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@JennBB8 But are you really sorry? :) @KnivesOut is one of the greatest movies I've ever seen. Definitely worth watching 🔪
Retweeted by Knives Out @KnivesOut 10/10 recommend. We went to see it last night and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves
Retweeted by Knives Out @allisonrandom @ChrisEvans Tis the season! @DDDrewDaniel Chris Evans I love your work! @katarnett Our plan is working. 😈New Episode! We were beyond honored to sit down with @rianjohnson to talk @KnivesOut & movie Mysteries!! 🕵️‍♂️🔪 En…
Retweeted by Knives OutSaw knives out last night. Movie of the year for me. Well done!! @KnivesOut @rianjohnson
Retweeted by Knives OutBehind-the-scenes DIY fun: many of the impressionistic night exteriors on #KnivesOut were combinations of day-for-n…
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Absolutely LOVED @KnivesOut! A great whodunnit, full of incredible lines and twists. Pure joy, super fun, and with…
Retweeted by Knives OutSaw @KnivesOut last night and I gotta be honest why are people talking about @ChrisEvans ‘s sweater when they could…
Retweeted by Knives OutJust walked out of a screening of @KnivesOut. As someone who's grown up endearing Poirot novels, loved @rianjohnson
Retweeted by Knives OutWe're embracing big Chris-Evans-In-A-Sweater energy with a special SWEATERS ONLY screening of KNIVES OUT on Saturda…
Retweeted by Knives Out @Diedrel @AngeliqueRoche @ChrisEvans FACTS @mimilee @ChrisEvans You can’t spell sweaters without best friends. @Crazy_Casey1167 Welcome to the club. @renontheroad 👏👏👏 @catsmovie we’re turning your cashmere into catsmere, watch out @catsmovie 🧶 @Ana_d_Armas is a tour de force and cozier than Ransom will ever be. obsession with the cozy white knit sweater that @ChrisEvans wears in #KnivesOut continues
Retweeted by Knives OutEveryone go see Knives Out. That is my message. Everyone go see it.
Retweeted by Knives OutJust saw #KnivesOut for the THIRD time, and I'm still noticing things I didn't notice the first time. Such a remarkable film.
Retweeted by Knives OutOh, the knives? They’re OUT for you Growltiger. 🐱🔪 Out is so much fun to watch and must have been so much fun to make. Top class writing, possibly the most wel…
Retweeted by Knives OutI finally saw Knives Out and it entrenches Rian Johnson as my favorite working director.
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I would just like to express my thanks and appreciation to @rianjohnson for creating one of the best movies I’ve se…
Retweeted by Knives OutI just watched @KnivesOut and I think it deserves all the upcoming awards and accolades
Retweeted by Knives OutWe’re holding yours for ransom. 🙂"Why it's Golden Globe nominee Ana de Armas!" "Hi, Ru!" "Are you gonna have your knives out for my girls today?"…
Retweeted by Knives OutEXCELLENCE IN CONTEMPORARY FILM A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood – Arjun Bhasin Hustlers – Mitchell Travers Kniv…
Retweeted by Knives Out @ava_gambero @hunteryharris @ira We're here for it! @kay_manders There's a first time for everything! @makdaddyfresh Treat yo self 💅GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINEE ANA DE ARMAS
Retweeted by Knives OutYay my girl @Ana_d_Armas was nominated for a @goldenglobes for @KnivesOut. So excited and so proud. And congrats on…
Retweeted by Knives OutCongrats @Ana_d_Armas on your #goldenglobes2020 nomination! You were outstanding in #KnivesOut, you are so deserving! @KnivesOut
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#GoldenGlobe nominations: Best Sweater in a Motion Picture - Cable Knit Sweater (Knives Out) - Blue Sweater (Knive…
Retweeted by Knives Outjust saw @KnivesOut and all i can say is wow @ChrisEvans
Retweeted by Knives OutThe highlight of @KnivesOut was Craig going off about donuts in a southern accent as a metaphor. That scene really…
Retweeted by Knives Out37263% recommend watching @KnivesOut 🔪🩸
Retweeted by Knives Out @rianjohnson @jamieleecurtis .@rianjohnson and @jamieleecurtis are now LIVE!’s time to #GetYourCut! Tune-in to #KnivesOut’s Facebook and join @rianjohnson and @JamieLeeCurtis as they annou… to #KnivesOut on their @goldenglobes Nomination for Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy. to @Ana_d_Armas on her @goldenglobes Nomination for Best Actress - Musical or Comedy. to Daniel Craig on his @goldenglobes Nomination for Best Actor - Musical or Comedy. is incredibly fun and funny with twists and turns galore. It starts out great and gets better as it goes…
Retweeted by Knives OutAnd finally, The Philadelphia Film Critic's choice for the best movie of 2019 is... KNIVES OUT, directed by…
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Congratulations Rian Johnson for Best Original Screenplay Critics Choice Awards Nomination! to the entire cast of #KnivesOut for their Critics Choice Awards nominee for Best Acting Ensemble. to #KnivesOut on their Critics Choice Award nomination for Best Comedy!
Don’t worry, Jamie. That cable-knit is a one-trick pony. Let’s see it try and pull off a beach scene. No range.
Retweeted by Knives OutI think it’s safe to say you wear it better than I would have
Retweeted by Knives OutENSEMBLE CAST award goes to..."KNIVES OUT" (Lionsgate) - Awarded to Casting Director Mary Vernieu @Lionsgate
Retweeted by Knives Out#KnivesOut subtly features art by Matt Mania, Key Grip. We had many closeups of characters with eyeglasses, so he c…
Retweeted by Knives OutIf you missed #KnivesOut last weekend (or hell even if you didn’t) DO NOT PANIC - we’re still in theaters everywher…
Retweeted by Knives OutKnives Out: Quite Possibly The Most Entertaining Movie Of 2019
Retweeted by Knives OutSo KNIVES OUT. That was a delightful tangle of a movie. Watching Daniel Craig eat all the scenery in sight was worth the price of admission.
Retweeted by Knives Outjust got daniel craig's donut hole speech from knives out tattooed on my face
Retweeted by Knives Outtried to get on that #KnivesOutChallenge
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@3JGonzalez @Ana_d_Armas ¡Saludos Enrique! Gracias por compartir tus pensamientos honestos. 😉 @Vamphlet Sometimes we have good ideas. :) @FishOutOf_H20 RIP 🙏#KnivesOut is a brilliant throwback to the classic Agatha Christie stories I grew up reading with a sharply written…
Retweeted by Knives Out @rianjohnson ! What the hell was that ? My Gawd ! @KnivesOut Movie is one of the best crime thrillers told in the m…
Retweeted by Knives OutI know what I am getting my sister for Christmas! ;) Thanks @ChrisEvans and @KnivesOut for the wonderful idea! 👕👕👕
Retweeted by Knives OutBehold! My top 20 movies of 2019, as a series of paired titles. I'll thread the first 10, but here's a link to the…
Retweeted by Knives OutThe stan account might be gone, but the sweaters are forever. #KnivesOut @zaxmix @Lionsgate Our impact 👏 @spideysprker @Lionsgate Should I do a reveal 👀 @Jack_Michael17 @Lionsgate After Monday king 🙌 @SoCalledRobbie @Lionsgate lmao they can’t catch these hands...they pay me 🤣 @nivesout @Lionsgate literally I wishlol @lionsgate says it’s time to go back to our brand page. It’s been fun, miss y’all – stay thirsty out there folk… @wlwhozier I never thought of it that way. And I never will. Bye! @moviepassdied Arm 😍😛KNIVES OUT: Daniel Craig should only do movies in a deep fried southern accent
Retweeted by Knives OutHow can Daniel Craig be the most entertaining man alive in Knives Out and look like the poster child for dads who h…
Retweeted by Knives OutTired: Ugly sweater party Wired: Chris Evans' @KnivesOut sweater party
Retweeted by Knives OutSuch loving interpretations from people enjoying @KnivesOut #fanartfriday
Retweeted by Knives OutAwards season is truly upon us
Retweeted by Knives Out @alamanecer @tvnistark Noi’m stan account 🤩 @raventbrunner Our impact lol @redbox Oh ok so I see we’re team Redbox and ChillWhat can we say except, you're welcome! hope you eat sh*t too. ❤️ asks, and they shall receive., an intellectual: Ransom's sweater represents the true complexity of his character. Donut Energy inside another Big Donut Energy. 🍩 @cevanswhores I’m not allowed to comment but here’s my review: please go to church. @Jack_Michael17 @SixersAdam @MarxistSmart good luck jack, I believe in u ❤️ @tribranchvo Maybe I’m...the king that can handle 👑
@rogersndanvers I run this account @AndySwift Need a king who can handle 😤 @hunteryharris knives BEEN out
Retweeted by Knives Outmy knives?? they’ve never been IN
Retweeted by Knives OutAfter seeing Knives Out, I immediately left the theater and bought a nicer sweater.
Retweeted by Knives OutI’ve seen KNIVES OUT twice. I will now rank the sweaters of KNIVES OUT. 1. They’re all the best. They’re all great…
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