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@q_woru excellent very good @acidbeaker crying i love thisside note look how cute my interface is (it's this one with some edits) @acidbeaker thank u wren!!! blender is so much fun!i really like the little one in back.... it's the same model but it looks like it's especially out for bloodim not sure what blender etiquette is as far as disclosing shaders but i used this one and it was very fun out!!!! #b3d #GenshinImpact @artofjosevega WHOA CONGRATS!!!
@miukumauk thank you for the tips! my sleeping posture is truly awful so i think ill wear them for now and focus on strengthening too! @miukumauk OH NO i cant afford for my muscles to be weaker @SamuelDeats @yueko__ i ordered one too!! @yes_suree @SamuelDeats ooh yeah! i have tablets/pressure sensitivity set up so that i have to barely tickle the su… @yueko__ i never really realized how badly a regular mouse messes with my wrist position before but i'm definitely… @milosflaca this is new info to me, thank you! @SamuelDeats im realizing how bad the standard mouse posture is lately, i just ordered a side mouse that will hopef… @pix_bun I'm at about the 5 hour mark right now and it's super frustrating to have the will to draw but not the han… @noa89 thank you!! it sounds like im getting some bracesjudging from responses my sleeping posture isnt the best @used_bandaid -orders one right now- @hakuku AHHH.. i will try this!! @spookybri thats smart implementing different grips! @oshetart thank you!! @beanyzilla :( pain sucks... i'll look into these, thank you! @laisleite_s thank you! sounds like a wrist brace is in my future @TwoFramesStudio oh wow! what tutorial was this? it looks great! @toastyglow buys one immediately for end of year tax purposes @TwoFramesStudio i heard that the coffee was the hardest part.. i didnt get there yet i wasnt strong enough@ professional artists, what do you do when you have recurring RSI/hand/wrist/forearm pain? @TwoFramesStudio THIS LOOKS GREAT! I made the cup too but it crashed the second i tried to make it glass... rip coffee cup @vantaebeyours this donut looks great!! @yes_suree I CAUGHT UP ON THE MANGA AND IM DEVASTATED
@tendermiasma thank u hand drawing queen suz!!!!in the meantime i am learning blender. please look at my donut and petit four, i spent 2 hours trying to do that si… @kakimari IM ABSORBING!!!!!!! with slime girl ocs lend me ur strength @arvalis this is about 1/30th of the gold in the full pic, please lend me ur strengthgloopy @sstarkm why did i decide to make 1/3 of the space in a 9000px tall image gold steve @oshetart TRULY THE BESTupdate i am getting a little bit tired of rendering gold
i gotta act with restraint elsewhere but gold? dodge and burn the hell out of that shit. 10 overlay layers. slap th… artistsartists only want 1 thing and it's to sit down and render gold for hours
@fayren ur SO GOOD
why am i so active? because i once again memorized the horrible jumble of letters and numbers that is my twitter pa… @sansemow im a month late but this is gorgeous holy hecksailortaur studio timelapse is fun cuz you can rewatch yourself sketch and see exactly where you shoulda stopped
i wasnt gonna post that shitpost comic so im glad ppl liked it @ERaisedByThree i love this comment @segseu AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH @L1NG_ SO GOOD
@kuma_biscuit LOL all u need to know is he is the god of that region and also my main mushroom gatherer @milkoohun HAHA this comment is great thank youI promise i draw better than this @centipeeing ALWAYScollecting ascension materials for klee
@_XXX_chacha sure, as long as you link back! thank you! @GiganTheAlien if they're pressure sensitive to opacity then you can blend with the color pick method, if they're f…
@leafirefly this is a lovely comment!! im so glad you like it! @pix_bun YOU!!!! your new ambrosia series is SO COOL i want a honeycomb bag 😭 @seisheiii OOH SORRY im realizing my first reply probably came off pretty rude! also itachi definitely has sasuke bangs here haha @mmmjoos AHH CONGRATS!!!!!!!! @leeahdg you have to press record at the beginning of your drawing but otherwise it's pretty much the same i think!… @seisheiii thats itachi and he inverses my selection with inverse sharingan @doodlemancy she clears outside selection! @alterstil thats itachi and he inverts my selection with his inverse sharingan
i found out that you can make ur own icons for the clip studio selection launcher so now whenever i need to flip my… @sstarkm thanks steve!!! 😭 @artofjosevega u r jose @toastyglow me @ your art!!! @jinzillaa IT'S HERE IT'S HERE @GiganTheAlien these! @mmwoodcock hello i used these, just imported them as they were last night! @alicenpai i havent used those ones specifically but i think a lot of issues im noticing with importing are due to… @ZiggyZagz @Ravduudle YEAH!! theres also this tool but im so used to the copy paste method that i always forget i h… @ZiggyZagz @Ravduudle ooh so when i paint on one layer i just select the area to transform and copy paste it on a n… @kakimari revenge for that legendary secret drawing u blasted at me earlier today!!! @Bad_Dream_Boat omg DO U USE CLIP.... I WANT TO SEE UR TIMELAPSES TOO 🥺 @segseu URmy hands gave out on me halfway thru but i had to try out the clip studio timelapse function with a quick photostud… @mmmjoos a thousand times this @tendermiasma i keep thinking about how i paid $15 for this license back in 2014 and now i can just straight up use photoshop brushes LOLmy hands are hurtin so i cant really play with the new update tonight but i love everything so farit's a Clipmas miracle
@SamuelDeats HAHA.. such is the nature of NDA work... but dang will you have a lot to show in 2021 😤 @tendermiasma i blushed drawing this😳🥺 @Vaelyane doodling is great fun and great practice! doodling is definitely something to be proud of, you got this!! @bbonbonss wow thats me whenever u respond to my art with ur kind words ur the BEST 😭 @futuretoast this is such a kind thing to say!! 😭 @Gilrond1 i did draw a few things this year!! i didn't do many full personal paintings but i did draw more fun doodl… everyone's beautiful 2020 art recaps and looking at my folder of wips
i cant wait to watch myself redraw a foot 14 timesclip studio timelapse... i only really use CSP so i'll be able to have timelapses of just about everything i draw :0 @Shouty_y enormous heart eyes at this 😍
@segseu this is the best drawing of him ive ever seen @segseu holy FUCK
@acidbeaker Tonight we feast @DannyAraya YEAH!!! i mean that definitely looks like color jitter to me, im so excited!