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EPL 20/21 season: Top 5 players with the most to prove via @CitiSportsGHA Laden weekend...The Live Radio Commentary is on @Citi973 #Citisports
@KojoNketsia Liverpool Man city Chelsea Tottenham
Retweeted by The Fundamentals @KojoNketsia Man City Arsenal Liverpool Chelsea
Retweeted by The FundamentalsMemories of Gold 🏛 #TBT said... Its a sad state of affairs @ManUtd
Retweeted by The Fundamentals @KojoNketsia Hahahahahaha Ben paaaa are you sure ..... united have not signed any player apart from Beek bcoz all t…
Retweeted by The Fundamentals @KojoNketsia Facts !!!
Retweeted by The FundamentalsSad to admit but this is facts!!! He did United a huge favour. Ed Woodward is clueless about doing transfers!! Show…
Retweeted by The Fundamentals @_Kweku_ Shocked it hasn’t been addressed because United aren’t far off from competingIf Van Der Saar hadn’t gifted VDB to United they would be sitting with no signings as we speak keep on keeping on 👊🏿Big Big Big Mood!!!!! 🔴🔴
@delalibessa @RealYawSakyi @NanaThanos @Kaypoisson1 The first point is on Doc for’s kinda hard to strate… @RealYawSakyi @NanaThanos @Kaypoisson1 No clear cut game plan All stars buckled under pressure Chemistry missing Rotations dodgyKawhi needed to pick up that 3rd ring to set up this agenda but no @shawn_bills Easy Chale....but hindsight is always 20/20The Clippers post season meeting....hmmmm @BurnieW_ Not their best games admitted but how many 3 - 1 leads has Doc overseen now...can’t ignore that @BurnieW_ They were taking tough and low percentage shots all night....that’s not coaching?Maybe just maybe we have to examine the Doc himself.... @_chinbus Lol the Nuggets better not waste everyone’s timeBattle of La make beansJamal Murray is unconscious right nowThe Joker cooking early....not a good sign for my peopleLol Shamet won’t pass that up sprained ankle or not @papaigwe Iconic @BenAlfy26 NBA 2nd team all defense justifiedBossman... No be easy oo
Retweeted by The FundamentalsBam said not in my house young fellaJimmy G Buckets....mahn 🥶Cardiak KembaTyler is JJ Reddick with sauce
@iamrahmanosman Plus he brings back a winning mindset to a club that just needs a little push to join the winners circle @KojoNketsia Whoever the Lakers can defeat to win the western conference should win tonight.
Retweeted by The FundamentalsToo much sense Conference Semifinals Who wins Game 7? players will be paid GH₵1,500 under the NDC – Sammy Gyamfi via @CitiSportsGHA🏀2019/20 NBA season Playoffs Basketball Los Angeles Lakers will be in action in the 2019/20 National Basketball…
Retweeted by The Fundamentals @Bassit_MnB He is on a mission
Watch a live stream of The Tracker with @KojoNketsia here
Retweeted by The FundamentalsCarl Lokko: Dogboe must strategize for tall boxers via @CitiSportsGHA Addy: Nelson Mandela warned us about partial officiating at 2010 WC via @CitiSportsGHA
D’Antoni fired himself before Fertita could get to him gotta love MikeClippers in 7 Army....project Top 4
Hat- trick aside Salah played with some eagerness and assertiveness I haven’t seen in a while Curtis Jones was… @francis_abban They have all the markings...defending needs to be better thoughIf Leeds United wanted to send a message to the rest of the Premier League on their return This is itEl Loco probably watched every Liverpool game from last season The man is obsessed with detailsLeeds United will claim a lot of big scalps this seasonRaining goals...the managers must be losing their mindsHow many goals are you expecting in the Liverpool Vs Leeds United match?
Retweeted by The FundamentalsBrilliant goal by onBielsa can begin to dazzle the league after we are done with himWelcome El Loco @chibsah_ Maybe he will learn a thing or two @gskzurek Willian on the left?There is more to the game than flamboyance and technique Pepe might just find his niche as a super sub to the old man @KojoNketsia 😱
Retweeted by The Fundamentals @Fentuo_ Always been a big fan of his talents you know thisAubameyang is on another planet with his finishing right now Arsenal eating goodRooting for Willian this seasonAs it stands Chelsea United Spurs Everton Arsenal Have similar squad quality....survival of the fittestI go unfollow you for this
Retweeted by The FundamentalsBoth teams need to come alive...first half has been a dragTierney has a high ceilingInteresting! Hahaaaaaa @CitiSportsGHA
Retweeted by The FundamentalsWillian Starts.....Pepe sits Is this a statement from the manager? #Epl #Citisports#Mytake: Epl Top 4 Liverpool Man City Tottenham Everton #Citisports had some goosebumps when I heard @KojoNketsia Voice #CitiSports #PremierLeague 🙂🙂
Retweeted by The Fundamentals @rbakoto84 Resist the temptation @KojoNketsia I tell you Nana.....No room for errors 😂
Retweeted by The Fundamentals @KojoNketsia Mine no dey open
Retweeted by The FundamentalsOverthinking my FPL squad #FantasyPLThe premier league is back! #CitiSports
Retweeted by The Fundamentals @KojoNketsia I can't wait for the Eastern Conference Finals. Look at that heats team v this Celtics team lots of am…
Retweeted by The FundamentalsBack in the seat today We are on till next year Live radio commentary,Analysis and more. Tune In to the home of… @shawn_bills I thought he had it under control too @shawn_bills veteran leadership is key that Lowry foul out hurt them @shawn_bills Bro this was me screaming!!!That chase down block from Marcus Smart saved this series....what a playerDraw up a play or go to one of your late game scenarios....awful possessionPressure timeCrazy final minutes.....big test of character for the Celtics
@Citi973 My top 6 List is 1. Arsenal 2. Man City 3. Liverpool 4. Man U 5. Chelsea 6. Spurs @Fentuo_
Retweeted by The Fundamentalseeeii, @KojoNketsia this mic you've hand over to Coach in grand style this way dieee, hmmmm he go finish everything kraaa #SportsPanorama
Retweeted by The FundamentalsLocked innnnnn !!!!!🔥🔥 #SportsPanorama
Retweeted by The Fundamentals🔔 🔔🔔🔔🔔 You don’t need to be told! #SportsPanorama
Retweeted by The Fundamentals @KojoNketsia Dem Menh. Welcome @the Fundamentals #SportsPanorama
Retweeted by The Fundamentals @Citi973 That Prayer was Fantastic. Coach Big Up Welcome @KojoNketsia #SportsPanorama Panorama
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Retweeted by The FundamentalsGuess who is back... @KojoNketsia #SportsPanorama
Retweeted by The FundamentalsGod richly bless u bro ... best of the best #SportsPanorama
Retweeted by The Fundamentals @KojoNketsia the reason why we made a lot of fuss about the new bus is because our opponents said we could never bu…
Retweeted by The Fundamentals#SportsPanorama The best 90 minutes of your life 🔌🔌 King says the title will remain at home Who am I to question #Citisports gets no better than this Sports reporters predict 2020/2021 Premier League winners, top four, top scorers | More here: #CitiSports
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🏀NBA Playoffs Basketball 🗓️17 August - 13 October 2020 Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers will meet twic…
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