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this is my diary please don’t read it

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@bermudezamanda1 yes!!!! for sure @bermudezamanda1 not gonna lie i miss n*nfas’ fountain drinks they were SO goodordering some dinner case you weren’t aware 35 out of 50 states allow a police officer to have sex with (and rape) someone they detai…
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@yesjulzonlyfans is it the hot roommate? does he need comforted? @standanganronpa 😔 the spicy nuggets will be missed @violetscrawley @SpeakerPelosi girl bossstocking up on 4 for 4s before wendys gets cancelledyou know how some ppl have dozens of stuffed animals or decorative pillows surrounding them when they sleep yeah we… NPCs
Retweeted by koko @glocknmysock being top 4 funniest woman is being like 78th place in any sporti’m a guinness world record holder for being the most insecure person to ever exist
Retweeted by kokoshe has 24 hours to respond
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Retweeted by koko @bigpeep_shawty LMAO nope just got really fucked up chicken @mantekhiah i’ll make you some personally @spongebobtitty @ItsJescah is the warming the preheat? i still can’t figure that out. i did notice when i was makin… @cody_ironhammer cooking wbu @ItsJescah @spongebobtitty i’m at sims level skill 1 where i’m setting my oven on fire constantly @spongebobtitty @ItsJescah i am making note of that for tomorrow’s dinner @ItsJescah they’re potato skins, yeah i’m pretty sure i’m supposed to put it in for waaay less time in the air frye… @MissaHancock yes @ItsJescah 400 and i put it for 19 bc it was meant for 450 for 15 in oven but i took them out early bc my smoke alarm was going off @spongebobtitty every dish i make is just ambiguous. open to interpretation. kinda like a rorschach test for your taste buds @vTRouter do you see the bite taken out of onehow am i so bad at cooking. set my fire alarm off too btw. all i had to do was put them in the air fryer and that’s… @spongebobtitty i was thinking that too they must know they’re being filmed at all times rn how are they so fucking stupidfuck, and I cannot emphasize this enough, the police
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@HouseGOP y’all can’t be serious right now
Retweeted by koko @reaghhan i always wanna ask who the fuck exactly they’re fighting for our freedoms with? because i didn’t see iraq… @RyDonn @adderalluser69 i would simply hit you with a frying panBr. Miles, a regular in my city's mosque who's ONLY ever supported his community, got tackled and arrested while be…
Retweeted by koko @yesjulzonlyfans ok cj pearson we get it, you love your n*zi friends @glocknmysock i’m 5’7” or 5’8” idki am taller than al pacino @witcheggo even more reason to hate copsAlmost getting banned for this was really ahead of its time
Retweeted by kokoand we're told we dont have money for reforms, no money for doctors during a pandemic, no money for student loan fo…
Retweeted by koko @yesjulzonlyfans GLThis happened today In Baytown tx. They pulled my brother over for no reason and searched his whole car without con…
Retweeted by koko @bigfatsac me and alyssa were just talking about this!!!! she told me it only took an 8 week course to become a cop… a friend in dc: bunch of armed guys by the white house w/ no body cams and no badge numbers. wont tell anyone…
Retweeted by kokothese cops are SPITTING on people now. they are animals
Retweeted by koko @bigfatsac happy birthday angelFacebook group for Sopranos memes delivers once again
Retweeted by koko @adderalluser69 i’m so close to you..... hey..... @alrightyeahcool i think he’s a king.
@FINALLEVEL get her assRioting works. This wasn’t achieved by voting.
Retweeted by koko @BIGBABYGANDHI that’s me 🙋‍♀️you started the iraq war. @RacismFactory i could ask any of my friends that doesn’t have twitter who mike cernovich is and they wouldn’t know… The DEA has been granted sweeping authority to “conduct covert surveillance” on people protesting over G…
Retweeted by kokoconservatives a month ago: “why should we listen to the government and stay home? you are all sheep, this is a free…
Retweeted by kokoSniper spotted aiming at peaceful protestors marching in Portland, Maine. Not good.
Retweeted by kokoCommunity Of Losers Comes Together To Clean Graffiti Off Multinational Banking Conglomerate
Retweeted by kokoDo my ears deceive me...
Retweeted by kokopeople are being arrested for protesting peacefully, being out two minutes out curfew and being shot in the face wh…
Retweeted by koko @idonthavehpv no that’s really gross i’ve seen a few tweets like that where people are stealing other tweets about…
we are covering up body cameras in honor of our brothers and sisters in blue who have body image issues
Retweeted by koko @faith_josephine 🤦🏻‍♀️ yup ranger college the extremely leftist community college with a huge propaganda fund. thes… @TexasBaldman LMAOmy hometown is having a protest tonight and on facebook they’re crying that these are all protestors paid by leftis… petition to stop the use of these rubber bullets
Retweeted by koko @FroesOverHoes austins doing a thing where if you’re a citizen you can vote on budgeting how you would see fit and… GOOOO
Retweeted by kokoYou can’t make this shit up
Retweeted by kokoFrom someone in Boston
Retweeted by koko @mtyIer yeah i mean the whole PURPOSE of the 2nd amendment is to defend yourself from what’s happening right now, b… @lunch_enjoyer You named him after his moms boyfriend? That’s so sweet ❤️ @MaengoMorgarita someone in my hometown unironically said this in response to someone posting an article about it.… @lunch_enjoyer this speaks volumes @brogadishu lots of people i know still listened to them though, sadly. even besides that i have family members who… we take this flag and actually make it mean something substantial now because not gonna lie, it kinda looks sic… years the right deluded people into thinking the government was going to take away their constitutional rights,… police brutality, violence cops in austin texas shot a SIXTEEN year old boy Brad Levi Ayala in the head with a…
Retweeted by koko @BlSCUITT what kind of fucking voice is this? did his body malfunction during puberty or something ? @yesjulzonlyfans m*rdwr isn’t bad bc everyone eventually d*es @oldhotdogH2O they won’t accept me for some reason
@oldhotdogH2O will you add my burner to some of the groups they’re saying this in? @ULTRASLUT “i’m hello” @ULTRASLUT @dunesdemie @awildfairy SIGN HIS PETITION!
Retweeted by kokonothing to see a here, just a sitting member of congress suggesting that american citizens be hunted down and murde…
Retweeted by koko @d_millennial @StephenSmitley @DarthLux >juxtaposing charity and nude work as if they’re opposites of one another l… @seinfeIf @CurranEnnis @mooncult @d_millennial @StephenSmitley @DarthLux she’s genuinely really smart, really funny, and really nice. see thats the… @badboychadhoy @DarthLux go chad go chad go chad @jessicaneeely psychopathic behavior. he WANTS to kill someone. should be in prison for life, that’s a sickness that cannot be cured.literally none of this is gonna be on the news 😐
Retweeted by koko @buggieCJ ewwwwwSo why aren’t y’all equally angry? Why aren’t y’all fighting with us? You acknowledge that it happens to your race…
Retweeted by kokoLISTEN !!!!! The US Government is using what’s going on right now as a distraction to pass the EARN it Bill. This i…
Retweeted by koko @DumbFuckingDuck @seinfeIf i would be honoured @DumbFuckingDuck bouncy house @DumbFuckingDuck @tayallard wait why not @tayallard yes i do the cooking yes i do the cleaning @barbiebrookeecc i’m glad he’s stupid enough to put his face with a threat to kill protestors. fucking moron