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does your heart ever go: ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ouchie…
Retweeted by catherlyn♡Please spread the word, Orange County, CA. Please invest in protection, you can easily buy pepper spray, pocket kni…
Retweeted by catherlyn♡my life rlly is a collection of near death experiences bruh i hate it here 💀guess no spooky activities this yr 😔 @sxrgihoe says the one who’s always trapping everyone 💀15 likes & I’ll take another shot
Retweeted by catherlyn♡Me enjoying my life knowing that nothing is going well
Retweeted by catherlyn♡Because it ain’t my business
Retweeted by catherlyn♡TW: black mail My ex goes that by Phat Le, Parker Le, or Pat Le has not only cheated on me, but also threatened to…
Retweeted by catherlyn♡NONE OF THIS NIGHT SHIT
Retweeted by catherlyn♡i posted these earlier but then i got shy LOL🖤🖤
Retweeted by catherlyn♡id very much appreciate it if you guys would share this. millions of people live with epilepsy and most people have…
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u can be blunt without being mean which is why i dont trust ppl who say they're blunt but what they really mean is…
Retweeted by catherlyn♡It’s scorpio szn 😈 ♏️
Retweeted by catherlyn♡i said i was retired but here i am otw to a drive-in rave for adventure club
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Feeling some typa way bc Scorpio season is here ✨
Retweeted by catherlyn♡is three too much?
Retweeted by catherlyn♡fml ptsd is realhair: dyed ✔️ don’t know how to: act ✔️
Retweeted by catherlyn♡help soju belly issa trapyou're literally doing just fine and okay where you're at. it may not be where you want to be but you're getting th…
Retweeted by catherlyn♡it’s a blackout typa nightfinally got acrylics after yrs & i forgot how much i love tapping the screen lmaookay google play somebody else by the 1975
Retweeted by catherlyn♡get it together @UCRiverside what kind of professor treats their students like this? she gets irritated at students…
Retweeted by catherlyn♡Eat it up!
Retweeted by catherlyn♡reminder to be nice to workers❤️ I shouldn’t have to get in an argument defending people who are just doing their…
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people dont realize how much I fold myself to make sure they good but that’s on me for even shrinking myself in the first place
Retweeted by catherlyn♡Y’all literally date horrible ppl then come into the lives of new ppl n be horrible to them it has to stop go heal
Retweeted by catherlyn♡they protec, they attac, they are heroes that wear a ᵐᵃˢᶜ
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the way y’all are complicit and quiet about your predatory friends and only call them out when y’all ain’t friends…
Retweeted by catherlyn♡copied and pasted from ig c:
Retweeted by catherlyn♡Shiba In Kyoto
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I’m okay with being alone.. i just get bored sometimes.
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Retweeted by catherlyn♡Idk who needs to hear this but you’re not being selfish for wanting to be treated better.
Retweeted by catherlyn♡it rlly be like that sometimesfacts 😂
Retweeted by catherlyn♡"no" means "no", but so does:
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If you’re my friend and i haven’t seen you as often, i love you, I’m just working on myself.
Retweeted by catherlyn♡ @sxrgihoe @notjoss OMG IT LOOKS SO GOODnew tattoo :3 amazing artwork credit to: @notjoss
Retweeted by catherlyn♡they’re best friends
Retweeted by catherlyn♡flower bomb
Retweeted by catherlyn♡how do ppl eat 3 meals+snacks everyday lol this shit is harder than it looksI know that people are busy with school, work, family, etc. so I made a Summary Guide on the California Proposition…
Retweeted by catherlyn♡Control how you respond to things sent to destroy your peace.
Retweeted by catherlyn♡a date is whatever u make it out to be and what ur satisfied with.
Retweeted by catherlyn♡I barely talk to anyone anymore, I be in my own lil world fr
Retweeted by catherlyn♡I haven’t met one girl that hasn’t experienced sexual abuse..I understand when they say they hate men
Retweeted by catherlyn♡feelin foxyyyy
Retweeted by catherlyn♡trick👻🎃or treat🖤🧡
Retweeted by catherlyn♡Today we made our cats a bedroom.
Retweeted by catherlyn♡ @sxrgihoe always
Retweeted by catherlyn♡ @edmthotiana 16 bc parentheses are still there after adding so it’s 4(4)=16I don’t understand why men have such a hard time just simply respecting women.
Retweeted by catherlyn♡The r-slur has been used to kill disabled people, so yes it actually is bad to say, and if you still are saying it…
Retweeted by catherlyn♡me
Retweeted by catherlyn♡and stay where it’s consistent.
Retweeted by catherlyn♡stop asking who wants u when all u did was push everyone away lmfaoMy mom opened her own coffee shop called The Spotlight Cafe at 603 H street in Modesto Ca. Come Visit us and Wear M…
Retweeted by catherlyn♡Me when someone tries to get to know me
Retweeted by catherlyn♡all alone... in my own... little chair
Retweeted by catherlyn♡welp back to full sends only 🥴
done w/ half ass effortshawty
Retweeted by catherlyn♡love that i’ve seen my friends almost every weekend since i’ve moved out 🥰 distance ain’t shitOne thing men will always have : the audacity
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Retweeted by catherlyn♡👻
Retweeted by catherlyn♡ @arvintgod @anhennyca @sxrgihoe dw she just shotgun 4 trulys in a row 🥴on this day at 2:27 AM, @sxrgihoe has declared me the throat goat
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SEVEN WAYS TO BOOST SELF-LOVE: Watch the way you talk to yourself Be mindful of the company you keep Accept that…
Retweeted by catherlyn♡i hate hiccups :( @gemmale_ it’s been yrs of morning classes & it hasn’t changed anything 😭I AM DYING. 😆 2nd graders stuck on Zoom after their teacher gets disconnected from the class.
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Retweeted by catherlyn♡I love seeing people smile bc their happiness gives me so much energy and good vibes
Retweeted by catherlyn♡wow. It’s the jade pendant fixture for me.
Retweeted by catherlyn♡“y’all broke up?” nah he broke, i’m up🤣
Retweeted by catherlyn♡this can't be the same body i used to wake up at 7 to go to school for eight hours then go to practice then come ho…
Retweeted by catherlyn♡i regret choosing early morning classes bc i can’t even ko before 5amdaily reminder:
Retweeted by catherlyn♡can’t wait to be back in oc nxt weekend 🥺 missing everyone a lil extraWhen someone remembers little details about me
Retweeted by catherlyn♡Happy October, I hope you enjoy my chaotic scary dubstep :)
Retweeted by catherlyn♡treating a girl right isn’t called simping bruh
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not me pulling all-nighters & wondering why my eye’s twitchingbitches say they’re fine but then detach themselves from everyone in their life, i’m bitchesCan October slow down please i haven’t even been to a pumpkin patch yet 😩
Retweeted by catherlyn♡just fixing my hair
Retweeted by catherlyn♡u can count on me to misbehave 🖤
Retweeted by catherlyn♡:3 peep the fallen rainbow llama
Retweeted by catherlyn♡you can’t accuse someone of cheating just because they moved on from you LOL
Retweeted by catherlyn♡i look like a rich widow lol
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I’m bitches
Retweeted by catherlyn♡ppl with mixed music taste have the right personality for anything
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