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Smart but boy do I curse a lot •Black people & art•

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why people keep asking me to hang out in public after i said no more than once? that is YOUR health risk. not mine.
Retweeted by wicked gyal marsha @TarotByBronx Hence this girls hair falling outI order overpriced pretty dessert to make up for the ugly delicious home cooked dinnerBoost your immune system,mind your business, stay out the way .. and remember anything you say may be used against…
Retweeted by wicked gyal marshaMy uncle RIP and my cousin okayyy the untrustworthy name is DAMIEN thing that hurts my heart the most is my cousin having so many fine ass friends but way too protective of an attitude
I have a feeling he’s gonna her beat up @dejia_vu A big home with desperate wings okayyyy @ToastyRamirez Let it be a tangible proven assault on a SW and they go silentTaking care of my inner child with The Babysitters Club and a bag of weed What’s good mizz kishiI love dorindaIt’s wild I took a pic bc I couldn’t believe my own damn 20/20 vision eyesBest part of the pandemic is I haven’t been offered a CBD vape In months
I wanna remake ‘Insidious’ starting pimentosUmmmm is he railing blow with a TAMPON PLUNGER?! Years of abuse but no damn personalised paraphernalia? @jaimejarvis Like the hell... is my baby my boss?!So Stormzy decides to give back to the community he grew up in, and people in the comments want to label him racist…
Retweeted by wicked gyal marshaI can blow $400 in 10 mins then stretch $89 for a week. You know what that is ... balance ☯️
Retweeted by wicked gyal marshaI’d like to thank covid for allowing me the time I’ve needed to grieve over my mother, cuz the pretend rush deliver… way u slice it, it’s a cake‘Either way u slice it’ is my fav version of ‘It is what it is’
@jaimejarvis This and popcorn whew @caffeinated48 Vi(olet) Vance“Lexie Pro would be a great drag name” - michael when I told him I’m starting Lexapro tomorrow
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this heffer is hell personified but at least I don’t have to live in her head @TarotByBronx Ugh nooo I hate this man!As a person who’s dealt with The NYPD and criminal system there And who’s for abolishment Nah charge Amy Cooper…
Retweeted by wicked gyal marshaHaven’t been to Sherpards bush since I had to crack a bottle of Wray and nephew over someone for trying to choke me…
3 hour wait has definitely made this naked bed hotdog taste betterPlease donate / or share & boost If you can!
Joanne the Scammer, a Black queer person making a character of a rich, lying white woman, not even attempting more…
Retweeted by wicked gyal marsha“Have a happy 4th!” Me: did you just call me a nigger ?!
Retweeted by wicked gyal marsha @tylrmntg I’m so sorry for your loss... me all week.Protect black women please x @rwxoxo But yes @rwxoxo Couch over clutch
@GiveMeLife Seeee I be throwing on treatments by the scent of the moon“I don’t need this rehearsal, y’all do.”
Retweeted by wicked gyal marshaThank you @DorindaMedley for reppin Jimbos like a real uptown girl. Salute! Now send me a cheeseburger deluxe (please) @sweynjupiter Beeeeen there d that but actually due for round 2Protect Black women while they’re alive! Please share, donate, or boost this #gofundme for a black women trying t… London Fields has been hit with a defecation issue and has to ban booze. Alabaster ale assholes on crud
@WaluigiSoap @ChristianAmato Get them some gabagoolThis for you @lexibreana ... see u at neimans bitch know I can’t eat ox tail every day but 6/7 is ok
@tylrmntg Finally someone aggressss I LOVEEE them omgMe after I spend my check in 1 day
Retweeted by wicked gyal marshaWill never forget hearing of a wedding where only certain guests were fed lmfaooooo @blustays Bisexual pussy of contentThe target has been raised on this + hey are £1500 off if you are RICH or you know a RICH PERSON please donate
Retweeted by wicked gyal marshaOx tail had me hallucinating & bedriddenDAYO IS HALFWAY TO 7k!!!!! so close so close - give wot u can pls n help n support a luvly good egg 💞🥚💕…
Retweeted by wicked gyal marshaMe first @Judnikki @RAVIEB It’s not just me one? Rice... Abandoned. Thank god.
@ToastyRamirez Iight @ToastyRamirez @shiriri Sorry I thought it was a typo Lmfaoo GIRLLL u know they all forever 16 in the headLord doodie drawls is round again. I remember the girl who invited over a new dude & he shit the bed mid stroke &… @shiriri *faceFreddie Gibbs dedication to his enemies suffering makes him soooooo much more attractive if that’s possible. I love passion!Nah he just blew back pimento like it was pop rocks’s always a tell. Three black people here and you ain’t talking to none of them? Oh okay.
Retweeted by wicked gyal marshaLmfao a couple (a lot) of y’all like this in the music industry and it’s very sad. @shiriri Me being suicidal and seeing friends spread Samaritans memes actually just makes me more suicidal? LmfaoI will never get over BIPOC not being bisexual person of colorThis!!!!!! All day THIS!!!! 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾
Retweeted by wicked gyal marshaobvi i adore white on white crime but......where are white women finding the strength to critique other white women…
Retweeted by wicked gyal marsha @DukeOfShade ‘Guess it ain’t that way’I DO IT FOR THE KIDS THAT HAD SUGAR SHACK IN THEY LIVING ROOM!
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I’d rather drop dead than life in such close proximity to pales and football stadiumsThat was short lived... I forgot to masturbate this morning uber driver short but he fine as hellI love that wanting Black people to have equal rights is far left in england lmao. Ughhh I cannae with these snaggle tooth palesPop Smoke spinning like a rotisserie chicken in his grave right now.
Retweeted by wicked gyal marsha @tylrmntg Those jeans got a cooler & EZpass insideSmh someone cast me in top boy ‘it’s sticky stillll’ ive got my british ad-libs a down pat I’m ready let me do as Idris did to Baltimore
We know he’s not jamaican cuz he bowed out the peacockery and let his daughter shine. NO IM NOT BITTER ABOUT MY D… @PonyGinuwinemp3 That’s the point lmfao! THOSE JEANS IS 🐱 BLOCKERS ABC family approvedSaweetie can post her fine ass daddy now bc he aged gracefully @ToastyRamirez AND? @jaimejarvis Ive become so numb. Food ain’t even hittin @jaimejarvis This is me Tryna workout to popNow he’s harassing me via messages like ‘when did I say that’ Lmfaoo I was only there two years I remember full nam… was him defending cards against humanity bc I mean if we can’t joke about ‘third world’ countries and the h… reminded this Marxist from middle school 🙄🙄🙄 that he said there should be a ‘white kids only’ in response to t… @dances YEP orrrr Director of photography @dances They still doing herd immunity on us Lmfaoo I my die without every doing DP @DLeonhardt Europe isn’t a country sooooNY niggas be like “you’re dead my son” to their GIRLFRIEND 😭
Retweeted by wicked gyal marshathis girl putting my Loofah on the floor And this one leaving her mooncup on the sink What the fuckFinding out my new quiet roommate is a fucking BARBBB brought me joyremoving any episode of the golden girls from streaming is probably as anti-black as you can get so...
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I really thought I was gonna have a lil red miata I did was compliment his aquarium I didn’t want this lolPancit y queso? Fuck is this lol BOOK. JUST ONE NON FICTION BOOK. IF YOU FINISH READING IT. I PROMISE. LIFE GETS EASIER. A BOOK. READ IT. PLEAS…
Retweeted by wicked gyal marsha‘Trying times’ , ‘well intended’, ‘r levels’ God take me back to Y2K and end it thenAs a person but si! @DorianChristos Lmfaooooo