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gianny :) @koalanoob her heart :D

19🇮🇹🇨🇦 | val for @GhostGaming | pfp: @misa_aren | 💗@kaytea_xp💗

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@kaytea_xp goodnight c; @kaytea_xp SHEESH OMG YOURE SO GOOD HEYY HI REYNA MAINand then i defused the spike and won the round and we all lived happily ever after <3
Retweeted by gianny :) @kaytea_xp is it??? @kiwiramune @kaytea_xp @sevvn don’t worry johann you did perfect flashes for me don’t listen to them @kaytea_xp @sevvn @kiwiramune LMFAOOO @sevvn @kaytea_xp @kiwiramune she’s really gambling we win our 50/50 blind fight which is smart very tactical @kiwiramune @kaytea_xp @sevvn NO STOP BAHAHAHAH @Moechillasama @harmfoo @sevvn ILY MOE PLEASE @kaytea_xp @kiwiramune you both are setting me and @sevvn up fr @kiwiramune @harmfoo @sevvn right?? @harmfoo @sevvn AHAHHAHAHAHAdo Not queue unrated right now
Retweeted by gianny :) @kaytea_xp they stand no chance 💅 @kaytea_xp @kiwiramune why are we opposite of each other wtf @NiSMO_VAL @TheGuard ??? bro @HarmonyyVAL @TheGuard no idk why that was there creed told them i just play unrated now LOOL @chloe_hime7 LMFAO @kaytea_xp @kiwiramune @TheGuard ILL BE READY IN A LITTLE GIMME LIKE 15-20? @zekkenVAL @TheGuard yeah you are.. now get on lets play ;p @kaytea_xp @TheGuard heyyyy <3unrated buff w/ her is real :) 2-1 @TheGuard LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOLY SHIT WE ARE HERE TO PLAY BABY
Match against @TheGuard at 4 PST today :) @kaytea_xp cringe kay/o abuser. @kaytea_xp no shit u kept destroying me.
@kaytea_xp HEYY :)
@kaytea_xp you got this ilysm <3 @kaytea_xp ???? ok @kaytea_xp ur literally the best player in the universe omg i’m so proud you keep improving everyday AHHH 🥰 d3 next!! @kaytea_xp hi hello heyy @kaytea_xp the most cool caption in the world but an even better photo my god.. cute @kaytea_xp HOLY SHIT HELLO 😻im so bad at captions can you guys pretend this has a really cool caption pls omg
Retweeted by gianny :)
@L3MON_v huge!!! @kaytea_xp don’t need to fingers cross shit you’re getting the job and we will celebrate when u do 😁
@kaytea_xp haha thats weird u forgot to /joke after haha… @threeFPS @realmocking @sevvn i was the best red rover build player by far there’s no way u didn’t hear of me then unless u did pot @dawnmoer @realmocking @sevvn true true hypixel people r different @dawnmoer @realmocking @sevvn badlion @realmocking @sevvn woah woah woah i came from minecraft wtf @neT_valorant love you man he’s just jealous of how far you’ve came as a player <3
@itsasniaa always c; @kaytea_xp REFRESH RIGHT NOW U SOFT BLOCKER @kaytea_xp WTF??? HOW COULD U @kaytea_xp i was the unfollow and i’m glad you’re taking responsibility for that. @kaytea_xp missed that welcome back my fav shit poster 🙏🏻 @kaytea_xp i’ll give you mine @OkinFPS got my +1 unrated already apologies ;-; @902Creed @OkinFPS unrated gamer now 💅 @fIuffyzx i would have to ask ;p @OkinFPS cuz i don’t play ranked often anymore g_goh my god insane valorant shots wtf! ;o @kaytea_xp just wait till i get on and start oping in my spots ;p @kaytea_xp it was the opposite for us today tho 😋 @zekkenVAL @XSET aw man you shut me down a few rounds in a row on fracture you’re unreal ;p love you bro goodluck next weekaw man 0-2 versus @XSET such a close series :( only week 1 of 5 will come back stronger next week :D
@jwilN2L @TohkaaZ lmfaoooo np @SyykoNT @f1ukie @RsN_cs @Fade4756 @its_royalG @Dukkhacs GOODLUCK SYYKO I LOVE YOU LETS HAVE A BANGER MATCH
@neT_valorant one match outta 5 don’t stress you guys are incredible @Asunaa hahaha finally :D ggs y’all looked great that match @Asunaa after that warmup scrim i knew it was gg 😭 @itsasniaa @kaytea_xp good c; @itsasniaa @kaytea_xp oh okay LMFAO i was like what is this sudden slander.. @itsasniaa @kaytea_xp ??? wtf ;-; @kaytea_xp good morning ur the besttttt have a good day c; <3diamond gamer!!
Retweeted by gianny :) @kaytea_xp so proud of you :D <3 immortal next !!!
@kaytea_xp hehe c; @kaytea_xp @Razer wow… messed up think about their hand size next time plz @kaytea_xp best catgirl ;p @kaytea_xp gm but ur asleep so gn wakeup soon @frxski @pondsnaiI vouch he helpedyou queue into this stack wyd
Retweeted by gianny :) @L3MON_v don’t plz
@kaytea_xp I DID CHECK MY OTHER REPLY??? @kaytea_xp iced white mocha with sweet cream cold foam OR dragon drink 3/4 lemonade 1/4 coconut milk @kaytea_xp omfg 😻hi hello hey what’s up @kaytea_xp of course you’re gonna make it :D accept it all!! @sullycasts GOD DAMN
@kaytea_xp HOLY SHIT UR UNBELIEVABLE @Zellsis ❤️❤️❤️ @C0Mtweets happy birthday corbin love you bro :D @Boltzy__ @calicovaI @zekkenVAL nah but bro this one is unbelievable i think ima be god with it now 😩 @Boltzy__ @calicovaI @zekkenVAL that’s a lie i just got it today and it’s fucking insane @Zellsis yeahhh i made one too for that exact reason feels good to just rant sometimes
@kaytea_xp it’s okay understandable have a nice day @kaytea_xp wow so you won’t teach a noobie like me? it’s okay i’ll learn how to make a friend on that game myself that quest is too hard @kaytea_xp lemme min-max toontown with you once i land @miniatureVAL @crunchyyworld just a little bit ;p @HUYNH_CS heyy @kaytea_xp OMG HI GM HEYYY @Vanityxz haha @brawku @NiSMO_VAL lost my voice cuz of how many times i had to hype u up rofl @sullycasts @willminder @TenZOfficial @crunchyyworld @snirot @Ban_Val @Boostio @ScrewFaceVAL @rhymeVAL @6syfi u lik… @Ju1ianZ @GhostGaming @1johnqt @brawku @NiSMO_VAL @OfficialAproto @itskaplan yeah… might need to change the name @itskaplan @Rano_ezpz oh man it’s bad @frxski blue 😋 @frxski IM SO EXCITEDI QUALIFY AND THEN THIS APPEARS IN MY SHOP YUP ITS DEF GONNA BE A GOOD DAY HOLY FUCK morning :) todays a good day.