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whats ur damage? . ig @ knox.mp3 . scloud knoxmurdock

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no words @lilcapitalism so nostalgic too 🥰 truly my happy placeJanuary 2021 -Back to basics- 📸: @hellotonylee
Retweeted by pastelito de queso @stargaasm and we’re always going to thank you, yupok but who needs therapy when u can just watch gameplay walkthroughs of your favorite video games for literally hours on-end 🥰 @prettyboydad whATnot bootlicking for celebs bc we dont sympathize w. the rich – just women. black women esp who deal w. this constan… always found it strange how ppl are so bold about being blatantly verbally abusive towards celebs just bc they do… where is this additional stimulus cheque...aint this the last day in office for that bitch w. the leaning wig see...y’all couldn’t move in silence even if it meant being deported 😭 @kissmeriver eradicate men immediately plsssu dont understand im HOWLING way he knew what was coming in the first frame. love the self-awareness @shayxonline the second-hand embarrassment is far too much...she thought she was sayin sum’n @prettyboydad its so hot here kind of alarmingthee toxic relationship anthem @prettyboydad so then come back 🙈
85° in LA this boy winter??? is a rly cute album in case y’all forgotvomiting in a BOWL? that u EAT out of?? and then putting it in the DISHWASHER??? completely unprompted, w**te ppl c… @kissmeriver not that! she is absolutely mexican and chinese fjsjkdd just bc we’re latino w. beards chile @kissmeriver not u acting like you dont know of your leo sister was when i knew..pisces just do it different! one: me in middle school: @kissmeriver now- 🥺mom just mailed me 3 rolls of salchichón and blocks of queso para freír right from NY...i love it right here! @kissmeriver my current man looks NOTHING like me 🙈 @kissmeriver i just recently broke my streak @sekhmetdoll is it every day 😭experiment “not checking on ppl who dont check on you, 2021” is yielding very informative results so far @regeneratedgirl pls this is such a chaotic scene not in the room 😭im sorry but if u put a foot on my head while you’re f*ck*ng me im breaking ur legs and thats just what it is @petitenfertile pleeeaseee 😭 @gothjafar this one and “this is what makes us girls” that song can be a movie by itself. she was telling st… the oüite gëys right on up! then she never served like this again...the sound of a cheering crowd in the background of this song w. the vio… this is loud who have a vendetta against drinking water absolutely carry d*cks that shoot sulfuric acid @th3saddestangel @prettyboydad i’d rather f*ck inside 😳🙈 @prettyboydad kiana!!! @makeupbyshaniah i’ve almost put them shoes on a couple was the video of the old lady getting tased for me 😩 @gothjafar her kids mixed for surei just wanna flip my skirt up at the club 😔 @prettyboydad not INdoja’s adlibs and backing vocals always hit so cute she rly is a musical geniusdid he need me to pick something up for him..? skins bootlicking for white ppl as if they’re not looked at by them as n-words regardless, you say?… pen on this song 😳 @MisterJROCKA same, im tryna have my shits jumpinthe way i’ve never had any trouble believing she said this @sekhmetdoll @paraisodoll wait- can you send me friend codes i wanna play 🥺 @notmeraymond them things thangin 😳😩
she is bussin’ it omg you’re ever afraid ur nudes will leak or they dont make u more popular then you’re doing them wrong and should b…’ve been putting a good percentage of my paychecks into my savings and actually NOT touching it for a consecutive… more FN...just give us a new album pls we’re begging @xxxen6 just dm’d u some current favs xoxohold highly in your own heart those who see and love the best in you, rather than try to win the hearts of those who dontall of the aggit’s hands i swatted away and off of my ass on the bathroom line at the ungrateful i was 😔another night of being thankful i have pretty feet..its true died @PalIahAbdul and i think u should say itfist class ticket, one-way – hottest vip section im bitter but..shit like this kinda makes me sick 😖 just tell me im pretty and buy me things u dont need to p… i heard anxiety is rly just a thought or a seemingly harmless fear rattling around in your brain for an uninterr… of my man taking care of me after my m**ly comedown about the first dance break in the g.u.y. music video...right out the gate she was swinging cant be a no-shoes household if u dont clean your floors, me staining my good white sport socks for what 🤨 @urieIio the only era reallywait- 🙈
truly peaked @BigDipperJelly thank u baby 😤 @izaak_slays NOT uranus omgfinally found a good thai place in LA and it only took me 8 months than i expected 😅 but giving sailor fa99ot for sure
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Retweeted by pastelito de quesoi got a plaid mini skirt for fun and its...kinda giving? @kissmeriver like leave her alone we’re FEDy’all weird as hell for still publicly thirsting over this bozo knew what she was doing leaving us w. this album bc 5 years later and still my god? morning @YungYinkv nooofjdjd @TheKimbino i was just thinking the same thing. it feels celestial @shayxonline anything for u queen 🙇🏽‍♂️idk who needs to hear this but put a stamp on today bc u tried your best – tomorrow’s a new opportunity to start over @hvnnymoon i’ve never had it 🤥 what does she recommend. @sekhmetdoll u won tonight 😩 @paraisodoll this one is *chef’s kiss* like overnight results. totally worth the investment @paraisodoll @paraisodoll retinoid 🙈the future is shygirl to this ar*an* remix again tryna make it sound better but it just keeps putting in my face the reason why… is such a violent micro-aggression ☹️ turn this shit UP!!! @ell_liott i thought she skated – literally the only cute thing about it @kissmeriver