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COMMISSIONS OPEN! Traditional Artist, mostly oil and watercolor. I alternate between posting art and rambling about fandom

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@ItsRibbit Okay in fairness I wasn’t expecting that, and that’s a fair reason to be panicking. Would you like to t… @ItsRibbit Know what? Completely valid. I went to this same Otakon a couple years ago though, it was def a lot, bu… @ItsRibbit Yoooooo have fun!!! @ItsRibbit @neckspike There’s just so many good boys, and then they make me find other good boys to follow, and then more, and more, and mo @ItsRibbit If I count the villains than this is actually correct what the heckOVER 50. GUYS THIS IS NOT EVEN COUNTING THE VILLAINS I MIGHT HAVE A PROBLEM @ItsRibbit HigherSo. My mom asked me how many Local Heroes I’m following (not counting villains) I counted. Idk how many I expected. But I was wrong.
I keep thinking it’s 2020, then correcting myself and saying no, it’s 2022, you know this. Then it takes me a solid… @ItsRibbit They can manifest differently depending on the individual; it can be as small a variation as “sharper vs… @ItsRibbit I’m afraid to smooch I don’t want it to rub offIT ARRIVED!! Thanks so much to @TsuburayaGlobal for the SIGNED BOXSET of the original #Ultraman show! Signed by t… @ItsRibbit Dramatic about tiny nicks but he could almost die in a fight and still go “nah this is fine” before collapsing @ItsRibbit Ken’s feather, shriveling up: Marie: oh for goodness sake that’s the third time this month @ItsRibbit Marie keeps a feather from each of her boys close at hand so she can make sure they’re all okay. Taro’s… @ItsRibbit But like: Ken still keeps the ashes of Belial’s feathers that had turned black and ashen when Rayblood t… @ItsRibbit Ohhhhh oh THIS This is a super super interesting concept simply because of the fluid nature of death for… think those are the main ones I really desperately hope stay, but honorable mention to my muscled sons One of the most organic voices in the whole dub. Not the voice I expected for Mebius, but I think that voi… Mother and Ultra Father. I love both of them dearly and I really like these interpretations of their charact… I really really hadn’t expected to say this, but Grigio’s voice actress really grew on me and I think the c… @dory_tori Factually trueAbsolute Tartarus. I love this man’s Japanese voice so much. I love his English voice so much. They are entirely d… Taro. Probably a weird choice, but this is. It’s literally the most himbo voice I’ve ever heard in my en… Oh, come on, you knew this was coming. The voice carries so much character; young but incredibly experience… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, his voice makes me smile every time he speaks. He just, he delights… and Tregear, no-brainer. They’re chillingly well done, Belial’s rage and Tregear’s cynicism are both capture… dub voices I desperately hope come back for UGF3: a list, in no particular order
One of the first comic covers where I can remember thinking “oh, THAT. I want to do THAT.” someone who, as a teen, absolutely 100% wanted Fewer Humans In My Giant Monster Movie, let me just say: The pres… have the loveliest sweet old lady next-door neighbor who asked what I was doing these days. So I show her my com… @dory_tori Tiny and mostly Japanes—okay fine it’s just local heroes I want local hero stuff to read I’m sorry
Joined a fandom with no fanfiction and physically I’m sitting absolutely still, but emotionally I’m stalking in tin… @SunglassPri *falls off table* GOD IS GOOD!! @SunglassPri *slams table* All The Time @SunglassPri One of the best confession experiences in my entire life was when I stopped a priest on his way to his… of curiosity: is it worth making/designing an OC if I never intend to use them for anything, but just like. To have them? @dory_tori I LOOKED AT THE TWEET TRANSLATION AND IM SHAKING @ItsRibbit Ohhhh oh that’s a thought. Maybe not even like true scar tissue, maybe more like marks like a birthmark or something, idk
I think Dogengers S1 is about how to be a hero, while S2 Nice Buddy is about *why* to be a hero. I think that’s neat @ItsRibbit They chained his leg and cut off his crest, I have no doubt they did something to his wings @ItsRibbit Oh look at that, it’s high time for cry timeIt’s been long enough that he could have grown it back by now, but he’s chosen not to. He’d rather have the reminder. @ItsRibbit GO RUN FLY WITH IT MY PRETTIES….I immediately make UltraWings sad,Ace gave Minato Yuko one of his flight feathers when she left. @ItsRibbit Maybe that’s the big difference between Belial and Tregear. Belial’s wings died. Tregear tried to cut his out. @ItsRibbit I assume they smell like the ultra in question, I also like to think because of the whole “alien made of… @ItsRibbit Wing cuddles should 100% be a thing we deserve this much Ultra wings are warm @ItsRibbit Lil human-size, lil bits of downy fluff that he incorporates into the charms he makes for them Also th… also very strongly want them to be able to do this CAN ALSO CHOOSE WHAT THEY SHOW TO SOME DEGREE, EG Marie, as one of the most powerful light-manipulators ever… @ItsRibbit Now I’m crying at the thought of Mirai giving each member of Crew GUYS a feather— @ItsRibbit I do like the idea of like. Offering your loved one some of your feathers @ItsRibbit OK THIS IS SUPER CUTE THOUGH??? @ItsRibbit O he’s definitely like eldritch, minimum six wings on fire, probably has weird eyes and/or rings on at least one pairAnyway while they’re light manifestations, they’re still physical things (like ultras are made of light and are sti… was thinking maybe having light energy manifested through the wings? Not certain yetBut this also means an ultras wings would manifest differently at different points, like how Mebius’ grunt deepens… forms or more advanced forms would get more eldritch/biblical as they go on, EG Burning Brave, GingaVictory, etcThe main premise is that Ultras wings are a physical manifestation of their power of Light, eg a more powerful ultr… uh ULTRAMAN WINGS AU THREAD, feel free to add on with stuff if you wanna @ItsRibbit Look I just really like wings and I might accidentally have created an AU with rules and customs and oopsWings AU Might play with this concept more but I mostly wanted to try more digital effects & HimbosRibut asking out his childhood friend VS Ken asking out his wife of several thousand years:
@forevertableflp AW HECK YEAH CUTE MUG SQUADNot to vaguepost, but do we even realize how privileged we are to live in a world where vaccines are so effective t… @standardman For the Ultraman Galaxy Live Day Event, Tsubaraya gave anyone with tickets access to some exclusive me… MUG? A MUG! A MUG FOR MEEEEEEE @BackupCube Him mouth got too many teef for him head @BackupCube Too many teeth @mukubird Oh that would be a smart thing to do wouldn’t it Huh @SunglassPri They were jokes once. But no longerwild that "as contagious as chickenpox" doesn't mean anything to anyone under 30.... because of.... nevermind
Retweeted by Klenda VTsubaraya will literally confirm all our jokes about Hikari working himself to death before they give us supporting… all I can think is that of of the best episodes of Ace ended with Seiji and Yuko out watching the stars, looki… contents: Yes People canonically thought Hikari is overworking to death: YES Ribut Sora stargazing date: MMMMMMYEASSSSS
Retweeted by Klenda V @ItsRibbit Jekyll please love hurts but it shouldn’t hurt like that— @soumarhea Ribut: you did so good on the Gudis cells with Hikari Sora, oblivious: yeah Hikari’s really skilled it’s… @ItsRibbit Yeah, I’m sorry to hear that; small victories good tho @soumarhea OK BUT if you watch it, this whole thing is just Ribut being a smooth dork and Sora either politely defl… @ItsRibbit Having feeling in ones leg is, generally, considered a good thing @ItsRibbit I hope you’re also winningLOOK AT MY CHILDREN OUT THERE WINNING
@ItsRibbit “Well Kristoff keeps trying to propose while Anna’s clearly worried about her sister, he needs to learn… @ItsRibbit I will say I felt the whole movie was about how damaging obsession w/ one person can be, no matter how w… @ItsRibbit I can absolutely see having abandonment issues, especially since she only just got close to Elsa again a… @ItsRibbit I’d seen this as the movie’s overall theme being why u shouldn’t center ur entire life around 1 person,… @ItsRibbit ^pats head^ disappointment solidarity— TBH that’s the core of the song for me, doing the right thing de… about this alr mode @ItsRibbit I also have Many Thoughts about how poorly Anna was used, especially just as an excuse to examine anothe… @roboapollo Though a close second is “How quaint! The GIRLS have come to rescue their BOYFRIENDS!” And immediately gets shot @ItsRibbit Show Yourself was excellent, I would also hear arguments for The Next Right Thing @roboapollo “Transform for me now, Swindle.” @happappa98 I want to see….the gang….So if Joneas got a revamped suit design and they made the silver white to match the animation, if they redid the US…’m a horrible horrible gremlin on this site. If you find me in person I will be absolutely the opposite. Until I’m… mean, Bob Ross is really just Mr. Rogers for grownups.
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