸Look Kismet! Here we use real trees for scratching 😺🐾🌳 had a walk yesterday or I showed Kismet how to walk here without a leash 😺🐾 @LoveyPuffyPants @jmuhj1 @starbuckssue There weren't any friends except the vicar who was a guest since we have to… @jmuhj1 @LoveyPuffyPants @starbuckssue Thanks it was. Many heartfelt speaches and music numbers ❤️🐾 It's also tge… @Freeds Yes they had the funeral same day as our Grandma today. We just got home from ours. Nice that they played F…
@LoveyPuffyPants @starbuckssue Thanks ❤️ It's a nice sunny day. Grandma is now at the church. Granny and her siste…
@alliekenneynyc Yes didn't you know it 😺 All the most famous conductors are Finnish because we have free music edu… @Bencat90866404 @MunchPudding I always thought they had vitamin D in milk everywhere. Here we talk about the import… @JennyDemiller @MunchPudding Check that it has Vitamin D. Our oat milks have it 😺🥛 @MunchPudding Yes it's in every milk and also oatmilks. We need more of it during winter because of the darkness. W… @MunchPudding Yes people here use lot of dairy products because in this climate cows & their milk were the easiest… @MunchPudding I would go to his garden and spray his bushes 🐾💦😺 Viiru was here 💪🏼😸 Maybe he doesn't have so nice bu… @MunchPudding I could come too and help you 💪🏼😼All good now after a bumpy start. We are sharing Mom 😸 found one purrfect pee or spray spot 😸💦🐾 Pekka had to come and see me do it. He has never seen me do it. He was a… Dad is waiting for me to find a purrfect pee spot. It takes a while 😸🐾 @jmuhj1 That's even better. No regrets 😹 @starbuckssue About four days 😺🐾 @Miss_Rinish Well he was there for four days when servants picked him up before new year. Not sure how much he reme… @starbuckssue It's a long way to the west coast. About 400km and 5h 😺🐾 But it's worth it 😻 @bigmacdturtle Looks good and you look happy 😺🐢We are on the road 🚙😺 Farm life here we come. Servants promised me four nights of freedom 😻🐾 @MunchPudding Good to rest too 😺 Sometimes you work too much. But I understand it too. We have so much energy in t… @Dax_Cat A new band member 😺 @TeddyB_cat Yes you can 💪🏼 I believe in you 😺🐾
@MunchPudding Unless I think it's mine 🤔😸 But yeah maybe not. I once tried to go to three other cats territory clos… @MunchPudding He thinks he's an alpha male. Better stay away then 😺👍🏼 I think some cats would say that about me 🙈😸… @bigmacdturtle You could come to work for us with that work ethic 👍🏼😺 @MunchPudding You have to fight for it 💪🏼😺Sometimes we also like to send messages to other cats by spraying. Maybe he was doing that 🐾 @MunchPudding Oh that's a nice spray 😸💦 Almost as good as mine. I hate to tell you but Satantic Simba thinks the bush is his 🙊😸 @Jayna_Raxant You can be like lambs then 😹🌱🐑 @Jayna_Raxant It's very fresh and tasty 😺🌱😋 @OKatert @Tammar82879010 Looks fun 😺 I've couple times tried this. Somehow humans always pull me back in the car 😸I was helping today. I sat on the cover to push it down. Not like I wanted something, out or food 😸🐾 @jmuhj1 Thanks 😎😸 @CalicoAvenger It's a thread 🧵 Comes up if I post something new. It's the story of me and Kismet. How our story goes 😺🐾When we came back home we saw a dinosaur. I didn't want to come inside just yet or I wanted to watch the dinosaur i… midnight run 🏃🏼‍♂️ With Dad and Kismet this time 😺🐾 Come on let's run 💪🏼😸 Try to keep up with me 😅 is starting to get good looking. He has double teeth but the smaller ones are loose already. He's showing th…'s a ginger convention everyday in our house 🧡😺 had a friendly wrestling match who gets what. I won so I got what I wanted. The bed 😹 told kismet to stay on the chair so I can have mom all to myself 😸😻 Usually I'm on the chair 🐾 some reason I was very happy last night. I lied down next to Kismet snd purred. Could be that me wanting to get…'s toilet training is going like planned.The same way I started it on my own. I hated dirty paws so that's wh…
@MrsF_Lilly_Fine Maybe you have asthma or cat flu. Or you could even have corona 🙀 I hope you get well soon ❤️ @MunchPudding Or it's Mum's granny. My great grandma 😺 Born in 1930. My granny was born in 1952. Great grandma was… @LoveyPuffyPants This project has taken a long time. Started already when Granny's father died 8y ago and Mom's Dad… @Miss_Rinish It's on saturday. The earliest they got. It's has to be quite small because the restrictions. Otherwis… @Miss_Rinish Don't worry. I'm just a good actor 😸 @AmbassacatBXL Thanks ❤️ We will leave to the farm on Thursday to attend the funeral of my great grandma so I'm wa… @dyson123 Thanks ❤️ Or she was my granny's mother. So my mum's granny. We called her Anita-mumma/grandma. My grann…, grannies in Vienna are crazy 😹 A Finnish woman who lives there grows herbs on her balcony and an old lady up… @Freeds I'm also a pro actor. Don't forget that 😸 I did get out when she came vack at midnight 👍🏼🐾😺 @Tammar82879010 They think we are too tired to walk back home 😹 But I have so much energy in spring time that I can walk for a long time 😅 @ValarieR5 Thanks❤️ She was a nice old lady who liked me too 😻 @RKisner Not sure but probably early 80s since the house was just renovated. @MrsF_Lilly_Fine You have to remember that I'm a professional actor. I'm good at making faces 😸Helping Mom scan old pictures. We found pictures of Grandma with cats. There was always lot of cats around at the f… but I want to come too. Can't you see my face 🥺😺 @theasscat Luckily it's your car. It's a bit embarassing when it's not. Been there done that 😹My face today when Mom left without me. She went to see her Mom and talk about funeral stuff. But still I was disap… @RosieandRollo I had some too today 🌱😺
@GibsonTheKitty Oh yes 🥰🐾 @GibsonTheKitty It's the best 😻I'm such a happy cat because our customer gave me some grass. All just for me 😻🌱 Well maybe she grew it for Easter… my lunch al fresco because it's such a nice weather. 12°C and no rain but no sunshine either. Just purrfect…'m guarding. I see everything 😺🐾 Look how much gravel from the snow ⛄ snow is almost gone from the office's garden. There was a huge pile of snow so it takes time to melt 😺🐾
@jmuhj1 @starbuckssue @MunchPudding Oh there it is. But I think you can keep it 😹☃️ @bigmacdturtle I see a good looking man 😺 @MunchPudding Still no snow in April here. It's been windy but today was sunny and nice. This is weird. Where is our spring snow 😸 @evraelthecat Good you are all right. Will you get better now 💜This was more like a midnight run than walk. This is how I keep myself fit. I ran 1km in 15min sniffing breaks incl… roads are mine. I'm king of the street 😺🐾