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@McLandoTwitch best coach REGAINS @AdamMc331 @RLEsports We'll be there just for youUnfortunately, this is where our #RLCSX Major run ends. GGs all around and an AMAZING shout out to #KnightsNation @SoniqsEsports Don’t you guys have any new content? 😪IT'S #RLCSX MAJOR TIME 📢 We're up against @SoniqsEsports for our first match of the day and the boys in gold need… @GuzzCasts We miss you’s been a bit without some #PKR6 action dontcha think? Details and memery below 👇 @OkamiLFO @REKTgn @Wildcard_GG @ElevateGG Just cause the new graphics look cute doesn’t mean we’ll go easy on you
That's a wrap for today's #KnightsCVC Madden 21 MUT League presented by @eBay! OG NETWORK's @BobbyVGaming secures…
Retweeted by Knights @KnightsGG @McLandoTwitch Lando has flicked his way into all of our hearts 🥺
Retweeted by Knights @AliceSkywalker_ @McLandoTwitch that's how he pitched his way onto the Knights @AuraAthens @McLandoTwitch picsHey kids, have you ever wanted to flick like your old man @McLandoTwitch? Hear from the Legend of Launch, our very… NOW! TUNE IN! First up in the Crew vs Crew Madden 21 MUT League presented by @eBay: 5'8 - 6'2ish vs WCM!…
Retweeted by Knights @2eZMK @KnightsLatam @NRSEsports @FirstAttackPR @Monopr @Bo7illo Yo @DEMIZEVIL where has the best food? @2eZMK @KnightsLatam @NRSEsports @FirstAttackPR @Monopr @Bo7illo YESSSIIIIRRRRMash House is BACK this weekend with a special guest! Week 7 is a @2eZMK takeover! Tune in Saturday to watch the…
Retweeted by KnightsToday we kick off the first week of the #KnightsCVC Madden 21 3v3 MUT league presented by @eBay! Tune in TODAY and…
Tomorrow at 2:00PM EST we are kicking off the Knights: Crew vs Crew 3v3 Madden 21 MUT League brought to you by… @DaRemySZN knew we could trust you @edgargmxlmoa @Lynwulf The purple makes it pop wdym @WassupReV just how we like it @DragonzBTW @PsyonixStudios Ford esports skins when? @austindrainvil2 Come back on the main and you get a follow you have 45s @DaRemySZN @IKlaus_mV le cambié los colores kuh @IKlaus_mV 🚗🇲🇽 @austindrainvil2 you're getting into the freethinker mindset. We like you @DragonzBTW but the pink the green and the yellow just mesh so well man cmon @henrickszn ?????????????????????????????????👍 or 👎 ?????? @boostgaming @SooXfar THIS MAN GRABBED ARMOR MID FIGHT HELLO?????? IS THIS THING ON???????its been a while... finally won a scrim after 3 weeks. . Remember this day. February 23rd. 2021. Bless up #PKWIN
Retweeted by Knights @ZTKezy we have to give @SoniqsEsports a fighting chance come on @diabolicalpizza bro ... 🥺 @Renital_427 @sosacrdbl 1 @TeamQuesoGG @DEMIZEVIL @KnightsLatam @Raver_8k @ElevateGG I DONT THINK YOU WANT THE SMOKE 🧹🧀We take a 2-0 victory Vs. 🧀 @TeamQuesoGG 🧀 in the @GearsEsports league putting our record at 2-1 for the season.…
Off-Stream the #PKGears squad took a 2-0 W Vs the Rated R squad in our second @GearsEsports match of the season! N… @diabolicalpizza are LIVE vs RatedR in @GearsEsports on the side station! We also play against @TeamQuesoGG at 6:30 EST. 💛… @KingAceCookie we know it's tough but you GOTTA pickThe Best RL Car?Anybody got some questions for the #PKRL squad? Go ahead, ask away! Today at 8:10PM EST we will be LIVE answering… @Zincyzz @AliceSkywalker_ she right @Danimalr6 wouldn't be anything without u 😘Six R6 Players vs 1 Imposter ... Can you spot the @Rainbow6Game fake? 🕵️ Join @PacmanDownUnder and some of your v… @Zincyzz long enoughYou got any burning questions for #PKRL? 🤔 Maybe they'll answer it on stream if you guys ask nicely. 👀 @LiquipediaRL @RLEsports @version1gg @PioneersGG @G2esports @GhostGaming @SoniqsEsports @PeepsRLCS @Alpine_Official you can't leak our next skin like that from Day 1 of #GearsProLeague! 🖥️ - #GearsEsports
Retweeted by Knights
The man @XXiFtv is UNSTOPPABLE in B main. 10 points to whoever guesses what team this was against. #PKVAL @IKlaus_mV bruhMeet the 12 teams competing in Split 2 Phase 1 of #GearsProLeague! @vQGaming @KnightsGG @TheRiseNation
Retweeted by Knights @eUnited @GearsEsports @vQGaming @TheRiseNation @RebelGG_ @NobleGG @FireNIceEsports @TeamQuesoGG @Hive_gg have to game on this for the next 24 hours - how's it going down?
Hey boo, take a seat, there's plenty of room 😘 40% more to be exact. Get the Alloy Origins 60% Keyboard from Hype… teams are locked in! Here are your 32 crews for the Knights: Crew vs Crew #Madden21 League presented by @eBay @vapidzyt not this week @BlingCakes nobody's ever asked us that @BlingCakes bro this is how catch TKs @Artdepartment_ nah you'll be silver @SkatesanRL super legendary radiant master eagle champ @WeAreClipThat oh you got thisIf you don't like this tweet then you won't rank up this week. You gonna risk it? 👀
Feeling lucky? ...or are you just skilled? Introducing our March #KnightsGauntlet: Pot of Gold presented by… @md_nutt that's what @RLEsports is all about @_Yeee5 @GrittyNHL The way things go over there ... probablyAight so who do you all have your cookies on to win this #RLCSX EU Major? 👀
Oh, boy. Don't get in his way if he's on one. @MonkyzMLG all the trials and tribulations of the #PKRC held on @KnightsLatam these four brave soldiers came out of the…
@fugly this aged wellThings are about to get fugly for the competition. 😏 We're pleased to announce the addition of @fugly to our… @Alpine_Official @XPlosion2005 The D2 and G3 have begun to sweat @XPlosion2005 @Alpine_Official we're down to take that LThere's a lot of Ex-CS pros here at the Knights, so why not give them some 3v3 nostalgia? But like ... on roblox.…
@aerial_powers23 @HyperX Huge moves for our faves 🌟
A console plat 3 wants to get competitive in @Rainbow6Game and @PacmanDownUnder is here to help! See what tips the…
Thank you to our talent and community streams! @etohKP @Tanner_Metro @BoggsCS @Pineboy_Supreme @FlippyBitsGG of the #KnightsGauntlet VALentine's Tournament presented by @boostgaming_ and @eBay are 'The Better LG'!… VALentines #KnightsGauntlet Presented by @boostgaming_ is coming to its end with an exciting Grand Final! The… from @Cris with a beautiful flash from @_patuuuu ♥️ @boostgaming_ ♥️ @eBay ♥️😱 @c4Lypso_ cuts it EXTREMELY close. ♥️ @boostgaming_ ♥️ @eBay ♥️'ve been hit by, a smoke criminal. @NlBBLER ♥️ @boostgaming_ ♥️ @eBay ♥️ FINALS of the #KnightsGauntlet VALentine's Day is starting now! Next up: PROJECT XY -vs- raeB's Anime Club (…'s @NaomiSuave with FOUR! And a FLAWLESS round for Project XY. ♥️ ♥️ @boostgaming_ ♥️…'ve reached the final four! Next up: PROJECT XY -vs- WEEBOO Come watch these 10 VALentines battle it out for…'re back at it with the #KnightsGauntlet VALentine's Tournament presented by @boostgaming_ and @eBay! 💘… @Renital_427 @SosaCheckmark @sosacrdbl @mitsevox Fr terrorize him by responding with reminders that he doesn’t own a fennec insteadgot my @KnightsGG chair, be sure to get yours at using code “sosa10”.
Retweeted by Knights @XPlosion2005 @HyperX DANG ITDoes anybody know this @HyperX model? We’re trying to sign him. you guess which esports channel will have a live broadcast of this event?🤔
Retweeted by KnightsAnd that's a wrap for Day One of the #KnightsGauntlet Valentine's Event presented by @boostgaming_ and @eBay! Join… man @Critical_Val pulls out the knives and leaves our jaws on the ground. ♥️ @boostgaming_ ♥️ @eBay 📺… FINALS are LIVE for the #KnightsGauntlet VALentine's Event by @boostgaming_ and @eBay 👉… average combat score for @OfficialAproto to close out the map for Better LG. Outstanding. #KnightsGauntlet
The Better LG steals a seemingly lost round with the great work of @bbyslaze! 📺 ♥️…