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Klamran @Klamran Blue lock

16 F/A 🇨🇦 nothing is free @PLAYVALORANT “Don’t live your life making up excuses. The one making your choices is yourself!” – Mugen

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@hhaleylol @dogbackp6ck YEA I KNOW RIGHT @hhaleylol @dogbackp6ck people who get more sugar are diffy idk @dogbackp6ck @hhaleylol get less sugar @AeroValorant @sadIucas assist @AeroValorant family @Prainexx @marynah_1 Not anymore haha 😭 @marynah_1 Vouch imagine being that rank @oiypti @iamhcu I se e @oiypti every time I see my family they say it its okay I'm with you @oiypti @iamhcu why @oiypti Don't say that a lot of people go thew this @oiypti its the same here man :(send playlist I can jam with during ranked @bobabonk @AeroValorant I thought there whould be more anime @AeroValorant Man that’s it
@Mask_VAL @77Joeyy LOL @Mask_VAL @77Joeyy wait hes in a ranked game LMAO @bearkun I have rewatched at least like 5 times manUpdated LFT. Currently Main sentinels but ive played almost every agent in a team environment. Ive been the primary…
Retweeted by Klamran @chloe_hime7 I was on the original chloehimefanclub LMAO @MaanishVLRT @sadIucas Cheating on me wtf @MaanishVLRT Oh no 🙈 balls @kanatouu Pain @AeroValorant What are the reviews on it do people like it @irlsanri0 When I wake up at 4 am @AeroValorant Let’s go @AeroValorant Can I watch you play it @ToozyVAL @lucasgotnohoes LMAO @ToozyVAL @lucasgotnohoes 2 tap sounds cooler :) @AyeeTrain Dog yawning fr a mood @ToozyVAL @lucasgotnohoes Hi 2taptoney @lucasgotnohoes Hmmm 🤔 @lialovesyu Here comes the party 🎉 Na but that’s crazy timing hope everyone is safe @lialovesyu She lived the cat pics will still be on my timeline @sadIucas Lucas @thwifo No sawed off shotgun = bad clip @mleQT_ @akaL4CE Trueee @srrirachha oh no @Bawnval wym @jakeeVAL get lava princess to do it
@akaL4CE Stand @Complexity @brawku the pokemon guy @brawku @Complexity WOOOOOOO @AeroValorant @AeroValorant You love me @KingFPS__ OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH dude idk I thought something happend again with lcq or idk @KingFPS__ Did something happen when I was at school @KingFPS__ but like why tho like I actually don't understand why @KingFPS__ Why @KingFPS__ Why @GeorgeCGed He omen ulted away @frostyZK What da @77Joeyy No comment. @adorbse @bobabonk Dude it’s a vibe @DerekJoon Welcome to McDonalds what can I get for you @bobabonk @adorbse Looks so fun man @bobabonk @adorbse weeeeeeeee sometimes I wish I was that otter @adorbse @bobabonk True I loved this one @bobabonk @adorbse Oh okay gotta change to this pfp now @adorbse @bobabonk I feel attacked @bobabonk Lol AHAH @lialovesyu They don’t stop let’s gooo @bobabonk I wear my red flag proud @LouVLRT_ @neT_valorant Shhhh shhh that is my gun @frostyZK @FrostyValorant Yerr @frostyZK @FrostyValorant This is funny @sweetndd @DoLphinvalo Vouch nice boyo @bunnyhuhval @LuukKkr Yea @bunnyhuhval @LuukKkr Besides when he jumps he sounds like a squeaky toy @bunnyhuhval I’m down @bunnyhuhval Nice I still working on kayo @bunnyhuhval When I solo qued I got some pros and shit man @nico1wnl What @bunnyhuhval Flashes @bunnyhuhval Right click flashed or left click lineups @bunnyhuhval Dude I solo qued also you said my elo was shit :( @bunnyhuhval Flash beepboop @nico1wnl Hey lol @veltqt @77Joeyy 😳👀 @crunchyyworld Demon crunch @veltqt @77Joeyy Only if you play spongebob on the recorder during Esex @veltqt @77Joeyy Yes @veltqt @77Joeyy Sounds amazing @LouVLRT_ This me all the time @veltqt @77Joeyy Sounds good veltqt @77Joeyy ?!?!!? @77Joeyy What you wana be known as an edater instead @ARIANARCHIST HBD @builtbygamers Csgo R6 Pubg @AeroValorant @lialovesyu Happy cat attack @CrownSGSC @ShiiroQt @LayziVAL Na your not I wish you where it was still layzi I think @veltqt @AeroValorant @senaachu 🥺😳🥺 @veltqt @AeroValorant @senaachu I wana search all over you 👀 @veltqt @AeroValorant @senaachu Bro I am beyond lost LMAO @veltqt @AeroValorant @senaachu Nothing much school just chilling Rn tho @veltqt @AeroValorant @senaachu Hey qt how’s it going @senaachu @veltqt @AeroValorant Sounds good velt @qtVAL_ Thanks @veltqt @AeroValorant @senaachu Sounds good velt