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Good riddance campaign ads over the weekend vowed to protect a new statue: "Christ the Redeemer" in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil…
Retweeted by Joe 🧢This is what a loser looks like! Fantastic! @RichardMcBane Lol lay off the crack pipe
@Timcast @drmistercody You’re a joke Tim. An utter hack. The more you speak the dumber you look.If you don’t like fireworks, wear ear plugs. @wowthatshiphop Every single dayThe Auschwitz Memorial isn’t a statue of Hitler on a horse, my dude
Retweeted by Joe 🧢Here's our @thedailybeast write-up of Joni Ernst, who said Obama showed "failed leadership" with Ebola in 2014, cla…
Retweeted by Joe 🧢Cancel culture is dumb. You guys are basically normalizing that people can’t make mistakes when the fact is, nobody is perfect.
Retweeted by Joe 🧢WTF IS GOING ON???? @Bucktheduck @createdbykiara @Rosenbergradio Name 1 chance a 3rd party candidate actually had a chance?#LockHimUp these people @JIDsv Lmao
1. NEW: Ghislaine Maxwell and Kevin Spacey in the Throne Room in Buckingham Palace on the ‘Chairs of Estate’ which…
Retweeted by Joe 🧢Lmao
@itsallaboutzee @killumi50150718 L W Both garbage Equal W L W (if you get rid of the parentheses) W Equal @claudiamconwayy Kellyanne Conway can try to silence critics all she wants, but she can never delete all of the rec…
Retweeted by Joe 🧢 @salehbassmusic @MylesH1995 @shaelynspacyyy What did he do that would be considered “sexual abuse”?You really didn’t need to write this @AlanDersh (Yes, this is real)
Retweeted by Joe 🧢Freddie Gibbs is the funniest man on Earth right now😂😂 @FreddieGibbs
Retweeted by Joe 🧢The replies to this tweet are so fucking sad
@tedcruz Yikes, really showing your lack of intelligence here Rafael @WillyGeeky @PooperPower @Timcast @billmaher False. You’re a liar. @PooperPower @WillyGeeky @Timcast @billmaher Of course it’s not real. @killumi50150718 Rigamortis HiiiPower ADHDCuz they had hella girls in the studio that night.... I haaaaaaaddddd toooooooo
Retweeted by Joe 🧢 @Timcast More like people “know” and realize that there’s nothing we could do in the short period of time we (likely) have.O/u: 2.5 weeks until she’s suicided @SirajAHashmi Mine will read, “it’s not as hot as I had thought”Is this real life?
We’re really doing this??? 🙄 @sanaayesha___ @realDonaldTrump @IlhanMN Deport the current congresswoman for “treason”, keep up the statues of act… @catturd2 @realDonaldTrump They did, cat turd @KFCBarstool It’s pretty cool watching you 2 jerk each other offYikes’s the MLB commissioner admitting that the owners side was not negotiating in good faith from the jump. But t… @SirajAHashmi @CNBC I was so confused bc I only saw the Steyer pic but oooooof
Retweeted by Joe 🧢 @Ggjjlprice @RexChapman You’re a miserable prick @QuiringJacob @Zachary43854925 @Timcast If you can’t say anything good about the other side, you’re likely part of the problem.Seems like quite a pattern at Fox News @LOUlEjr @redsteeze @TomFitton Lmao @SirajAHashmi's 'good kid, m.A.A.d city' has now spent 400 weeks on the Billboard 200. It’s the longest charting…
Retweeted by Joe 🧢I’M ROCK HARD @KFUCKINGV Pleas explain this, I love me some kardashian bashing @WickdJaye We’ve been talking about thatHahahaha baby shit soft @JackPosobiec blocked me because he doesn’t like being reminded that he’s buddy’s with that… @MattyMays Literally 20%+ of the entire city budget is being cut, this is nothing really but lip service, cuts were coming anyway @daveTgeek @kanyewe73613626 @Timcast There a similarities, not congruencies @daveTgeek @kanyewe73613626 @Timcast I asked a is that an opinion. They’re clearly not the same beca… @killumi50150718 No love for Distant Relatives??? Partial LI wear a full face respirator in a 140° power plant everyday. This guy can’t breath with a thin piece of cloth over… @daveTgeek @kanyewe73613626 @Timcast Neither. When the people enforcing the law are themselves lawless, how is it any different? @LOUlEjr @redsteeze @TomFitton But I thought they learned their ideology in the universities 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 @redsteeze It’s July 1st, there is no school. Dolt. @FreddieGibbs @Akademiks She wanna he supahead so bad but she looks like she smokes more crack that Whitney @daveTgeek @kanyewe73613626 @Timcast I’m not against police. I’m against bad arguments and willfully ignoring one side to fit your view. @daveTgeek @kanyewe73613626 @Timcast IA doesn’t do dick because most cops won’t go to IA because of the “band of br… @daveTgeek @kanyewe73613626 @Timcast That’s literally not what I said. But let’s go there, who holds police accountable? @daveTgeek @kanyewe73613626 @Timcast You read what I said, and put your own twist on it so you could argue. 🤡 @daveTgeek @kanyewe73613626 @Timcast No, I was pointing out that “no police, no accountability” is pretty laughable… @PacoTheAwesome Maybe I’ll see you next Tuesday and we can discussThe Trump administration literally confirmed the report............ Minor League Baseball means to fans is irrelevant tbh. These guys work their asses off to get a shot at… @daveTgeek @kanyewe73613626 @Timcast Where in the fuck did you read that? @KelbPanthera @kanyewe73613626 @Timcast No idea, not defending CHAZ at all, fuck all that. Just pointing out that “… @kanyewe73613626 @Timcast Right because the police are always held accountable...iTs JuSt A fLu @Jfb31664 @yashar Tomato, potato#Hack @russdiemon More music I won’t listen to!THE NEXT GIRLFRIEND I GET IMA EAT HER PUSSY UNTIL SHE DIES AND IF I GO TO JAIL SO WHAT
Retweeted by Joe 🧢 @Akademiks Shut up Livingston. @_mbrandt @hadiez123 @stillgray Opioids taken in correct dosages are not very harmful to the human body. Ironically… @_mbrandt @hadiez123 @stillgray I know enough about “Q” to know it’s nonsense. @killumi50150718 @OfficialQCR LLiterally a tweet for Every. Single. Thing. @_mbrandt @hadiez123 @stillgray I disagree, and many medical professionals would disagree. Like I said you don’t kn… do we have Forts named after traitors in the first place? Is there a “Fort Benedict Arnold” in England? @jeremymbarr Video please @_mbrandt @hadiez123 @stillgray Some of the greatest musicians, artists, athletes and thinkers smoke marijuana. The… @_mbrandt @hadiez123 @stillgray Yes, never said it didn’t, that’s a fact, not a take @_mbrandt @hadiez123 @stillgray Your take on marijuana is naïve. @reasonTDE @JIDsv why can’t that just be Election Day? Set up a party near a local polling station 🤷🏻‍♂️ @_mbrandt @hadiez123 @stillgray That’s cool, but you have opinions on things you know nothing about, that’s not cool. @_mbrandt @hadiez123 @stillgray Obviously not @yashar You’re a bot @_mbrandt @hadiez123 @stillgray I can’t imagine it. How do you live that life everyday? @MattyMays @NYGovCuomo ...this is the same thing other states were doing with NYers when NY had the highest numbers… @yashar Diamond & Silk had no business being on TV in the first place lmao @_mbrandt @hadiez123 @stillgray Smoke some weed, maybe people will actually like you @_mbrandt @hadiez123 @stillgray You’re definitely a virgin @stillgray Sounds like a place for virgins and losersLmao, when she inevitably gets fired (or Trump loses in Nov), this clown might have a career in stand up comedy. @JackPosobiec Who taught your buddy Richard to be such a bigot?