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GHOST gianny. @koalanoob getting bullied by moe

18 🇮🇹🇨🇦 | val for @GhostGaming | I love 🦋 @Moechillasama 🍲@1contii

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Joined Twitter 6/11/18 losing every ranked game sadly ;(
@PaincakesVAL every game has been NA’VI for me how’re u this lucky jake @texerino @zombs i’m not the only 1 that saw that? LMAO
@realmocking @Zellsis thank you mocking so inspiring
@PaincakesVAL DUDE PLEASE I WAS MISSING SO I WAS CHEESED OMG @joycxyz @f1ukie nooooo wtf.. @PaincakesVAL 🥵
@Asunaa LETS GOOOOOO @Vanityxz again and again.. @Asunaa BRO HOLY FUCKHIKO?????? HOLY FUCKK @Warbirds_ HOLY FUCK THAT WAS IN FUCKING SANE @Critical_Val @RejanteVAL @DreamHack @JerkTBE @nrbil ly we pug and i promise 30 bombs next time @RejanteVAL @DreamHack @JerkTBE @Critical_Val @nrbil OMG!!!!! @Critical_Val @RejanteVAL @DreamHack @JerkTBE @nrbil go to bed ur too tired LMFAOWon the @DreamHack Canada 9k with @koalanoob @JerkTBE @Critical_Val @nrbil We'll be attending the next Dreamhack…
Retweeted by GHOST gianny. @itskaplan @valesports_na the guns hard @aditaa__ ada late noti @ILoveYura because i happy @Hori_VAL ofc @OkinFPS lets fucking go okinsosososoososos happy c;
@Maybe6V it’s always gonna a dream with me too fam dw it’ll never be her irl 🙁 @aditaa__ i’m feeling devious tonight.. @Moechillasama @RealStrongLegs ily @NiSMO_VAL @RealStrongLegs bro.. ;-; @RealStrongLegs 100% @Moechillasama the impact he would bring to a team is incredible i literally can’t vouch harder for some1
@symrifle @currydtx @Justinovah @wtffhannah me too i already dmd u about it man.. please @fairyfps @aheartout vouch @florscnt @NiSMO_VAL he has nothing on my car @soofient @aditaa__ @C0J0M0 both of u freaks @PaincakesVAL this is actually facts
@bearkun u and @Moechillasama won this game?? weren’t u down like 2-12 @Moechillasama literal banger @aditaa__ like wow... so weird
@Moechillasama of course we can play @1stormie cheers bro @FiFi_JG tf u mean undefan my pc is at the place im going to get it rn LOL did they turn it on? also 15-14 ez @sarachashrimpp sara noti2 days of school ain’t gonna stop me from becoming the best valorant player time to grind through this shit @Hori_VAL @aikyuna i mean not wrong she’s cold with it.. @eliter3k :D @eliter3k phew i haven’t done that yet 😅
@realmocking please @HUYNH_CS OKAYYY @bearkun please show me 🥵🥵 @steph_ecx NOT IN A BAD WAY CONGRATS BB BUT WTF WHERES MINE 😭 @steph_ecx wtf.. @aditaa__ @FaZeSway ada i not only think u crank 90s like a beast in val but my god are ur satchels incredifuckingble
@Crit_VAL @ciaolyx @ctrrlz @chubsgrl @skeww_ @notsupAA @Jonaaa6_VAL @Lear_VAL you arent her blocked @FrostySquid_val @ciaolyx @ctrrlz @chubsgrl @skeww_ @Crit_VAL @notsupAA @Jonaaa6_VAL @Lear_VAL facts.. @FrostySquid_val @ciaolyx @ctrrlz @chubsgrl @skeww_ @Crit_VAL @notsupAA @Jonaaa6_VAL @Lear_VAL ur too nice dw saturday will be blessed 🙏 @ciaolyx @ctrrlz @chubsgrl @skeww_ @Crit_VAL @notsupAA @Jonaaa6_VAL @Lear_VAL all good.. @ciaolyx @ctrrlz @chubsgrl @skeww_ @Crit_VAL @notsupAA @Jonaaa6_VAL @Lear_VAL i’m good i miss only her @FrostySquid_val u and ur dumb brother fell for it don’t … me LMAOOO @Maybe6V 😫😫😫 @eliter3k <3 @eliter3k god ur baking just makes me hungry every time looks so good claire holy moly @Scrounge_ @Moechillasama @valyngod @Glorinsz sigh as much as i meme about getting stats when filling in if people… @Scrounge_ @Moechillasama @valyngod @Glorinsz dw scrounge i’m sure players will start realizing ur individual impac… @Vanityxz @RealStrongLegs @Moechillasama @valyngod @Glorinsz @Scrounge_ @realmocking LMFAOOOO @griffindc @ratevalorant yes of course @griffindc @ratevalorant no they randomly take pictures of me they r fans @griffindc @ratevalorant i’m up good baby it’s all good
@florscnt @FrostySquid_val how the fuck do i possibly look like peter griffin @f1ukie @FrostySquid_val @CarbynVAL u like? @symrifle @FrostySquid_val 2-2 and i shit on u in build so i won overall shitty @symrifle @FrostySquid_val you’ll get farmed just like build uhc and i tied pot with u OMEGALUL @symrifle @FrostySquid_val i use to play soccer and did track wdym??? ur frail kid meet me downtown tomorrow @FrostySquid_val it was hard man @ciaolyx @ratevalorant it was only the back but tysm ciao :D @ciaolyx @ratevalorant yupppp @ratevalorant such a bad picture of me… @theKingFPS_ yep accurate def for u then bro trust me as long as ur not being totally unhealthy and ur drinking a d… @theKingFPS_ i took it and it’s all gone for now fingers crossed stays that way it was a little on my back so didn’… @eliter3k PLEASEEEEE :D @Vanityxz ill make some delicious italian food for ya someday bud
@Asunaa my god winning berlin and 100k? what cant u do.. @eliter3k if i was there ;-; @aditaa__ @FaZeClan @brazil @aditaa__ what the fuck now@im nervous what’s wrong with u shitty raze main @realmocking @steeFPS @RenZCSGO @StrawhatHami @AhadyDaddy don’t wgo him because ur verified u freak
@realmocking @RenZCSGO @StrawhatHami @AhadyDaddy LMAO @realmocking @RenZCSGO mocking if u send me a video of u dunking id send u $10 @hazedCS fuck the clutch i need that sova to give me tips he perfectly landed that shock on the fly LMFAOFree agent. being released from @Luminosity. Love all the guys there and appreciate the opportunity. I will eventua…
Retweeted by GHOST gianny. @RealStrongLegs do u have the small usb plugged in separately? @xCeeD_CS ur actually insane wtf @1hadofhfo @florscnt @ebbawebba at gym rn @1hadofhfo @florscnt @ebbawebba i knew hado would appear you have a nose for shit like this @florscnt @ebbawebba who am i possibly going to do that to when im married to the game @florscnt @ebbawebba all u do is make fun of me lol it’s all good.. @florscnt @ebbawebba i’m as single as single gets only players ima be meowing to are the people who clutch up my ranked games @Maybe6V @902Creed dude i’m free rn when r we meeting let’s plan it in the imsg @Bjorlulu it’s fine ur shields helped us make it far into the games 💯 @OkinFPS @Bjorlulu everybody stop dming them@im already with them they chose me i’m the best @Nurfed @ItzBoltzy @Nurfed is so cutebeen practicing raze recently ;) thank god @ItzBoltzy got all 5
@realmocking i got kap with that too baby lfg @OkinFPS @GeorgeCGed i respect u for being honest about the carry i forgive u dw redemption arc soon for u fr get me to apex predator