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I like video games & cats ♡ @dominoprix bae ♡ she/her ♡

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@ChadDraven @pupyIuv I hate energy drinks but my bunny hat go crazyfr @may_wedda Why @may_wedda -_o @may_wedda “May those are my kills” HSJQJSHAJSJA @WedidOfficial Damn he just like me @drainerlulu333 HAAHHAHAHSHAHA @NotNavilol jNDJWKDKWKDKKSKDKWNXNAJ @silvyzxz @NotNavilol not a fan of this video @drainerlulu333 @AnoyDK Will u teach me about them all I know is rose quartz is for love and moldevite or whoever u spell it if very strong @drainerlulu333 @AnoyDK Gooood I worked as well then took a fat nap find any cool rocks lately @drainerlulu333 😏😏😏 @drainerlulu333 @AnoyDK hiiiiiiiii how was ur day @drainerlulu333 @AnoyDK @AnoyDK No @rengarabuser Omg we napped at same time
@hoajuu @lolYisus @keynailol JEREMYYYYYYY @hoajuu Jeremy? @ChadDraven @neekolul So is that a no?/: @issfanfan @SammayTV WOOOOO @plshelp28256734 Crying I post a clip of men being blatantly sexist and u still turn me into the villain ur such a weirdo LMAO @quincy___ I get it literally like every other game lol @enshrowd LMFAOO dude my tiny ass “shut up” and then blowing up on me is the funniest thing ever @TwitchYnjfrost I shouldn’t have to mute my teammates in a comm dependent game, they should have the decency to not be sexist. @buffcore OMGGGG SO CUTE PLSSSS @may_wedda Oopies @bigdumstupidboy D: @hatexmega @DavExiled how much u wanna bet buddy at the top is gonna be sexist @cIe0h RIGHT like i understand raging but being mad at me for just being a woman like bro please there are much bigger things to cry about @nottatee1 no fukin shot i got work tmrw morning @nottatee1 hop on @yeonari_ we'd be unstoppable.. @DivineGuuru nah dude was talking the entire game saying he cant focus cus my cooch smells fishy and stupid shit like that LOL @cIe0h im so desensitized to it at this point i just laugh or say shit back to them but i also know i have a lot th… @CarlPickleDxck @NotNavilol @nottatee1 they said hard r too look at my refcent ppl are just wild @orokadylan KITTENELSIE WOOOOOOOOOOOtw// suicide just for being a girl lol!!! @jessixmcn dudes calling me a whore when its past his bedtime like for sure ur gonna hurt my feelingsthis is him btw streamer btw valorant is a really fun game if ur a girl being sexist in valorant will not give you points with "the boys" youre just a dickhead trying to make them laug…
Retweeted by elise ♡ ✧*。 @spinyhead @may_wedda its good as fuck every song on there bops @NotNavilol @nottatee1 @bastardherty @DavExiled @hatexmega nooo if ur not on phone the poem doesnt work )': @zaperwave do. u like women @NotNavilol @bastardherty @DavExiled @hatexmega roses are red violets are blue i am happy to announce that @boxbxk @NotNavilol XCYVHUJM @NotNavilol @bastardherty @DavExiled @hatexmega ur all my biggest haters and for what @may_wedda beauty behind madness + trilogy weeknd, ? x, anti rihanna, ciome over when ur sober pt1 @hatexmega ur so ssick @hatexmega WHY DID U RT IT? @hatexmega @hatexmega WHAT IS UR PROBLEM TONIGHT WUSADSBVDU FFS @NotNavilol This is xmega if he ever got a gf @hatexmega YFGBHSAJKNLA GO AWAYYY @hatexmega im actually getting less toxic so suck on that @hatexmega ur so lucky for twitter tos @hatexmega pissers
@hatexmega u guys yhate me for what? @benzarti_yacine ?????LOL @s7mpthy 5'4 @AnoyDK no the fuck i dont!!! @lilrorivert i lov him so much im gonna meet him one day i stg @lilrorivert I LOVE HIMMMMMMMMM @craig_stewart11 bumble beehe comfy @zachsilberberg @JungleMan72And Mr. BB one on the left is Mr. Squishy one on the right is Willysize doesn’t matter however one is much visibly happier than the other thing like the size of me SENT ME A GIANT PENIS?? @kyedae @100Thieves HOLY SHIT CONGRATSS @bigdumstupidboy Crying @LazasBautista Coward @SONOFDAZAl Ur voice so pretty Joel :3 @issfanfan Sniff @PisslowGaming LDMAJXJAKKXKA @PisslowGaming Well @Yuhuuur THE PIC IS SO FUNNY IM CRYING WTF @Yuhuuur LMFAO @JungleMan72 @rengarabuser HAHAHAHHZHAHZHAHZJA @LazasBautista Happy birthday @LazasBautista don’t think I forgot @rengarabuser @JungleMan72 CRYINGG I MADE HIM WATCH THIS LIKE 20x @rengarabuser am selling @KittenElise 's priv follows for $50, DM me for more info
Retweeted by elise ♡ ✧*。 @monc1er @Twitch @TwitchSupport LMAOOO YEAH? @monc1er @Twitch @TwitchSupport FFS LMFAOOOO @rengarabuser @puppyelise U GIVE URS AND I GIVE MINE ONLY WAY @rengarabuser LMFAO????? @rengarabuser @drainerlulu333 Sent @rengarabuser @drainerlulu333 CRYINGGG WAIT LOG IN TOO IM TRYNNA MAKE A MADNESSSSS @rengarabuser @drainerlulu333 @rengarabuser @drainerlulu333 LOOLL I’m crying I tweeted out on navis account about accidentally calling a girl mom… @drainerlulu333 I’m kissing my phone rn can u feel it lol @drainerlulu333 It took everything in me@to@not cream my pants
@smhbrookeyy @NotNavilol I like this offer.. @lyssiu I CAN BE UR MELIODAS