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Watching this you show afking for a mount @bopndop Okbnhjfmckjb
@FavsPriv not wrong frhey.. πŸ˜³πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ
Retweeted by Zorbz @floaromaa @notchaselyonsIf she wanted me to not go out, I would simply stay inside and gameThis burrito is exploding in my mouth @notchaselyons Feels good to have so many sockets and gear @stereoberrys @dagostlno @fandomhuub ur not in his replies rn. lol#ηš†γ•γ‚“η·šη”»γ¨ε‘—γ£γŸεΎŒγ‚’θ¦‹γ›γ¦γγ γ•γ„ Lineart x color
Retweeted by ZorbzGrinding so hard i be forgetting to eat nocap it is @notchaselyons dies from cringe @notchaselyons YO WHEN U GETTING BACKO NWhat for breakfastTen Tails jinchuriki @notchaselyons instagram been bad for like 5 years it seems... @zyer_gg @FavsPriv *gargles your cock* @notchaselyons Pc turning on and picking my nose @FavsPriv Your not?I suppose @FavsPriv He plays video games and goes to the gym @notchaselyons Game time?Sigh gn#δ»Šζœˆζγ„γŸη΅΅γ‚’ζ™’γγ† 11ζœˆπŸ˜‡
Retweeted by Zorbz
@3635 @notchaselyons What trinket bro, you can see its on cd @notchaselyons At da taco shop. Get on 10 mins @notchaselyons Game time soon @FavsPriv Kms @FavsPriv No because that shit don't exsist @FavsPriv nah thats cap
Retweeted by Zorbz @notchaselyons I laughed at this @bopndop @FavsPriv @orbgoddess I- @notchaselyons ermAsmongold lvling with girl. He just like me @may_wedda @Viperous BANGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
@joshberrys asked for one cookie and she gave me two could fix her. @notchaselyons Gotta clear our mythic 0's and weekly s in 4 hours then we wait till next week.. lol @notchaselyons Mythic+ doesn't start till the raid drops go get subway rn thoShowering and eating is holding me back from becoming the best @notchaselyons Sleep it is @notchaselyons Should I hop on or sleep another 45Slept through alarm Back to sleep @notchaselyons Right place right time. It was just chilling chromie time @notchaselyons U do nothing but go to gym and game @notchaselyons lol... My ass going to bed rn @peeknab @notchaselyons Yeah @notchaselyons ur actually in full mald mode @notchaselyons got my mount of the week @bopndop in cord? lol @spitgoat4pf i'm playing a game that doesn not require a lot of brain power @bopndop lol... @spitgoat4pf how whatNext 2 days off so that means two 16 hour gaming's sessions scheduled @reaIIyfat WHY? @reaIIyfat he fr right tooAdults acting like children @joshberrys deserved @Ultra15151 @stereoberrys ez dislike @stereoberrys 157 now @notchaselyons me waiting for reset so i can get jacked (geared) in mythic plus @Guage28 @OMGItsBirdman lol
Retweeted by ZorbzHaven't seen this level of abuse from Tyreek in years
Retweeted by ZorbzBucs are a QB away from being a good team hope they find him one day
Retweeted by Zorbz @LazasBautista Hes got 40 against me 1 quarter lol @bopndop @peeknab @PS_Desecration @bloodztv Appearntly it's 4 but I have yet to see what quest gives me thay @notchaselyons Hope u tear a muscle at the gym πŸ˜‚Work in 4 hours dinner once again @reaIIyfat @DamesVibeCheck LMFAOO @reaIIyfat @tsunomake @dagostlno @longneckedbeck Gino dead ass to powerful @reaIIyfat @reaIIyfat Goat @longneckedbeck Haven't u entertained multiple guys over 18 over dms 😭😭😭Takes a nap like a boss @dagostlno @Boltsiola fr @Gavpai @FavsPriv HAHHAAHAAH @FavsPriv - obese 34 year old
@joshberrys fuck so close @notchaselyons Grind time @notchaselyons LMFAO @joshberrys Please lord if there is a god please make Canada get 7-0'dVanilla Gorilla @tsunomake Yea @tsunomake SupThey caught my ass in Green Bay πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ ass in a cult @Boltsiola He just like meIf I didn't have a job I would simply become to powerful @notchaselyons Put it in ur mouthHave to go to work