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Retweeted by Knights8 teams remain in the #KnightsDrift! Which team will take home the championship? Tune in at 5PM EST: 📺…
Retweeted by KnightsLook like a Pro when you equip yourself with the Knights Pro Kit '22 ⚔️ Available now 👇 🔗 @PupiLoG Noted. @XSET @Cryocells_ @zekkenVAL @BcJFPS @dephhgg @AYRINval @SyykoNT @DrewSparkR6 @llJey9 @DuctapePlays True @T1redS0ul’s your best gaming advice?
🥳NEW KNIGHTS MP5K SKIN GIVEAWAY 🥳 🦁To enter: ✅Retweet & Like ✅Follow me ✅Follow @KnightsGG 5 different winners dr…
Retweeted by KnightsWe are now LIVE with the #KnightsDrift 🏎 📺 📈 @invstreams 👓@Zenni_Gaming 🔥 @Zippo
Retweeted by KnightsLast nights Season Finale for #FKL was a banger 😎 @BeigeSaiyan and @Ickylover had the honor of interviewing… a boo @ExaltVAL us your Valorant clips below and we'll have @XXiFtv and @OCEAN_tK guess your ranks in the next video!
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We are now LIVE with the Season Finale of #FridaysKnightsLive Don’t miss it as we are joined by #PKGears and our…『 SELF MADE 』 An exclusive drop to celebrate Doris Self and the legacy she left on esports history 38 years ago to… @Ban_Val @XXiFtv @OCEAN_tK Truly a classicEl episodio mas explosivo para el final de temporada de #FridayKnightsLive No te pierdas a @Dezo6od, @Raver_8k,…
Retweeted by Knights @RebelGG_ Goodbye friend you were a great competitor us your Valorant clips below and we'll have @XXiFtv and @OCEAN_tK guess your ranks in the next video!We have a banger episode for the Season Finale of #FridayKnightsLive Don’t miss @Dezo6od, @Raver_8k, @Identivezk,… scoreline that did not reflect the game- a great effort from both teams with some insane plays to round out the n…
Retweeted by KnightsWhat game will you be grinding this weekend? 🎮
As Pride Month comes to a close, we have one final message from @RoseProduces, @Lynwulf, @1000EyesCasts and… @ScrewFaceVAL @DarkZeroGG 📹 Together We Are Terrific vs. @SoniqsEsports Semi-Finals Full Match: drops a 4 piece as @DarkZeroGG have their eyes on that $15,000 Grand Finals Full Match:… a stunning performance, @KnightsGG secured another victory in APAC South Stage 2! #R6APACL
Retweeted by KnightsCongratulations to @DarkZeroGG for winning the #KnightsGauntlet Circuit $15,000 Championship presented by @eBay! 🏆…
Retweeted by Knights @uhhreece @FrostyValorant of wisdom by @FrostyValorant FINALS of #KnightsGauntlet Circuit $15,000 Championship are LIVE NOW!!! Together We Are Terrific ✘…
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FOUR TEAMS LEFT in #KnightsGauntlet Circuit $15,000 Championship presented by @eBay! Who will reign champion? 🏆 T…
Retweeted by KnightsThis week we talk about the challenges of joining the esports world as a LGBTQ+ individual and the importance of a… @creamk1ng @Junafour 🤙Paying homage to this godlike moment. To one of the hypest players in our community right now. GGS hermano…
Retweeted by KnightsLATAM KINGS 👑🎥@version1gg vs. @dnadiff_ Full Match: just clicking heads as @DarkZeroGG takes it to @version1gg Full Match: vs F1 final winners bracket
Retweeted by KnightsRise and Grind Gamers 🎮2-1 Lenny Time we play winner of NYFU vs Oxygen. ggs, they're nuts
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@Complexity @TradeLikeProsGG @VIRTUOSOVAL @dnadiff_ 🎥WATCH NOW @VIRTUOSOVAL vs. @dnadiff_ you know you know @Complexity vs. @TradeLikeProsGG @VIRTUOSOVAL vs. @dnadiff_🎶Take me out to the Ball Game, Flip Reset and Double Tap 🎶 Gaming Knight presented by @Zenni_Gaming will be a nigh… brings the 🔥🔥🔥 vs @N8Vgg week, another 🏆 for @KnightsGG. Congrats to this week's MX 🇲🇽 #HCSOpenSeries Champs! 🦁 @AtzoPM @sTwDrift
Retweeted by Knights#B2B #HaloInfinite @HCS FFA #CHAMP 🥇
Retweeted by Knights(13-7) vs Stasis (13-8) vs ZMM Clean day from the boys, Playoffs tomorrow!
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Gracias Gears. Read:
Retweeted by Knights @OCEAN_tK @ManILoveFwogs 🐸 🦁 ❤️ @_Avexys @Identivezk @Dezo6od Y’all played amazing - congratsKNIGHTS x @ChampionEsports Introducing the: ⚔️ Knights Pro Kit '22 ⚔️ Knights of Valor Collection Available now… to watch party the #KnightsGauntlet Circuit Championships? Fill out this form! 📜 All…
Retweeted by KnightsIt's been a wild 2 and a half years but that's the end of Gears for now. Special thank you to all the players who r…
Retweeted by KnightsOur Crusade has ended in the @GearsEsports Summer Major we place 2nd We would like to thank #PKGears for an amazin… tie the series 3-3! Only one more map to go won’t go down without a fight Knights the first international team ⁉️
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.@KnightsGG ARE BACK IN IT! They tie the series 2-2! 📺
Retweeted by Knights @GearsEsports @TheRiseNation @Identivezk @_Avexys We will finish our crusade strong @TeamQuesoGG @GearsEsports @TheRiseNation @Identivezk @_Avexys SEND #PKGears your energy as they compete in GrandFinals of the last Gears Major!!
Retweeted by Knights’s finish this Crusade with a bang 💥 Send us all of your energy as we battle @TheRiseNation in the Grand Final… happy today, 5th in CEO for MK11. Thank you for all the support. EVO, MULTIVERSUS — WE COMING FOR YOU NEXT
Retweeted by KnightsNo one will stop our Crusade!!! ⚔️ We defeat @FuryOne_Esport 3-1 and have earned our spot in the #Gears5 Summer Ma… HIM!! @2eZMK take Map 2 in dominate fashion and are 1 step closer to Grand Finals! @FightKnights @2eZMK @2eZMK is ready take Map 1! @GearsEsports @FuryOne_Esport Let’s do this Crusade Continues 🗡 We head to battle against @FuryOne_Esport in the Winner Finals!’t miss PK’s very own @2eZMK compete in #MK11 Top 8 #CEO2022 📺
Retweeted by KnightsLet's finish this Crusade off strong ⚔️ Less than two hours until we battle @FuryOne_Esport in the @GearsEsports W… 8 BOYSSSSSSSSS
Retweeted by Knights @GearsEsports @FuryOne_Esport PK PRIDE WE GO PK!! 🦁 We reverse sweep 🧹 @CasaDePapelGG 3-2 and have earned our spot in the #Gears5 Summer Major Winn…
@CasaDePapelGG @Fexrzly @Identivezk @GearsEsports @lnfernuz @ChronosHT @Raver_8k @Dezo6od Battle for LATAM 🇲🇽 SUPREMACY BEGINS NOW We prepare for battle against @CasaDePapelGG for a shot at Winners Fi… @EG_wicho @KnightsGG @eUnited
Retweeted by KnightsLets Goooooo 🔥 We topple @eUnited 3-2 and now move on to the next round of the #Gears5 Summer Major! @101Esportsnews @Zippo @eBay @invstr @sosacrdbl We do love @sosacrdbl @JamaicanCocoRL @BeigeSaiyan @Zippo @eBay @invstr @ttvbell 👀☀️ Summer is here ☀️ We’re here with a #KnightsArena Summer Bash, this event is going to be hot but our sponsors… showing @eunited why they should fear him 😈 Crusade isn’t over yet 🗡 Join us as we 🆚 @eUnited in the #Gears5 Summer Major ☀️ dine on @TeamQuesoGG 3-1 😋 in the #Gears5 Summer Major tighten our grip on our sword 🗡 As we prepare for battle against @TeamQuesoGG in Day 2 of the #Gears5 Summer M… anyone else surprised we won Ultimate Weapon last night with the way @TappingButtons was playing 😏 @_Od26 Who the aim coaches we should highlight themWe take Map 1 😤 without breaking a sweat
“it's just not any major we are going to play, it's the last Gears major; the last season of gears esports" It's b… friday, it's been awhile make sure to hydrate today
Retweeted by KnightsLast week we talked about what it's like starting in Esports as a LGBTQ+ member🏳️‍🌈 This week, @ZoellaGG,… up to #CEO2022 today, who am I seeing?
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