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Conservative businesswoman, political outsider, and U.S. Senator (R-GA) | Text KELLY to 47682 | Donate ➡️

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I am honored to call you a friend. @KLoeffler @SenatorLoeffler
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Serving our great state has been the honor of my lifetime. Thank you, Georgia!
If you’re still in line to vote, stay there! Georgia, it’s time to save our country 🇺🇸Georgia — are you ready? It’s time to Hold The Line. It’s time to Save Our Country 🇺🇸 POLLS ARE OPEN UNTIL 7 PM! statement from me and @KLoeffler on Election Day turnout. GO VOTE!
Retweeted by Kelly LoefflerThank you, Andrew! You are in inspiration to every American. Georgia, get out and VOTE! obstructed a child abuse investigation, celebrated Castro, called police officers “thugs,” and ha… is Alan Dunn. He’s a veteran who was in the ICU just 10 days ago recovering from Covid. He waited in line to…’s lunchtime. Have you voted yet? If you haven’t — GO VOTE and bring 10 people know! If you have — call your… you’re our voice TODAY, @Perduesenate and I will be your voice for years to come! GO VOTE — and make sure ever…’s a GREAT morning to wave signs! GO VOTE! Then call your family, your friends, and neighbors and make sure t…, we have a job to do TODAY.  We have to STOP socialism.  We have to PROTECT the American Dream.  We have… can keep taxes low, grow the economy, and protect our freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. We can stop soc… and vote now Georgia!!!
Retweeted by Kelly LoefflerIF WE VOTE, WE WIN. Find your polling location, make a plan, and get in line BEFORE 7 PM. The future of the ent…’s Election Day in Georgia! Get out and VOTE to DEFEND THE MAJORITY! VOTE for @Perduesenate and @KLoeffler!…
Retweeted by Kelly LoefflerIT’S ELECTION DAY, GEORGIA! GO VOTE!"You must get out and vote tomorrow for @Perduesenate and Kelly Loeffler." THANK YOU @realDonaldTrump! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸“@ReverendWarnock is the most radical and dangerous left-wing candidate ever to seek this office, and certainly in… @realDonaldTrump fought for us. We’re fighting for him. VOTE TOMORROW! is right. Now is not the time to take our ball and go home. It is time to get out there and figh…
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2021 Call your friends, family, colleagues, college friends, neighbors and even the naysayers- GET OUT AND VOTE…
Retweeted by Kelly LoefflerMy friend, @KristiNoem is right. Moms across the country are watching the #GASen runoffs closely. A vote for…
Retweeted by Kelly LoefflerThanks to everyone who joined us in Savannah! VOTE TOMORROW TO SAVE AMERICA! #gapol #gasen is READY to HOLD THE LINE! Thank you to everyone who joined former Governor Sonny Perdue,… fake news media has completely ignored @ReverendWarnock’s RADICAL history and they’ve completely dismissed his…“It matters that she wins on Tuesday. It matters that she’s the one there fighting for you everyday.” -@KristiNoem… is FIRED UP to VOTE TOMORROW! Thank you to everyone who joined @KellyannePolls, former Governor Sonny Perdu… Georgia, if you want a check on this insanity, vote for @Perduesenate and me tomorrow.🚨🚨🚨 @ReverendWarnock wants to raise your taxes by $4 trillion, but he can’t even pay his own.’s a GREAT morning in Columbus! Glad to have @KellyannePolls and Governor Sonny Perdue campaigning with me today.… @ReverendWarnock's campaign confirms that he would DEFUND THE POLICE!’s not too late to make a difference! We need all hands on deck between now and when the polls close tomorrow a… you soon, @IvankaTrump! 🇺🇸“If Dem Senate candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff are elected on January 5th, the Democrats’ impending socia… DAY to go. Find your polling location, make a plan, and GO VOTE TOMORROW! #gapol #gasen.@realDonaldTrump knows exactly what’s on the line on Tuesday — that’s why he came to Georgia in December and why h… couldn’t be prouder to have @realDonaldTrump’s full and total support, and I’m so excited to welcome him back to… crowd in Cherokee County on our Senate Firewall Tour 💪 We’re going to Hold The Line in Georgia on Tuesday —… radical left will do whatever it takes to change America into a socialist country. They want to defund the po…
THANK YOU, Corey and @kimKBaltimore! We’re going to WIN on Tuesday 🇺🇸 is right – if we get out and vote Tuesday, we win. If we don’t, we let socialism run right through o…
Retweeted by Kelly LoefflerGeorgians know what’s at stake in this election. It’s a stark contrast between our freedoms and conservative Georg… President @Mike_Pence is coming back to Georgia tomorrow! You don’t want to miss this GREAT event in Milner…’m SO proud to have @KristiNoem’s full support and it was GREAT to campaign with her in McDonough today! Georgia…, text, email, or write your family, friends, and neighbors about what’s at stake in this election — and make s… more days: The stakes have never been higher. Stopping the Left’s radical agenda depends on getting out to vote…
Retweeted by Kelly LoefflerELECTION DAY IS TUESDAY! Too much is at stake to sit this one out. The American Dream is on the ballot — and we m… Join @KristiNoem and me in McDonough at 1:30! RSVP here and make a plan to VOTE on Tuesday! #gapol #gasen“I am proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with my friend Kelly Loeffler and my friend @Perduesenate!” -@tedcruz We…“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” Romans 12:12Together, we’re going to STOP socialism. We’re going to SAVE this country. And we’re going to PROTECT the Americ…’s time to GET OUT THE VOTE — and it’s not too late for you to make a difference. Sign up here to make calls, s…, America is counting on You! Defend the Majority and vote Loeffler and Perdue! 🇺🇸
Retweeted by Kelly LoefflerWe can stop the radical left’s socialist agenda to raise taxes, socialize healthcare, take away our guns, pack the… couldn’t be prouder to have President @realDonaldTrump’s TOTAL support & I’m excited he’s coming back to Georgia…
Democrats have obstructed. @Perduesenate and I have delivered BILLIONS in relief to Georgians. But there’s more to… — we’re the firewall against socialism. It’s up to us to SAVE OUR COUNTRY. If you’re our voice on Tuesd… County is ALL IN to Save Our Country! Thank you to everyone who joined us on our final Senate Firewall To… is counting on us. We are going to stop socialism in its tracks. We are going to Hold The Line and Save… obstructed a child abuse investigation — he knew what was going on & he did nothing. And now he… next on our Senate Firewall Tour: Carroll County! Thank you to @DrewFergusonGA, @TylerPaulSmith, and everyone w… YOU Scott, Chandler, Priscilla, and Darius for all that you’re doing! We’re going to SAVE OUR COUNTRY on Tues… @ReverendWarnock “doesn’t shy from ‘uncomfortable’ truths,” he’d answer questions about: -His involvement in ch… said, @Perduesenate! “The stakes could not be higher to make certain that the road to socialism never runs t… a great time knocking doors in Gwinnett County! Nothing beats meeting Georgians where they are to discuss… far-left’s priorities, everyone! If you’d like to still be able to call yourself a father, daughter, mother o… President @Mike_Pence is coming back to Georgia on Monday! I’m SO proud to have his strong support, and you… County is ready to Hold The Line! Thank you to everyone who joined us in Jefferson on our Senate Firewall… was already facing domestic abuse allegations & a victim of child abuse at his summer camp has co… off the final sprint of our Senate Firewall Tour in Forsyth County with @tedcruz, Bubba McDonald, and a FIR… you, Mr. President! Couldn’t be prouder to have your STRONG support. Georgia, let’s get this done and SAVE…, all eyes are on us. It’s time to Hold The Line and SAVE OUR COUNTRY. It’s time to GET OUT THE VOTE!… record: -Nearly $1 trillion in additional relief -$248 billion in new PPP funding -$50 billion for testing &… election is a choice between freedom and endless lockdowns. It’s a choice between keeping more of what you e…’s CRITICAL that we have the resources it takes to SURGE to victory. Our opponents are raising HUNDREDS OF MILL…
HUGE NEWS, GEORGIA! President @realDonaldTrump is coming back here on MONDAY to rally for @Perduesenate and me!… Day is on TUESDAY. It’s crunch time — and we can’t win without YOU. Whether it’s making calls, sending… want to raise your taxes, socialize your healthcare, rip away our rights, and endlessly lockdown our econ… Tech is ALL IN for the radical left. It’s shameful and it must end. REPEAL SECTION 230! crime rose in Atlanta, D.C., and cities across America. It’s sickening, tragic, and avoidable — but we MU… message is that EVERY Georgia Republican needs to get out and vote. That’s @realDonaldTrump’s message too.… has been involved in domestic and child abuse and embraced Marxism and Socialism for years. And… is a trust-fund socialist & pathological liar who’s never had a real job. His running mate,…📺 WATCH I’m fighting for more opportunity, more jobs, more investment, and more access to capital in underserved a… New Year! Jeff and I wish each of you a healthy, joyful, and prosperous 2021. My New Year’s Resolution: KEE… is our CRUCIAL year-end fundraising deadline. If we fall short, we won’t be able to keep up with the HUND… a happy birthday to @DonaldJTrumpJr! It’s an honor to have your strong support and thank you for all that y…
.@ReverendWarnock's silence about Anthony Washington’s statement proves that he knew about the child abuse. He kn… YOU to @RileyGreenMusic, @LindseyGrahamSC, and everyone who joined us in Gainesville for our Early Vote Conce… is an all-hands-on-deck moment to SAVE OUR COUNTRY. Too much is at stake to sit this one out. GO VOTE — an…