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@JERMAlNE not a single anime avi. im disgusted tbh id leave the server
@_skag @Nadeshot @PlayVALORANT whatd i do??? @Nadeshot @PlayVALORANT Apparently, it's because your Hidden MMR is lower than your actual MMR so they give less elo. @lyssiu 2d men & women 🤝 @lyssiu hello @TkazGG i can understand brim cause lowkey he fun asf cause of the stim beacons, but omen is actual snoozer @TkazGG idk about that one... sentinels fun asf @valentinabtw suppies @valentinabtw sorry for taking so long to respond, i am now here @Boltsiola HBD ❤️ @TheTopViking if it had an animation yes @VanishingTerror FUCK no @iamkiwi it'd* @iamkiwi if i didnt have glitchpop and reaver i'd be my main knife smh... @BasedGothlol if it wasnt a default animation then maybe @BasedGothlol isnt the ego knife in b? @shivisdumb nah ego knife and singularlity clean asf but there's no animation on it @naphu_ no <3 @_skag Glitchpop Axe A as well but im too lazy to add that shit @_skag Kunai A and Fan S tbh @shivisdumb maybe, only good thing about it is the animation but the knife is so ugly @peesh i wish u can take off VFX off skinsOnly correct tierlist, assemble.
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@harmfoo i wish inspect had sumn different tbh like you spin it like a karambit from cs @harmfoo gm @ahad @AddiceInc i need this @illSuga that hyouka one is actually S tier holy shit @StableRonaldo hop on valorant 👀 @lyssiu gm @JakeSucky LOL @DarienBMG mikasa couldve been first or second bur they ruined her 😔 @DarienBMG pieck elite tho shes like top 2 with historia @rickyreapers i got bored of it fast, maybe in the future @rickyreapers its kind of fun again tbh but i cant get back into BRs @CasperrFPS LMAO whose spamming u with discord msgs @Morgausse_ how the turn have tables... 💔 @notblasiann servers are bugging rn LOL @shigebean i hope i dont get cremated, i hope they like put my body in the soil and let me just rot and help the environment @EmiiyTV does he need a boyfriend @DarienBMG @Yuhuuur @DarienBMG fr women so beautiful i got tears in my eyes @DarienBMG i dont get how a company can make water bad, like water itself isn't suppose to have a taste LOL @faelyriia i mean mic is like sort of needed but i never make a huge deal out of it, if they shit the bed and dont… @faelyriia eh it depends, if its in a ranked obviously you'd want someone to use a mic but as long as they're doing… @JWantedL hey 😳 @anitneIav sup @gwinchie why are they that close without masks what if they're sick D: @KittenElise kaguya-sama elite asf but if u want more of a fighting one cant go wrong with mob psycho or drifters @Odablock happy late birthday man <3
@dracubina i want a dog so badddddd and a catttttt @StableRonaldo insane @SnoodFN @amaanderz dont laugh at her snooders shes trying her best @mackenziereynaa how do u know @amaanderz the best! @mackenziereynaa what do u look like @JDawesome23 @Grahamalott sorry @JDawesome23 @Grahamalott no @Darkpitqwc like 80% of the reason i buy coco puffs and eat it @DarienBMG that name goes crazy @gwinchie erm @gwinchiie hi @harmfoo LMAOOOOOO
@snirot my brimstone kind of elite 👀 @sinatraa I am straight up done with Sentinels. These guys simply have no respect for anyone or anything. They alre… @sinatraa lego star wars stream gonna go crazy @theman22022 @EnsonLeroy @Kr_ispy @sinatraa The bigger picture is that they made it to Masters, the money is just a bonus. @theman22022 @EnsonLeroy @Kr_ispy @sinatraa SEN, XSET, IMT, and NV qualified for masters, the rest of the tournamen… @SnoodFN @gwinchie ? @Kloudyyys *farts* @ltsCamo i wasnt even in my form LOL if i was in my form i would've had 40 at least @reaIlysexy LOL @Avalanche100T @reaIlysexy ross is a good man @OnTheFlyTwitch @xoxabstract ? @harmfoo @sinatraa imagine ulting to guarantee a round and then getting killed mid air @Blankzy_ @Layymooon @Layymooon @lyssiu happy birthday again! :) @kvrohs mmm @mackenziereynaa like 5'4
@harmfoo i swear to god, gold and plat elo you need a different type of skill set to go against them, they're a different breed @harmfoo it happens to the best of us </3 @gwinchie better than original color scheme by far anyway @gwinchie i pair it with my lil ox buddy mmm goat combo @gwinchie sorry @DarienBMG gn titan @Boy1drr @gwinchie i will turn u to washan. @gwinchie uh sure if you guys are tryna play rn @gwinchie when what? i can play whenever @JERMAlNE in england rn its 7:27 holy f osu number @JERMAlNE ty @SHEEBTS dude... come on i barely play cypher on haven let me shit on kids when i do! @SHEEBTS wait link my that A site cam LMAO @gwinchie ight just msg me when, discord or twitter idrc @SHEEBTS cypher on haven fun asf i cant even lie @gwinchie im down rn if u guys are tryna play @gwinchie time to run the Arsenal?RANKED IS FUN!
Retweeted by lit @harmfoo simply a gg go next type of round @lyssiu Radiant Lyss #soon @imjaoc word on the street is that you're the sage on the other team