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Musician🎹performer🎭Singer🎤Tap Dancer🕺. Musical Prodigious savant💎 I live, dream and breath music all day long 😎 I happen to be blind and autistic too 😉

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This was super cool....HECK YEAH!!! @kiss @howiemandel #rockstars #rad
What happens in Vegas needs to be shared with the world! Las Vegas auditions are coming January 7th. Sign up here…
Retweeted by Kodi LeeWatch @NiallOfficial perform an intimate set that included his new single #NiceToMeetYa
Retweeted by Kodi Leewell then...
Retweeted by Kodi LeeOne of the highlights of my birthday and what a beautiful moment caught on camera.. 📸 Thank you for all the birthda…
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ONLY 6 MORE DAYS TO VOTE!!! PLEASE don’t forget to VOTE!! You can vote up to 25 times EVERYDAY and voting ends Octo…
Vote Kodi Lee...#HeckYeah Who Should Sing the National Anthem Before Super Bowl 2020? Vote! via @billboard
We couldn’t forget the man of the hour. Happy birthday to the one and only, @SimonCowell! 🎂
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Thank you @SimonCowell for creating an awesome show that gives people a chance to share their talent on a rad stage…
Who do you hope to see competing on #AGTChampions??
Retweeted by Kodi LeeGo lil broo!! ❤️
PLEASE don’t forget to VOTE for me on E! People’s Choice Awards!! You can vote up to 25 times EVERYDAY and voting e… Yeah!!! I got a welcome home from my Starbucks! They gave me a number 1 pin and wrote Congratulations on my ho…
I love you @leonalewis This was my most memorable, unbelievable day of singing with such a beautiful (inside and ou… week ago today @Kodileerocks was crowned the winner of #AGT season 14! 👏
Retweeted by Kodi LeeWell obviously we'd want @Kodileerocks!
Retweeted by Kodi LeeWe are so thrilled and excited to see Kodi Lee & Midnight Satellites on our stage, Saturday! See you soon, Kodi!
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Hi everyone! I can’t wait for my first show back with my band, this Saturday in Murrieta, Ca.…
WOW!! I still can’t believe I’m the winner of #AGT Session 14. THANK YOU for your votes and for your support throug…
AGT Winner Kodi Lee Is 'Considering' Competing on Champions Spinoff: What's Next for Him
Retweeted by Kodi LeeThank you @lalahhathaway... I’m ready to sing with you 😉 I love you too 🤗#HeckYeah
I hope to see you all in Vegas...BabAAyyy!!! I’m performing at the @AGTLiveTour with some of my #AGT friends in Nov… is a timeline of @Kodileerocks' journey to winning season 14 of @AGT #AGT
Retweeted by Kodi LeeGrab your tickets for the @AGTLiveTour show at the @ParisVegas this November! With @Kodileerocks and other @AGT sh…
Retweeted by Kodi Lee @ItsDarciLynne @Kodileerocks @nbc Two absolute legends! 😍
Retweeted by Kodi LeeSee @Kodileerocks with special guests @v_unbeatable, @DycOfficial, @CrippleThreat8, and @TButlerFigueroa at…
Retweeted by Kodi LeeThe reason we’re all crying tears of joy is @Kodileerocks and @leonalewis’ heart-felt duet.
Retweeted by Kodi LeeCongratulations to the amazing @Kodileerocks. I have two words for you: HECK YEAH! #AGTFinale
Retweeted by Kodi LeeHere are your top 5 for #AGTFinale: @CrippleThreat8 @Kodileerocks @VoicesofService @v_unbeatable @DycOfficial
Retweeted by Kodi Lee @Kodileerocks you are a true inspiration to us all! Congrats my friend!
Retweeted by Kodi LeeCongratulations to @Kodileerocks! RETWEET to congratulate him on a well-deserved win! 🎉🏆😭
Retweeted by Kodi LeeCongratulations to @Kodileerocks and the Lee family! They are an amazing family, all 3 kids are very talented. K…
Retweeted by Kodi LeeThis was the audition that changed @Kodileerocks’s life forever. 😢
Retweeted by Kodi LeeOne of my favorite people @Kodileerocks @AGT #heckyeah
Retweeted by Kodi LeeCongratulations @Kodileerocks! 👏👏👏
Retweeted by Kodi LeeLongtime Festival of Human Abilities performer, @Kodileerocks, just won @AGT! Kodi even helped us develop features…
Retweeted by Kodi LeeAfter watching this touching performance by @Kodileerocks, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. 😭
Retweeted by Kodi Lee& the winner is…. @Kodileerocks!!!!!! Huge congratulations to you Kodi, you are so unbelievably talented, pure, and…
Retweeted by Kodi LeeCongrats @Kodileerocks on winning season 14 of @AGT! 🎉
Retweeted by Kodi LeeThis was the performance that won @Kodileerocks the whole #AGT competition!
Retweeted by Kodi LeeLast night’s finale performance with @leonalewis made America believe in the power of @Kodileerocks!
Retweeted by Kodi LeeSee @Kodileerocks with special guests: @v_unbeatable @DycOfficial @CrippleThreat8 @TButlerFigueroa at…
Retweeted by Kodi LeeHope to see you all in Vegas...BabAAyyyyy! #HeckYeah
Rehearsals with @Kodileerocks #AGTfinals @AGT not long now ✨
Retweeted by Kodi Lee.@Kodileerocks this letter to yourself is how we all feel about you.. you’re a total inspiration man! 🖤 I’m gonna b…
Retweeted by Kodi LeeHe's changed the world! Will @Kodileerocks win it all tonight? #AGTFinale
Retweeted by Kodi Lee @KellyClarksonTV @Kodileerocks America voted and now we wait! The anticipation is too much for us! 😬
Retweeted by Kodi Lee#heckyeah tonight I get to sing with @leonalewis! She is so beautiful! Watch our performance tonight on the…
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Omgoodness! #AGTFinale starts in less then 30 minutes! Watch on NBC and see me get to perform with the amazing and… entire journey has helped me with communication, and no matter what happens I’m so thankful for the love and o… blown away by you @Kodileerocks you’re an absolute inspiration to all artists out there 🌸
Retweeted by Kodi Lee @leonalewis Thank you so much! I can’t wait to perform with you tonight! #heckyeah#heckyeah tonight I get to sing with @leonalewis! She is so beautiful! Watch our performance tonight on the… Lee Brings AGT's Most Emotional Performance With "Lost Without You"... via @YouTube Pl…
WOW!! TONIGHT are the #AGT FINALS. I am SO excited to perform for you. This will be your last chance to vote, so pl…’s happening tonight on #AGTfinals on #NBC at 8pm! 😎🤗❤️ VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!!! PLEASE SHARE WITH THE WHOLE WIDE WO…
#AGT #Heckyeah WATCH tomorrow night on #nbc at 8pm!! 😎❤️ @voicesofservice @dycofficial
Please don’t forget to VOTE for me on E! People’s Choice Awards!! You can vote up to 25 times EVERYDAY!! Thank you…
Please Vote, Vote, Vote.... #HeckYeah #Vote #ThankYou you Mommy!! #HeckYeah #Mom #Love
#AGT Result Show starts soon at 8pm on #NBC...hope your going to watch it! I voted 10 times for everyone...they are…
Please don’t forget to VOTE for me on E! People’s Choice Awards!! You can vote up to 25 times every day!! 😊❤️ Thank…
PLEASE VOTE, VOTE, VOTE for me for E! People’s Choice Awards!!! You can VOTE every day so please VOTE and PLEASE SH…
I love you @calumscott, your an awesome singing and I love your songs #HeckYeah #rad
Congratulations to @Kodileerocks who is moving on to the finals for #agt. Kodi, who has #autism, has inspired te…
Retweeted by Kodi LeeMelts my heart ❤️@Kodileerocks right after he claimed his rightful space in the #agt FINALS.
Retweeted by Kodi LeeWe did it! @itsgabrielleu #HeckYeah #goldenbuzzer DID IT! WE DID IT #HeckYeah you @itsgabrielleu ❤️❤️ happy for @Kodileerocks making it to the finals. #DreamsComeTrue on @AGT #AGTFinals #Trophywife watching #AGTResults
Retweeted by Kodi LeeI love you Bro!! #siblings inspiring @Kodileerocks will be gracing the #AGT stage during the Finale!
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OMGOODNESS!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart @calumscott! I’m honored to sing your song. This means the world… @Kodileerocks' emotional performance of "You Are the Reason" on @AGT #AGT
Retweeted by Kodi LeeSo proud of my #goldenbuzzer @Kodileerocks !!! You are changing the world! #agt
Retweeted by Kodi LeeWho else was emotional after @Kodileerocks' performance? 🙋‍♀️
Retweeted by Kodi LeeIt’s a symphony of emotions every single time @Kodileerocks takes the #AGT stage.
Retweeted by Kodi LeeWhen @Kodileerocks sings, EVERYONE listens. Watch his moving performance from the #AGT semifinals!
Retweeted by Kodi Lee#HeckYeah’s overcome so much in his life but @Kodileerocks is just getting started.
Retweeted by Kodi LeeTonight was so amazing on #AGT Sharing my talent with the world are moments I will never forget. “You Are the Reaso… will make you EMOTIONAL with "You Are The Reason" cover on #AGT.
Retweeted by Kodi Lee#HeckYeah’ll be joining @AGT as a guest judge next week at 8/7c on @nbc! Excited to see what these acts are going to do!…
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I LOVE my vocals coaches, Sal and Nonie! Thank you for not giving up on me and thinking outside of the box to help… yeah...I have met so many great people that I hope we all keep in touch!! I love you guys!!!🤗 @derek_lee98
HARVEST FEST OCTOBER 18TH! Live Music by @kodileerocks + The Satellites Pumpkin Carving Contest Grape Stomp Food &…
Retweeted by Kodi LeeSo excited to have Midnight Satellites & @Kodileerocks play at this year’s festival! Check this piece out on Kodi…
Retweeted by Kodi Lee @Kodileerocks 💞
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I did my best...Heck Yeah!!!❤️ Kodi Lee: Blind Autistic Singer SHOCKS The World Again In The Live Show!...… Lee Judges Comments in Quarterfinals on America's Got Talent 2019 via @YouTube#HeckYeah V. Unbeatable "AGT" Contestant Won the Night? | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows via @YouTube
Go @Kodileerocks 🎶💖🚨!! I love your Against The Odds🥰🥰🥰
Retweeted by Kodi Lee#HeckYeah’s twice now @Kodileerocks has brought me to 😭😭😭! Keep doing your thing!!!
Retweeted by Kodi LeeWatch #AGT tonight at 8pm to cheer on my fellow contestants with me and to see who goes through to the Semi-finals.…
All of the FEELS because @Kodileerocks AND @VoicesofService are going to Semifinals! #AGTResults
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