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Kat Kinsman @kittenwithawhip Brooklyn / Sharon Springs, NY

Sr. Editor @foodandwine. Communal Table podcast host. Founder of @chefswithissues. Book is Hi, Anxiety. Dysgwr o Gymru ydw i. she/her/ei/hi

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@megclark_txt $75 a week on cafeteria tots. $1000 a week on corporate salads. Only $80 a week on Goldfish, though, because of Fridays.Consider my sweet potato bebinca @nytfood
Retweeted by Kat Kinsmanwait am I the only one who’s already encountered at least one contract for a Zoom event that specifically asks all…
Retweeted by Kat Kinsman @ArielDumas I ran to the door to receive a delivery of citrus trees. @ArielDumas You were there! I quietly peeled two pounds of potatoes recently on the Zoom we were on, and I felt bad…
Retweeted by Kat Kinsman @marcruter No water, very teeny falafel balls. @darth I diiiid and I deserve to have my potatoes taken away, @alexheard How tedious! And thank you. @erin_clyburn I got almost the whole collection! Also, cc: @megclark_txt @alexheard I am. I don’t know what it means. @erin_clyburn will never ever like a shit tip more just because it’s folded up all fancy. I don’t need your damn origami dollar.
Retweeted by Kat Kinsman @Caissie @JoshCrewsReally I was outside DC! You? @JoshCrewsReally The very first Lollapalooza.What is a “bad arm”?Workshopping a Neo Maxi Zoom Creepy joke in my head but it’s just not there yet. Help? @everywhereist Elliott with a bullet at the top! @joeybear85 You gave the people a little thrill, and frankly, they needed it. @MustBeAdam @SteveNiles Ohhhhhhhhhhh Hades yes!
@jubankatie I love it! Where did you get yours? @briankoppelman “You’re being Toobout here, and I need to to be more Toobin.” @daisy_razor When you’re An Smart, they just let you do it. @IsaacFitzgerald @chrisgeidner @SarahThyre You did good last week! Like a real human person! Fully dressed and complete sentences! @dansinker @AOC @maureenjohnson @sayswhopodcast The people need this. Do it for the people. @megclark_txt I forget who it was who said this ages ago but it was something like, imagine your crush catching you… @AOC Please do this with @maureenjohnson and @dansinker of @sayswhopodcast! @likaluca It was by far the purest thing I have seen all day and bless you for it. @CastIronStarr @hodgman @sunnyozell My, she is yar! @hodgman @sunnyozell It's the one that came from the murder shed! I'd never heard of them either, but I'm writing a… @yuweiquan There is so much documentation going back over a decade. Frankly a shock it took this long. @MrOkra That makes me feel better! @altonbrown @mofad I found her, rusty and muddy, in a shed, brought her back to life and named her Thelma. @the_dp I don't know if that's the official one, but I used to work with him and called him that in my head.Some of y'all didn't compulsively follow Gawker's Toobsteak reporting a decade ago and it shows. @daisy17 Gotta call the borough office.This is troubling. I got through to the NYC BOE after 30 minutes on hold and was told there is no record of me requ… @Remember_Sarah Granted, it's my adopted hometown, but I Drink Your Blood. @LeahKBlewett They were supposed to be sent out the 3rd week of September, and they sent all these mislabeled ballo… @joeybear85 This hold music must be psy-ops. An endurance test.Love that everyone is being so vocal about making a plan to vote, but I applied for an absentee ballot 6+ weeks ago… @amymichel Thank you for that! I just posted there. @blogappetit I think I'll skip them them. I have zero patience for snobbery / judgment around cast iron.Cast-iron Twitter, I suspect this is a Birmingham Stove & Range skillet, but might someone confirm or dispel, pleas… @susanorlean You are blameless and he is lucky. @honeyandwaxbks Aw, pal! @sarahebroadfoot @lauriewrites I have some feelings on this. @WFKARS Even if they are in support of That Guy? You cannot make him better or even OK and I want more for you! @renedugar Since he's outside the MCU, I just have less connection, but I have no objections to him. He is objectively quite attrective. @WFKARS DANIEL. Love yourself more than that.The key to eating a salad is to pair it with an entire loaf of bread.
Retweeted by Kat KinsmanRevision: Evans > Hemsworth > Pine >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Pratt
How is your molar enamel in comparison to this point in 2016? @maureenjohnson @sayswhopodcast @dansinker I would like to think that you are evolving to your final form. @tuktuklex Oh Sam. I am so deeply sorry, my friend. @lindaholmes The @dearestscooter podcast, especially Cloud Tower, is an audible warm blankie for my brain. @hawk_wakawaka @chelseagsummers There is a moment in Endgame in the battle where Clint hands off the glove and the… @ExcuseMyFly They only go to businesses in my neighborhood, which is both mildly disappointing (I love seeing costumes!) and a relief. @sayswhopodcast @maureenjohnson @dansinker What level backer do you have to be to see a picture of the claw? @ChrisFSullivan1 @AkilahObviously Yup! That is how I know it is pending approval. @chelseagsummers 3000.Of all the things in the MCU, T’Challa’s disdain for Clint may be my very favorite.Where can I get a pin that says “if you’ve never held an iPad up to a dying patient so their loved ones can have di…
Retweeted by Kat Kinsman @MsElectrolyte @aripence I monologued to my mother over FaceTime for over 2 hours, right before she died. I can’t b… helicopters over Park Slope at nearly 4 a.m. which is not creepy at all. @msjennimiller If it’s not too much trouble, please. @petti_crocker @karenkho Lucky, comfy pup! @MichaelCastner ❤️🥂 @SheerJenius It it so much more irritating than yarn because it is so easy to drop pieces! @SheerJenius A chain mail scarf! @EricTrump You’re such a small, gummy fella. @SheerJenius This is just metal knitting. @RepMattGaetz About knowing what your name is, Rick? @leilaclaire Please say more? @kitstea @karenkho I bought 6000. May last me until election night or maybe not. @hannibalscript Same.You know that thing where you make chain mail in an attempt to keep from doomscrolling (tm @karenkho)? @yumcoconutmilk Therapeutic screaming, @Acyn They may say they are pro-life, but they are giving away free birth control right here. @chaedria Oh hell yes. A whole Valentine week in Reno after a bad breakup. @yashar The word “marzipandemic” has been in my head for months. @GailSimone So many “salads” are a lie. @pricewalden I wish we were eating tater tots.I am tipsy enough to have cried a little at that second Bieber song. @mckra1g @Shalisa_Renee Feel them. It’s OK, I’m so sorry that you have to. @Shalisa_Renee I’m so sorry. That has to be so painful. Can you find some space and peace from that tonight?bags of Cheetos should come with chopsticks
Retweeted by Kat Kinsman @chrisalexander_ I love you. You deserve everything good."As I enter my fourth month in my new name-on-the-lease apartment, Casa de Joy, after half a decade of homelessness…
Retweeted by Kat Kinsman @RaxKingIsDead Even bad brownies are good brownies. @bowenyang If she made you weird bagels you would have to like it or she would be so mad.I want to watch an old school romcom that is sweet and might make me misty. Any suggestions for me (that are on Netflix)? 🥰
Retweeted by Kat Kinsman @RWChamberlain @iSmashFizzle Oh hooray! I hope you love it! @AkilahObviously I applied for one 6 weeks ago and it has not been approved!
@iSmashFizzle The Bernard Clayton Complete Book of Soups & Stews has never failed me.I love this man.’s Theme Song: Apparitions, The Raveonettes Today’s Obscure Accessory: a Nathaniel Hawthorne anthology Today’s…
Retweeted by Kat Kinsman @JohnDeVore They would never! @thechrisbarron is a delight. @ElissaAltman In my house, we have taken to calling it Boofy B. @ericdiesel @albanymuskrat @DADiClementi @wagatrip Wait what?! WE live in a renovated church in Scoharie County! Which town?