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@YaBoiDre what mouse @frostyZK @foxy_ggs @LeviathanAG @Governor_Val 2 other handsome demons i love them both. approved @frostyZK @foxy_ggs ur so good 😫
@b0ssyCS BRUH LMFAOOOO THE REACTIONS KILLING ME @CarbynVAL @sfX_x1 i’m down bro drive down let’s get this shit rolling @theKingFPS_ @Teoweeb_ @ShadeJay88 rogers just is so bad with me not even because of my high ping but because it spikes super hard a lot @theKingFPS_ @Teoweeb_ @ShadeJay88 Surely it’s just where I live then right? 50 to illi 40 on good days and then I get 75-85 on texas. @428Light @Teoweeb_ @ShadeJay88 SHEEEEE OKAY BRO 😫😫 @Teoweeb_ @ShadeJay88 i’m the complete opposite... moms been a hard rogers user for years now so that’s why she’s s… @428Light @Teoweeb_ @ShadeJay88 yo go get miku for me rq i need her too i’m not moving rn ;) @Teoweeb_ @ShadeJay88 bruh whyd u need to reply i’m jealous i’m stuck on 50 to illi as my best server and i try day… @1hadofhfo @Justinovah @LeviathanAG you’d get tapped by my prism judge @Justinovah @LeviathanAG i’ll ego check u rn get the fuck in my smoke see what happens ;) @mooseloff i wish you experienced my top mid play 😭 i would have been ur best pug buddy @aegijoyce HIII JOYCE :D
@st9llar @NRGgg gl bro lemme see that 0.32 800 farm 😫 @zekkenVAL @Sentinels ur so good i love you @Apex177 @Sentinels the improvement of yall should be crazy motivation to the t2 scene that we can compete with tim… @1hadofhfo @SammayTV you can take that spot for me? 🥺 @1hadofhfo @SammayTV ew i’d quit games before becoming a content creator ;3 i ain’t got humour like sam + my pc blo… @SammayTV congrats bro the whole gang on soar 😭😭 @theKingFPS_ sheeshhhhh close it out @theKingFPS_ i’ll be watching ^_^ @theKingFPS_ yall qualify for closed if you win this right? goodluck bro @katsumiFPS love u kat ❤️ head up @mintaims @frostyZK I DIDNT SEE THE TIME @mintaims @frostyZK ... oops LMFAOOOO yeah i can prob play then unless i have something i forgot about @mintaims @frostyZK @tetchraFN i mean.. i’m down but i got dentist tomorrow at like 2:45 so if u get a guy to fill… @mintaims @frostyZK @tetchraFN yo @SammayTV i’ll change if u change just lmk @SammayTV i’m on like 0.317 rn idk if ima have to change with these skates i haven’t opened val yet just playing overwatch @1hadofhfo i’m not going to bed oops @n4tsGG i love you man ;c sorry everything didn't work out @st9llar gs bro good comebacks close it out nowbumping this because that was my last event with the ez5 boys c; @griffindc @FaZeClan pretty sure i got 1 or 0 LOLHOLY SHIT AN INSANE REVERSE SWEEP 2-1 VS BASILISK LETS GO I didn't do what I usually do but we fucking cameback a…
@rikugoat STOP WITH THIS PEER PRESSURE CHRIS ILL ACTUALLY DO IT AHHHH DQ DQ @1hadofhfo it’s getting use to not replacing themMy mouse skates came 20 minutes before my match... oh my god what do I do LOL @TrickVAL LOOOL @RealStrongLegs They probably popped off in a ranked match against a pro and think they can consistently keep up in… -can co-igl/igl -Sova/Duelist/smokes -willing to learn and dedicate time -resume Vouche…
Retweeted by gianny. lft @b0ssyCS @OODALooperz first debut as soar nerves are there bro don’t stress bounce back @Keititv <3 @poisedFPS a little scourge vs poised conflict lemme get my popcorn rq @eliter3k ezzzzz4-0 for the day. #VCT @scourge_val oh shit o.o
@KnightsGG @eUnited @1fiziq @scourge_val @1j0seph @Turnup2ez @jmohGG @eBay @sheetz @HyperX why is scourge so cute holy shit @CrownIWNL @ItzBoltzy @eliter3k LMFAOO @ItzBoltzy @GifsAnime_ i’m already matching with @eliter3k but in the future i’m down bb 😫 @st9llar when i farm tonight i’ll be praying to you from now on @st9llar i need the sens rn @eliter3k h-hey lol.. @eliter3k it’s so cute.
Retweeted by gianny. lft @mayuhri_x1 team canada vs team usa would be wraps @zander_fps LMFAOO congrats bro u better treat me to some dinner in the future with all that $$$ ;) @nurfed25 @SoaRGaming SoaR Nurfed lookin clean 😫 see you in the server @nurfed25 @SoaRGaming so fucking pumped for you all but especially u/cryo so happy i was able to compete with u guys for so long @Cryocells_ @SoaRGaming soon bro :) ur gonna kill it i’m so excited @Cryocells_ @SoaRGaming so proud of you man @NiSMO_VAL @902Creed congrats bro :) @ItzBoltzy agreed this maps so gross
@ScrewFaceVAL funny kid @MoechillaSama smh i’m deleting @Governor_Val @jcrueL_ @Governor_Val UR SO MEAN @issfanfan @1hadofhfo if i didn’t post it gov would have posted it and HE HAS 11K FOLLOWERS I WAS FUCKED @1hadofhfo @issfanfan do i delete LMFAO @issfanfan my friend @plooful @SammayTV @DekyFPS NO PLOO THOSE ARE NOT THE GUYS I NEED SEEING THIS PLEASE @griffindc i swear @1hadofhfo fuck u @Governor_Val NOOOO I WANT THE CLOUT NOT U BRO LET ME POST IT @LeviathanAG IMA POST IT I STG @tariannkan i didn’t make it public i just made one Lol @1hadofhfo @Hori_VAL see how i have to wait 20 minutes to queue because i left @Asunaa @Cloud9 banger @randyySAVAGEVAL @SoniqsEsports gl demon gonna be another banger series @Tsuyaval @theKingFPS_ yeah... that’s what i said too king i don’t get how this freak uses that @sabbifytv ;)
@Ban_Val @NobleGG demon @FrostyValorant android @eliter3k @eliter3k u make me blush 😊might get my radiant back after that confidence boost of a game 😩 @OkeanosQT @Tsuyaval he’s cute so i’ll allow it c; @Scrounge_ @MoechillaSama @hooggyy yeah but that was when my slump started once i told u that @Bankroft @ValorLeaks we are about to dominate @ValorLeaks breeze island?
Retweeted by gianny. lftThe top 0.5% of valorant couldnt figure out my hiding spot.
Retweeted by gianny. lft @Governor_Val @DerekJoon oh wow.. this is a weird turn of events. uhm wow i don’t even know what to say honestly but check ur dms ;) @Governor_Val @DerekJoon i will someday and when i do you’ll wish to follow me but this was low so ima just stop talking to you now ;( @Governor_Val @DerekJoon NINO IS MY AGE U FRICK @Governor_Val @DerekJoon THAT IS NOT THE NINO IM TALKING ABOUT U IDIOT LMFAOOO @Governor_Val @DerekJoon @Governor_Val @DerekJoon i need those nino and miku swimsuit photos bro 😣