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Video games, esports, and memes. Home to teams competing in RL, R6, Valorant and more. #KnightsNation | | |

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Retweeted by Knights @MonicaXgg @19esports @ZenoxPUBG @Drago_pubgm @ChicoClaw @EvT_ImPERium @trovolive @UpdatesPubg @PubgmCommunity PUBG Mobile Invitational Day 8! 🥇 @KnightsGG 🥈 @19esports 🥉 Illuminati 🏅@ZenoxPUBG 🏅Casper 🏅@Drago_pubgm…
Retweeted by KnightsWe're doing the thing, again.
Retweeted by KnightsThat moment when your teammate comes in clutch @AlphaKep
🎈 ¡Que viva México! 🇲🇽 Hoy celebramos con todos nuestros amigos desde #México el día de su independencia 🎉…
Retweeted by KnightsJoin us in welcoming the first featured team for the #KnightsGauntlet: #FallFrenzy 🍁 Please welcome: @Soniqs 🍂…
Retweeted by Knights @sfX_x1 @NoSoyLava @Bronzey @2eZMK @8pm Can’t wait!!! 🤩1ST EP of #FridayKnightsLive kicked off last week. @NoSoyLava hit you with all the trends, knights updates & an int…⚔️ #KnightsNation ⚔️ We have another exciting 🤩 #takeover for all of you! This time it’ll be our Pro… @2eZMK @AllProTactical bro how did you get so fly?TODAY IS THE LAST DAY!!! 20% OFF ALL MERCH USE CODE“2EZ” AT CHECKOUT
Retweeted by Knights @deedahrl #SosaLAN @deedahrl @sosacrdbl This ^^^Rocket League tier 1 esport after this season
Retweeted by Knights @sosacrdbl Bro howWe hear Pittsburgh is pretty sweet 👀 @RLEsports THIS IS IT !!! we watching a @RLEsports or @VictoriasSecret stream? you guess who we’re having on our next episode of #WomenInEsports hosted by @CulturynLife? 🦁 #BuildYourEmpire @boostgaming Bet @boostgaming Good times @NoSoyLava😌💛
Retweeted by KnightsFeliz #15DeSeptiembre
Retweeted by Knights @LiquipediaRL Oooo can’t wait 😛 @freya_haze @Alpine_Official it is ;)Gear up and go back to school in style! Get 20% Off 😎 on all #Knights merch including jackets, hoodies, tees, hats… @SilverNyx_ @AlphaKep @AlphaKep Yes you are 😉 @SuperusEsports @AlphaKep Swear it was 😎 @AnaKarenina2021 @AlphaKep @RUF1O_RUF1O @AlphaKep 😂😂😂Did you see 👀 @AlphaKep at the #MetGala yesterday? and trying to yell at solo q. Come join me.
Retweeted by Knights @McLandoTwitch 😂Lmao you’re missing out if you don’t watch @McLandoTwitch streams
Someone has to distract the enemy teams right 😂 @480wrap PreachWhich Version of #Thor do you prefer? God of War or MCU @NoSoyLava @Dexerto Lol 😂 honestly don’t even know what to say @Alpine_Official @thegamehers Congrats Now 🔴
Retweeted by Knights @ic3d_868 @the3ammusician It’s baller was a og toonami anime @ic3d_868 @the3ammusician Lol stop you forgot about Big O @ic3d_868 @the3ammusician That’s not Gundam… but agreed Pokémon would be way better @Alpine_Official @WCBC_RL @Jazzkitty27 @TheYiiRL @PadS_RL Get it🥵@Gildersons_ prowler be bussin⚡Flash Sale⚡ Save 20% now on the ultimate gaming backpack that’s Laptop Ready 💻 Headset Ready 🎧 Tournament Ready… @Spacestation #oh #no #dont #get #in #trouble 😰 @Wraithyn1 It’s fun play it!!!What was your favorite moment in Yu-Gi-Oh! @VIZMedia our October VALORANT Gauntlet be bumped up to 64 teams? 🤔
Retweeted by Knights🖤💛 @ExaltVAL
@SilverNyx_ your gear this year 😏 with the exclusive @AllProTactical x @KnightsGG Utility bag! 🎒 Available NOW! In the sto…ántos jugadores de Valorant por aquí? 👀 #KnightsNation
Retweeted by Knights @BluTTV_⚔️ #KnightsNation ⚔️ Come peep 👀 this baller schedule we got this week! Full of fun and exciting 🤩 events! Which… @Sentinels USA USA USA (and tenz) @AnaKarenina2021 ¿Qué pasa?⚔️ #KnightsNation ⚔️ Join us in congratulating the winners of our #KVL giveaway! ⚔️ @mavmilo ⚔️ @slaylenalol M…
Retweeted by KnightsSheeeesh peep 👀 this Ace by @ExaltVAL @crocmaster68 Hello @FlippyBitsGG @BluTTV_ @TriStarEsports @ProMise9k_ @BluTTV_ Get it 😎 @Taswell_ @BluTTV_ Great how about your self @Taswell_ @cultist__ @LeguanGER @ImAvirst @Revvere1 Hola @Junafour @BluTTV_ @IKlaus_mV @GinxTV @NoSoyLava 👋 @Alpine_Official #MaddenNFL22XboxSeriesXS #XboxShare
Retweeted by KnightsAnother night of me sweating in ranked... For nothing but just some ELO points.
Retweeted by KnightsI'm LIVE and I'm back to play more Conquest. Decided to have fun with it and just enjoy the game, get in here! HUGE…
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Just @NoSoyLava showing off his @PlayApex skills! 💁‍♂️ GOOOO 😤👏 you missed it! 👀 Introducing September’s $5,000 #KnightsGauntlet: #FallFrenzy, a 32-team @PlayVALORANT tou… @ChillGiver_ @JHoff22 @steelers @steelers Let’s gooooooo @BeigeSaiyan you @Pirates and @KnightsGG for this treat ⚾
Retweeted by KnightsThat concentration 🔥 📺: CBS | @Juiceup__3
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