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@ItsToniHere never late fr @Captain_Icefire Same squad hours @kxnzis We SHOULD but ... @FeddTheGod Whatever you’re tryna grind 👀 @IBTylerB97 You winning, son? @BonzaijoePA Destiny brought us together @pg_heavyy We wouldn’t tellGamers’ hours role call 👀👀Well deserved victory, we are now number 2 in the standings. Una victoria merecida de parte de @vQGaming nos pone… @GrimmRandom @zombiepoopshark AMBITIOUS#PKGears play against @vQGaming to decide who is the true number 1 on the @EsportsGears standings. Will they prevai…'re in 2020 but @zombiepoopshark's assists are in 3020. GGs, 3-0. See you all again tomorrow. 🦁 #PKRL #TheGrid
@davonmagwood @chachisays Depends what the questions are ... we have a whole lottta pro gamers 😏Who's ready to sip on an ice cold can of #TheGrid? On the cast: 🎸 @Liefx 🥝 @LemonKiwi_ And it's already live! C… gang's all here. 🥴 @RLEsports #TheGrid 2nite @ 5PM EST 🧽 #PKRL @nerkwrk We've never caught a mouse so ... @m0chiSoo Happy December 1st to you!! Can't wait for XiuSoo to come home to us this month too 😍 @biohazzard23 theyre not ready for us 💪 @vSupur @sosacrdbl @Ruhdoko @zombiepoopshark wise words. @OfficialiiNK @EsportsGears @vQGaming all we know is that were above both of them... @MMTM2000 😍 @jehpoody NS 😨 @ColinCrowClarke @vQGaming @EsportsGears Just a regular match for us @DakotaEichinger @Alpine_Official 👀Who thinks we should sign this lil dude? 🤔 @drdarkfire @Alpine_Official @G2esports @GhostGaming @fdotny @IsaacApp_ @WadePenfold 🤔 @Alpine_Official @SlizemnUP @G2esports @GhostGaming @fdotny @IsaacApp_ @WadePenfold ^^^
@PioneersGG 👌 @PioneersGG 🤛 @PioneersGG @TheKidBrutus you have an amazing sense of humorMinecraft when you start a new game @OminousFN now THAT's it @PoboAstn we really try with him butPlaying a w/ 120fps on game a 240Hz monitor @Ievimend Make it happen
@MarkDeLaGarzaRL @NRGgg Have you tried getting out of bed in the morning when it's cold tho?Our journey ends here, #KnightsNation! Thank you and the boys for an amazing run. GGs to this weekend's baddies: En… @ValkyrieRL Next time 😍 @GrtBambrough @Liefx felt🚨 SEMI-FINALS 🚨 Get in the chat and give us ALL of your energy, the team needs it to #MakeThatRun! 🙌🙌🙌 📺… @SavageMan814 @sheetz @sosacrdbl @zombiepoopshark @McLandoTwitch @Ruhdoko no pressure just a family to feedIf @KnightsGG manages to win this #RLCS regional event tonight, I’m buying @sheetz for dinner for the whole family.
Retweeted by Pittsburgh Knights @TheStegar @NRGgg cow kinda cute tho @vSupur @sosacrdbl @Ruhdoko @zombiepoopshark #MAKETHATRUN @Liefx We always predict Liefx 🤝The expressions say it all @RLEsports @sosacrdbl @zombiepoopshark bruhs @PioneersGG @pryo53 @RLEsports @G2esports ... it kinda works doe @TheStegar @NRGgg We're here if you need a decal to cry on :(GG G2 :) We play @NRGgg for lower semis in 45, #KnightsNation 🙌 🦁 #PKRL #MakeThatRun @_Flitz @zombiepoopshark :) @PioneersGG @sosacrdbl @Zenni_Gaming You should ALWAYS be feeling yourself 😱We're 3-2 against G2 in the lower bracket quarters trying to #MakeThatRun right now. And you are? 👀👇 📺… soso about @sosacrdbl and a 3-0 Vs @pioneersgg... Revisit this magnificent series on our @Zenni_Gaming rec… man representing the colors at #tysonvsjones 🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤 @TaylorGang @wizkhalifa
@BaperoYT @sosacrdbl We heard @zombiepoopshark is still clocking some as we speak @LiquipediaRL @RLEsports @Rogue @Envy @G2esports @GhostGaming @NRGgg Those are some nice spaced out logosIf you’re looking to celebrate the #PKWIN in style, pick up some Doughnut Ale JUST released at participating… @sosacrdbl #PKWIN+6:55 of OT and a BANGER from @sosacrdbl puts us at 3-1 against Alpine! GGs all around, let's buckle down and… @RhawketS LETS GOOOOOOO @Annisir_Kaugan @UGCevents PERFECT BISONSDunno bout you but it’s Peanut Butter versus Jelly right now over on @UGCevents - come cheer our boys on for the lo… @saucyiwnl Forgot? @GrtBambrough Bro @evanRL__ Genius @SpacestationGG @Alpine_Official GGs bruddas - we'll keep the chaos alive 😈 @itsfreeland yo @PabstBlueRibbon we like the sound of that ;) @Alpine_Official AJ? ♥️ @stagefault @Alpine_Official Whatever you needTHAT'S A REVERSE SWEEP FOR THE PEANUT BUTTER KNIGHTS!!! 🧹🧹🧹 We take down SSG 3-2 and move on in #RLCS to face off… @Sterjoy2 No no that’s PGH - this is sumn different 😛 @chirparl Banger @Alpine_Official Be our jelly? 😘What does the PB in Knights stand for? Wrong answers only. #RLCS’t go our way but we look to bounce back against SSG right now! Hop in with your favorite team on your favorit… @m0chiSoo @RLEsports @Envy Today we play for #KOLO 🤝Saturday’s are for @RLEsports specifically the the boys in gold. ✨ Catch us versus @Envy for the quarterfinals of…
Missing @SmitePro? How about a little #PKSMITE Rewind? We even got @PaulFromPC as stand-in @Ninja, what could go w… @frostyZK gotta stay strapped 🎮Well now that a certain holiday is coming to an end... INTRODUCING THE KNIGHTS BEFORE CHRISTMAS 10K VALORANT TOURN…
@m0chiSoo We’re thankful for you! @McLandoTwitch Ah but ... we thankful for you? 😳 @zombiepoopshark You’re gonna make us blush @MuratCamila @Dezo6od That guy pretty litWhat are you thankful for this afternoon?A beautiful performance from them. Congratulations, and good luck against @Wildcard_GG. preliminary final of the Oceania #SixMajor is about to kick off! 🔥🔥🔥 We play @OkamiLFO to decide who will face… @frostyZK a beautiful estate, frosty. @R6esports @OkamiLFO end the poll.
So you kept up with the trends ... but enough to win some cash? 👀 Join us and host @tinycaitt on Dec 9th for… @PioneersGG @sheetz HOP IN @wroblewski_luke @PikniqR6 Well uh 😰Felt cute, might delete later 🥺 @Raver_8k Llego el papa de los pollitos @frostyZK This is terrifying to hear from Frosty ZEE KAY HIMSELF
Losing is Learning
Retweeted by Pittsburgh Knights @biohazzard23 we lend you our shoulder to cry on 😢