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KOLER | DZ @KOLER1337 Montréal, Québec 🍁

PRO VALORANT FOR @DarkZeroGG | IG @yannickblanchette YT | | Tiktok : ex : @NRGgg , @Immortals

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Sup lets game. @xoxCheIs @GutzyAiden So clean and pretty good choice.
@OfficialfRoD @PioneersGG Glad they didnt pull a beastcoast LMAO you got a sick lineup here danny good luck and exc… @MarcilGabriel same j'ai hateNext week I will be back in montreal with my family πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯°Good morning love u all @xoxCheIs ): @ScrewFaceVAL 😘 @BlackHeartVAL @xoxCheIs Miss you homieSpecial s/o to @xoxCheIs in that tweet.Grateful for the people I met this year valorant has been an amazing journey feeling blessed 😊dbd chill stream, United Kingdom πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‚ πŸ“Έ: dr_difilippo | IG
Retweeted by KOLER | DZ @hvnniez @RavenGG its overrated @BlackHeartVAL @RavenGG 😎 @andersin_val @RavenGG 😳
Bring me back to @djshiverz set at edc. @tupperwareplays @RavenGG πŸ‘ŠTouching grass in my @RavenGG merch today couple minutes of your day to help children in foster care its worth your time trust me + theres gift you guys… @xoxCheIs @DarkZeroGG Big vouch surely darkzero make it happen @khanartistval You love to see it @kxtieoh Yeah its fucking sad @Lilhent61566352 @xoxCheIs Enough of twitter for tonight @xoxCheIs Sup @xoxCheIs Here for you 🀍and sorry you have to deal with 12 years old all the time.Its when I queue ranked with chels that I see how people can be fucking asshole its not even rare its all the fucki… @Jemceeee J’ai hΓ’te
@b0ssyCS hes pulling a bossy @cjrealness πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŠIncredible work by @monke_k6a & @_________moises in Montreal, Canada for @UP_MTL -- -- -- #GlobalStreetArt…
Retweeted by KOLER | DZ @SwifterMeister Il faudrait homie @PixelouRn I did say that LOL @TheCrowToe @DannyDuncan69 This is some gentle eyes.@NoShotVal CAME TO PLAY BABY! 4-0 IN PLAYOFFS. Incredibly proud of how we played today. GGs to everyone we played.…
Retweeted by KOLER | DZ @xoxCheIs Heads up queen you dropped your crown ! ( theres no way i just typed that ) @xoxCheIs Miss watching chels playing tourny's. @OCGiNSUPERABLE Felt that @LunarGirlx For sure I will its so yummy. @itsPurpleshadoW Lmao ouiI will be back in Montreal soon and the first thing I do is grabbing a fucking Poutine 100% @TheLeoVinci Esti que jai hate de manger une poutine @RiotBallerina LMAO fucking doordash u feel me πŸ™ƒ @xoxCheIs I'm hilarious and it means alot that you are giving me this one.Starting the gym monday because at this rate I wont be able to rush B anymore.
@Ange_AMIL @GeorgeCGed @andersin_val vouch @aimlab Thank you for making this possible mr. aim lab πŸ₯° @Suafps @aimlab Noted @SoaRccc @aimlab Yes all our player we have a time on our schedule every day different stuff ! we do it together it force us to do it.DAY 3 of our team @aimlab routine time to improve flicking today πŸ₯³ @OCGiNSUPERABLE πŸ‘‘Prob the best dbd player i've watched go check him out hes a chill dude too good vibes in his stream and cracked g…
@Draykoze 🀍 @kelsey_akiko Same for you kelsey 🀍Good morning @GramGreeneCam @AmplitudeDenver Kill it homie @cozyjozie Always @Yonji_x1 dude dans mon video qui on fait jentend juste LA ZONE EST MINER HAHAHAHAH tout le longDope top 5 drum n bass forever call saul slaps. @NaoriMizuki LMAO you just need to play more it goes away at first i was spooked a bit too. @PrimitiveIQ πŸ₯° @PrimitiveIQ Coming from you its an honor πŸ‘ŠπŸ @foxwounds add me KOLER on steam !Im very bad at dbd but super happy to land 2 flashlight save in 1 clip. πŸ₯³ me back
@TexxR6 @MeltValorant πŸ‘ŠπŸ™ @rikugoat Pop smoke slaps @cozyjozie Anytime πŸ‘Š
@hoolignVAL @ZeroMarksMenLLC vouchLFT parted ways w @ZeroMarksMenLLC - a lot of T2 exp. - Duelist/Sentinel main can flex anything - extremely dedicat…
Retweeted by KOLER | DZplaying the new dbd patch before grinding val short 1-2h. @cazpls its only 11pm here and its las vegas that city never sleeps its what i got so far.Im trying to order food they give me 924 choices how am I suppose to work this out ? @Nurfed @ScrewFaceVAL @JTayy_ @Rudeclaw @Ange_AMIL @LiIJosie @EvilGeniuses Bruh that guy knows @ScrewFaceVAL @JTayy_ @Rudeclaw @Ange_AMIL @LiIJosie @Nurfed @EvilGeniuses Im fucking hungry what should i order boys @Boostio Not your fault at all and its alright good luck tomorrow love you all over at EG @Boostio @ScrewFaceVAL @EvilGeniuses @minaweeb They should msg me in the future instead of our trial im sitting in the lobby with you guys @Boostio gg's its whatever nothing I can do just wish we could have played it all I prefer losing that way , well p… 1-1 vs EG , lost first map due to being late gg's to them ! didnt play well second map but played well the who… in groups playoff's round 1 incoming. @Scriiimp LMAO WTF @xoxCheIs Shit was clean as fuck.
Fragmovie w/ @KeLomp4 editing , part 2 coming up soon πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ @neilzinho LMAO good morningNothing feels better than a clean spray transfer fuck having a clutch or a ace. @KMZCS i always go for 30 min 1h maxVibes nap βœ…
@WedidOfficial Dude i had medication in canada it costed me 20$ and here its 900$ so i prefer that @phoFPS cringe lordCanada > U.S @Subroza LMAO @MarcilGabriel LETS GOOOOOOODef going to Let It Roll 2022 stoked to be in the drum n bass heaven. @OCGiNSUPERABLE Good luck homie go kill itBad day time to sleep and reset tomorrow.