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@kobunheat First attempt at your curry recipe and it tastes great!
Retweeted by Chris Kohler @jellyscare So proudwhen the cadence of hyrule is just right
Retweeted by Chris Kohler*gets out guitar* kids, I would like to share with you a little story - some say the greatest story ever told - abo…
I really, really love this comic and all the little jokes hidden in it.Hey, here's something really fun that you should check out: Cartoonist @LetItMelo did a comic about the 25th annive… which @KennyOmegamanX talks Mother 3 with @stephentotilo. show that nearly 25 percent of all U.S. divorces are caused by the waterfall level in Contra
The original Contra is still SO. DAMN. GOOD.
Retweeted by Chris KohlerDid an interview with someone from the Japanese side, and while they can’t say who yet, Konami is working with a “v…
Retweeted by Chris KohlerI forgot the hinge on my old psone is busted
Retweeted by Chris KohlerOh neat, they're showing the Dark Crystal Tactics game on Treehouse Live. It is "similar to the, uh, old-school tac… wasn't sure what to expect, but it's ambitious and fascinating.
Retweeted by Chris KohlerABSOLUTE UNIT is the emptiest I've ever seen e3 in 21 years of attendance. Just heard a security employee say "wow, it's de…
Retweeted by Chris KohlerSquare Enix really needs to get its act together and publish its other classic games in this format. I see today th…'s amazing that Collection of Mana exists, but they really should have put a manual in there. generation’s “seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan” is “hearing Particle Man on Tiny Toons”
Retweeted by Chris KohlerTHREAD: As a naive Westerner, I looked up Dragon Quest III for info about its popularity. In short: Nintendo was…
Retweeted by Chris Kohler @DillyDylan1 @HelloMrKearns @rusty_game @gamespite "...Then who the hell are you?" @rusty_game @gamespite"...With only a couple of hours left..." Me: WTF how long does this show go? Me [looks at schedule] OH MY GOD
@Jkooza The font is so good!when my editor asks if I'm still filing that story this afternoon
Retweeted by Chris KohlerMade curry using this recipe from @kobunheat as a basis. It turned out great! Even my picky kids liked it.…
Retweeted by Chris KohlerI wonder what Mario's last name was before Ellis Island
Retweeted by Chris Kohlerleaning against the back wall of the e3 conference, looking at pictures of condoms on my phone while all the dorks freak out about nerd shit
Retweeted by Chris KohlerDracula X: Rondo of Blood is confirmed for the Japanese version of the Turbografx-16 Mini, so I'd be extremely surp… an announcement geared at we the gamers such as myself
Retweeted by Chris Kohler
After preordering (so far): • Final Fantasy VII Remake 1st Class Edition • Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers • Seik…
Retweeted by Chris KohlerGamers in 2002: Link is too cute. 😠😡🤒 Gamers in 2019: Link is TOO CUTE!!! 😃😄😘
Retweeted by Chris KohlerNintendo will add friend matching to Super Mario Maker 2's online play:
Retweeted by Chris KohlerChris mentioned he was going to be on the lookout for this and it's more impressive than you might think. Unit econ…
Retweeted by Chris Kohlerif you were hanging around the super early days of SNES emulation and checking out zophar's domain on the regular,…
Retweeted by Chris Kohler @jharrisanim Well, one's a range encompassing multiple conferences, you seeEverybody else turned in basically a B minus press conference this year so Nintendo really killed it with that 86I wished on the monkey paw for Mother 3 and this happened. #NintendoDirectE3
Retweeted by Chris KohlerSeiken Densetsu 3 is coming to the U.S. 24 years after release as both a remake and as part of Collection of Mana,…
Retweeted by Chris KohlerCollection Of Mana available later today #NintendoDirect
Retweeted by Chris KohlerCOLLECTION OF MANA TODAY ON NINTENDO ESHOP, SEIKEN 3 IN ENGLISHwhen your whole timeline is talking about wanting animal crossing news and you're still holding out hope for mother…
Retweeted by Chris KohlerThe Wii has now been getting new games for 13 years. That's astonishingly long for official support. The final Atar… original Final Fantasy VII was the 7th best-selling game of its 1997 launch year in the US. Final Fantasy XV ho…
Retweeted by Chris Kohler(I guess they moved it to a different URL but stranded all these people watching this one.)Meanwhile, on YouTube, Square Enix failed to actually start the livestream.
Retweeted by Chris KohlerThis is a photo I took at a Square Enix event in Japan in 2007, of a message board where fans could write their com… is probably getting buried in all the E3 news, but Limited Run Games is moving into doing repro releases of cl…
skibidi boom-boom Wii @stevenplin @cabel Wow, I want this machine and I hate OthelloAt #E3? Want to help save history?VGHF Co-Director @kelslewin will be here all week and has appointment times avail…
Retweeted by Chris KohlerThe only way for Nintendo to compete at #E3 now is to announce a Keanu amiibo that works with Super Mario Maker 2
Retweeted by Chris Kohler @shawnethegirl These are the first nails I ever saw that had an embargoNo one: Absolutely no one: That one dude at #BE3:
Retweeted by Chris Kohler
E3 Everybody Enjoys Ehhhh, video games!
Retweeted by Chris KohlerMicrosoft cancelling the original Psychonauts and then eventually buying the studio and releasing Psychonauts 2 is pretty delicious
Retweeted by Chris Kohler
Retweeted by Chris KohlerFinally eating at the restaurant where Robert Baratheon slew Rhaegar Targaryen
Going into battle meditation in my hyperbaric mind palace before E3. In that world I’m training with my friends, ma…
Retweeted by Chris Kohler
@UnburntWitch I read this today and I am very upsetThey don't make #E3 press conferences like they used to:
Retweeted by Chris Kohler @necrosofty I'm not saying it happened a lot, but "Capcom Versus Sink" @fovlet @frankcifaldi this is a llama @necrosofty First question: is it pronounced "sink" @loudmouthjulia Well, from where I'm sitting you're an incredibly valuable resource keeping me well-informed about these important stories!Is there anyone going to E3 that is skilled in translating Japanese? I might have a cool opportunity for you.
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@ShadowDx @retreauxgames @BossFightBooks Thank you!Excited to read the Final Fantasy V book from @BossFightBooks and @kobunheat
Retweeted by Chris Kohler#TBT 2009 when this was just a regular-ass standard weekend of hitting up thrift stores. @RageCave if my child would only start collecting these, i would then, truly, Have It AllYesterday, I reported that Destiny 2 cross-save on PS4 was "up in the air." That's because it was. Bungie met with…
Retweeted by Chris Kohler's the season finale of Complete In Box! After going coast to coast this season, we finished up at home in the s…
Retweeted by Chris Kohler @BrentHirose Trader (big one on the main road, second floor), Mandarake (6th floor), Surugaya (the video game one,… @cbake76 Meanwhile, John Tesh hit it out of the park with that last line.
@MNeko Uh, sure, but did he *finish* it? Last update is 2015 and he says he's "developing" it, present tense... @PappaRomano Hi, Kevin. We haven't said anything like that, but obviously we've been on a lengthy hiatus. We defini… is anime. Betty Boop is anime. Real Ghostbusters? Real anime is an, uh, interesting variant of the U.S. version of Spider-Man for Master System, where Sega seems to have p… @ericlayman Thank you! I saw it at Portland Retro Gaming Expo and it cost maybe even a little bit more than it was… you consider yourself in recovery from something (drugs, drinking, food, etc) and had that factor into your g…
Retweeted by Chris KohlerIt's the season finale of Complete In Box! After going coast to coast this season, we finished up at home in the s… if on cue, even the Spongebob game is getting remastered. the new pokemon legendaries look really good
Retweeted by Chris Kohler @MetalJesusRocks @Hyperkin Is this supposed to demonstrate how games work in the system even after they've been sitting in a toilet tank?And it's not that these games are bad, it's that they're like - oh, ok, cool, I guess. We're still in the pool, but… is still a total pipe dream, sorry; these games are too high fidelity to just emulate and call it a day;… this point, Switch Online NES games have reached "shrug, this is fine I guess" levels. Not sure there's that muc…
@TieryasXu @Kotaku Disappointing! I wonder if the licensing couldn't be worked out. @SomethingClassc @OG_BOSSCAT @ThomasBW84 Thanks (and thanks for enjoying FFV!) @ferricide @necrosofty @atweetingtwit It'll get funded. It'll get funded because the amount is way too low. It'll g…, can't see how this wasn't a big win for the show. Lots of fun while it lasted, and every episode was riveti… wasn't going to go out by getting questions wrong. He was going to go out as soon as somebody randomly landed… knew that, and that's why she won. I'll be interested to see how the game changes, now. Does everybody go back… Boettcher, who beat James, did it by playing just like him - hunting Daily Doubles, and making bold bets. When… we watched the episodes, we would groan at contestants who'd play too conservatively against him, thus sealing t… lasting legacy of James Holzhauer will not be winnings, but that he completely upended the game, changing the w… since @James_Holzhauer began his streak, Jeopardy has been appointment TV in my household. Sad to see him go,…
@ferricide Thanks! I should play Linkle Liver Story because they made Crusader of Centy!