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@nychange @JoeBiden This is sick.I remember @RepAdamSchiff’s words every day. #WeThePeople need to convict Trump once and for all on 11/3.… awesome clip of Obama sticking it to Trump needs to be retweeted ‘til the end of time!
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@ThePlumLineGS Subpeona the prosecutors who resigned in protest to Barr’s corruption for Trump‼️ Play hardball ff…
Retweeted by K. Leslie JoyceHappy Birthday @melissahilfers — hope your day is filled with relaxation, family, friends, and a bit of 🍷 and 🍫. @ThePlumLineGS Subpeona the prosecutors who resigned in protest to Barr’s corruption for Trump‼️ Play hardball ff… @shannon0318 Never too late!! @Batfink1892 @shannon0318 Love that! 🙌 @KetchupSnowman @eh_dininno Same here — completely agree!! Thanks for sharing it... Still creeped out though... @KetchupSnowman @eh_dininno Ok I just jumped and knocked my own glasses off! Good one. 😂 @ScottMStedman You can still get it!There are 23 Republican Senate seats up in November. Just sayin.
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Off to pick up something sweet to go with each of the Valentines my son will be handing out to his friends and clas… DC District Court Chief Judge Beryl A. Howell issues a statement on @realDonaldTrump attacks on Judge Amy Berm…
Retweeted by K. Leslie Joyce @RickPetree Lately, I've had moments where I've started to feel waves of real uncertainty as to whether or not we w… @RickPetree From your lips to God's ears Rick... I hope you're right. @LindseyGrahamSC @TheJusticeDept Your "complete confidence" is the kiss of death for the American people. @DrGJackBrown 🤮When #CarnivalBarkingClown is trending and you automatically know it's the @potus... @SimonWDC No. This is Trump and Barr playing the media.Witnessing our country fall into fascism leaves me feeling sick. We watch, tweet, vent, point to the fact that we “… hours ago news breaks that all four prosecutors in the Roger Stone case suddenly quit because Bill Barr inte…
Retweeted by K. Leslie Joyce @marclamonthill @shaunking The power of apology. Good man. @SnoopDogg.PROTEST NOW: "The system is enabling Trump," says Jason Stanley—Yale philosophy professor who wrote "How Fascism Wo…
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@Delavegalaw Exactly. Chuck’s remark is irresponsible as encourages the exact behavior which betrays justice and ho… @Bill_Maxwell_ Is Linds drunk, soulless, or both? @CNNPolitics Trump is unhinged, anti-American, and nothing more that a mafia boss who is slowly corroding the rule…
@BruceDuck2 @AhmedBaba_ Thank you. So he’s installed about 20% of the fed judgeships (187), put an alt-right majori… @lauferlaw @File411 @DirkSchwenk IMO — Trump was waiting for the imminent acquittal from #MoscowMitch. For all inte… @renato_mariotti Trump needs an excuse to issue pardons for his criminal co-conspirator buddies Stone, Flynn, Manaf… @File411 I get what you’re saying... but regardless of what ABJ does, Trump will use this little skit he orchestra… @Susan_Hennessey We are more than alarmed. We are living under mafia rule. The DOJ is now Trump’s political hit sq… @AhmedBaba_ You know. We all know. The US no longer has a justice department. The DOJ is nothing more than Trumps…
Retweeted by K. Leslie Joyce @AhmedBaba_ You know. We all know. The US no longer has a justice department. The DOJ is nothing more than Trumps… @ThePubliusUSA Tulsi is working on behalf of Russia to divide the democratic votes for Trump IMO. @davidfrum He pinned the damn thing. What an absolute zero.
We need Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph 24x7! 🤣🤣 #Oscars @Run_Fox_Run @yourauntemma @tlt55 Nailed it. @MikeBloomberg Keep these ads flowing Mike — THANK YOU! #TrumpIsARacist #TrumpIsGuilty #TrumpIsACoward All of it. Thank you Joaquin Phoenix. 👊 #Oscars Colman is an absolute treasure!! #Oscars, if you had another shot, another opportunity... Thanks for having me @TheAcademy. Sorry it took me 18 years…
Retweeted by K. Leslie JoyceJANE FONDA — ICON | LEGEND | BOSS #Oscars #Oscar2020 found #JoaquinPheonix’s performance in JOKER to be mesmerizing and intense. Also thrilled for #HildurGuðnadóttir.… is glorious!!!!!!! 👊👊👊 Standing “O” awe yeah.. #OscarsLAURA DERN 🙌🙌🙌 #Oscars😳 #Oscars2020 want an exclusive short film only network. That is all. #Oscars #TheOscarsPARASITE — YES #Oscars patootie KEANU 🙌 #Oscars #TheOscarsHappy for Brad. Long overdue. #Oscars
@yourauntemma @BlytheGryphon Millions of us have understand this for years now, and it’s terrifying. Trump’s rabi… SEE — 👇👇 TY @nbcsnl @MatthewHamby You may have saved the best for last. @JLisaJay 😂 😂Dear President Trump: LTC Vindman is a patriot who's worn the uniform of our country his entire life. Something YOU…
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LTC Vindman is a patriot & Purple Heart recipient who was willing to testify under oath & fight for our nation & Co…
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@shelleygusto The first of many — congratulations! 🥂 @johnrsmithjnr @shannonandswift @BrotherBrainzy @Nicks4thWall @JamesHuntrods @MattAltman2 @ohmissjulie
💯MUST READ: This is not a short article, but I beg everyone to please take the time to read it in full. “The 2020… a little down today about the state of our republic? Here's a way to cheer you up! Nominate Ambassador Ma…
Retweeted by K. Leslie Joyce @JoyceWhiteVance I quit watching. The slime factor was off the chain. @jonathanchait Lindsey must be a wreck. @ktbenner Barr doesn’t oversee Congress. @ktbenner The DOJ doesn’t run Congress. @gtconway3d @SpiroAgnewGhost @realDonaldTrump So it’s a stream of twisted consciousness. Now we know what the ina…’ve finally weaned myself off creamer! Officially a black coffee drinker #hardcore! ☕️ @nowthisnews PASSTrump is going to go state by state on a vengeance tour. #NewYork, #Utah, who’s next. @atrupar Trump now using the power of the WH for full scale vengeance. Next... he will incite violence against an… Nationalist Domestic Terrorism Trailer *Just in case you missed it 👊
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Retweeted by K. Leslie Joyce @MarisaKabas This is vile Trumpesque behavior. Do better. Not a good look @BernieSanders.Marie Yovanovitch: “We must not allow the United States to become a country where standing up to our government is…
Retweeted by K. Leslie Joyce @SHO_RayDonovan @Showtime Until there’s a Season 8 of #RayDonovan, our @showtime subscription will now remain cance… 48 Senators who found Trump GUILTY represent 18 million MORE people than the 52 who voted not guilty.
Retweeted by K. Leslie Joyce @lisamurkowski Your name will be listed as a co-conspirator of the dirtiest and most repugnant criminal to ever occ… done #NewYork 🙌🙌 next 9 months before the election are packed with landmines for Trump that can cause all manner of embarrassing…
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52-48 on abuse of power; 53-47 on obstruction of Congress
Retweeted by K. Leslie Joyce @HunterJCullen Isn’t crushing the free press next on the fascism checklist?The fact that Trump was never going to be removed and impeachment functions only as a form of censure makes Romney'…
Retweeted by K. Leslie Joyce @AriMelber .@SenatorRomney showed courage and patriotism today. As Trump continues to burn himself out criming hi… HELL — @SenatorRomney will vote to convict!!! 👍 Thank you Senator for summoning the courage to put country ov… @NewYorkStateAG @SteveBellone @DEANEWYORKDiv @nyspolice @TimSini @NYPDnews @USCG @SCPDHq @NationalGuardNY prominent voices tearing down #democratic candidates who aren’t their top choice instead of focusing on sharin… @realDonaldTrump referenced “The failed economic policies of the previous administration" Obama stepped into the…
Retweeted by K. Leslie JoyceThanks for screwing over the fan base @Showtime. Cancelling my subscription. 😡 Not even going to let the story… @MelissaAmour72 For me, it comes in waves. I’m grateful for your message. Today, I’m truly wondering if our coun… advice. He didn't do it. Trump: I did it. GOP: He didn't mean to do it. Trump: I wish I'd done it sooner. GOP: He di…
Retweeted by K. Leslie Joyce @jojobickley No, but I absolutely will thoroughly look into it. Thank you! @jojobickley Joanna — I’m such a fan of yours as a designer and special needs mother. I recently reread your articl… @deWaardSara Sent you a message.. @deWaardSara I’m thinking of you and wishing I had something... 😔 @analydiamonaco Congratulations! It’s so nice to hear some good news with everything going on. Well done. 😊 @MikeBloomberg @kim Straight 🔥 Keep bringing the heat Mike — TYRT — Turn This Up 👊👊👊 #TrumpIsGuilty #ConvictAndRemoveTrump