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alma @knifefemme Southampton via Paris

practicing homosexual void entity known to write for @TheAVClub and produce @1237pod. use the formal they/them

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another thing they said in the review was that they felt "obligated to like it because of LGBT+ characters" which,… specific form of internet brain worms is people just don't know how to walk away from something and say "this jus… had an iTunes review like "there's nothing about this show that I found particularly off-putting or offensive,… @Legend0fGreyson Pink in the Night by Mitski You Have Stolen My Heart by Brian Fallon Baby You’re a Haunted House b… @iggigg the building where I went to college was old as fuck and whenever we had classes on the ground floor litera… @pigeonize they’re all so good I am furious. I still have that shirt you got me one Christmas and it’s probably the… @pigeonize the one that just says PIGEONS]whatever you ]I shall love ]
Retweeted by alma @xmencryptid my WIFEmy idea of a perfect crime? I’ll show you
Retweeted by almaCommission Marine! She did this amazing portrait of Hela for us and is lovely to work with ✨ @Deity0fDeath me crossing is goth 😈
Lucy Liu looking like this in Charlie’s Angels (2000) is exactly why I am the way I am @bogvvitch I wanna go there 😭 @bogvvitch Into the void even @bogvvitch may it rest in peace, its spirit flew into the kid and possessed meif you don’t look like the personification of a leather gay bar what’s the point
Retweeted by alma @ManonToki this is my dream. I need to get ripped so I can lift my girlfriend over my headit’s accurate also: 🎶 I’M A LAMBORGHINI 🎶🎶 up in horsey heaven here’s the thing 🎶 @sciuromorpha_ anyone who is obsessed with Stardew will like AC imo!! it’s so cute and there are cute animals and the music is so relaxingso glad I got my roommate into schitt's creek so I can randomly yell FOLD IN THE CHEESE at somebody in this house @spacejamfan did lili hack your account @bogvvitch OMG syd thank you @MaryPxtn j’aimerais bien qu’une meuf essaie de me dégager de chez moi ça serait marrant @TheArtHouseCafe last time I was there I sat on their couch for a while and read a collection of poetry by trans wr… please please donate to @TheArtHouseCafe if you can. they're a not-for-profit café in Southampton and provid… WEST LGBT FRIENDS! I would really love to start a crafting group in or around Brighton/Southampton/London so…
Retweeted by alma @theversusverses at least I already have the wardrobe for itso many things in my life could be my supervillain backstory and yet I only look like a villain instead of being on…
Retweeted by almai will not let men tell me october faction was a bad show when i had to tolerate their frothing at the mouth over g… @bobbysnailss can’t recommend @vermilion_shade enough! she did portraits of every 12:37 character and I am in love with them @ThePodReport the only good part of makeup YouTube is anti-haul makeup YouTube. I love for hear people he like “thi… @mercutiglo yes! I would email them now and explain the situation, so they know your work is on the way and you’ve… @spacejamfan I’m so sad at this @spacejamfan :(the whole show is worth listening to but this arc is built in a way that you can start with Vol I of Gridbreaker an… episode fucking RULES and so does Ghostpuncher. get into it for trans cyberpunk adventures and the most metal… @CGRRRRRRRR @jessacogs he absolutely is a twinkif you don’t look like the personification of a leather gay bar what’s the point🚨FACIAL RECOGNITION BEING DEPLOYED IN WESTMINSTER TODAY🚨 Pull scarves etc over your faces. If police try & stop yo…
Retweeted by almawhenever I get out of the shower my cat will lick the water droplets off my ankles/legs while I’m drying off like a… @saturrrday I know!! also I feel bad for OP who seems normal but there’s absolutely no coming back from that one when anyone sees that @jadioactive I had to see it!!! so now I must share my pain!!!immediate “gross AITA posts” hall of fame here @TheAuntifa hope it goes smoothly!! @marthaaasummers they’re both me depending on the daypitch the weird ideas and niche stuff even if you don’t think anyone’s going to take it - someone just might, and i… no I love them so much and I need a tattoo of one immediately @Beardynoise I’m late but anyone who says no is a COWARD @nthnashma jesus @nthnashma is this the one you were talking about on the love of freelancing FB group OMGThe G.R.I.D. descends. Ghostpuncher Corps has returned for another chapter of the Gridbreaker saga.
Retweeted by almamy biggest character flaw is that I don’t look like Gerard Way in the Desolation Row video grew out of wanting a nose job but I will never outgrow wanting horns(I want to believe)
bernie sanders reunited my chemical romance @knifefemme me leaving my room to get snack at 2 in the am
Retweeted by alma @bogvvitch you joke but this photo of me literally exists blessed to be with someone who loves it when I text her weird shit like this @deathcarpets @EnfieldArtsMA why would you say this. I’m so upset @HarryWhittaker why didn’t you say “the highs and lows of high school football”, I’m ashamed to know you @EnfieldArtsMA if they would survive the mail I’d send you some @cwcgomec also dumb as fuck argument considering no one under 35 is even allowed to run for president anywayplz RT and also no transphobes or cis straight people allowed thanksSOUTH WEST LGBT FRIENDS! I would really love to start a crafting group in or around Brighton/Southampton/London so… @jadioactive reiterating that if you ever need to sleep elsewhere for a night you can literally just let me know @pennysteen if you want that just become a foster parent smh @pennysteen “He’s not into the baby stage, like many parents” WELL?? DON’T HAVE A KID???“my sister is a freelancer with a flexible schedule so I asked her instead of my husband to watch my kid while I wa… a scale of one to this lady how metal are you @GejWatts 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻 @MaryPxtn I can make you a custom cross stitch! With Limbs Covered in Permanent Tattoos Struggling to Decide Where to Put Stickers Once AgainTo any Jewish students worried about their attendance during the #UCUstrike: Crossing a picket line is against Hala…
Retweeted by almawhen a woman says she has big dick energy: ✨💕💖🥰💜 when a cis man says he has big dick energy: I am getting a restraining orderthe replies to this are so, so good. SNART I Used Manipulation, Opportunism, and Gaslighting to Weed Toxic People out of My Life
Retweeted by alma @super_chienne I do this too!!!DOOM Eternal in the stre— actually I was gonna make a joke about being Cooking Mama in the sheets but I am also DOOM Eternal there.God I hate this future we’ve designed ourselves into. Patreon is basically rolling out payday loans, bc we need mor…
Retweeted by alma @vikadys maybe try BoneLust’s website or the taxidermy subreddit? I’m not really well versed in preserving stuff an…
@maura going to H-E-B for the first time when I was in the US was such an experienceme question I absolutely do not want answered in earnest: why do men feel like it’s okay for them to take sneaky… @jadioactive “um EXCUSE ME Alma why didn’t you ask my permission before you talked to my ex, who is also your friend, about what happened?” @jadioactive I’m so glad you didn’t delete this one🚨BOOK JOB KLAXON🚨 - Entry-level Editorial role at Headline Books (@headlinepg) - Want to work on books by their aw…
Retweeted by alma @LilyWaite_ idk if she still sells the black and gold version I have but yeah!! @LilyWaite_ just reminds me I *need* to play Layers of Fear @emotionalpedant 😭🖤 @lucindalvngstn omg if you ever do a second one I have SO many pictures of Hela @Beardynoise the flannel is my girlfriend’s too 😈 @Beardynoise GODI forgot to take a mirror pic before I left the house but I am wearing the most dyke outfit today, trust me on this