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kenny @KnownAsLit 19 he/him

@playvalorant // kim da-mi fan acc // @tuyufan

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@seeyouatthegym0 @Helios_Val NO WAY @1mehzy beginning of the act too, blud doesnt care oml @1mehzy nah what they do to you for you to tweet like this omg @israahuh coc base goes crazy @israahuh thank god, new gold pass tmrw @6uhh9 pickled carrots and radish go stupid @Im_mashedpotato it doesnt @zander_fps got to get that RR somehow @hailewhy i fill most of the time but i need to start being a jett main again @hailewhy solo q when u play support is beyond snooze @reaIlymatt i need a radiant gf @Flyroh4KT @Nadeshot @HaleyHey_ @shibbyrw cryin
@1kkutsu honestly idk if its even grease cause mine dont even come lookin like that @1kkutsu the logo on the parchment is green + grease i guess? @1kkutsu thats how wingstop delivers their fries LOL @1kkutsu im more confused that he's drinking coffee with burgers and shit @NotDariennn yo @kissubie Corpse @ClawdiaFox AC blasting at 72 degrees, 69 when sleeping tho @ClawdiaFox the pool gotta go crazy in arizona @GeorgeCGed @ovwvou
giving away $400 in ETH rt + follow @SlotsJuicer to enter picking winner in 48 hours
Retweeted by kenny @WedidOfficial @TryMetafy i need YOU. @TheCampingRush this so crazy coming from your minecraft lets play days to seeing you getting married soon, congrats :) @NotDariennn @FAlRYLEY @YourEmbracee @nyawnz @dannybrsk @_MaddieSims @BossedUpJose @222GenTle split good 👍 @WhosBreezyUK @CrypticNoHoes @benjyfishy how have i just seen this omg @visionofviii meow
@haleyonIine time to grind video games again i cant let this happen to me @haleyonIine omg is that actually a thing @madafps @ShopifyRebels happy for you all <3 @jirgezi @funnysmartguy12 im learning korean jirge! @funnysmartguy12 what Language @jirgezi she snapped @WasteManOP those retainers gonna save your life, i regret not wearing mine @WasteManOP i know you keep licking them teeths @pohluhr literally impossible for me to care about competitive when earlier in a solo q ranked i had a dude named H… @pohluhr people forget its a video game and its bound to have bad games in any multiplayer game @funnysmartguy12 @pprxteam @DRX_VS 0-2 to 1-2... now its time for 2-1 @valkcy hope it gets better brodie @NotJorbi happy level up buddy 🤓☝️ @sevvn this rushia avi crazy @daiptix that toast looks so good but i cannot imagine those tenders tasting good @notblasiann blud lookin like me @ktbugy i said wow @DerrekOW feel better soon brodie <3 @bunbaIl LOL @_kaiiloo so good @daiptix they dissin takashi 6ix9ine????? @mahbuhl bloons td battles was the shit in middle school @mahbuhl this is so sick but also a nerd for 250 hours on bloons td 6 @NotDariennn she caught u on that WWE game omg
@cinnxmroll @cynprel is the go to valorant lore person if theyre still wondering 👍 @audiistic gm @cupofchaii gm @cwaudiia bob @Josh_Tried gm to women only @jasonsusantoo the best susantoo @NotDariennn on a date with my girl @ashiibun 🤝 @Leo__ffs i want two dogs, one in my mouth and the other in my ass but thats the hispanic coming out of me you feel me brother 🤝 @Leo__ffs dude ive been craving a five guys hotdog the entire week LOL @Leo__ffs that looks so good rn @Cryocells_ make NA proud 🫡 @Rawrilol nop @Rawrilol this shit isnt even true wtf! @Rawrilol respect @OrgAsmGaming ?
@Rawrilol why ricky like this after i just lied for him bruh L white guy @kamikorinaa greed island a W arc @Josh_Tried @JERMAlNE gru* @Jingggxd @teamsecret i will not sleep to watch you win go get the win jing! @cupofchaii my handwriting still ass to be fair so maybe i shouldve done it @cupofchaii my dad tried to get me to relearn how to write in 3rd grade summer cause my handwriting was so ass LOL @cinnxmroll sorry i didnt mean to jump @notcrypticno @Boy1drr dude going against a dude named umbramortifacuz and expected to do worse than 9-1 omg
@notcrypticno @visionofviii this when u put it all on green @infamousbtw @benjyfishy this some crazy foreshadowing mr infamous @Boy1drr yoru buff pls im begging @starlovesuu i said wow @Jingggxd i will stay up to 4 am to watch you jing i believe! #prxwin @mws i worked out for the first time in months and ill never workout again @spiteplanted i got a mosquito bite on the tip of my nose like 4 days ago and i look so stupid @mws @MxjdTV im omega sore today tho idk if that's possible @mws @MxjdTV LMFAO @kaylinnss @austinbutler thx @MxjdTV ill play just give me ur tag (also ima prob not play insanely well my arms are sore) @fairyfps hope your birthdays good, happy birthday brodie @Horrify not the “lol ok” 💔 @Horrify lmk if he/she gets off and youre still tryna play then @Horrify valorant time @Sentinels im ready @xChocoBars lord.
@bittybtw hop on val @bittybtw oh. @bittybtw a lil lower but all good @bittybtw im 6’3 on a good say 🫡 @illSuga vivy @notcrypticno you into kdramas? @Shanks_TTV @vinniehacker