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@sonii Let me put you on manwhas bro... @liImorg wtf is 8
@notchaselyons 1Hope Sniper goes so crazy @shortBlasian 0 hours a month @may_wedda @Schovee msg when ready @Schovee @may_wedda all 3 leggo @may_wedda @Schovee suppos @Schovee hyper scape leggo @Schovee hey are u awake @retzi i miss ur streams @Schovee @FGBelal just wake up faster @sophiesolit how do the questions even make sense like the choices are horrendous and the questions dont even correlate with each other @sophiesolit budget $5 background character :( @Schovee @FGBelal hop on valorant/hyper scape rn? @notchaselyons <333 @TheUltraLex I was getting bored of VALORANT until I picked up Phoenix again and I really enjoy him @sophiesolit these questions actually suck @FGBelal @Schovee @heymillly people are so weird :/ @HarryButAverage @optiuh he's* @HarryButAverage @optiuh yeah but she's hot @liImorg wait huh @Huntrelol @HarryButAverage @HarryButAverage video for anyone curious @Xouped @notchaselyons a cup of what? @emmyuh look like me @tv7va_i SmileChamp @Boy1drr @Schovee no @Schovee dude. @Schovee oh
@stereoberrys @Slasher @BeasttrollMC fr @cooIjr ight @KeviSkillz This will do. @tttrrreeeaaatt C @may_wedda bet @may_wedda you on rn? ill run some @may_wedda i just got no trio to run with so ima just chill but it does look interesting @may_wedda maybe i do download this game afterall @xHitan Jirge dies to a female character (sage) and moans... i cant take it anymore @phoxNA i actually cant tell if 10 is a lot for raze, all i know is that its stupid easy to stop plants on bind @phoxNA raze on bind is too good @jorhdys you still got time to delete @emmyuh hey haha @dagostlno @emmyuh @emmyuh ill give u 700pp play for leg pics @marcusy_ not really @Huntrelol @Gavpai dude loaded minecraft for this reply right here Jesus christ @stereoberrys ok @Gavpai very cool, can you toss sumn cash for valorant skins @stereoberrys @marcusy_ change this @MyFavsTrash @vietNblack @PlayVALORANT @stereoberrys CAN you gift 5 subs to @knownaslit @longneckedbeck nah im awake @serenatei omg twinsies i do to! lol we're so similar @serenatei i heard that passion at the end 😌 @Schovee i dont even omen often and i could do it LOL @Schovee fake tps been a thing since legit 2nd week of beta LOL no way @martialart ON GOD! @Chr9s honestly, dying over 20 times is impressive imo @zsqoof listening to pop's new album pretty loud and this did not help @BakeHatesItHere @mynameisalliyah bookmarking her tweet. @BakeHatesItHere @mynameisalliyah been following your tiktok since 15k followers please alliyah im a big fan (not physically) @BakeHatesItHere @mynameisalliyah aint no problem... i may collect some debt but at least i get to see her happy @BakeHatesItHere @mynameisalliyah this video makes me want to pay her taxes @mynameisalliyah DUDE @VelvetAngelUSA @GRlNCHIE what's wrong with you guys @Schovee @scarrfries how utility can be used effectively taking a site, how different agents can change the map and… @Schovee @scarrfries explain what a default is, how to properly capitalize on picks, how to play post plants, and i… @Schovee @scarrfries Ryan we should do like a basic valorant 101 game sense tutorial fr @scarrfries @Schovee ive seen golds play worse than you, i believe @scarrfries @Schovee ryan said he does coaching lessons @Schovee i cant wait to enjoy ranked so i can grind to radiant @Schovee Our chemistry > @MyFavsTrash @notchaselyons dude
@Amplitic holy f reyna ult clip pogchampion @Kephrii wait where did the split arrows actually land wtf @BakeHatesItHere @scarrfries dude's gate keeping drinking @BrenBrenlol biggest what now @SkreetMan @Ezclaps__ @brookeab @Symfuhny NO WAY LOLLLRIP july 2, 2020 Read:
Retweeted by lit @Ahadify @sYnceDez best maps go bind ascent haven split and its not even close @MyFavsTrash my mom be making like rice dishes and shit and i wash it down with milk LOL @Huntrelol @GRlNCHIE nah i sent my dm after i saw the tweet! @Huntrelol @GRlNCHIE Pain. @kabooseCS we won atleast right @remmyuh add sumn soil and shit @Huntrelol @GRlNCHIE what'd i miss @HERO_Ronin Sometimes i just wish i turned on shadowplay but i always forget too
@maids @gxmblr fr @maids @gxmblr us in a discord call lol @maids @gxmblr @gxmblr @maids no she didnt @maids HELLLOOOOOOO @BrenBrenlol shit frames when i try, not worth imo @BrenBrenlol first game ive had that i had more kills than my teammates combined tbh @BrenBrenlol dude i was off a perc that game i swear, i got you plat 1 tho and im still mad tired @BrenBrenlol hey @oFabz lob ass in it @oFabz its crazy that you're just sitting in your maid outfit rn just waiting for twitch to fix itself so now you'r… @Boy1drr @BrenBrenlol @endeylol right infront of me? dude.