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Kevin Sweeney 🌏 @kjsgeo Pōneke, Aotearoa

Data/Information advisor #DataGovernance #DataFlow #DataInfrastructure #indigenousdatasovereignty | Geographer. Advocate for place.

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@nytimes OK but there is no second plunging here. This is unequivocally still your first plunge, due to a lack of… @politico Did you really include "Is it too soon?" as if it's a legitimate question? 🤦‍♂️As Americans celebrate another #4thofJuly #IndependenceDay they might consider the power they hold, to improve upon… moon rising #Wellington @brooklynmarie If you had three weeks left to live, what would you do?Lakota (thanks auto correct) @Te_Taipo @UR_Ninja Warriors protecting their own land.Please Americans, with your focus today on #MtRushmore give a thought to what that "monument" represents for… sucks on this platform: finding out, that when called out, someone you admire-followed starts defensively post…
@JonFlan And oh more yeah this site, a veritable poster child of callous racist attitudes toward indigenous people,… @MollyJongFast Realise this Rushmore event will be a coronavirus thing, but hoping it can also be used to raise awa… @physicsJ @JamesWi04828269 @yevgenydevine @Rainmaker1973 C'mon mate you're better than that. Comparing treatment of… there are plenty of variations of #wearenotyourmascot practice, beyond sports teams names. Recently… @physicsJ @JamesWi04828269 @yevgenydevine @Rainmaker1973 There is no circumstance where the desecration of an ances… @HuffPostPol What was inside his head: "Black lives are poison." @PeterGleick @Getthebagcoach Oh yes. And that sweet smell won't be forgotten. @gtconway3d I'm going to put my support behind: Not very bright. @KatGreenbrook Spot on Kat. And as someone from the US and with family living there (and my own kids here in NZ) t…
@TheTattooedProf But this was written by god, right? @rebeccamakkai What's that? @takapodigs @PredatorFreeNZ "Kakapo Ranger" I defy anyone to come anywhere near that with a job listing from their CV. @Rainmaker1973 @physicsJ Sorry that's a hard no. @damauk Facebook gonna facebook @washingtonpost "What's next?" he added, "Are they going to cancel Pol Pot Day?" @GuardianUS A wee typo in your headline, fixed it: US rivers and lakes are shrinking for the very reason you expected: cows @propublica Beyond broadcasting your ignorance, imagine being of a mindset that considers this abomination a worthwhile thing. @CubaRaglanGuy through this...ehh...wonderful year. @pbmNZ Illegally driving through a rail crossing barrier in a commercial vehicle with your information plastered al… @nzherald Oh-kaay...I believe that's up to us to decide? @HoarseWisperer Mate this is legitimately some of your best Twitter work to date. 😆 @ElizabethKnoxNZ That's a work of art, on a work of art!
@scbegonias @resdatall @GidaGlobal @USIDSN @MaoriDSov @IDSovOZ @fnigc @NCAIPRC @opendevmekong Great work - ka pai!
@ApocalypticaNow The next potential (flu) pandemic has been already been identified, sourcing from Chinese pigs
@ScoopWellington Highlights the inherent vulnerability of Wellington's transportation network and its unsustainable… @JennyKayNZ @AshBloomfield @minhealthnz @aunties_the Good to see. Just touting our free COVID testing to a relativ…
@LaikenJordahl @DHSgov If this is practice, it's an abomination. And anyone else wanting to so much as re-locate a… @Yamiche Pretty sure Pence could stand before cameras and say "Now that the sun is rising in the west..." with a straight face. @pickover So much going on in here when you look closely. That inner "circle" alternately rotating clockwise and counter-clockwise. @jdiannedotson Precisely. 😁 I couldn't get far enough away, fast enough.I've worked in govt or as a consultant to govt pretty much my whole career and can tell you if you thought the… @TheSpinoffTV So...things are working as planned.Well congratulations, America. You now have definitively positioned yourself as the textbook example of what not d… now, is there anything tastier than cheese that's been browned just so under the grill? @KevinMKruse You sound surprised? @JackyNinjakitty @ScoopWellington The standard Wellington forecast. Enjoying the "fine spells" this morning. Wind…
Some fantastic mapping by @gnsscience that provides an even clearer picture of and stronger evidential case for con… @brooklynmarie @HuffPostPol Working through that dictator's list. ✔️ secret police @mcsweeneys "I think I finally understand how the razor that Britney Spears used to shave her head in 2007 felt." T… @physicsJ Always great to see your work that puts items of study together - not a perspective you see very often.…
@KatGreenbrook Do you live in an air raid shelter? 😄 @streeganz As a UC-Boulder alum myself, pretty proud to see that you also attended that "liberal...Marxist, communi… @AngrierWHStaff Wow this is flat out screaming for @sarahcpr @skryb @MiaFarrow Seems he's doubling down on what is quite possibly the stupidest thing he's ever said (and for him that's saying a lot). @brooklynmarie "...not willing to be governed." The US, the long-standing global model for democracy it seems stil… @NotYourMascot And subject yourself and your kids to punishment when you use your native language...and on, and on...
WE ARE Oneida Seneca Cayuga Abenaki Penobscot Wampanoag Ojibwe Odawa Potawatomi Pawnee Menominee HoChunk Lakota Oma…
Retweeted by Kevin Sweeney 🌏 @dgseamon @kenjeong Lobsters! @PreetBharara With "60k dead, tops." @markos Its Texan for "Internet" @FoxyLustyGrover @SweetReleaseWLG @aunties_the I keep finding an endless stream of answers to the question: Why New Zealand? @kevpluck Log out!? Blasphemy!
@KevinMKruse And even more on brand that he wants to celebrate the 4th at a "monument" that's something of a poster… @kenjeong Claims the symbolic leader of the pandemic-weaponising, child-caging, asylum seeker-deporting, police bru… @thkukutai @tbonini @data_ctive Thanks for sharing. COVID19 has been an interesting real world test of data democratisation.Are Wellingtonians aware of this great website covering steps around Wellington, from staircase admirer @abowman? I…
Retweeted by Kevin Sweeney 🌏 @Rosenthaltweets That Ulysses S Grant side-eye 😂 @washingtonpost Curious why still "mulling?" Assuming it's strictly political considerations. Because no one of r… @rebeccanagle Never saw the show but how crap it is to be made aware of yet another example of racism towards Nativ… @kevpluck Another graph that clearly dismisses the "second wave" narrative.
@HoarseWisperer @charles_gaba Thanks for keeping that "warmer weather defeats coronavirus" gem of wisdom in the dis… @AISP_Penn @AECFNews Promotes a much needed perspective for data integration efforts...but consider dropping "racia… @MollyJongFast Actually blaming BLM for her incompetence as a human being. ffs. 🤦‍♂️"You don't want to be a man in Family Court." Truer words were never spoken. @ChrisRock on #NetflixIsAJoke @brooklynmarie Pretty amazing to me that the US (world?) just moved on past this horror.
@PostOpinions How can any legitimate news outlet suggest Barr has only become untrustworthy lately? @fawfulfan Good so hopefully it will all wind up hidden in their man caves where no one has to see that racist propaganda. @washingtonpost Was not aware of this statue of Roosevelt. Some serious white man's burden vibe going on there. @mashable An idea that's been around for a long time. Just never, um, took off. @kevpluck A generous soul (it was 1/3 full) @brooklynmarie NASCAR, par for the course. @TheRickWilson You'd think someone like Trump would give an instant's attention to his image here. @MeidasTouch Already did (sort of) @ElizabethKnoxNZ Don't doubt this at all, but have had the same but opposite experience. Spent many a time out aski…
A quick public image lesson for the US President: - Suit with no tie = relaxed casual - Suit with dangling,… @sarahcpr You keep managing to outdo yourself. @Amy_Siskind C'mon now the solution is simple: just stop testing. @thedailybeast "got ammo?"I'm no US political pundit, but isn't the brand palette for Trump, conservatives, GOP red (MAGA hats, etc)? So how… @Eugene_Scott Thank you for helping to chip away at that myth...which supports a broader false narrative that dads… @MikeIsaac @LastofUsPartII Teriyaki Spam? Oh good lord. @brooklynmarie Pretty hilarious indeed. But is anyone really surprised? This has been happening right from the In…
Happy #WinterSolstice fellow residents of the southern hemisphere. Today marks the start of winter for us and the… @NewshubNZ It is times like this that Aotearoa genuinely feels like a whānau of 5 million. RIP @physicsJ @timeanddate Agreed. Been my go-to site for years and still coming across elements I hadn't seen before. @MollyJongFast Seem to recall you all talking about "60,000, tops" not so long ago. @brooklynmarie "Mail-in voting" is code for "Democratic process" @cmclymer is. 🇳🇿Not quite. Agree that the idea of #COVID19nz being seasonal could be flawed, but that's only one source of the "sec…
@Ruth_A_Buzzi @pattonoswalt This made my day. Ruth Buzzi is STILL rockin it!