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Some of our #StarTrekDiscovery family members are donating their Cameo proceeds to very worthy causes. Please check…
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You know what’s most troubling? He made zero election disputes in open court in 2016. What changed over 4 years th… 327,000 doses will go to health care workers, but the state’s vaccine committee is still determining which heal…
The wait is almost over! Get ready to conquer demons when DOOM Eternal comes to #NintendoSwitch on Dec. 8!
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This seems about right:
Retweeted by Koi#MayTheForceBeWithYou #DavidProwse #StarWars Darth Vader actor David Prowse has died at 85 @TheExpanseWR @QuintonWrites @ExpanseOnPrime I agree. I could watch this series for 9 full seasons. Make it happenDec 16th! Who's ready? @ExpanseOnPrime
Retweeted by KoiWitness the exact moment our cast heard about the greenlight for Season 6.
Retweeted by KoiYou know what gets me more than that headline? He took the helicopter on our taxpayer’s dimes to play golf Pennsyl…
@ArcadeGirl64 100% agree. It was a great way to play an upgraded red/blue/yellow and introduce the world of Pokémon to the kids :)
@ianaIexander You can always tell who’s a #Trekkie and absolutely loves #StarTrek 😄Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate
Yeah this is why I would rather the companies do their best to achieve quality vaccine research even if this takes…
53% of people would take the money & pay down bills, 43% would use it for necessities, 39% will rebuild personal sa… to that it makes you wonder now if the theory and concept of flow (time speeds up and slows down through eng… seems to be these days the folding of space-time by an object with some defined mass And if you extrapola… it’s entirely possible it’s a piece of space junk that fell out of the sky or just someone being clever Helicop…
@GavinNewsom what is the length of time the #COVID19 #CovidVaccine works till? If it only lasts a year then that me… @GavinNewsom the other thing too is are you staggering your health care #COVID19 #CovidVaccine ? I hate to see al… @GavinNewsom so no one can answer the question of what happens if you get the #CovidVaccine but had #Covid19 will w… @Cathrinmachin @theresejones0 Totally awesome! Congrats!So what would people who had #COVID19 experience? Would it be less severe or more of the same? Covid #vaccine - CD…
When #StarTrek invents things for our lives @MikeOkuda Transparent Aluminum - Star Trek Technology is now Real… couldn’t have said it better he suggesting they commit illegal acts including #ElectionFraud intimidation, & #VoterDisenfranchisement on his…
You know the best way to stop this is to never buy resale. Best to wait #PlayStation5 #Xbox One reseller group sn… the wife finds something unexpected #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #supermario Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past turns 29 today! The game was released on November 21, 1991!
Retweeted by KoiBlending in 🍁👀 I made Zelda her own leaf mask 🥰 #zelda #nintendo @ZeldaDungeon @ZeldaUniverse @GifZelda
Retweeted by KoiOne simple thing keeps us with our freedom instead of locked down for months #MaskUp Masks mandates worked to sl…
Unfortunately this will be what rising sea level and other issues will be like. They will wait until they are 5 fee… At least wait till it’s completely available folks Nintendo is banning streamers that are playing Hyrule Warri… swear he packed the courts over 4 years just to get the people to get him in for life Turns out justices are lo… young ER doctor had to tell Covid-19 patients when it was time to say goodbye to their families. Then the viru… @2ManyStripes But Berkeley/Alemeda county is back in purple. Obviously the rest of the county is not doing the fine… we don’t change the way we’re handling the #coronavirus we might end up raising the 1st generation of children w… owner here 🙋‍♂️ Just so everyone understands, it isn't the shutdowns that are killing us. It's the vi…
Retweeted by Koi😊😎@starrenegades is out on the Nintendo Switch today!!!!!! #pixelart #nindies
Retweeted by Koi @MommySatirical @FatherWithTwins Congrats!"I'm on the ground, I'm on the ground... everybody look at me 'cause I'm sitting on the ground! Want to learn how…
Retweeted by Koi @DJSnM It might want to come back in a few more orbits later lol @2ManyStripes @GavinNewsom There are counties that have a $1000 fine for not wearing their masks. Wasn’t helping be… March and April this whole thing could have been prevented by doing the right thing and protecting all Amer…
A gym trainer exposed 50 athletes to Covid-19, but no one else got sick because of a ventilation redesign - CNN… you’re not alone & there’s always something Depression plays tricks with the mind and suicide is us in a…
“The research, published online, has not been peer-reviewed nor published in a scientific journal” I find some sol… some stress relief in between her busy schedule, getting up and active, and connecting with the people cl…
Retweeted by KoiAn eccentric genius and a…genius eccentric? Purah and Robbie are today’s spotlight #HyruleWarriors: Age of Calamity…
Retweeted by KoiThat’s terrible. This was all almost 100% preventable At 769 deaths, one in every 1,000 North Dakotans has died wi…
Gone after 24 hours eh? I think not with all the latest moves Warren and his company has been doing I’m really wondering if the moves are really him… “Oxford study links playing to increased happiness” New Video Games Research Offers a Twist - Newser…
Gg everyone Gg I am not looking forward to hearing the results 2-3 weeks post-meal Nearly 40% of Americans are p… @ExpanseOnPrime Totally can hear her :)The countdown to Season 5 has commenced.
Retweeted by KoiI’ve got a plush USS Enterprise that would do wonders for that Zero G indicator 😁@elonmusk wonder if that 95% is the result of only people with symptoms. They didn’t mention what happened to asymptomatics…
And just think we could have had a hand in crafting this along with gaining so much for the average American who wo… @Mettadox @Kerrod33 @MatttGFX That’s usually it. The devs of those games take the time to learn the hardware in and… @Jeremih battle your way out of ICU and don’t you give up the fight till you’re 100% better despite #COVID19 Will k…
How you know he really cares: Trump took notice of the gatherings and tweeted on Friday that he MIGHT make an appe… @Mettadox @Kerrod33 @MatttGFX That’s the interesting part isn’t it? Nintendo tends to do just fine despite what the… should have been sketching for my weekly episode sketch compilation today, but this one shot was just too good to…
Retweeted by KoiIf love them to also have a USS @Malissa_Longo flying alongside the USS Nog and maybe even have a USS… @ActualAero Glorious 😂 @Mettadox @Kerrod33 @MatttGFX Nintendo would just release a switch pro to solve that issue @MatttGFX @AlisandraSommer I was starting to wonder about you lolHere’s a thought: We cast straight shadows from light because light is moving too fast our body’s spacetime curvat… @StarTrek @startrekcbs @johndelancie Happy birthday John! Maybe we’ll get to see you on #StarTrekDiscovery ?This year, the battle for humanity will hold a world captive. The Expanse returns December 16.
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2020 many are left to safely serve and perform their duties??? More than 130 Secret Service officers are said… know had we all had the sense to stay home for 4 weeks back in the beginning and the sense to stay safe we all… are so many things wrong with that lawsuit including the submission of false witnesses Though with 10k ball… by extension this has been ineffective pretty much everywhere Screening travelers for symptoms of #COVID19 was…
@NoponDigi Technically FF7 had seen development time on Nintendo 64 console even though they said it wasn’t officia… the free Animal Crossing: New Horizons updates so far? Nintendo's president recently commented on how they…
Retweeted by Koi @Stealth40k I totally understand that. The implicit bias is really rough and it’s when someone moves past the book…
@forestminish I did much the same thing. I spent a good two years in that world ever since release day To date it… @startrekcbs Let’s all watch more Captain Proton played by your very own @robertdmcneill and @GarrettRWang along wi… @rashiduzzaman82 @startrekcbs @StarTrek That is actually really fantastic! @LimitedRunGames Seriously because you take the time to make a quality product for all of us to enjoy and ensure th… lest we not forget our Veterans who left us this year. They gave their all to serve our country many times over.… all the US Veterans, active duty, retired, and military support personnel: Thank you for enduring the sacrifices… @brianstwitfeed Totally accurate 😄 but I think minimal protection in the end beats no protection
@acnhdukes Wow that came out fantastic! I personally love the weeds in this iteration. They have beautiful flower… @ArcadeGirl64 I’m just happy to have animal crossing to spend thanksgiving and Christmas this year with the family on each other’s islands @roxdaws @robertdmcneill Huh. I missed this. Happy birthday! (Slightly belated) 😄 @Stealth40k Tough finding Nintendo games on sale sometimes so this is great! @levarburton @StephanieCozart Happy birthday Stephanie! @JonComms Lol @RachaelAncheril @startrekcbs That second photo is something! @actordougjones @theora666 Well. It’s accurate it seems. It’s less than $45. Are you planning on canceling? @BatlethBabe All good we still love you 😊💕#COVID19 Masks with valves are USELESS at stopping the spread of #coronavirus because they allow a stream of unfilt… @Strawburry17 You’re a tad bit too far away else I’d take you up on that @albinokid @TigNotaro @CBSAllAccess Such a tease! 🤣
@RobertPicardo @StarTrek Wow! @StruckStar96 @IntroSpecktive So in the beginning of BOTW they explained link was in stasis for 100 years (for reas… @JonComms That and someone’s a bit sore Nintendo’s doing that well lol