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Brad Steven's first big move of the offseason and the newest member of the @celtics, @J_Rich1! #graphicdesign
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Twitter Header- @Midget_Mario Dual with- @OrvoMedia_ HD:
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdProduced these champions graphics for Eleven Sports, again one of my favourite set's from 2021
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdHi, I’m Trav and I do designer things for gamers and streamers. My commissions are slowly opening back up so let’s…
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdVictory Graphics For @Subliners
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdCristian Arango is Black & Gold. @MillosFCoficial ➡️ #LAFC
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdA little 🇺🇸 @GoldCup history lesson: 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆!
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdNew store release coming this afternoon 👀 Who is joining the Agent Ink fam next? #AgentInk #Esports #Apparel
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdSUPER HAPPY to announce that I have joined @TeamLiquid / @1UPGG as a Video Editor! Can't wait to get to work 🤍💙 #LetsGoLiquid
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdNew Speed Art Video: Javier Báez Design 👉🏼:
Retweeted by jared-klein.psd🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 For the seventh time, we're CHAMPIONS of @Concacaf... The Gold Cup is ours!! 🇺🇸👏💪
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdWhere will it be for @JackGrealish this summer?, The Villains or Cityzen? So much love for distinctive football cr…
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdLETS GO #USMNT 🇺🇸
Poster - Paulo Dybala Dual with @leoaltus Likes and retweets are appreciated
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Retweeted by jared-klein.psd @Tekcro YESAnother addition to the Summer Apparel Catalog! 🏖 ☀️ Add a custom throw blanket to your store today! Dm us for m…
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdAbstract symbol exploration for a financial advisory firm that has yet to form. Thoughts?
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Loving the new trend Sports designs >>>
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdSaving water with this drip kit 💧 @Laporte @ManCity #smsports #football #mancity #city #mcfc #citizens #laporte
Retweeted by jared-klein.psd @headdturnerr CONTINUES to be a backbone for the #USMNT this @GoldCup 🇺🇸 in Blue Laces #TMC 🏁💙 Made in collaboration with my brother @source24 🤝
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdOMG @100Thieves RT RT
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdThe brain behind the brand 🧠 Join us in congratulating @pixelnerdben on being promoted to Design Lead! 🎊 We would…
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Sketch vs final hahaha just spring cleaning the mac and found the sketch I did for this BBC piece agesss ago. Still…
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdLA Express is the next USFL team logo to be updated. Original logo in the 2nd image Let me know what you think of…
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NOW LIVE! Creative Process Episode #002 w/ @houstonnotmark Come and hangout! Process Episode #02 live today @ 2:00pm CST via w/ @houstonnotmarkStocks x @Subliners Subliners desktop wallpaper. > > > 4K DL - 6 CC Choices!
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdA little lighting experiment while I had some free time after the #NBAFinals Can’t wait to see Klay back on the c…
Retweeted by jared-klein.psd @fabianarbor GIMP.OpTic Chicago Stage V Support Pack - @OpTicCHI #GreenWall Download link:
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We are live. come kick it!
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdManchester City (@ManCity) by Matt Vancoillie. Let me know what team I should do next 👇
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdIn less than 7 ms I've networked my side businesses to generate me 4 exclusive streams of income capitalizing on mu…
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@MatthewHoppe9 How could I get in contact with you other than tweeting at you? Do you have an email of some sort?… Conrad. Once A Subliner, always a Subliner. Poster 01 Design:
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdI'm loving the progression I am seeing in the project. From post to post, I am learning more and more. @MatthewHoppe9 SEALED the W for #USMNT vs @jff_football the other night! Onto the Semis! 🇺🇸 @mattvancoillie Make the players "pop" off of the backing. It all blends together atm for me. Possibly adding yel… @mattvancoillie 🤣 @mattvancoillie Matthias doing a sports design???????
I am a:   ⚪️ Man ⚪️ Woman 🔘 CEO looking for:   ⚪️ Gals ⚪️ Guys 🔘 @ShockedEnergy Partners
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdvarane to united here we go! @FabrizioRomano @ManUtd #ManchesterUnited #varane
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdpinky promise.
Retweeted by jared-klein.psd1 hour poster practice JADON SANCHO 🔴🟡 Feedback appreciated.
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdBobby Tarantino III out everywhere Friday. Art by @SamSpratt
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdSOLD OUT. Thank you for believing in us. The statement is now yours to make.
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdThe “Essential Tools” pack is perfect for daily professional designer work, or for beginner users trying to learn g…
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdPoster Design for @God_Son80 #DawgPound #Browns #Cleveland #smsports #juice
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Wow. I’m so happy for you, @timthetatman. Can’t believe @Ninja and I found your new exclusive Fortnite skin! See…
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdProbably some of my favorite graphics I’ve worked on as of late 👇🏻
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdAnnouncement GIFs with the same text grid, layout, and texture as @nowackdesign is being seen everywhere now.🗣 WAR DAMN EAGLE 🗣 Excited to announce that I will serve as the new Creative Director with @AuburnFootball ! Bless…
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdMy wife wants to know if it’s just me or if other designers make harsh judgements about a business solely based on…
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Twitter Header for @McGunski View more: Feedback is appreciated!
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdFor the first time as a full-time streamer, I ONLY played what I wanted to in the last two weeks. I didn’t care ab…
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdAllan Saint-Maximin sporting the Newcastle home kit🔲 @asaintmaximin @NUFC #NUFC #NewcastleUnited #Newcastle
Retweeted by jared-klein.psd.@ManUtd’s latest signing, @Sanchooo10 💫
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdWho would like to do a friendly Esports Football Fantasty league here in a month?
Retweeted by jared-klein.psd @IZKDesigns Likey likeyNew social media banners for @DKarma! #GreenWall
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ASO Drop 001 is live. Give it a look! 👀
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SuperJack🦸‍♂️ @JackGrealish
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdFinally have a moment to reflect on our playoffs run. I truly couldn't be prouder of our team on & off the court. H…
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdIt’s been one year since I made one of the most difficult decisions of my life 🥲
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdI’m a little late to the party, but super excited to work with @Jayts__, @adam_bayacal, & @Attach on this project.…
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdOfficially joining @Shikigami_OW as a Graphics Designer! I am beyond excited to be given this opportunity to showca…
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first stream as an affiliate & 7 subs from some actual goats ⁉️
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdLooking for another organization to work with. >> /
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A little delayed (forgot to post) but.... An early goal from the man Shaq Moore put the boys on top! On to the kn… y'all just bought the entire inventory ✌️
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdProud to announce I've worked with @Coventry_City providing the ecommerce side of their kit launch for the upcoming…
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdPoster for The King 👑 @scump Dynasty Series 1/4
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Season ticket sorted for next season. 🔵⚪️ Looking forward to getting back to the DW. #wafc
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Retweeted by jared-klein.psdZ1ON @Zionwilliamson @PelicansNBA #smsports #nike
Retweeted by jared-klein.psd @haydenjdesign @COTA @alwayscreate_ @WojCreative @collegecreate LETS GO𝘼𝙣𝙣𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙘𝙚𝙢𝙚𝙣𝙩!!!! ⬛️🟥⬜️ Excited that announce that I'll be joining the great team at @COTA as a Graphic Design Inter…
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The Future Read:
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdMade a little piece to highlight @StephenCurry30 and his career
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdBack on the illustration x imagery combinations with Liverpool’s Konaté. Love experimenting drawing with these comb…
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Tiro logo-exploration by Matt Vancoillie. Dribbble: ⚡️
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdstreaming going up⁉️
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Updated #GoldCup21 Group B Standings coming out of Matchday 2. The mission is clear for Sunday: We must beat 🇨🇦 to…
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdHUUGE shout to the main man Daryl Dike last night! What a showing! Hope he solidified himself as our #9 from now… @fabianarbor @hogancncpts Appreciate it!Super happy with how this went! Excited for Episode 2! 1 of "Creative Process" IS NOW LIVE w/ @hogancncpts Come join, ask questions, and hang out!… Process LIVE in about 15-ish minutes w/ @hogancncpts @mysticpsd @ThirdImpactGG Thanks!No longer apart of @ThirdImpactGG Appreciate the opportunity and good luck in your future endeavors!Because of some stuff, this has been actually pushed to today. I’ll keep you all updated! Yes better.
A Force For Good. Give back to the community tomorrow at our Month of Giving Blood Drive. 📍 @BancStadium 🤝 @RedCross ⏰ 10 AM - 4 PM
Retweeted by jared-klein.psdWho wouldn’t love to see this Maverick on the cover of @NBA2K? 😏
Retweeted by jared-klein.psd @RawTheMonsteR LessgoFIRST EPISODE OF CREATIVE PROCESS GOES LIVE TODAY!
New York Subliners Designs Collection Full Project out soon
Retweeted by jared-klein.psd @cpulisic_10 edit that I did on stream today (half on stream actually)