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@CAVandy @JeffSolin We have two kids in school, 7&9 yrs old. As parents here talk with each other and the district… @CAVandy @JeffSolin My confusion is the same as everyone else's because our schools in California can't organize an… @CAVandy @JeffSolin Oh yes but that's also been solved in Scandinavian schools by schedules, communication and teac… @JeffSolin @CAVandy What are the barriers to making Schools organized like this? are we ready to once again adapt and take what we have learned over the last 200 years, get off of that horse an… tells us that self interest is not a human universal. On the contrary, the human species survives after cou… @Chris_arnade has shone a spot light on what happens in WEIRD societies on the other side of the self interest cult… all around the world have left subsistence behind without ever getting on the Self Interest Horse. In Americ… is a dead end but so are the behaviors of WEIRD culture.....what to do? What we have always done;… @BrankoMilan and others have made the argument that Communism is among the most important developments in human his… can safely get off the self interest 🐎 horse! We can safely ignore whether it was material to our success. We ca… if the argument is that it's these behaviors that created the technological innovation that lifted us out of sub…'s the Wealthy Educated Industrialized Rich Democratic group that display the outlier behaviors in human evolutio… the sample is expanded to other groups, we find that it's the Wealthy Educated Industrialized Rich Democratic… Joe Henrich and others have realized is that studies that found that the cultural behaviors of WEIRD societies… @ScottBarnwell1 @JoHenrich I understand. Thank you. Will write up my findings as a blog post soon.Seeing the video out of Provo of all of the people who care so little about their fellow humans to refuse to do som…
Retweeted by Kristian thousands and thousands in my living roomQ2 Private Nonfinancial Credit Growth is going to be interesting. The bottom in the last deleveraging event was -5.… @greenwoodae Seems to get better and better and I am now 57 so I can't wait to see what happens at 107Woha! CERN: Physicists Report the Discovery of Unique New Particle via @singularityhub @HenryPorters @JoHenrich Its institutions lived on and the notion that we can be held accountable for the thoughts… @HenryPorters @JoHenrich P. S. As Joe talks about; much of this is directly related to The Holy Roman Empire and it… @HenryPorters @JoHenrich Maybe England took off first because trees for fuel were practically gone, coal was readil… @HenryPorters @JoHenrich The fluke statement is reference to the belief that geography and history didn't favor cer… @HenryPorters @JoHenrich Thanks. A little different than what I am talking about. I am not referring to nation stat…
Clarification; Anglo-Saxon culture is obviously not bound by geography but maybe that needs to be said. There are f… @interfluidity Dear God why isn't this obvious to one and all? @TheStalwart @guan @StalwartBX Sure what's your account #?The real question is why Medieval English Law is used in 2020 to harass the population with traffic laws that do no… @M_C_Klein Slow time good @DavidSchawel It's never enough!!!Swedish property manager grows in the Covid19 crisis. Zero tenants have declared bankruptcy and 99% of rents collec… @VadersDeLorean Amazing, beautiful woman that puts up with a lunatic like me; yes!We that live in the rich, Anglo Saxon world, should get with the program and accept that our hegemony of ideas is o… @VadersDeLorean My wife says the same thing about once a week....Today's public discourse is overwhelmingly arguments about which moral code is superior to another. What we should…'s much more likely that the last two hundred years success stories are a result of flukes of history and geograp… diffusion is helping people around the world see that this particular issue is not material to socioecono… other moral codes, the Anglo-Saxon code that grew out of the language and cultural clashes that occured in E…, and many others such as @JoHenrich are talking about a particular mental model used to scale human activities on… what is this moral code that Scandinavians, Afghans and thousands of other cultures find so WEIRD? It's far too… drama today is largely growing pains as the Anglo Saxon/Western moral code that has evolved very little sinc… @ScottBarnwell1 @JoHenrich But as always when one talks about such things pedants will like to know if one supports… @ScottBarnwell1 @JoHenrich The non partial quote: "morals are understood to be inherently subjective"...they are ge… the 1960s the American administrative state was working relatively well and evolving rapidly. Interpersonal trus… the United States, in the 1960s, we were well on our way of developing such a high trust society that adapts and… novel virus and an evolving situation that requires an evolving culture... are adapting to a new set of circumstances and there is no medical mystery as to why infections are not spre… @TaylorPetrey Universal world class public education and healthcare in every community fully funded directly from t… @GioSaccatar In my village people used to have Ravens that lived with them @GioSaccatar Crows and Ravens are very special. It was a close call as a Red Tail Hawk was being fought off by the… transport. Fell out of tree and got injured trying to get out of fenced area on our property. Crow family…'s amazing to me that people don't understand time delay and social learning as the critical factors in dealing w… @JamesSurowiecki The measures that have been taken are now working....that was the plan all along as outlined in th… @JamesSurowiecki Because the science used to adapt to the novel virus is sound. Also, the whole idea that things wo… @Outrider321 @Fullcarry There is no central planning. The administrative state can only make recommendations. There… same or better material standards could have been achieved by other belief systems. The path of development cou… @Outrider321 @Fullcarry No that's not how it works there.....If Bari Weiss wants to rotate inside of political ideology she should not expect the rest of the population to join… Weiss/NYT debate is based on the false belief that the human mind is unified and capable of full rationality. T… Anglo-Saxon model of Epistemological truth demands that we decide if Bari Weiss or a corporation is "right"! Th… different institutional product are useful for some purposes but the fact 🤭 remains that what we call facts are always relative to time, plac… @dandolfa Facts are facts they say. I say it's time to evolve this belief system; to get off the horse that brings… Bari Weiss/NYT and all such stories that people are debating are products of a belief system that inculcates th… Bari Weiss/NYT is a good lesson for me in cultural dysfunction. The internet is not like all the technologies s… @SingletaryM Culture is Biology. Biology is shaped by environment. Environment is shaped by institutions. Thus raci… @ScottBarnwell1 @JoHenrich Objective/subjective is not part of the equation in the pre patriarchal understanding.… we coul evolve culturally...and stop worshipping competition, markets and profits as if they are laws of nature.… anyone still remember the horrendous, deliberate human rights abuses perpetrated by the Soviets and its fanati… @JohnFPfaff Yup. A free, not for profit, media is a national security issue as important as Education, Healthcare and Military DefenseSmall Biz Revenue as of June 30 😳 Biz Revenue as of June 8th.... @FPWellman Yeah, bail is something rich landowners invented in the dark ages in Europe so that they had a way to ge…
The bulk of taxes paid by individuals are local and as in the old days, if people perceive that they are not gettin… @teasri Obsessions with material/technological gains....all along we should have been concerned with child developm… @conorsen So disappointed....teachers are disappointed and afraid...some of our friends are just at the end of thei… can learn more about institutional innovation here. The era of Technological innovation is coming to an end in… autonomy of the communes is in the constitution and is further strengthened by the fact that regional and local… @jbarrpartarr You have become the classic Scandi; keeping a watchful eye on the fools running things! 😅 @jbarrpartarr Interesting @jbarrpartarr Yes I remember that one @numerounochef The US administrative state has never been built up cuz from the founders to today's elite, they hav… @jbarrpartarr @AronFlam Cool thanks!Each agency operates within a legal framework established by Riksdagen as well as the Government. The general colle… ministers are allowed to exercise general control over the agencies under their jurisdiction; they are j… @jbarrpartarr We should give it a try. Maybe declassified now?Interestingly, the prohibition against trying to influence how an agency handles a specific case also applies to Me… Dualism here signifies not only that are there clear demarcations between the political ministries and the…, while under the jurisdiction of a particular ministry, each agency reports to the Government as a whole. A… ministries and large agencies. The administrative agencies –who do much of the work that in many other countr… Ombudsmen have recourse to a number of actions when they find a fault. If the wrongdoing appears to be a direct… of the investigations by the four Parliamentary Ombudsmen offices (around 50 people) are initiated through com… Parliamentary Ombudsman Office ensures that agencies and civil servants abide by the laws, regulations, and gen… offices exist at all nodes of the Swedish Governance network. Parliamentary Ombudsman is perhaps the inst… principle [of public access to official documents] is simple: all documents that come in to, are stored at, or… do other Democracies keep the government and the state accountable? Through a clearly defined structure of Sepa… like we need an independent and apolitical administrative state that protects workers from being fired for t… @i3impact @VitaeMagus Yes....I think the challenge is to just get information out about how other Democratic system… @NathanTankus @conorsen Research over the last twenty years confirms what we in Scandinavia have been saying for ce…