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@VulpineAlpha 1978-1997-98ish. In my mind the “Golden Age” would be late 80s to mid 90s. @Fradamamusic @Elbow It is possible. I’ve said the same thing myself.Creating in my space right now > @BrxwnRecluse Indica. Daily. fr. @1ElectricMag It’s complicated.Most don’t even realize that the World desperately needs what money can’t even buy.The music is always playin. fr.The US government has made it legal for certain individuals to kill, cheat, & steal. FYI: This didn’t just begin,… honest government is something the World has never seen. fr.✌🏾🤍 🌍 best way to stop the spread of gossip is to ignore it. If you can’t, then question it. Don’t believe everyt…
Remember, the government will take away your business faster than any competitor ever will.Word. individuals have sight good enough to see their own faults, but can easily see the faults of others tho. Let’s change that. @ChristianDSomb1 fr bro. That’s all we can do, keep our heads held high and stride on.And include @ChristianDSomb1 fr. @ChristianDSomb1 @ciroyelle @TheRealDJTearz @Cadaverous_Nate @OgElvisX1 @erywonyeahmen @3mindB @6thSense666 can’t be found in the amount of material possessions, prestige, or power one has. It’s located in humil… @BBlynde Congrats to you and your family fr. ✌🏾Fact @sabrinamore20 Because some don’t care about content. They value money, fame, &/or an image. @HyeMente fr lol @allisonleah_ I don’t have a choice. C’est la vie fr. @NI_News Whatup. Thank you for taking the time to listen. Made only with Maschine. fr ✌🏾🤍This me.… it. @erywonyeahmen Done @DaRyL_Br33Zy That is true. Indirect; but still a result of someone’s choices. @DaRyL_Br33Zy As I mentioned earlier in this thread, everything that happens in life is the result of a choice. It… World citizens we need to take our fate out of the hands of the few. @DaRyL_Br33Zy I don’t believe that @johnmichiemusic @KojiPlanet @HouseOfSeb @SugartownSlim @TheGodzillaAtt1 @CLMcConville @artblockmusic Humbled bro. ✌🏾 @DaRyL_Br33Zy Some might tho. Everything that happens isn’t an accident. @DaRyL_Br33Zy No. @byronsmithmusic @MathieuKmusic Yea Byron. I know 😂Word. @johnmichiemusic @KojiPlanet @HouseOfSeb @SugartownSlim @TheGodzillaAtt1 @CLMcConville @artblockmusic Much thanks John. ✌🏾🤍frSuggested listening listening @DaRyL_Br33Zy You have a point. I don’t believe life does anything to us tho. What happens to us is based on our ch… @DaRyL_Br33Zy 🤣 @artblockmusic fr. 🤦🏾‍♂️You matter. Now believe it. fr.Also fact @MathieuKmusic Okay I’m wit you now. Apologies for that. You right fr. @MathieuKmusic Who? @chamowizzy1 fr. @MathieuKmusic He should have said mainstream and it would have fit better. frFact.✌🏾🤍 🌍 @RecklessVelvet That’s dope fr. 🤣Suggested listening fr @LeoNatures ✌🏾Experience will make us either better or bitter. It’s our choice. @HyeMente ✌🏾 @HuecoTanksCR I agree with you fr.Honesty isn’t the popular choice, it’s the right one.Charity starts at home. fr. @Jay_is_swimming No.Fact @kusht_uk Fact fr. @TrailHare ✌🏾🤍fr. @MathieuKmusic Pop fr. It’s even invading other genres.Dope. dreams don’t amount to big things.No matter who you are or where you’re from, you have the right to an opinion. There is no requirement for us to ag… @SteveLeigh2019 @AndTerminators Speak for yourself fr.Gotta take a break to watch this game. fr. #12thMan @kusht_uk @GROTMusic @LeoNatures @thclutchbeats @7imoncello @_MRGL_ @MarietteMusic @queenofheaven19 @LesaneMusic only way an individual can make you feel inferior is with your consent. @JHoVaHoodStar Word. @kusht_uk @GROTMusic @LeoNatures @thclutchbeats @7imoncello @_MRGL_ @MarietteMusic @queenofheaven19 @LesaneMusic
One selfless act can change millions of lives. @KarmaBabyMusic FactIf you don’t remain humble, you will eventually stumble. @kusht_uk Word fr. @kusht_uk I’m wit that but you didn’t say I had to pick only one. I’m taking pistachios, cashews, hazelnuts, & pean… do we not pay attention when history repeats itself. Let’s change that. @REvolt3d Together we could rebalance it too. But that still has yet to happen. @REvolt3d FactIn my mind the only problem with our planet is us. fr. @DaRyL_Br33Zy That’s the way bro fr. @TrailHare It’s because you are a genuine individual. fr. ✌🏾🤍 @kusht_uk Yes. @DaRyL_Br33Zy I won’t say all that but if I can help improve a life with a text I’m down. fr. ✌🏾 @LeanCoolTop20H1 Yes. @LeoNatures Word. ✌🏾 @DaRyL_Br33Zy Gotchu, I’m not gonna say good morning beautiful but I will say good morning lol. @LeoNatures 🥔 🥑 🥝 🍊 and beans fr. @DaRyL_Br33Zy If you want I’ll text you bro. frI fear the weakness of humanity not the strength. @DaRyL_Br33Zy If you say so, but base on observation of your responses it doesn’t appear that way. @DaRyL_Br33Zy No. I’m saying you shouldn’t attempt to rely on others for your mental. You should be okay by yourself. Love yourself. fr. @DaRyL_Br33Zy You can do that yourself. @SoniaDmusic Sincere Apologies Sonia. Praying for you and you’re loved ones fr. ✌🏾🤍 @Whitetigerfyre Word. @RayKitGaming Life doesn’t murder anything, but we do. fr. @DaRyL_Br33Zy 🤣 @johnmichiemusic @mystic_moderna @jed_elno @MusicContainer @serserravalle @PadreToxico @gib1970 @AnnBS_ArtMusic