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CKlim @Klimfac Ohio, USA

Sleeping is giving in. No matter what the time is.

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Happy Fourth of July! @BrettPransky @WindingDot If you scratch and sniff this photo it smells like a mobile meth lab and dogshit. @elonmusk This is rich coming from a guy who called a diver attempting to rescue kids trapped in a cave a “pedo guy… you’re a hot dog and joey chestnut shows up
Retweeted by CKlim @willsommer I am there right now, and antifa has set up a bunch of piñatas and bounce houses for the kids. They’ve… drove by a fireworks store in southeast Ohio, and there was a line of like 75 people out the door, all of them… @BrandyLJensen Alan Dershowitz melted down on Twitter. 2. Bill Barr tried his best to fire Geoffrey Berman, U.S. Attorney for t…
Retweeted by CKlim @SlavicLady88 My money’s on them giving their Orange Jesus yet another pass. @BurdsIVue Change it to the Cleveland River Fires and everyone will be happy. @Tylerjoelb I know. It’s illogical but I just don’t like the song. It might have something to do with hearing it ov… @Tylerjoelb Stairway to Heaven. I freaking love Zeppelin but for some reason I dislike that song.
@FleetwoodZiggy @mmpadellan That GIF will never get old - just like the movie! @mmpadellan Shauna Of The DeadHow are they just getting around to listening to - and comprehending - the lyrics? I figured out it wasn’t a ra-ra… @willsommer Here, I corrected the headline for you: Appears to have been a Q cult believer.His nickname should be Fearless Dion. The guy was beyond courageous - in the face of open hostility and hatred. @vilehog If you watch it, she comes out of your tv a week later and while she doesn’t kill you, she does laugh at y… @Getthebagcoach these dipshits march outside businesses that post No Shirt No Shoes No Service signs? @stonecold2050 @JamesCullenB
@KwCongressional This guy runs The Deep State. I hope you win so you can expose him! @mpride4991 @nathanTbernard @MollyJongFast Pedafile? @Tylerjoelb Serious question: Is she 10 years old? @HeerJeet Those pics should have a warning/disclaimer that you can catch a coke high and an STD just by looking at… break for people who love all of his song.
Retweeted by CKlim @NoFoolinTulin @BronzeHammer @parler_app There’s No Foolin a cowboy-rob zombie-goth-ted kaczynski mashup. Just give it up already. @Acosta That strange-ass comment is why people shouldn’t drink bleach to protect themselves from the virus. He’s ob… @TheLoganTrent Well played!People are freaking the f out about this, but there’s seriously going to be like 100 people there. It’s not like th… @smartasset Most working class Americans talking to their financial advisors like.... @AntifaCreature Sadly, Pattycake broke her hip while making this Tik Tok and now she needs another stimulus check -… @ABC Can someone please change up the Bugs Bunny GIF so it shows him using his big saw to cut out Alabama after he does Florida.
@ScottAdamsSays Republicans will be hunted. @BrandyLJensen Did this guy name it MurderKill River? @BCuzIKnow @DavidBlackfor18 @11W And sorry for the misspelling: It’s balloon-shaped head. My bad. @GoadGatsby That face you make when you drop a painful load in your pants the moment your photo is taken. Do’h! @jeremynewberger @seanhannity Because in Bizarro America 2020 the millions millions of viewers you cited applaud st… want to see you back in The Shoe in this fall! Please do your part and wear your masks 😷! #GoBuckeyes
Retweeted by CKlim @BCuzIKnow @DavidBlackfor18 @11W I can confirm that Dave was playing Dungeons and Dragons - with your mom. I also c… @RoberAndrewJ @OSU_AD @OhioStateFB Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, chump. @notbinIaden In the sequel, this hardcore operator buys an actual bed frame, some real deal vinyl flooring and a blow up sex doll. @lisareid11 @marcorubio Hey Karen, stop getting your medical and science info from your cousin’s Facebook feed. He’… @smartasset If you really want to secure your retirement, invest in TC Tuggers. is happening to this country?
@travis_view @CorbinReiff Waiting for Somebody by Paul Westerberg 2020 was a lunch meat. @AntonioParis Can I come? @mattgaetz Your America is the working poor struggling to pay their bills, putting off needed healthcare and being… mess around today and America Great Again by jumping onto Facebook and listening to my uncle’s medical advice… is getting more treasonous by the moment.
@ABC “You’ll shoot your husband’s eye out, kid!” @QanonAnonymous @travis_view RIP Matt Dillon. @ColinCowherd Just an absolutely incredible - and brave - take! Most sportscasters should just retire now. of all, they were in mud masks not blackface. And second of all, in what world does "Stop killing us." sound…
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@ischafer @RexChapman @TonyBeast1957 Mark Wahlberg would take that tiger down. @rynprry Honk if you agree! @Lunagrinds This is next level content! @jsv4 @MiCocina_TexMex That face you make when you’ve spent 18 minutes praying to Cheeseus Christ, and he still has… @jsv4 @MiCocina_TexMex The faces of national tragedy: “Migrant Mother,” 1936 (by Dorothea Lange, FSA) and “But I H…
Retweeted by CKlim @realDonaldTrump Great people? Are you joking? Only a few seconds into the video the guy clearly yells “White Power… @stonecold2050 @DavidEmrick1 @RexChapman We all laughed while you and your family cried in the background, so a lot was accomplish… the night sitting around a fire and drinking beers and listening to #Phish. Pretty perfect.
@realDonaldTrump He was on the third season of Game of Thrones. Maybe you should @ them.... @KatieHill4CA It would appear they’re too busy complaining about having to wear masks to slow down a pandemic. @JoshuaPotash The karendemic seems unstoppable...
Retweeted by CKlimThis is perfection. @RexChapman Some people are losing their f’ing minds - and/or regressing to their previous 2-year-old selves. Geez. @BurdsIVue Everyone else just calls him dick. @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews @seanhannity @CNN Here’s a question, though: What kind of super sad sack stays home on a… can confirm that this is 100 percent true. @hitRECordJoe @benschwartz_ @paparoche2018 it’s like magic, but real! 😷
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Potential Spam needs to stop f’ing calling me. I’m seriously good. I had a tasty dinner. @DukeMBB First Nick Saban and Alabama football and now Coach K and Duke Basketball. You guys are really making it hard for me to hate you. @CBS12 Florida Man gonna Florida Man. @nytimes Don’t let President Bone Spurs fool you: Putin and Russia are not our friend.Who could have seen this coming - outside of physicians, infectious disease experts and folks who study these thing… @howatdk My university held a special screening of Se7en, and aside from having my mind blown by Fincher’s masterpi… @DispatchAlerts So Rob f’n Schneider was behind the whole thing. Crazy. @johnsemley3000 I’d agree with that. Check Your Head was so incredibly inventive when it came out, and songs like J… @DaftLimmy Hey, I was just up all night and I didn’t get lucky or really have all that much good fun. Do you know w… @travis_view Must have been inspired by this. @Wombat_Matt I was there! It was my first Wrigley concert experience - and it honestly surpassed all my expectations!
@hitRECordJoe USA's response to COVID
Retweeted by CKlim @JakeSuchman @edsbs There’s probably going to be a lot of single-vehicle crashes when they drive their trucks off t… @SirYacht @GuyFieri @TheFestiveOwl @Bonnaroo Here’s the corporate tool that came up with that $50 livestream idea. @colbertlateshow Old Swampy Don @Tylerjoelb @GovMikeDeWine “My good friend” in GIF form. @realDonaldTrump I THINK YOU SHOULD LEAVE! @joshtpm No argument here - and there honestly shouldn’t be much of an argument anywhere, save for maybe from Sammy…