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@PillowQueeens @theirishjam ah, thank you so much for the shout out Pillow Queens! you are lovely. sad I missed wha…
@acrosstheline ❤️ @maryannehobbs @NIMusicPrize @OhYeahCentre @ArtsCouncilNI @PRSFoundation @mattduke0 @ZeroMythUK thank you so much,… @ontourNI thank you so much. ❤️𝙶𝚁𝙰𝙲𝙴 - additional dates added to the tour; shows remaining: @Soakofficial ┃@OtherVoicesLive┃@wearevillagers ᴋ…
@RadioOlga aww, that means a lot, Olga. thank you for your kind words on air about the video, too! @ZeroMythUK @goQradio @RadioOlga ❤️ @RadioOlga 👂. . . thank you! ❤️ @ZeroMythUK 😍🌊 @RalphMcLeanShow a beautiful scene; thanks so much for having me at the @AtlanticSess Ralph! 🌊 @_ciaraoneill 🙌! @charlottedryden ❤️ as always, thank you for coming and being so supportive of music(ians) -- hope you can get a rest soon, x @tanya_otterson thanks so much Tanya; was a pleasure to play! 🌊 @NovatoneMM ❤️
@woolfhound thank you so much John! I am so thankful and chuffed! And I really appreciate your support! 🙌 @AndreaODon1 ❤️! @vokxen thank you so much vokxen! 🙌 @kitgrier aww, thank you so much Kit! I appreciate the support so much! I also hope you are very well! 😌 @Stuart__Fleming ❤️ @AdamMcR Thank you so much, Adam! As you know, I appreciate your support! It makes the difference. I am so grateful! @Michael_QUB @NIMusicPrize Thank you so much, Michael! I am so thankful. Hope you are very well! @AlanPatterson12 thank you so much Alan; I am so grateful and humbled. @angela_dorgan thank you so much Angela, I am truly grateful for the support you've given. ❤️ @AriaSail thank you so much; I appreciate it! #grateful @aSimonGardner aw -- and thank you for Ron's affirming words ❤️ @jeliofthebirds Thank you so much, Naomi ❤️ I hope tour is going well -- photos look class! Safe onward travels, x @Gillymac6 Thank you so much, Gil, for your support -- I am so thankful. I hope all is well with you. x @sailorsdream1 Thank you Allan! I appreciate that and I will endeavour to ❤️ @PunkPicasso @NIMusicPrize @OhYeahCentre @ArtsCouncilNI @PRSFoundation @mattduke0 @ZeroMythUK I'm so grateful Kyron… @AndreaODon1 thanks so much, Andrea! It definitely mattered, and I'm so appreciative and grateful ❤️ @wtfdeirbhile thank you so much! so chuffed / grateful! @xsnoizemusic ❤️ @JoshuaBurnside Joshua, thank you for these kind words. Grateful to know your generous heart and talented musicians… @jonahg22 thank you so much again, Jonah! you guys got so close! Hope you've been enjoying your weekend! @MayaCPetrovic Maya, thank you so much. You are so kind and encouraging. I appreciate your support massively; it ha… @Stendhalireland thanks so much Stendhal ❤️ @GraemeGStewart Graeme! thank you so much. I am so grateful and thankful for the support ❤️ Hope all's well with you! @dornan_mary thank you so much Mary -- I appreciate the encouragement so much; and I'm glad you are enjoying the music! @gerrynorman awk Gerry! Thank you. Lovely wee cameo in Gary's video by the way! (I'm glad the guitar didn't topple… @peterjmccauley ah, Peter. thank you so much. ❤️ You know it is appreciated. Hope all is well! @gadgetatc aw, Kelly thank you so much! And I hope all is well with you! @hwchfestival i'm so appreciative of you and all the support you've provided and given. ❤️ #gratefulalumni @FMC_Ireland I'm so chuffed. thank you so much for your support, as always. It's appreciated so much. ❤️ @beccaarmstrong7 @ZeroMythUK @NIMusicPrize aw Rebecca, thank you so much - you are so kind ❤️ @theirishjam aw, you are lovely. thank you! so humbled and grateful. your supportiveness is appreciated so much! @EdelleMcMahon Thank you Edelle, I am so grateful! Appreciative of the support so much. @_glasdrum ❤️ @sarahkiiely 😌❤️ @brandnewfriendz thank you guys. you are so kind. massive congratulations on your performance in the beautiful Ulster Hall! 🙌 @RadioOlga thank you so much Olga. you are so kind. I'm so humbled and grateful. as always, your support and encour… @ZeroMythUK @LauraMcCabster agreed - thank you Laura; the support is appreciated. hope all's well with you! @anyothercity @ZeroMythUK aw thank you so much, Jim! I am so grateful. And thank you for the well-wishing before th… @CitizenMusicIre ah, thank you! hope you have a lovely weekend too! @Doctor_Thomas I'm so grateful, Thomas! Thank you - I appreciate your kind words! @StephenMainline thank you so much for your support Stephen, I am so grateful. @arvoparty thank you so much, you are so kind ❤️ @CitizenMusicIre thank you so much -- I appreciate it. Hope you had a great night! @aSimonGardner ❤️ Thank you Simon - and also - such a great shot! ;) Thanks so much for the support. Hope the rest of your night was great! @Stuart__Fleming Stuart, thank you so much! It was an honour in many regards. I'm so grateful; your support over th… @WHITTonTWITT awk Sharon, aren't you lovely. thank you. ❤️ @RobertB_91 Thank you so much Robert. I am so humbled and grateful. And appreciative of your - and Chordblossom's -… @ourbelfastmusic ❤️ @ZeroMythUK @SheenaMadden Sheena, thank you so much! Thanks also to your fingers and toes. I am just so grateful;… @fallahaphotos beautiful shots, of a touching night. Thank you, Simon.
thank you so much, to each of you, for your support; you share in this @NIMusicPrize Best Single. there was a rec…
@SheenaMadden ❤️ @anyothercity ❤️
I am the #PlayIrishArtist of the week on @TodayFM! this is so humbling; thank you to the whole team and thanks so m… @wrenreckons Wonderful! Hopefully see you there 🖤 @Mandiedoodle Thank you so much Mandie -- so grateful for the hard work / generosity of the people involved in the… @RadioOlga I hoped you'd like this Olga! I am so grateful to the people that worked on the visual project ❤️ @aSimonGardner Thank you so much, Simon -- it is an honour to be among some of your favourites. The country is full… @PunkPicasso Kyron! Thank you so much! As always, your support is so encouraging ❤️ Hope you are very well -- and I… @philytaggart @BBCR1 YES! ❤️ safe travels over, x
on sunday night, @philytaggart played 𝙶𝚁𝙰𝙲𝙴 on his @BBCR1 Chillest Show. it's hard to describe the gratitude and th… @JeffRobinsonPR @TodayFM awh, Jeff ❤️ you are very lovely. thank you for all you do for the music. you know it mean… @xsnoizemusic thank you so much XS NOIZE 🖤 the support / feat. is appreciated so much. @ontourNI thank you so much for the support OnTourNI! ❤️ @hwchfestival @NIMusicPrize thank you so much for your support of us all, HWCH ❤️so pleased to share with you the official music video for 𝙶𝚁𝙰𝙲𝙴 . thank you so much to the talented / generous hu… @seaninsound @Soakofficial @Hanpeel ah, that sounds like a fun collab right there!
@brianconey thank you so much, Brian! @freshnet @bbcintroducing Tom, thank you so much for playing 'grace' on the mixtape! Looking forward to hopefully seeing you on Thursday, x @RadioOlga @goQradio @DavyMatchett @garysnowpatrol @AtlanticSess @NIMusicPrize @brandnewfriendz @rebekahfitch @bandwildyouth @gavinjames ❤️ @moosetronix @OhYeahCentre @AmidshipsNI @brashisaac @jeliofthebirds And thank you, Jon. @stefcampmusic @OhYeahCentre @AwareNI Thank you so much for being there, Stef. You are right - the support was very much heartwarming.
@nessymon @TheLondonEar @rte2xm ❤️ thank you so much Nessy! You are wonderful! 🙌
@woolfhound 🙌! @cromierobert @Adam_Devenney @PaulWhalley @TileyardStudios class! nice one and congrats! 🙌 @woolfhound john! thank you! how are you doing? Have you any plans for NI? I'm so glad you enjoyed - you know you c… @LiveDrive thank you so much! 🙌 @MCKY_GRGRY @NIMusicPrize @Chordblossom @ourbelfastmusic thank you so much; the track means a lot to me -- as does…
“intimate, soulful and honest songs [...] there is an obvious dedication to attention to detail in every part and a… @Chordblossom thank you so much ❤️🙌 #grace @_glasdrum Thank you for curating and facilitating. It is a pleasure to have been a part of it. ❤️ @JeffRobinsonPR @djhix @coolfm ❤️🙌 thank you @djhix!
'grace' has been added to 2x playlists by @Spotify-both of which have Scandinavian origins: ❛Akunstisk höst❜ [Acous…
@Nialler9 thank you for adding 'grace' to both 'New Music Ireland' and 'Best New Music' playlists on @Spotify − the… @RadioOlga @goQradio I appreciate that; thank you so much ❤️ @RadioOlga ❤️ awh. thank you Olga. thank you for supporting it and me! It is appreciated so much.