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Gavin Shoebridge @KiwiEV St. Augustine, Florida

An elderly New Zealander in love with cars, potatoes and technology. 🚗

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Someone tried to throw away their giant World War I helmet but it wouldn't fit in the trash bin. that's how they did it! @thebigbunny Now that's seriously interesting.I just walked past this product. It basically describes me wearing a raincoat
Finally found a loft apartment in my price range! big reasons I prefer posting fun stuff on Twitter. There's enough negativity out there already. advice I can give you all for staying positive in these current times: be kind to each other and, equally impo… @Parax It was just a joke which we can all giggle at. I've seen footage of the landings many times.Everyone on Saturday:'m not certain he read the instructions correctly. @fisheaglesoars Metaphorically, absolutely.You know exactly what's going to happen but it's still hilarious. @dennis_p @GettinTwitta Oh. That's not good. @dennis_p @GettinTwitta I've honestly no idea.[Shudder] @GettinTwitta I just like unusual cars.
That's pretty neat. Just passed a convoy of Hummers on the motorway. moment when you regret wearing large eyelashes... @thalass_sp Mmmmmmmmaybe.If you are the kind of person who yells when you sneeze, we can't be friends. I'm sorry.So Gavin, how's your weekend been? @liepa I feel like I'd be selling my soul to the devil.I refuse to give people who yell when they sneeze the attention they crave.Now there's a human being whose dreams have come true. Cats...
@PaulRosengren This is where I draw the line.When you hit anti-vaxxers with science... don't care who you vote for, just stay home when possible and when not - wear a mask!
Retweeted by Gavin Shoebridge"Oh, blyat." -The Russian Space Administration today, probably.History is being written right now., #SpaceX and #NASA for today's incredible launch. I'm sure I'm not alone saying I stared at the clo… @flyerandyp @SteveHamel16 @TeslaFSD @MatZagataMD I'll be watching it from the back yard here in St. Augustine. Let'… really digging this new Harry Potter book. sure I understand the logic behind these pictures. the sole remaining person in New Zealand with COVID-19, get better soon because the whole country is waiting on… @1n0c3n7 Hey! He graduated with honours from the University of Youtube.Aviation history was made this week when the world's largest all-electric plane took its maiden flight. It's a nine… oh oh! 15:22 today! Let's hope it's all go for this historic launch. If it stays clear I might be able to see th… @coskier61 If they don't, my party is gonna be hella awkward.We all have that uncle. @rick_scinta Is... that what heaven is like? @brugmanjoost Finally, future goals which appeal to me.Now that's my kind of engineering. God, I did this last week.'m toying with the idea of holding a Tupperware party in my home. Anyone interested? @JosephVVallace 9.9 unfortunately. @Luckyst55928796 @kimpaquette I sincerely hope you're talking to Kim. The last thing anyone wants to see is a pictu… is an experience. 😄
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Halle Berry getting abs at 53 has inspired me to wait until my 50s to get them too.
Retweeted by Gavin ShoebridgeWhen you slide your seat too far back...'m in this photo and I don't like it. @hardy101 I don't know why this picture made me laugh out loud.That's 2020 in a nutshell. @OfficialKDwow Uh... Is that a foot moistener? :D @gwendemulder Age won't stop me. My back, on the other hand...Or to quote myself in that video I posted yesterday, "I don't know any successful people who leave their shopping c… I feel like life is just a series of obstacles preventing me from taking a nap. @Tesmanian_com Interesting that this was spurred on by Elon engaging with Tesla owners while he waited to use a sup… Berry getting abs at 53 has inspired me to wait until my 50s to get them too. don't care who you vote for, just stay home when possible and when not - wear a mask! @crytipids @FenixPowerCo Well, for what it's worth, I'm sorry you're going through that. @crytipids @FenixPowerCo I understand. But you can probably see why I asked. There are so many accounts without pro… @crytipids @FenixPowerCo Which company? Are you a bot?Hmmm. you're old enough to understand these two objects relate to each other, you're at risk of from the coronavirus.…
Retweeted by Gavin Shoebridge @teslaownersSV @teslaphotografr I'm yearning for the day in which we can have a full body potato vinyl wrap. @gwendemulder Just wait until those grey hairs head south. Then the despair kicks in.Why does Google's speech-to-text option hate the New Zealand accent so much? I just had this unexpectedly frustrat…
Let's hope Mars and Nestle never merge. @rick_scinta It's incredible. I don't know if it's selfishness or a lack of awareness. @RIPtslaQ @lhansen0 "Something bad can often be worse than COVID-19" is a weird, emotional argument. I'll just stic… done, New Zealand. I'm proud to be a kiwi. is an experience. 😄, I'm thrilled that society has stopped using plastic straws in order to make room in the ocean for latex… should apologise for out of order English the words in tweet that.If you're old enough to understand these two objects relate to each other, you're at risk of from the coronavirus.… @abeu89 Fascinating. The more I learn about him, the more I'm learning about human psychology.Before you give your young niece a fun shoulder ride, always check the height of the ceiling fans. How I learned this rule is not important. @1n0c3n7 It's all part of a plan to disguise my crying as tears of laughter. Mwahaha. @Mikerrr8 @Tesla @elonmusk @28delayslater @teslaP3D Oh, I hear ya. I do love silver. It's great on cars, kitchen ap…'m trying, box. I'm trying. 😄 today will never know the struggle. @Writer_StevenL @InsideEVs Been there, done that! Rain, cold and snow hampers EVs, especially when crossing countri… there's a fad whereby men in big trucks install "Truck Nuts" on their vehicles to showcase their staunch… @johnvoelcker In Slovakia there are often recycling containers at the ends of residential streets. I would take my… careful what you wish for. @abeu89 That's seriously interesting. @thebigbunny Religion does tend to make us do things we wouldn't normally do. @PascalBruijn I'm in the second episode now and my jaw is ajar. They've built their own electricity systems, water… spent half my stimulus check on an out-of-season avocado.just tried this new drink called “water”. not bad. pairs well with a crusty rind of bread. heavy 16th century prisoner vibes
Retweeted by Gavin ShoebridgeI'm really enjoying this Netflix documentary called wild wild country. So far, the guru Rajneesh strikes me as litt… @Afro_Herper @BobTregilus Nature is truly remarkable. For example, my ex-wife uses thermoregulation by jumping from bed to a bed. @mrtimdonovan Crikey. Already looking quite interesting. I love the use of old footage from the 80s.Okay, I've given up on the TV series Maniac. It made less sense than a string cheese hammock. I'm going with a Netf…