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kevin mellon @kmellon Atlanta, GA

Art Director @ Floyd County Prod / storyboard director & artist- #ArcherFXX / #TVD / #BlackLightning / #Legacies

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me after every scene / episode of #BlackSummerS2
Ted Lasso
Retweeted by kevin mellonWIP @clipstudiopaint @PainterApp @sketchboardpro @tomfowlerbug 5 is too many anyways.I’ve been sketching a bunch of these bat head tattoo design ideas, and now I want like a full sleeve of these guys
Retweeted by kevin mellonthank you marc. hope your family is well. found out the hard way that filmic pro double take crashes after 45-60 minutes. lesson learned and that drawing video won’t be made. @John_Bivens digging this title design. @Benjamin_Percy stoked for this album to drop. @declanshalvey great cover. dec. @TheBurnham ordered and was shocked at how cheap it was for the HC. @patloika i’ve been impressed at the ingenuity of photogs and directors of stills and live action and how they have… typos in a google search reveal a lot about the world beyond you. @chrisarrant correct. poems are just words. music and lyrics make a song. words and pictures make a comic. @TheBurnham nice. thanks. @TheBurnham what book is this? dig the style.i’m not good at reading the manuals for things, and often just dive in and explore, so i just now discovered the re… @CullyHamner @chrisarrant @clovis_cormoran @KurtBusiek thank you, Cully, for a level headed response to this. my ey… blending in a non destructive way. You can do it on #InfinitePainter. You have access to many brushes to bl…
Retweeted by kevin mellon @eglads @JackieAckiLewis @amnesiac85 until i watched the first 3 minutes of Hubie Halloween, i would have agreed about little nicky. @drew_moss i’m so proud of you ;P @xtop Sick house! @marissadraws understandable! you always land on your feet, though. @marissadraws <3 @pyeah @ShannonDenton literally nothing. it came up when searching “barrage”me bombing @ShannonDenton’s inbox with overdue replies on a friday evening: @EmmettComix i love the idea of “lost boys” era kiefer sutherland playing him. this rules. @nixsight hard agree. @nixsight yeah no one was talking about season 1, no clue why. it’s so fucking good. this is shaping up just as well. @tomfeister right? intense on all levels.f me running. the sequence right after that… i’ll shut up but goddamn i am so glad to have more of this show right now.#BlackSummer was one of my favorite things of the last few years. the opening sequence of season 2 is so damn good. holy crap.
@GerryDuggan Mahmud is so damn good.Some Mucha-inspired Gotham Girls I did in 2019, for the end of the week. (1/4) 🌿 Poison Ivy 🌿
Retweeted by kevin mellon @CalumAWatt your ability to imply details with simple shapes is phenomenal. @lewislarosa There were a lot of movies we watched that I had no idea were in color until I got older @lewislarosa my first tv was black and white. i’m your age.
messing around. #shotoniphone #filmic #lumafusion #videolut Clip Studio Paint being on sale, I've gone ahead and reinstated this sale to match! 50% off!
Retweeted by kevin mellon @ReberVision pollina!!!!!Can #Archer get out of pirate prison? Find out in today's #2021SummerTVBinge, “Heart of Archness, Part 3."
Retweeted by kevin mellon @AProperMess i miss your face! @nelsonblake2 @_SHANEWHITE hahaha truth. @nelsonblake2 @_SHANEWHITE not sure i know everything but happy to walk you thru stuff. we could do a zoom sometime. @saganlacy great eyes.i miss being there. looking forward to next year. @HopelessDent comic conventions. fortunately that never changed. @EmmettComix i don't get it about my work, but about my place in <waves hands> THE INDUSTRY. my work is a process o… @mercurialblonde @jeremyhachat that’s an even better point. the amount of comics sent to me by my friends is largel… @jeremyhachat yup. i’ve been making that point for 12 years. falls on deaf ears. and i get it. all some see is doll…! just don’t make riveting tv like they used to.
the difference is noticeable if you've worked on a different brand for a while, but probably minimal overall.nice! really like the toothiness, as it resembles the 300 vellum more, and anything that gets me closer to that, i'm al… on these: this brand has a slightly grittier feel both to the finger and pencil resistance than the iCarez,… @van_jensen @tomfeister @MitchGerads @CullyHamner we're here for ya, TN. @CullyHamner @van_jensen @MitchGerads ol’ truck nutz at it again.
HEY ALL—@jschedeen has the scoop on my pandemic-inspired horror OGN, HAUNTHOLOGY! Head over to @IGN for that cosmi…
Retweeted by kevin mellon👇 opening. Today, #AdoraAndTheDistance is finally out into the world, via @comiXology. It's a slice of my heart…
Retweeted by kevin mellonsomeone in KC that i know, please adopt Limp Bizkit. @marissadraws dunno yet! but the iCarez ones i usually use are great with the nibs. @andthankyou paperlike? no. i’ve tried those and they’re not worth it. i mainly use these iCarez ones which i love… these screen protectors that were rec'd to me, and install was super easy. comes with 3 matte protectors, an… @JenniferLMeyer very nice. @matthewdunnart i have not. will check it out. thank you. @matthewdunnart yeah it’s wonderful. i still need to finish reading mort cinder as these in today.
very stoked they got sample clearance and put the og House Of Balloons on iTunes. i missed the news it was coming,… this is insanely good. @RodReis those look so damn good.
YES. @MrTylerCrook @dmeconis let me know if the new update works for you. saw that came through hoping it would fix the… of Stars 10 is out June 23rd!
Retweeted by kevin mellonmucking around with spatial audio. WWII Cap! Couldn't help myself 🪖🇺🇸⭐️
Retweeted by kevin mellon @HackinTimSeeley omg. how have i not heard of this before now!!!!From last year a mini-comic I did for the international comics festival in Angoulême. Short comics about post pande…
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@DonCardenasArt nice. i figure i’ll be messing around with it more shortly. @DonCardenasArt nice. @daytonward @kevindilmore happy birthday other Kevin!dear @TomCruise please consider a crossover with #fastandfurious for Days of Thunder 2. @chrismcquarrie eh? ;)Just a friendly reminder my patreon exists. Along with exclusive wip stuff, there are downloads and drawings. Give…
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@van_jensen @John_Bivens oh nice! @themikenorton leave jeni's and see the city!2006.
Retweeted by kevin mellon @inkskratch @bryanedwardhill @marcbernardin hahaha. i'll see if i can make time to make one. @marcbernardin @bryanedwardhill dang y'all. have i got about 100 new bands to show you... :) i am constantly findin… @CullyHamner @ReberVision @AmyChu we had a business course at kubert when i went. it was okay, but not nearly enoug… @marissadraws @nathanfairbairn @id_vixen @Treestumped i was going to tweet a lot about this, but i'll keep quiet. b… morning we were talking about rates, so I'd like to remind everyone 50 per page is the bare minimum you should…
Retweeted by kevin mellon @ReberVision yeah i debated that for that reason. @ReberVision ha i can see that. was looking at the imacs to replace my current one but i think i’ll try and eke ano… @ReberVision that aside, how are you liking the M1? @ReberVision that's a helluva bug. @himwhatjolts @RACOMICSDIRECT has a newsprint option i've used for a couple of books. you'd have to look at the pap… @DanielleSoloud i am now going to spend way too long trying to figure out what creative fiber is. @A_Filthy_King yeah ya do @jeffparker @ibrill @graemem hahaha i forgot about that...