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@Chelsnii @ChrisChaos_21 for sure
@MissTippyTap I've always got your back.
@ChosenNinja45 Buy the A Realm Reborn MSQ level skip and watch some recap videos. The base game is a fucking slog…
I was asked to participate in a GBVS exhibition for Evo this weekend. Unsurprisingly, I'm withdrawing. Take care… need to create some positivity over this upcoming long weekend. Well, positivity that doesn't end in me stuffing…
@AwexWane oh there's some compressing going on alright, sweet Christmas @AwexWane I'm pretty sure I couldn't even get those around one of my thighsFinal Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers - Shadows Withal
Retweeted by AND Innovative Netcode @faultydefense Very well. I'll make due. @faultydefense this is how you do me after all the support I've given you for your choices in Cajun cuisine? @Ryyudo EVERY T-SPIN DOUBLE @MissTippyTap I will watch on my morning walk if you do @the_diabeasty officeteam/accountempssquare up, kuze
Retweeted by AND Innovative Netcode @JamKiske No problem. I've referraled my way into many a job so I've got a ton of experience writing emails exactl… @JamKiske "Hi, I'm inquiring about [insert position here]. I was referred to this position by [friend name] and I… @RSBlackrose Look bruh, I just be running. And then when I get turned into an otter, I can run around even more!…, SMN by day, Odder Otter by night @GoodNormals that's incredible lmao @silverhydraFGC you have a cat @silverhydraFGC we need to stage an intervention with the astrologersFinna N-Word Elephant In The Room lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
All of these choices are valid and I will love you regardless. Unless, of course, you pick Xrd in which case you g… @wnesuki absolutely unreal. Core Every Day (TM)ゲンガー
Retweeted by AND Innovative Netcode @HimeCutATL Yeah, we also have a ton of those floating around, and I also do have at least 3 GY decks so I'm trying… @HimeCutATL I generally lean on singular threats because my meta is very very wrath/sacrifice heavy. I also don't… @HimeCutATL The deck shits out advantage without even trying. That’s why I haven’t picked up the Dark Depths combo… @HimeCutATL I was, and then I wasn't, and then I was. I have enough Mountains to make it okay, then I realized I d… @HimeCutATL I had to part with a foil Liliana, The Last Hope and some other things, but I always wanted to own a Mo… @HimeCutATL Welcome aboard. Aaaaarmdrag 2. Aaarmbaaaaaar 3. The moss-covered 3-handled family grudunza 4. Armbar @the_diabeasty idk, Copperbell Mines exists @the_diabeasty I've seen this in every dungeon from 41-56 save Wanderer's Palace the past few days. I'm struggling to parse this lmao @tenpai_miko "free procs tho"FFXIV salt: I've noticed a harrowing trend over the past week leveling SMN: 1) enter dungeon in party finder 2) 1… @autodidact_xrd me, mashing tf out of the Door Close button:
The day Wawa makes me a mug this size, it's over for all y'all. @sweetxjam @BadAtManyThings see you when you wake up face down in a glass of water, as is tradition @silenthooper I did the research, and unfortunately they’re unrelated. I was ready for some maximum ignorance too lmao @SARVETS it was sad times in the kingdom when the VMU battery would die. had to leave that mf on for three straigh… can tell someone is rich when they don't think that eating at Olive Garden is actually expensive.
Retweeted by AND Innovative Netcode @RSBlackrose They brought back spicy nuggets and they’re literally at the end of my block. They got me hook, line, and sinker @RSBlackrose Same. Live from Wendy’s @FreeNobodyexe Condolences.This was how long the Undertaker's career was
Retweeted by AND Innovative Netcode @GREATFERNMAN This implies that people like me have not just dumped the can upside down on our faces and bathed in the crumbs of gluttonyLRT: I know I said my last can of Pringles was gonna be my last can ever most likely, but I really really feel that… blame @Kizzercrate
Retweeted by AND Innovative Netcode @XanozIchimonji I used to get mad hype when Striptease came on, despite that being one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen lmaooo @crookedtricking Just go by the color outlines. Blue is melee, purple is ranged. Reading is for suckers lmao @CureAhegaoAxis can't have SHIT in Aurum Vale @CureAhegaoAxis my last two days of leveling a new class have consisted of white mages not doing any DPSing while c… fairness, if you live past the first room, you're a keeper. 🤔
“his name is MF DOOM and he’s the supervillain of hip-hop. his whole artist alias is a character that ties in with…
Retweeted by AND Innovative Netcodeky kiske #GUILTYGEAR
Retweeted by AND Innovative Netcode @AlzarathEX why are you like this
You sit at the restaurant with your young son; he says he is hungry. You agree to get him dinner. You open up to… @GERGtheNERD No I'm definitely in the Gold Saucer lmao @GoodNormals Honestly at this point, it's just a million times easier for me to work around my gluttony than it is… @GERGtheNERD Yes, but where am I? 🤔 @DogzeaNY it's not a gamble if you know it's gonna work make good decisions. up PB&J for my dinner tonight so I can get the “buy 1 get 1 for $1” Breakfast Baconators in the morning. Del…の新しい奴のカードめっちゃ強そう。
Retweeted by AND Innovative Netcodeこの前描いた。カイの線が塗り終わりましたうぇーい乁( ˙ω˙ 乁) ノーマルカラーと、レイさん(@rei_Xrd)カラー、ヘッダー用にソルと合わせてみたり♪~(´ε` )
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So my brother who's in med school sent me a question from one of his assignments today
Retweeted by AND Innovative Netcode @Klaww21 On brand? No way!'m not a collector, but...*loads record player* @Ryyudo
skeb納品しました。 Thanks commission! #Skeb #Commission
Retweeted by AND Innovative Netcodeカイデズrkgk
Retweeted by AND Innovative Netcodeagain :3
Retweeted by AND Innovative Netcode @LordKnightBB Tunnel vision. I have ideas and practiced scenarios down, but recognizing when I need to switch gear… From The Hood, Chapter 86: Fried Hard @Gekioh: “Bring a container.” Me: “What in the blue hell for?” Gekioh:
2020 @Sundowner_C hoping it's just lag
@RSBlackrose Every week is like the Royal Rumble, where everyone you've ever feuded with 1-on-1 over the years sudd… @TheArm05 that's how it be lmao @Amadeus46Art He's smoked me the last couple of times we played, though.I lied, here you go. Disclaimer: this list is what happens when you run into somebody in bracket twice a week fo… @DrifterDane @AwexWane The actual secret is padding it with names because you don’t wanna write TheArm for every an… can't do the new FG meme because I can't be assed to write the same four names for literally every answer. Welco… @MissTippyTap happy 623 day lmaooooooooooooo Netcode™
Retweeted by AND Innovative Netcode @Vevion put your dick away for ONE SECOND LOLboy, if I see another generic anime title, it'll be too soonGood morning on this lovely holiday. @maad_hum It's p deece. But it doesn't inspire me to clobber things as hard as I can @chrisabides Yeah. We just did E5S. Raiding is fun with a full party. I'm scared for Party Finder tomorrow though lmaooooRaiding Truths, number 13/8: Prog metal makes your DPS go up.
Retweeted by AND Innovative NetcodeBack into the grind yeyeye
Retweeted by AND Innovative Netcode @thekachou @thekachou but FoxAh, the sweet sounds of summer rain. This is what I live for. @QornFGC Well we'll just run it offline then. Just put that $20 in an envelope or something.(´-`).。oO(サイクロップスの移動投げ異常に強かったよね・・・) Cyclops 「Optec blast」🤩✨ MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 4 ! Is the release yet? #XMEN
Retweeted by AND Innovative Netcode @QornFGC wait what LOL I ain't trippin'. video games ain't that serious lol