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Gavin Shoebridge @KiwiEV St. Augustine, Florida

An elderly New Zealander in love with cars, potatoes and technology. 🚗

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@thalass_sp @28delayslater trigger warning. :D @jeremyjudkins What the duck... Whoah. @dennis_p @Tesla That's smooth. @Gunkyyy Ahhh. Surprised I've not seen that one. @Gunkyyy That... looks like pornography. I don't know for sure because I don't own a pornograph.Slophflophflophfloph. @FlaTesla I'm not sure if there are grants for EV conversions, but I'll get there one way or the other. @Tsubaki_Sil @malepichot No big deal. I don't know who Melena is or why she was following me.More new 2021 goals in action: @nickwhoward 😬Let's distract ourselves with a funny video: @FabioCossu2 @mattgiaco I am partial to a potato or two... One day I will visit your country and drop in unannounce… @takeitev @wahg101 I'm an imposter, copying and pasting videos that other hard-working people have created. I'm a fraud. @malepichot Unfollowed, to match your unfollow. Good luck in the rest of your life. @PathosBedlam @kimpaquette That'd be neat. I would definitely put on a chicken. In the oven, I mean. Not my head. @phibetakitten [X] I'm in this image and I don't like it. @TeslaPhx @jeremyjudkins Let me forward my ex-wife's contact details to you. That seems right up her alley, literally. @flcnhvy @tobyliiiiiiiiii Why would anyone in the electric car community dislike you? I've just subscribed to your tweets. @EV_Resource @RationalEtienne @elonmusk Or a Lada Niva. 👠😛 @EV_Resource @RationalEtienne @elonmusk Oh no. That takes the comedy out of it. I hope he's okay and has found the help he needs. @DOfaquarius This is going to be a really really dumb question, but what is a QT?Me, actively sabotaging my own happiness, 2021, colourised:
Retweeted by Gavin Shoebridge @wahg101 @MichellBasler That part of the article is perfectly neutral. I wish the rest of their journalism continued in that vein. @MichellBasler While it could very well be a subject worth sharing when the facts are in, The New York Post has dev… internet is magical. @malepichot I'm not quite sure what this means but I supported wholeheartedly. @MargieDeese Hey!! I resemble that remark!!Me, actively sabotaging my own happiness, 2021, colourised: @nickwhoward Kneebags are news to me, too. whenever I see a Tesla in an accident I'm always curious to see how the… @ShyCybertruck @MargieDeese What kind of laser eye surgery are you going to? @coskier61 @Pwr88Q Oh, how sweet! Yes please! @Pwr88Q Oh, baby! @manishbansode @jeremyjudkins Surprisingly, that article sounds fairly similar to what I've been doing. Basically l… @gatica1813 @MargieDeese I'll take that! Or potatoes with the skin off! @MargieDeese Now we're talking! @MargieDeese @RationalEtienne @elonmusk I mean, I owned a MG B GT once, so I'm not going to throw stones... @TrevorVitamin @wendishen99 Look at it this way. When life is looking down, remember that it helps us accelerate. I… @RationalEtienne @elonmusk Oh God I remember that video clip. Was it real or was the guy a paid actor? I seriously hope it wasn't real. @kentohlund @AlexanderrSam @AerialEng Oh my word. They are not doing anything to dispel the reputation of dealerships being stealerships. @karencarbonanus Aha, ok. I'm a little bit basic with my English usage. @kimpaquette @28delayslater Me-ow! @karencarbonanus I'm not sure if we are operating on different frequencies, but I really have trouble understanding… @AlexanderrSam @AerialEng What was it saying in a nutshell?
@karencarbonanus @HogDexter Great. Can he not do it elsewhere? @karencarbonanus @HogDexter I don't understand what you mean. @andrewhockings @janbartspang @HogDexter It's alright. Politics just drive me up the wall. I understand that politi… @janbartspang @HogDexter @andrewhockings I'd always found his tweets amusing because my politics filters block put… @HogDexter @andrewhockings Do you not think there's a right time and a place for inserting politics? Do you conside… @andrewhockings @HogDexter Weird. People making me angry is funny? @HogDexter Oh bloody hell. I'm not interested in politics. I make that quite clear on a weekly basis. Despite this,… @HogDexter I don't get it. @B_Energized Done! But I thought I already was subbed!Good news! I've fixed the idle problem and it was simpler than anyone expected: Like the pe… @jeremyjudkins Alcohol. Apply internally. @jeremyjudkins Oh mate, I hear you. I'm guilty of doing the same. This last couple of weeks I changed and listened… video of General Motors self-driving vehicles being tested: @UNPLGD3 Heh. Made me chuckle. @mogensen_mr Oh dear God, that is not a flattering angle. @vksingh770 I did 7 years in Central Europe so I am over the snow. I am now living the warm life in Florida. That's my reward 😁 @vksingh770 That looks a little too cold for me! Stay warm!This was my work building for seven years when I lived in Europe. It was as weird inside as it was outside but I lo… @MikeyNog I miss out on most news with my Twitter filters. You're dealing with an ignorant but blissful kiwi! @thalass_sp @doctorow I worked in that building for seven years! @MikeyNog I agree, but feel like we've turned over two pages at once here... What are we talking about? 😂 @HogDexter Crikey.That's actually not bad. @wahg101 It looks so wise. And encephalitic. @GersonMzs Who would do such a thing?!Pretty much my response when things go wrong in my life.'s true what they say. Artificial intelligence really does pose a danger to humanity: @NaciukThomas @JuliaMWrightDal My mum is 8,400 miles away in New Zealand and I have not seen her in more than a yea… @OwenSparks_ @Tesla @elonmusk @TeslaOracle_com @ray4tesla @tobilindh @YouTube The progress is remarkable, but I have never worn a kilt in the summer time and the… @KinkyVeganess @saqibf @Ellahhelena It looks like the entire thing was manufactured for social media attention. The… @FrancoMattera2 @stevenmarkryan That doesn't fit the narrative of making Warren a modern day saint. @rhensing @nickwhoward In that case it's actually kind of smart. It's an excellent case of reading the room. @nickwhoward Talk about multiple personality disorder. @TechAmazing @MichellBasler That makes me moist. @SjvTesla @EliBurton_ Happy birthday, dear internet stranger! May your miles be efficient and don't forget, with ea… @theautismdad Aww, she's had a very lucky escape, that naughty pussy. @jeremyjudkins @Shane_Partlow @EnglishDanYT Basically, Hammer drill: bangs into the wall as you're drilling (great… @Mike_M_Klotz @GB47517272 The Rustang won't go far enough for it to be a problem. 😂 @darinlayman We don't know yet! I'm planning on replacing it on Sunday or Monday. I hope you are right and it fixes the problem.
@_Zdanek I know! I was there in 2016! @jeremyjudkins @28delayslater I'm interested.New fuel idle control valve switch thing arrived from Lada Power in Ukraine. They also sent glorious calendar of 20… @5_Slow Hm. That's odd. @SoldinOrlando Our Future is in Motion... Slow Motion. @GB47517272 It's no Tesla.It's amusing how Ford's new electric Rustang has "GROUND SPEED" on the odometer. May as well put "WATER SPEED" on a… @Pod_Point @AmazingChevVolt I opened that link with trepidation... and I was not at all surprised. It's just anothe… @ElectricMinorUK @pyoor Interesting reading. I'm thinking of the same Lexus transmission as you. The sheer size of… @TeslaLondon No, I'm not a complete savage! 😂 It's on the stalk. @AdamHoov Lol it's all yours mate! @LazrVasileVior1 Flirble twonker gurgle plop? I'm sorry mate. I have no idea what you said. 😂 @LeventePeres Haven't got off road yet. I'll have to get back to you!