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People 1st-Tech 2nd | Customer Empathy @googlecloud | Always leave it better than I found it | Pan 🏳️‍🌈 | Opinions = Mine she/her #blacklivesmatter #metoo

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@coder_blvck 1. What stage is the business in? Startup? Growth? 2. Are they are sales or dev driven company? Are t… @MaritvanDijk77 That’s when you give yourself time 💜 @theavalkyrie Girl! I am so excited FOR you for hashbrowns 😋 @MaritvanDijk77 Yes. Sadness, Fear & Anger are coupled tightly together 💜Say it louder for the folks in the back & up the chain who didn’t hear you 👂 @theavalkyrie Say hi to the ATL for me & maybe have some WH hashbrowns for me? Safe travels 💜 @jilljubs So triggering. Massively F those ads... Also, everyone is hot, joke is on them 😉 @brennx0r Hugs my friend, I’ve been there 💜 you got this & we got you @Sharat_Chander 😉✨ @Sharat_Chander Yea. I feel like it's a combo of embarrassment, humiliation, etc.This is a reminder for all y’all #anger
@jonobacon @ericabrescia Happy Anniversary, y’all ❤️i have neither a degree in computer science, nor a formal education on the ethics/history of computing. that doesn'…
Retweeted by Kim BannermanI wish something like this was avail. when I 1st started in tech as a single mom w/ 3 kids under 10 & no degree @Grady_Booch @Google meanwhile, we open computing to an entire group whose voices, experiences, input are notably &…
Retweeted by Kim Bannerman @Grady_Booch @Google as a former professor... I think you overestimate the extent to which universities actually te…
Retweeted by Kim Bannerman @mattstratton @jbeda 🤪 @jbeda Agree. This is so me 🙃 I purchased a super comfy modular sectional couch for this reasonIf you are in a position to help a struggling American, please do. Our government is AWOL and people are losing the…
Retweeted by Kim Bannerman @rothgar SameThis is the first day of school in Paulding County, Georgia.
Retweeted by Kim BannermanWhite Supremacist pointing their rifles at unarmed peaceful Black organizers is the side our Police Chief…
Retweeted by Kim BannermanThis is your weekly reminder that baby octopus ride on jellyfish in the open ocean and it is adorable. Pictures:…
Retweeted by Kim Bannerman @c0ntr4nym @MouthFactory @Pivya_K Absolutely! @nicolefv Oh my friend. I have *all of the receipts* 💁🏻‍♀️ @mattstratton @jilljubs OMG same! I got scholarship & Olán was to get through college quickly & start working while… @jilljubs Same here. No one said “if you want to major in X, these are the best schools” I would pour over those c…'ll be hosting the APAC edition of Cloud Talks by DevRel for OnAir's Security week where we'll talk about the late…
Retweeted by Kim Bannerman @Sharat_Chander Oh. Yes. One of my faves -ever. He was like #3 on her comments list. Then there was this one for example oss projects that have mentoring and/or learning/training/development programs for other contri…
Retweeted by Kim Bannerman @kiran_oliver @colinodonoghue1 @OnceABC I *completely* get it 😉 @sharpstef Right? 🤤 Also Klaus from Umbrella Academy friend J was having a tough today today, so she asked her FB friends to post" "photos of hot dudes wearing guyl… @MrBobbyTables @GoogleOSS Welcome!!! @nicolefv “Where did you end up going, Identifying Bodies in Crisis” Damn
@ashleymcnamara Reconfirming, again, why they are not allowed in your life 💜💜 @mbernier I feel ya..
@EricaJoy Bought: -nail polish remover -hair trimming sheers -pasta -hair color Leased the house in the neighborho… @DarrenHman ??? @brennx0r Oh yes! Thanks for reminding me!!! @maria_fibonacci Uggghhhhh 😒 @IanColdwater You are tooooooo 😉 job @Delta @IanColdwater Ha, same @jrrickard @kstewart ^^ dame, birthday twin 🤣 not a huge surprise there @mkguliford So much wanting to do this rn -safe travels! @ArlanWasHere @ewarren @staceyabrams @fairfightaction 100% Same @mattstratton 🤣 love the Mean Girls Meme, sir @mrxinu Aw thanks, friend 🙃 (I usually don’t post selfies)Feeling cute, may delete later = Dropped ✅ ✊🏼💜💙🏳️‍🌈 case y’all needed a box of kittens sleeping like I did today 🥰 @abbyfuller Same 😬
@robertcathey @aevavoom Yep @iamjkeating So Thor (parent company of Airstream) own several of the popular RV brands. The good news is the inter… @iamjkeating Y’all have an XC60 or 90? I just got the X1 & can tow up to around 3700 GVWR but wondering how often I… Opinion: I grew up RVing w/ my parents & grandparents starting at a truck camper to Class A Motorcoach w/… @nicolefv 💜
@elchefe Oh trust me, papa.. they dun bumped they heads @zekaguilar Yep! Last nightHappy Happy Birthday @milesward One day we'll gonna be able to karaoke together again, my friend 🥳😎CW: domestic abuse, violence, stalking If you are in tech + truly care about victims of domestic abuse, spend more…
Retweeted by Kim Bannerman @JeffJLeeDev Indeed 😊 @calehoopes @stevedischinger I ended up with this late yesterday ☺️ Installing roof racks etc @myfear @jules_kremer Also, I 💜 you & your fire leadership - thank you for staying in it @jules_kremer Similar, sister 💜 (but we’ve talked a lot about this) Entered tech at 30, almost 45 now. Single mama… was hard to find this week, but I finally found a hint of it @POTUS404 @jeffbcross @MylesBorins @BeeRich99 I’m sorry - Do either of you White Knights want to stop detracting fr… @EricaJoy @jamiecakesf Happy Happy Day, lovely lady! 🎉 🎂Oh how predictable - The master manipulator who convinced me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me (whils… domestic violence I believe Brittany. I believe everyone who has experienced violence and reported it. I belie…
Retweeted by Kim BannermanCW: domestic violence He no longer works at Google & I can assure y’all my leadership did the right thing here…
@jilljubs @DivineOps +1 💜💜Starting in 2 minutes!
Retweeted by Kim BannermanThis week has been the longest year I've lived in a *long time* @TashasEv Oh yay! That’s amazing 😊 @TashasEv Me, too. And we moved *within walking distance* just as the pandemic hit, too 😓 @mstine Customer Empathy 🙃 @jilljubs @lindseybieda ^^^ that 🙄 .... not to mention, everybody is already coupled up as it is... then add a da…
Our civil liberties are on brink. This is not a drill. There is no excuse for snatching women off the street and t…
Retweeted by Kim Bannerman @ParisInBmore I love & miss y’all ❤️❤️
Quickest way to burn out? Being in a job you deeply care about but had no autonomy to bring about change.
Retweeted by Kim Bannerman"Influence without authority" is a great concept if your organization knows how to give credit for your influence.…
Retweeted by Kim Bannerman @Ana_M_Medina Perfect GIF haha 😂 @Ana_M_Medina hahaha.. it's even crazier when I'm on a video call + 10+ Google Docs/Sheets open 🤪 @Ana_M_Medina When the fan on your MacBook sounds like it's about to go into orbit.. 🤣🚀
@ArlanWasHere @EricaJoy The *semi-good-news* is the majority of them here are harmless here vs. other states (I'm o… @jallencalvert @jmckenty HA! Now, let's be honest. B and E would make you Tik Tok haha 🤣 @chriswilcox47 I would 100% support this plan 🇨🇦 @jmckenty @jallencalvert I was about to say, not if I get to McKenty's basement first 😉 @the_thagomizer hard same 😒 @ManoMarks I definitely miss the temperate climate of SF at times. We get heat waves here July/August when SF gets… @andybons @Google Happy Googleversary 🎉What’s your plan if the SHTF after the election in November?I think I’m going to start decorating for Halloween 🎃 Mostly because we’re living in the 1st 30 mins of a post-ap… @thejaysmith Aw congrats 🥰