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@mrs_poggers morgonster @said5q dude said fuck the anime and kpop girls ima go after corpse husband girls @said5q i mean... do what you got to do i guess @said5q hah @Chriztopha_ @xoxabstract dude stuttering in a tweet @xanful if youre curious what it looks like @xanful probably this sakura keycap its so nice looking and its $20 $Damilicious
@SamManlol @Boltsiola @zombs cursed @Rawkus @zombs this aged well @sophiesolit banger @WhosBreezyUK nah you just have bad aim @WhosBreezyUK all anime avi users get 20% boost on their aim no question @gxmblr @shengtian00 goat girl @nbltmd i need it to be a two parter and a movie to end it like they did with evangelion fr @lemipog @SamManlol hit the share button? why would i hit it thats abuse @nbltmd they gotta be double episodes ATLEAST right like 16 episodes cannot cover the manga and the manga isn't eve… @SamManlol how do you even add a tweet on a fleet @nbltmd imagine 16 episodes, hour each... brr @gwinchie i dont think he said that @yNope_ wait you actually snapped on your song on JCFC @valentinabtw i know a very cute boy that has personality and is addicted to redbull @slamongfIobo @Boy1drr f u @itsWaddles_ @slamongfIobo @slamongfIobo @itsWaddles_ @Horrify @nmgreen57 i cant make it to the next OTF tournament sorry i have uhm plans now @SamManlol @Boltsiola @notchaselyons nice pfp chase
@Sentinels @sinatraa my goat @Mako @higroundco keyboard kinda sexy sheeeshhh @koordell he's the only one where i think he needs more aim assist to be able to be decent at cod @gwinchie @TkazGG finally @Aireuu no games really a turn off honestly like i can see why league is enjoyable but mobas arent my thing @dracubina hi @gwinchie when did u go blonde @evolutiol whats so funny @evolutiol no im very tall yes very i see over peoples heads @shortBlasian 👀 @evolutiol taller then me... fuck @shortBlasian i saw Lis and i thought it was Lit for a second sheesh that was close @anitneIav im scared can you hold me tightly and break my spine then snap my neck 🥺 @anitneIav her laugh is like those scary laugh tracks they play during movies @evolutiol how tall r u @asyyyc IWTEYP is so like heart wrenching id kill to rewatch it without knowing the story again @asyyyc @Blankzy_ @Huntrelol ok? @grownpapa @shavzus woah why'd you pull out a knife on me? my bad bro put the blade down @grownpapa @shavzus drainer? @jordanfisher SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH
@peesh @Froste i was on that mousepad for 7 years tho it was mad worn out idk why i didnt buy a new mousepad earlier @peesh @Froste old mousepad LOL im on the GSRE now, monitor is fine for me im short asf @nmgreen57 @Froste maybe in the future, i dont even play val on my main anymore @nmgreen57 @Froste im gonna be the stewie2k of valorant @Huntrelol @Froste when i was on this mousepad i was .56 800dpi on val and now im .35 800 @Huntrelol @Froste im on a new mousepad tho but i dont feel like cleaning my desk for a new picture @nmgreen57 @Froste this is the cleanest my desk had ever look no troll LOL @Huntrelol @Froste this is my setup @Froste #FrostePC @grownpapa THICCPAPA @infamousbtw i got 38k and i felt like i listen to music alot too how tf do people get 50k @fatgirljuice buy my account off me for cheap tap in @koordell spotify doing me dirty rn @C9AIex @Leo__ffs doesnt work im in pain @Boy1drr @may_wedda @Spotify die! @Boy1drr @may_wedda it still shows this LOL @Boy1drr @may_wedda sends me to this then this but i cant click shit on second part @Boy1drr @may_wedda am i suppose to have it @Boy1drr @may_wedda same thing happened on the app @may_wedda i got it but like its not showing me the page and shit it just gives me the playlist WTF @valifacent sadly no @valifacent 😼 @may_wedda it says coming soon tf @may_wedda where to check this @xoxabstract my bad
@evolutiol can you do another one for me real quick @Darkpitqwc im deadass contemplating it @LundiHater LOL @LundiHater HAHA @fatgirljuice just wish i got the ace @Boy1drr ermstthis is my pistol @may_wedda @Huntrelol @misoxela do you just record it all or like shadowplay type thing @okleslie me @lyssiu you snapped
@ShahZaMk love you bro @KnownAsSwarm i dont even got the game installed @sinatraa @JBLaudio $150 to get the best sounding audio possible? thats a steal @issa @resolute im literally 17. @resolute fempapa wears a skirtpapa to outsidepapa so he can show his shlong that grownpapa'd @resolute so is a monocle? its a fashion icon @resolute tf is a moncler bro LOL @resolute i thought you were talking about a monocle i- nvm. @CryptiicNoOne @yNope_ W @lyssiu learn preaims and you'll be fine! @resolute that snow hitting the ground and melting put the moncler back @StableRonaldo @xQc can't wait for X to get first in the next cup @Huntrelol @nosstalgicbrat cant give any secrets bro im moving in silence out here @Huntrelol @nosstalgicbrat 'she' is 5'1 so im still winning in the end @Huntrelol @nosstalgicbrat thankfully im 6'3 230lbs 12% bodyfat (2% increase due to thanksgiving smh my head)