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2 daughters and 2 cats/cancersurvivor/Bowiefan forever/Musiclover/

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My favorite Dutch Band of the Day: #ShockingBlue with their big international hit from 1969 #Venus Did I tell they… My favorite #Bowie video of the day Marianne Faithfull, David Bowie - I Got You Babe via @YouTubeHet podium in Frankrijk #FrenchGP #F1 1 Max Verstappen 2 Lewis Hamilton 3 Sergio Perez
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Retweeted by BowieKitDavid Bowie and his cat. #Caturday #CaturdayEve
Retweeted by BowieKit#BowieForever David Bowie's lost 1973 Top of the Pops performance of The Jean Genie via @YouTube#BowieForever shifts your careless head Untroubled by the chaos of our lives. Another day, another night And you know…
Retweeted by BowieKitZo, dat is een buitje #hagel #noodweer #onweer #DenHaag
Retweeted by BowieKit‘Het lijkt wel of er oorlog is geweest’. Inwoners van #leersum worden wakker in complete chaos.
Retweeted by BowieKitDag na noodweer: schrik verwerken, schade opnemen en opruimen
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Belangrijke 17e-eeuwse schilderijen in prullenbak langs Duitse snelweg gevonden
Retweeted by BowieKit @BowieArt @ABrit96 I feel for you, here in the Netherlands it’s extremely hot, one advantage: no cleaning these days 🤣 @BowieArt @DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl @WhisenhuntRob @Brooshski @2006Giuliana @Tzipor336 @LadySta48470651… @ABrit96 I hope so too Brit, but at this point it’s still bloody hot 🥵 @ABrit96 Who knows?!? 😜 @ABrit96 Over here it is still bloody hot, we had rain, thunder, and hail this afternoon, but the air you can lean… @lynsys57 @bakeliteguy OMFG#fbf 😻
Retweeted by BowieKit @Weird_n_Gilly @Weird_n_Gilly Yeah, now I see it 🙄😅 @Weird_n_Gilly I really would like to go, but I don’t have the finances and I’m not an traveller on my own, but I a… 1987 David Bowie - Day In Day Out (Official Video) via @YouTube @marchanou @annaholligan Me too hihi @Weird_n_Gilly Very cool 😎 👩🏻‍🎤❤️, tried to figure out what’s on the tie
The King and the Major of the Hague visit the most beautiful Orange Street 🦁🍊⚽️ @CATHEAVEN11 😻❤️ @shetlandnature @Brooshski Beautiful ✨ @ThinWhiteDukez Good morning, now I am awake👩🏻‍🎤🤩Morning. Have we reached peak Dutch yet? Dutch news from the cycle path. You’re so welcome 🦁🧡 ⚖️🌻😷⚽️🇳🇱vs🇦🇹
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David Bowie, South Africa, 1995. Photograph By Bruce Weber.
Retweeted by BowieKitBought a triple cat bowl holder so when they're eating the mogs can line up perfe ,,, Oh never mind.
Retweeted by BowieKitToday I found this great woman Anna Holligan who is cycling through my hometown, makes me proud on The Hague, thank… @TheNomiGirl Beautiful and so romantic 💓On this tropical day I can now only thinking about drinking milk shakes cold and longgggggg 👩🏻‍🎤🥵 played cigar
Retweeted by BowieKit#BowieForever David Bowie - Five Years - 1976 - Dinah Shore Show - (High Quality) via @YouTubeEvenings in Amsterdam 🇳🇱
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@ThinWhiteDukez How wonderful you find this, it is beautiful , gave me tears in my eyes 🥺🥰👩🏻‍🎤🙏🏼 @ThinWhiteDukez Omg, another video never seen before, thank you 🙏🏼 👩🏻‍🎤💖 @ABrit96 Hi Brit, I am limp from the heat (is that the good translation?), besides that everything well, thank you.… eyes 👀❤️ @ThinWhiteDukez Most beautiful song by Bowie, and also a great video in b&w, watched it 4 times, can’t help it💖😅 Do…
@ThinWhiteDukez Me me me 🙌❤️Good morning Bowiefriends, have a great day 👩🏻‍🎤💖
#MemoryLane in my music history, found this number back, I got goosebumps, I cannot believe I forgot this number🙄💓… I wish I could do this with an owl😍❤️
Waiting for my youngest daughter to come home tonight after travelling to Greece, proud of her that she dares to do… met Youp!
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@lauraluzi2 Beautiful smile 😘👩🏻‍🎤👌 @buitengebieden_ Don’t know why but such waves always scare me @ThinWhiteDukez Hi Jason, great picture I have never seen before, have a great day too👩🏻‍🎤😘🤩 @MarijnissenL Dat is toch niet normaal, 40 miljoen? Ik kan het niet geloven, zo wreed, haantjes ❤️🙏Help mee! Elk jaar worden in ons land 40 miljoen pasgeboren haantjes gedood, omdat ze ‘niet nuttig’ zouden zijn. Wr…
Retweeted by BowieKit @BSnapz2019 The Godfather 1, 2, 3, The Lord of the Rings all 3, and Notting Hill @daveroyaldj James Bond
@BowieArt @DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl @2006Giuliana @Juju5316 @Tzipor336 @LadySta48470651 @colacrom @thenextday13… @aIaddinsane Don’t know the meaning of twink, doesn’t mather, he is all 👩🏻‍🎤💖 @BowieArt @DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl @2006Giuliana @Juju5316 @Tzipor336 @LadySta48470651 @colacrom @thenextday13… The Verve, great song, great video The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony (Official Music Video) via @YouTube @CAOH110291 Wow, she was beautiful and looks like a bitch 🤣 @spiceofflife Congrats, I’m a survivor too and drink a glass of wine on you 👍😍Tried to watch the eclips today and now I see little stars ✨ (didn’t have an eclips glasses 🤣) Manfred Mann's Ear… in 1926 died the architect Antoni #Gaudi If you have not been to Barcelona I could recommend it, his works a…
@lauraluzi2 Beautiful pic, have a fab day too 👩🏻‍🎤❤️
@TheNomiGirl @BowieArt @Franklyaghost @TestamentOfDark @Viv_Ka @LadySta48470651 @ABrit96 @AnneMarieMoon12 @Brooshski So sweet 😻 @BowieArt @TestamentOfDark @2006Giuliana @DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl @Tzipor336 @LadySta48470651 @colacrom… @BowieArt @Andrea62928413 🤣😫 @BowieArt @TestamentOfDark @2006Giuliana @DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl @Tzipor336 @LadySta48470651 @colacrom… @breathesunshin3 Frank Sinatra and Sheila E. @ThinWhiteDukez @upinmysky2 This is the kind of studies I like, all my life my nickname was ‘kaaskop’ translated ch… of birthdays to one of my fave photographer @ArthurElgort Here is one my fave shots in Paris for YSL…
Retweeted by BowieKitQuestion Does anybody know about the quake? (Yeah!) Bullshit! You can't get off until you make the house shake Now… Birthday to my Gemini brother. You are always with me.
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Happy birthday @prince
Retweeted by BowieKit @soundstoryuk @prince Housequake
@ThinWhiteDukez It is bloody hot 🥵 here in my apartment 28 degrees, and then you send this Jason 🙃 besides that everything okay 👌 @BowieArt @DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl @The_Real_IMAN @2006Giuliana @Brooshski @Tzipor336 @LadySta48470651… @Sosowski Pong @Weird_n_Gilly Maybe I’m going to safe for a pair of Louboutins, maybe that is the trick 😂💃👠someone stop me
Retweeted by BowieKitCharles Sheeler, Pertaining to Yachts and Yachting, 1922; Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Retweeted by BowieKitLast night was Tina Turner evening on BBC1, and there I heard this cover of Robert Palmer, wauw, what a great perfo… @ThinWhiteDukez That smile 💖
@thenextday13 @BowieArt @YouTube What a fantastic song, love the video, he looks so happy as always when performing, and the voice 💖👩🏻‍🎤🎸👌 @lynsys57 Unfortunately not, wish I was there, it was a great concert, seen the video, tissues needed 😭👩🏻‍🎤💖Bowie Changes
Retweeted by BowieKit @lynsys57 Great indeed, and the shoes top it👩🏻‍🎤🎸❤️The most beautiful Orangestreet of Holland is here in The Hague, #EC2021 Fever #EK2021 ⚽️🧡 Dit is de 'mooiste Oran…
@lynsys57 I watched this video on YouTube today, coincidence (I loved it, bought the single in those days 🤩) Rose R… @lynsys57 Wow, beautiful Lynn 😻#katvermist #DenHaag #Hoefkade Amivedi - Kat (Stevie) Vermist
@Weird_n_Gilly @DavidLiveUK Excactly what I mean, don’t have the right words for it, but yeah, the deeper parts 👍👩🏻‍🎤💖🙏 @Weird_n_Gilly @DavidLiveUK I really love this song from the soundtrack, I had the 12 inch version, the albumversio… @lemoninabag Congrats 🎉🍻
@Weird_n_Gilly @toddalcott Yep, my real name is Kitty, but after stalking here on Twiiter I changed my name and pi…
@Weird_n_Gilly @toddalcott Ok,thanks Gillian, still learning English every day 🙏😘 @Weird_n_Gilly @toddalcott OMG, I am laughing here, but still don’t know the meaning 😂🤣 @Weird_n_Gilly @toddalcott Dibr i have to look up ... @RickMayer_Vinyl Talking Heads what can I say??