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Rereading the Ice and Fire novels and wow, this is quite the extremely subtle linguistic callback.
@merrittk Thank you (?) for finding this"have you heard of food? well now try this huge piece of garbage" from the president of the ESA at the opening of E3 2002. @kshipwhitecat @PateraQuetzaI $1 millionJust looked this up and it's not even a sticker seal first edition ! Worthless
I enjoyed these Internet comments.
Retweeted by Chris Kohler @hownottodraw haha we watched this whole show it never got old @xpatriciah Somebody beat YOU to something?!"The editors and writers and video producers and artists and sales reps and product managers and so on—the people w…
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@ajohnagnello @jamesmielke @ShaneWatch @gamespite Prices are as high as they've ever been, so it's not a bad time t…'re doing a @Kotaku staff AMA. AUA? celebrity bibliophile name is the first pre-1900 profession you can think of + your favorite word that can be…
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Today sucks, so please read the new Kate Gray and lift your spirits.
First, players destroyed the guitar controllers. Then, the developers deleted the whole game. The brief, smashing l…
Retweeted by Chris KohlerBest wishes to everyone laid off from Game Informer today - we're not hiring new staff at the moment but we always…
Retweeted by Chris KohlerEnjoyed this inside-baseball moment in @provenself's (wonderful) crossword story in Wired. this at a game store recently, which brought back some memories: a Euro Master System game with a Toy Liquidato… of the Yoshi’s Island sequels really approached the perfection of the original. Cool that they’re letting Koji…
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Google: "What if we did a Nintendo Direct, but with -- get this -- no announcements"
Retweeted by Chris KohlerI don't really write about fighting games, but I just wanted let everybody know that if the new samurai showdown ge…
Retweeted by Chris Kohlerwhose man's sky is this
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@tedregulski Yes!Are we in a retro game gold rush? I discuss a recent article from @kobunheat on the #CUPodcast.
Retweeted by Chris Kohlerabsolute units. supreme chonkers yes I try to describe the process of making the Danish pancakes known as aebleskiver, I generally start with,… @arvalis The restaurant is awesome and has a historical pea soup museum. Soup is good! Enjoying the old school ambience. @arvalis We finally just built it into the travel plans.Finally doing this. this is gonna be fuckin rad
I spent a possibly irresponsible amount of time writing a 22 page book, illustrating it, then translating it into a…
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🔸Coffee keeps me going until it’s time for urine…🔸
Retweeted by Chris KohlerAs I've been saying and saying, we are pretty much just waiting on the controller to be manufactured. a heads up if youre trying to be a check mark guy on here, you get paid more to have opinions that suck fucking ass
Retweeted by Chris KohlerThe color of the cake reveals whether or not the game has politics me but wtf is this grungy sack of orange fluid Gamestop is selling in "pre-owned" condition
Retweeted by Chris KohlerWhy is this seahorse looking at me like she wants to make it 5,202
2019 now, H-Mart. don't know why we don't have CoCoIchi in the Bay yet! Glad to see the SoCal branches are still thriving. 2:30… finished Boss Fight Books Final Fantasy V by @kobunheat. A fantastic trip down memory lane for ppl who were in…
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Riding into Disneyland. to tumblr on being worth less than this one fish
Retweeted by Chris Kohler @bobservo A man, a plan, a canal: Canadiana
Ham plane for my real friends, plain ham for my sham friends
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By now we've all seen the stories of a Super Mario Bros. selling for $100,000, or that $9,000 Kid Icarus. But wha…
Retweeted by Chris Kohler @deliciousgames @kansasfest Quite the free find.
@Cow_Palace @Kevin_W_Ng @kelslewin @MetalJesusRocks This is a particularly important insight, yes - lots of this in… @kelslewin Thanks! Who knows, you might have to start setting up a glass case full of graded games to attract the new collectors in...As these new collectors are coming in, they're bringing with them their own ideas about what makes a classic game d… I've spoke to are all in agreement that many collectors from other disciplines, like comics and coins, are n… now we've all seen the stories of a Super Mario Bros. selling for $100,000, or that $9,000 Kid Icarus. But wha… collectors are fueling a retro game gold rush:
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Got something at a flea market a few years back, and finally decided to get it checked out. Good news!
Yo - if you're a writer that knows and likes LEGO sets and is interested in being paid to write about them for @IGN hit me up.
Retweeted by Chris KohlerMy name is Gato I have metal joints Beat me up and earn 30-50 feral hogs
Retweeted by Chris Kohleri'm gonna do a feral hogs tweet give me a second to come up with one um ok: [to the tune of "hit me baby one more time"] 30 50 feral hogsOne of those eBay auction thumbnails that makes your heart skip a single beat
If you've ever wondered if whether there is too much secrecy in the games industry, I am trying to find out about a…
Retweeted by Chris Kohlera wild pack of feral hogs came runnin' through the yard one day
Retweeted by Chris KohlerMeanwhile, Amazon Japan: great freelance feature: Here's @sweetpotatoes on the growing trend of Twitch farm animal streams and why p… sure to watch @cecianasta talk about her work on the latest episode of @patriotact with @hasanminhaj! So proud :… Here are the original PR screenshots from Super Mario 64's public debut at Shoshinkai 1995! These were d…
Retweeted by Chris KohlerGoing through a box of books. Why do I have this circa 2004 zine? I wondered. I flip through. It's written by…
I'm on this week's @patriotact talking about the labor movement in games:
Retweeted by Chris Kohler @Monomirror Awesome! It really deserves it.
This is a wonderful storytelling level with some really smart uses of... well, I shouldn't say! Really worth playin…¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #E3
Retweeted by Chris Kohlerroses are red, philosophers are eternalist, you've never played this hilarious WiiWare game that will probably never ever be re-released, you might want to…, another garbage day, I'm leaving my garbage bags at the curb, and.... Ho-lee shit! I didn't care who saw m…
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@Sierra_OffLine Instantly reminded me of... @JaceCear @RetroGamingExpo Yeah, that was actually why it ended up on the news, because there's crystal-clear video… Portland news interviewed one of the founders of Portland @RetroGamingExpo after his brand new Tesla was horr… @Fobwashed This is so cool! To me it was just a little eighth of a page ad in a magazine, I never even saw any photos of it or anything.As part of our quest to build a physical archive for video game history research, we're collecting video game magaz…
Retweeted by Chris KohlerThis is how things work now at G/O Media:
Retweeted by Chris KohlerExcellent story from earlier this week by @cecianasta. The moment when they figure it out and lock things down is i…
Retweeted by Chris Kohler @andrewpfister @trintran This tweet is putting more smiles on more faces. @trintran I am being attackedi mean
@pettycommajared @Ragga_Fragga I will never not miss an opportunity to relink this JAM (the book) is coming October 22, 2019 from @BossFightBooks. #JamDay2019
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@ZachariusD Thank you for your money tbh @VGMuseum1 @gamespite @frankcifaldi I'm not sure where you're seeing that the rule wasn't in play for certain publi… hear! Wait, this isn't about Mario Maker
Retweeted by Chris KohlerAw, I was really hoping for "Name Your Baby 'Gears'" over 25 people got scammed into working at a nonexistent game company:
Retweeted by Chris KohlerSomebody once told me His works, he'd like to show me He thought they'd fill me with awe and dread He was looking…
Retweeted by Chris KohlerWhat the actual actual
Retweeted by Chris KohlerBig gratitude for @kobunheat, the editing mastermind behind most longform stuff I write and, relatedly, regular bringer of ego-death
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@kobunheat Amazon was a bit extra with mine
Retweeted by Chris KohlerSpent all of my day working on this unbelievable story from @cecianasta. Must-read. great thing is you can perfectly fit these into this box without bending them, so this was just not giving a shitAmazon bent my Wookiee now on I’m going to translate arigatou gozaimasu as “It is hard for me to exist” and you’ll need to just infer…
Retweeted by Chris Kohler @Fobwashed :O thanks again, enjoy!