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Passionate about: Sports, Music, History, Fashion, Mathematics, Robots, and City Life. 2013 TEDxUTSC, 2016 & 17 ESPN/CBS Robotics Host. STEM Education Advocate.

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Sjostrom hadn't lost this race in 5 years... what an amazing race to wake up to.Holy crap, Maggie MacNeil smashes the Canadian record and wins gold in the 100m fly, upsetting Sarah Sjostrom for t… about this article is relatable. Some great advice in here. is fine...
I wish everyone on twitter had to use their real names/identities. Too many cowards can say hateful crap and hide f…
Retweeted by Karthik KJust rewatched the Women's 4x100m free relay from this morning. Ruck and Oleksiak were on fire for Canada. So much… to baseball immortality, Roy Halladay. @BlueJays @Phillies #DocHOF #HOFWKND
Retweeted by Karthik KToday is the day. Thank you, Doc 💙 Your legacy lives on in Cooperstown. #DocHOF
Retweeted by Karthik KCanada winning bronze in the Women's 4x100m free relay and continuing to assert themselves as a dominant force. Ruc…'s first loss in the 400m since 2013. I can't get over what a huge upset this was. Ariarne Titmus has been r…🚨MEDAL & CDN RECORD ALERT🇨🇦! The women’s 4x100 free relay (K. Sanchez, T.Ruck, P. Oleksiak and M. MacNeil) captures…
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To be fair, I'd still take this heat over -20 degree weather. This is awful, but less awful than the coldNope. Excitement cancelled. This feels like tortureAbout to step outside and experience a Humidex of 44 Celsius (111 F). I'm weirdly excitedTo all the non-tennis-playing men who think they can win a point against Serena, watch this... 🙃👸🏾🎾
Retweeted by Karthik KMoving right along.
Retweeted by Karthik KFun Fact: Stroman's last 6 outings on the road (at #Yankees, #Rockies, #WhiteSox, #Orioles, #RedSox, #Tigers) which…
Retweeted by Karthik K7 shutout innings for Stroman. If this was his last start for the #BlueJays, it was certainly a special one. @CamillaPanda Great, my night is now both unnecessary and lame...
If you're wondering how my exciting Friday summer night is going, I'm currently using a safety pin to pick out clum… a legend, always a legend. ⭐ Catch @Simone_Biles in all her glory tomorrow at the U.S. Classic on…
Retweeted by Karthik KRoad Trip Soroti!
Retweeted by Karthik KHi, my name is Zach. I am a 41-year-old adult father. I just watched the Top Gun trailer and I'm going outside to l…
Retweeted by Karthik K @BDaRoz Yes, but now I'm just thinking how I'd love a follow up to Six Degrees of Separation @CamillaPanda I kind of excited for the Jason Derulo cat. Is he going to sing (meow?) his name Jason Derulo style?.@BillSimmons, @ChrisRyan77, @akdobbins, and @netw3rk re-enter the danger zone as they watch and react to the 'Top…
Retweeted by Karthik KRemember when Will Smith's character in Six Degrees of Separation kept talking about a movie adaption of Cats? And…
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. OMG. One of my favourite movies of all time! As soon as the first note from the theme hit, it's li… is the cutest thing we've 𝐸𝑉𝐸𝑅 seen.
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Some great stuff from JCEO on their newest STEM/robotics program at an all girls school in Uganda! #STEMForAll
Nattering & Nazigo
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Plz welcome to the #robotics community our newest team in #Uganda -the girls of Iganga Girls Secondary School! Thei…
Retweeted by Karthik KCanada's Prime Minister doesn't normally comment on statements made by other world leaders, especially President Tr…
Retweeted by Karthik K @emmalooly1800 You were a rockstar once again this weekend. We all can't wait to work with you and the team next ti… @CND_Grant A professor (William Tutte) at Waterloo served at Bletchley. He's always been one of my personal heroes.… fitting tribute to one of the greatest modern mathematicians of all time, as well as to all of codebreakers who s…
2019 IRI Champions! Thanks to our long time partners and friends @frc2056 for picking us, @CyberKnights195 for play…
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Our favourite part of @IRIcomp - #MentorMatches !! Over $5800 USD (nearly $7800 CAD) raised for charity this year.…
Retweeted by Karthik KOff to a great start!
Retweeted by Karthik KIt's amazing what a motivated & understanding leader can do for staff + student morale (as well as facility mainten…
Retweeted by Karthik KSitting back watching our OG robotics students here in #Uganda 4 years later is pretty special. They've taken over…
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A lot of #deepthoughts & #focus in the Jinja Hackerspace today! Getting some @Raspberry_Pi systems ready for our br…
Retweeted by Karthik KHappiness is stumbling upon an old and obscure song that you loved but haven't heard in years.
@LaurenAField Apparently the store is now giving out free Mini Bagels to anyone who comes in and mentions the video… @LaurenAField I know I shouldn't be laughing, because his kind of vitriol is dangerous and unhinged, but it's reall… @LaurenAField I don't know what's funnier, him rage rejecting his bagel and then picking it up 10 seconds later, or… CUTEST mound visit ever. 🤣 Meet Coach Drake. #SCtop10
Retweeted by Karthik KWelcome, @MStrooo6, to your first #AllStarGame! 👏👏👏
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2019 is the greatest exhibition sporting event I’ve ever seen. #vladdyjr #hometownbias
Retweeted by Karthik KRECORDS ON RECORDS ON RECORDS! #PLAKATA 💥 | #LetsGoBlueJays
Retweeted by Karthik KMarcus Stroman, @MStrooo6, is out there being the ultimate teammate, acting as Vladdy's waterboy. What a beauty. #BlueJays #HomeRunDerbyMADE FOR THE MOMENT! #PLAKATA 💥 | #LetsGoBlueJays
Retweeted by Karthik K @firstmentormike You know it's gone based on the sound. It's amazing.Ummm, that may have been Vladdy's Vince Carter moment... Insane. #BlueJays #HomeRunDerby DADDY!!!!! #HomeRunDerby
This is kind of perfect, especially in terms of videos of fireworks. @_lawlss_ My answer was too long for a Tweet; I DMed you @_lawlss_ I think it's a team culture thing. When I was on 188 in high school, no families went at all. But on 1114… is nice to see good Americans feel good about America. Happy for you guys
Retweeted by Karthik KThat was ridiculously beautiful by Lavelle. Wow. #FIFAWWCI get the complaints that VAR has taken too long and has led to some nit picky calls around the margins, but it's a… Morgan should celebrate a goal against the Dutch by pretending to paint a series of evocative landscapes, stil…
Retweeted by Karthik KOn This Day 15 Years Ago: @MichaelPhelps opens the 2004 U.S. Olympic Trials in a Long Beach parking lot by breaking…
Retweeted by Karthik KSad to see you go, @kawhileonard & @DGreen_14! Thank you for helping the @Raptors bring home our first NBA champion…
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I'm not crying, you're crying... year we will never forget. Thank you, @kawhileonard. #WeTheNorth
Retweeted by Karthik KRaptors president Masai Ujiri released this statement thanking Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green for their contribution…
Retweeted by Karthik KIt's the grade 3's turn: Just broke ground on another permanent classroom building at O.D. Elementary in Bugembe! F…
Retweeted by Karthik KA very Canadian reference, and it hangs together
Retweeted by Karthik KYou can be sad but you can’t be mad. Thank you for being a champ, Kawhi!🙌🏼🇨🇦
Retweeted by Karthik KThe Clippers did it. The Raptors won a title. They did everything right. And it’s nobody’s fault that Kawhi left.
Retweeted by Karthik KFlags fly forever #WeTheNorthIn retrospect, bookending with the laughs was too perfect.
Retweeted by Karthik KKawhi was traded here against his will, gave us his all for a full season, led us to a title while he was hobbling… the shock wears off, it will be remembered as the best run in a quarter of a century for the Raptors, who know…
Retweeted by Karthik KIn the midst of your disappointment, I hope y’all remember the joy Kawhi Leonard, in particular, brought you this s…
Retweeted by Karthik KI'm happy for Kawhi and eternally thankful for everything he did for this city, but this is how I'm feeling right n… to lose a player like Kawhi. Still, he was an absolute pro throughout the season and when it mattered most he…
Retweeted by Karthik KI'll never forget the short but perfect Kawhi-era. The Championship run brought our city and country together like… good things must come to an end... Thanks for... everything, Kawhi. #WeTheNorth is the same sequence. You know we say we 1 in 20 chance that an earthquake will be followed by something bigge…
Retweeted by Karthik KAt least I've never lost a hand because of an earthquake... @rharojr Where are you right now? LA?This after a 6.4 yesterday about 9 miles from this location...'re in the presence of Excellence 🤩 Thanks to George Bell for throwing tonight's first pitch!
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@mannrobo @JustCauseCanada The students on the team took the time to harvest these parts, package them up, and send…, thank YOU Mann Robotics for this generous donation to help introduce a new group of kids in #Uganda to…
Retweeted by Karthik KI'm blown away by the generosity of VRC3796 @mannrobo, who donated so many used VEX parts to @JustCauseCanada. Thes… Lyles is the real deal. Another name to watch as we head towards #Tokyo2020 to #CanCode, @CANFIRST will be able to deliver digital and coding training to more than 80,000 children and…
Retweeted by Karthik KFriday's Calm Start in Chicago's Lincoln Park #weather #news #ilwx #rowing #chicago
Retweeted by Karthik K @anderson_shelbs @Clint_Ott @robinkoogler ❤️ @robinkoogler You're definitely old @shy_hinata I wonder if academia is worse than industry? Possibly more rigid mindsets, but also a stronger breeding… @izzythalman Sounds like there are a lot of stories behind that statement... @izzythalman Yikes again. There's so much work to be done...
@izzythalman Yikes. I knew it was bad, but I didn't realize it was that bad. What's that retention rate measuring?…