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Kat Kinsman @kittenwithawhip Brooklyn / Sharon Springs, NY

Sr. Editor @foodandwine. Communal Table podcast host. Founder of @chefswithissues. Book is Hi, Anxiety. Dysgwr o Gymru ydw i. she/her/ei/hi

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@imjasondiamond My husband stood on him the night we met. And another time, I was on a lunch break and ran into him…
My hobbies include getting to the airport early and basically that's it. @JennaLynAlbert @elainecorden I am a thumb skin picker. For a long time, hypnosis helped, and maybe I need to re-up…
@mcauliflower I love this! @kittenwithawhip Not a plate, but this super goth Lambeth black stoneware tea set with gargoyle face and scoldy "Sp…
Retweeted by Kat Kinsman @kittenwithawhip Mushroom casserole dish that was my wife’s grandmother’s. I do giggle every time I look at it
Retweeted by Kat Kinsman @kittenwithawhip BUT ALSO an octopus glass bowl.
Retweeted by Kat Kinsman @geendatz These are stupendous!One of the most amazing things I've EVER been presented by an employer in my ENTIRE career 'Thank you for being on…
Retweeted by Kat Kinsman @PrfctLitlBites @kittenwithawhip Marvelous! I use this one on the Thanksgiving table for a small crudité- the color…
Retweeted by Kat Kinsman @alyssadingwall Related? @PrfctLitlBites This is a magical object. @kittenwithawhip This was my mom’s celery platter. Mostly used during the holidays. She’d stuff celery with grated…
Retweeted by Kat Kinsman @kittenwithawhip Not in our kitchen but on our wall.
Retweeted by Kat Kinsman @TeaRoomBetty My dachshund mix.Per @ChronKimJones, it would seem that it's time for the percolator. on how things are going on local journalism, a thread: Today I drove around the hospital where all of my kid…
Retweeted by Kat Kinsman @KendraWrites @Lollardfish I watched it last night and sobbed and laughed and it felt like a gift. @KendraWrites @Lollardfish This show utterly destroyed me on a regular basis. It's so empathetic and emotional, and… @divorceddogmom I know that exact feeling. Reclaim the restaurant.
I have a conflicted relationship with Christmas, but not with its cookies. Cookies rule. @rachsyme THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU ANGEL! @rachsyme I would enjoy smelling like an orange tree that is also on fire, please.Please behold the beauty of @MrPaulOMims (a.k.a. Kiki Bootz) speaking with @TheonlyMadd @boyishcharmnyc and… @rachsyme And weirdly, that I where I got vaccinated! @KDean1010 I did! And I cried a LOT. @dkdmac Oh, I am so very sorry. You should only do this on your timeline.So this pretty much broke me. It's beautiful and painful and for anyone dealing with the loss of a parent, it absol… @SchadenJake @FishsEddyNYC You absolutely win.
I will watch none of these movies, but this thread is so good that I don't have to.! Cake! Cookies!! Cookies! @AliceEats That is a bowl of sunshine!Lookit! @margareteby made a cookie wonderland! @SkilletDoux You were a billion percent correct!If you wanted to show me the weirdest / best plate or bowl in your kitchen, I would really enjoy that, please.
@maureenjohnson We could even eat port wine cheese at the dog park if you promise that your squirrel-snatching neighbor will leave us alone. @maureenjohnson I WANT THIS FOR US SO BADLY @maureenjohnson Moreover, you DESERVE one. @MidwestHedgie OH NO! I'm so sorry! @DearSplenda I just choked on my coffee.I wrote this a couple years back, but it stands, and I've been in a port wine cheese spiral for the last week. @jengonroff I've never seen that! I'm pretty much between NYC and Cairo, so I wonder if maybe it has a radius? @jengonroff I don't know what that is!I keep thinking about how how hard the rest stop on the NYS Thruway was pushing the sale of milk and whole dill pic…
@brendanhunting 1. I cry from art emotion every time I stay at a 21c. 2. I just cried from emotion-emotion and soli… @jjainschigg I was just about to make another s'more. Would happily make you one. (The Scotch was/is Ardbeg Wee Beastie.) @JohnDeVore I assumed you were working on your "Rogers!" libretto.
@keithlaw YES PLEASE @JCCraves Thank you so much for sharing this! I hope yours was lovely! @SeattleGari Scotch guards against critical thinking. @HugoER That is not terrible.I just made a s'more over a stove burner with a stale graham cracker and a stale marshmallow and it is still extrem…
@winemedineme @SchadenJake @masienda_us A friend who legendarily gets raw beef, abalone, crab, raw dairy, etc. thro… @rebeccalfwright The key is that it is comfy as heck. @KAWhittlesey By the great @tattydevine!Merry Caftanmas to all who celebrate.
@TweetTonyHarris ❤️❤️❤️🦃❤️ @TweetTonyHarris I smile every time I think of it! Hope you are having a glorious day! @TweetTonyHarris Psssst! (spatchcock) @ElissaAltman That is utterly GORGEOUS.
@guhlo I wrote about them a while back, and when she died several years ago, they were left to me. I absolutely tre… @writeonerin @guhlo She died a few years ago and I inherited them. I love these tins so much! @guhlo Also: @guhlo I took this photo of my mother-in-law's spice cabinet in 2011. They could be from any time between the '60s… If your granny still living & she’s cooking this year? RECORD HER. Talk to her while she’s cooking & record i…
Retweeted by Kat Kinsman @mariahc @JamilaRobinson @tressiemcphd Apparently Multiples had drama with Units, which is the store I was thinking… @JamilaRobinson @tressiemcphd Ah yes. Units. @JamilaRobinson @tressiemcphd There was also a store of the era that was just fabric tubes that you could in theory… @FormerlyCharles I have longed for that very pot for such a long time and have never let myself go for it. But yours is GORGEOUS.Sometimes people buy cookware when they travel. lot has happened to all of us since the last "normal" holidays. Things aren't going to be the same. We're not the… @MsEmilyEdwards They are in all different festive shapes! The costumes are extraordinary.Would someone mind explaining the face stickers from The Great to me, please?
@advicepig @punsultant Ohhhhh, then this will be my pleasure! @advicepig @punsultant I just want you all to have the gravy Vesuvius you deserve!I'm so very proud of @briankoppelman for this. For many things, but at the moment, this. (Also for his podcast The… @hels I feel like our pal @briankoppelman has some notions. you would like to set your ham aflame for the holidays, my brilliant colleague Sarah Crowder can light the way. @jpbrammer This is a great and good thing! @joshgondelman @lisatozzi And now there are also self-serve machines that do it and they're like, buy two and get o… @mattiekahn @lpolgreen @hels I used to get PR pitches from Potatopia in the West Village on a regular basis but the… just like that, six years after it was published, The Food of Taiwan earned out its advance and I received my f…
Retweeted by Kat Kinsman @Nickyboy63 @JudgeYouHarshly @hollisgillespie @giselefetterman @ex_m0rtis @mistererickson @morgfair @mareejones Flashy girl from Flushing! We had a “Fransgiving” celebration in place of Friendsgiving this year!
Retweeted by Kat Kinsmanvery thankful to have these poems published by the @NewYorker today. thankful too for all the workers who make this…
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@petti_crocker @bettinamak If you promise to dance! (And I have used tapioca flour for gravy and it's pretty darn g… @clairelizzie @bettinamak I believe in yooouuuuu! @bettinamak @douglasmack Dunkies, I believe. @MrPaulOMims I like you for many, many reasons—not the least of which is what you sent me today. @MariselSalazar Sweet potato pie, and also pecan. @kempklc That is the article in full. @bettinamak Like, not everyone HAS to have a gravy fountain and ornate jello this year, but I am just introducing t… have been a lot of great cookbooks published recently — so many from bloggers or other folks who haven’t come…
Retweeted by Kat Kinsman @jenmartinPR Next to the gravy fountain.It's the time of year for me to share my FREE Thanksgiving leftovers article once again! Here it is: Leftovers. Eat them. They're delicious.
Retweeted by Kat KinsmanI almost forgot to share my annual FREE article about what to do with holiday leftovers! Here it is reprinted in fu… It's more than ok to abstain from alcohol, at any time of the year! Folks that don't drink don't need a reason…
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@SheerJenius I can see how if you haven't done it or seen it done, it could seem so. Like if you grew up with Cool…