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I draw comics! Last on interiors for Shade the Changing Girl at DC/Young Animal. For original page sales and commissions contact

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@andeparks I want to know why he is linked to beans!!! @misscecil Then those beans are meant to be!!!Something to look forward to!!! @aandrefpeltier No worries!! I’m just being lazy haha I should just look it up! @andeparks I’m looking up who this person is now.... @aandrefpeltier Thanks for the advice! Luckily my in-laws have planting boxes set up, so I’m sticking my climbing b… I’m going to try and focus on growing beans and peas for the first time this spring. Anyone have experience?
Coal mining doesn't belong here.
Retweeted by Marley ZarconeCoal mining is not appropriate at Crescent Falls, west of Red Deer in the Bighorn. Sign my petition at…
Retweeted by Marley Zarcone @RevoBeyond @eliopictures It’s just a crap quality baby show on Netflix @eliopictures I kind of miss the concept of just turning on a cartoon channel. At least Jack can watch Ponyo and Totoro on Netflix! @eliopictures I don’t even know where to start when it comes to toddlers and cartoons. Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly’…
Retweeted by Marley Zarcone“If it wasn’t my job I would do it for free. It was absolutely my pleasure to crush a white nationalist insurrectio…
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New post about my weirdo drawing process is up on Patreon!
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@GoranGligovic Get well soon!!Reality sucks sometimes 😑 urge the incoming administration to reverse this decision and protect and preserve the habitats and ecosystems w…
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@MitchGerads They have Lord of the Rings Little People, but they’re charging 33 bucks!! It’s just the fellowship. N…
I wonder if they banned Trump from chatroulette 🤔
We all owe Hideo Kojima an apology
Retweeted by Marley ZarconeRepublicans in the streets: Now is the time for unity and healing. Republicans in the sheets:
Retweeted by Marley Zarcone @ianmacewan I want to see them arrest that Colorado rep that tweeted Pelosi’s live location to the mob @nathanwilson0 @HeGotGronch Yes, he’s a monster. Also I got him a vintage Mr. Peanut figurine a few years ago 😂 @amandawtwong It’s all hormones and genetics. I spent tons of money on skincare over the years and into my 30s. Get… @Manruss Oh man, that dipshit is still on Twitter? He’s the one who got caught on a burner account pretending to be black and gay 👀
@tomfowlerbug This is geniusHis name is USCP Officer Eugene Goodman. Remember his name. He almost certainly saved lives on Wednesday. My thank…
Retweeted by Marley ZarconeMore COLONEL WEIRD: COSMAGOG pages will be available on Thursday.
Retweeted by Marley ZarconeIt looks so much like Ralph 😂😂😂 “I’m a sidekick!” brought *bombs* to the U.S. Capitol. They said they wanted to *assassinate* the Speaker of the House and the…
Retweeted by Marley ZarconeBefore his death, Officer Sicknick was reportedly knocked unconscious with a fire extinguisher. While down, the cr…
Retweeted by Marley ZarconeMy message to my fellow Americans and friends around the world following this week's attack on the Capitol.
Retweeted by Marley ZarconeToday, Justin Trudeau's government was asked if they would list Proud Boys as a terrorist organization. They refus…
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Shout-out to @HeGotGronch's kung-fu epic Orphan and the Five Beasts, topping the list of upcoming comics!
Retweeted by Marley Zarcone @MahmudAsrar Blade of the Immortal, Berserk, Witches, Ping Pong, Nausicaa, Uzumaki, anything Satoshi Kon ever touched @andykhouri Did Cruz shave off his wolverine cosplay yet?Please let there be a live feed when the dipshit that flew in on a private jet gets arrested. @NeilGortz Happy Birthday!!!Final Jeopardy 😭
@ChronoFist In the timeline of Four Seasons Landscaping 🤷‍♀️At least the new season of the expanse has been good! @james1212 @andykhouri It does, but who knows these days! @jaredkfletcher YES! WHILE BEING FILMED!! I can’t... @mattsouthworth It’s some outright chucklefuckery! One had a heart attack over a flashbang and another fell off sca…, the layers to this goddamn onion.I still can’t believe that dude died after tasing his own balls while trying to steal a portrait of Tip O’Neill. Th… RT!)Okay, so,while @ohotnig is still suspended indefinitely, this is now the Official Artyom Trakhanov Fan Acc…
Retweeted by Marley Zarcone @andykhouri Tomorrow he’s showing up clean shaven. @rpace Our own Deputy Speaker of the Opposition was wearing a camo maga hat not too long ago. The rot is definitely here.Nine weeks of hustle & outreach. Nine weeks of believing we are in this together. Decades of strategy, grit + build…
Retweeted by Marley ZarconeHonestly, same.
Coming up in March: new series by @HeGotGronch, Orphan and the Five Beasts!
Retweeted by Marley ZarconeIt’s a major problem. friends today’s terrible display of terror and meanness shakes us, let’s remember: @ossoff, Jewish son of an immigran…
Retweeted by Marley Zarcone2020 into 2021
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If you don't impeach and remove a President for staging a coup, what's the point of impeachment.
Retweeted by Marley ZarconeShoutout to everyone who had a new book come out today. 🙃
Retweeted by Marley Zarcone @TomKingTK Do you think they’re going to be calling in officers from MD? My sister is an officer down there 😩 @rboylansucks Concerned for my sister. She’s an officer and I’m sure she’s going to be in the thick of this bullshit.I remember freaking out about a coup a month ago and people directing me towards lawyers 🤷‍♀️Please @TwitterSupport !! Free the talented @ohotnig ! We need his art and photos of his cat 😭
Ugh, Alex Trebek’s last episode has that creepy ham sandwich that’s been winning the last few episodes. Alex deserved better! @wastedwings I usually order from Jetpens! If I need to get paints, then I hit up Opus 🤓
@GoranGligovic This little lord fauntleroy can’t be a real account @alexdecampi It’s genius!!!Ha! Those whole wheat muffins you’re enjoying have two cups of shredded carrots in them! Take that, small child!!!
@jedmackay This is inspiring!Because, no. tweeting while I wait for someone to help me take on Ludwig the Accursed… so lonely 🥲 @kmellon I like it! Definitely gonna use it more. Probably still gonna do final art on paper, but this is nice for now!Bloodborne roughs tonight 🤓 AND THE FIVE BEASTS by James Stokoe @HeGotGronch: “a love letter to Shaw Brothers movies and 1970s grindhous…
Retweeted by Marley Zarcone @simonroyart Developers run this area too, and it’s a disaster.
At least Leo is festive! New Year!! 🇨🇦
@rboylansucks Once little dude started walking and grabbing stuff, there was no way.Also, forgive me for the doodles. Haven’t drawn for months 😭This thing is fun! The Apple Pencil doesn’t cramp up my hand like the thick Wacom pens 👍👍 @rboylansucks That movie is a blur to me unfortunately. I think I pulled a @hegotgronch and watched it while I was sick 🤧 @yesthatmkreed Right!!! I mean, they would never, but status update pls!!! @hermanos It’s hard because those are two very different suplexes! One was the purest showman with a hilarious reco… just performed one of the most exciting suplexes in science fiction! Please watch The Expanse if you haven’t already! @jedmackay I’ll have to try more purees! @lars_brown It’s crazy how one day he’ll eat something and the next day he spits it out. I think he may have snuck… @jim_dandeneau That’s a good idea! @stephgerk Definitely! I’m good at sneaking stuff into that!I’ve never made casseroles, but now I have to trick my child into eating things besides puff snacks. Any favorites? @jeremyholtbooks I’m so sorry for your loss. @DaveScheidt Im glad your neck caught up!! @DaveScheidt I mean, you’ve seen medieval paintings of babies. They still haven’t gotten a handle on that I see heheh
@ianmacewan @ohotnig It’ll only let me tweet one for some reason, but it is powerful! @hermanos Absolutely! Old top two Amos and Gunny. Current top two Amos and Avasarala.Batman Annual #5 features Clownhunter's origin and so much more. Do yourself a favor and check-out this late Christ…
Retweeted by Marley Zarcone @DaveScheidt And just by posting this you get a complimentary clown in your comments who thinks general health guid… @ComicWatchHQ Glad you enjoyed it! He definitely worked his tail off on it!
Comps came in for James 🤓🤓🤓 Batman Annual #5 out today!! Important moments, and Mr Whistles! 🤓 @whoisrico @franzferdinand2 @hermanos Yeah, like maybe on forums in the olden days, but Twitter is too dumb and reactive.