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idk how to play ranked anymore.Love the bug where i plug my gpro to charge it and the mouse just stop working and i have to restart my pc nice !
@steeFPS Lowkey like that list. @HarmonVAL1 I got a weird dm with weird people in it doesnt count. @AyeeTrain yes icebox can be a nice vandal / guardian map too.Very bad to pistol tho only downside of icebox. @kariurena6 op only 🙄What is your favorite deathmatch maps ? heres my list. 1- Ascent 2- Breeze ( Vandal , only good long range map )… we talk about people names in deathmatch ? We are definitly losing control. viewers are something else. @chloe_hime7 im trying to fix my fps problem and i get flamed in my deathmatch bro i just wokeup. @xoxCheIs @ScrewFaceVAL vouch @xoxCheIs coldddd 🥶🥶definitely broke my wrist after that one... 😳
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@meg4ncs They are still top tier good purchase. @audreymybooty ego slaps @Redshft_ glitchpop i can see it used to like it when it came out.Only Reaver and Prime Vandal are viable.After an hour of deathmatch currently thinking about upgrading my setup I will be going for something similar to th…
Retweeted by KOLER | DZWokeup to play some quality deathmatch im getting owned by a guy named stinky. Today will be a good day.Been playing with him for a while I would love to see him in a stable team if anyone is looking for a guy insane th… n Bass deathmatch session type of night.
Played 6 overtime check this out we went off. @PlexFPS @RESPAWNProducts Ty for the donation was fun dming with you homie.We've been gaming in these @RESPAWNProducts chairs for months and i've been loving them big s/o to respawn for hook… @sfX_x1 😡
deffo holy fuck @ExaltVAL @xoxCheIs 100% @xoxCheIs Absurd @nateschanker @xoxCheIs
Went 2-1 in groups playoff next. gg's to everyone we played.Playing in the Boom tourny today will keep you guys posted if theres a stream or anything. Planning on going back… are at a buffet rn and @gracetwong and @HUYNH_CS never stops eating.hewwo, ranked time w/ @alexe1337
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@BKN_DZ Day of defeat was so good @xoxCheIs Shes so pretty 😍 @RiotXylese enjoyyyyy the stage is insane !!! @Guiiimond LMAO okok je suis pas rechauffer par exemple si on perd c acause de sa. @Guiiimond gros on cancel tuWhy i have scrims THIS IS HYPEEEEEEEEEEWhat's this? Another invited team for our #ProvingGrounds #Valorant $5k Finals! It's @DarkZeroGG🪐 Time to watch t…
Retweeted by KOLER | DZ @Zedd @PlayVALORANT That classic is top tier.
@RiotBallerina @gracetwong @HUYNH_CS Good time incoming 🥳🥳🥳 @RiotK3o @gracetwong @HUYNH_CS Im learning @ItzBoltzy @gracetwong @HUYNH_CS I like stella artois better but i took what they had @ExaltVAL @gracetwong @HUYNH_CS Im at the barbershop they sont have lemon @MkaeLcs @gracetwong @HUYNH_CS Hahahah yessir mon gars @rizy_v1 @OfficialfRoD @timthetatman Factsssss @Vansilli @HUYNH_CS @gracetwong Vansilli il connait sa la vrai vie lui @HUYNH_CS @gracetwong Hahaha je suis au barbershop il avait de la bière pas de ma faute.Day off starting this day good with a little corona and I get to finally meet @gracetwong and @HUYNH_CS today LFG !… @HeyItzToma @FuntCaseUK of course !Big s/o to one of my favorite dubstep producer @FuntCaseUK for the raid tonight means alot 👊solo q'ing no friends @GunbaOW @Immortals 👊might lose some ranked games?
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found @Zedd in breeze 👀
Retweeted by KOLER | DZ @DekyFPS Drum n Bass is always neededEvery new act feels like a new year resolution everybody starts strong but after a week its gone.Last day of ranked before new act
@MisssMaddy_ Since i moved to vegas its the thing I miss the most. @cozyjozie Happy bday priya wish you the best day ever 😃😃 @xoxCheIs LFG !!! 🤩🥳 @MasterSitak @DreamHack Of course homie its nice out here ! @MasterSitak @DreamHack That event was sick ! @xoxCheIs @Apidaez 🤷‍♀️ @Apidaez Honestly fuck pickles its not even good. @jasonsusantoo Good luck homie go kill it @xoxCheIs Boomer
@flexinja Mine probably look worst than that homie its fine ranked is really hard. @EsportTommy @lizzidowling Congrats tommy !!! @OkinFPS @HarmonVAL1 Hi teamspeakuser hereBeing a cypher main is instinctively checking the height of your teammates tripwires every time they place them.
Retweeted by KOLER | DZ @FuntCaseUK @doctorpcircus @DPMOUK Stoked @delameyart @PixelouRn THEY ARE AMAZING del never stops killing it with these cute emotes ahhhhhh thank you 🥳🥳My friend got me 2 new emotes for my bday look how cute they are 🥺 @MintzDesigns @agmFPS So sickkk @GGameface Happy bday homie wish you the best day ever 👊🤍 @downbadpriya All of them
@HarmonVAL1 @SeoldamTwit @ScrewFaceVAL yup never saw my jett do that once @downbadpriya Fuck them @hoolignVAL Ty my love 🥺
dude someone queue up fracture i’m tryna GAME MAN
Retweeted by KOLER | DZI wonder what deathmatch will look like in the new map surely we will get flank 24/7 ? @Virus_J9 thank you so much 🤍 @TheCrowToe Ty tyler 👊 @TeamSerenity 👊 @PinkCBJ Thank you (: yeah im getting old …Thanks to @xoxCheIs & @kelsey_akiko for this bday cake 🥳 lets try this for the first time. @RESPAWNProducts I touch grass ingame 😎 @Froggen Thank you henrik appreciate it alot homie. @honeyg1ow Thank you tracy its kind ☺️ @777eeiu 🥰 thank you homie @Asunaa Thank you peter appreciate it alot homie , keep killing it 👊 @WedidOfficial Merci mon beau c’est gentil 🥰 @DIG_Stefanie Im better than you but ok… ty friend its kind 👊 @chetsingh Thank you chet 👊 @FaNgJC Ty homie @katsumiFPS Yessss thats why we’re the best @katsumiFPS Happy bday kat have an amazing day (: @NotAMNESlA Thank you anyssa its very kind 🤍