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KOLER @KOLER1337 Montréal, Québec 🍁

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Daily grind @SammayTV gratz my guy well deserved. @ExaltVAL OKAYYYY @moghal271 Thats my OG buddy no way you remember this @xoxCheIs The reaver let me down today , Prime never did.I missed you , I'm glad we are back now. @dcopGG When he duo'd with shroud dude the whole server was on their ass. @dcopGG that shit was so funny LMAO , ACTION IS COMING @UnszndTv @RiotBallerina yeah kelly is a big deal i would have been like that too to be fair.I wanted to do this vct with this pug team for fun but I caught the itch for pro play once again. I am going LFT, I am a cypher/sova main.
Retweeted by KOLER @GeezaOfficial πŸ‘Š @melanie_mhs LMAO no way @bugha carried you 50% of these games but its fine gratz... @katsumiFPS here for you just reach out take care kat @GGameface Brim do need some love.idk for how long taking it easy @Yonji_x1 @fgbVAL good old fpl-c rank g days
Retweeted by KOLERthat one hurts gg's to them
big #VCT weekend ahead and we're kicking it off on stream against @GeezaOfficial 😈🌊 let's eat. #BCValorant…
Retweeted by KOLER @ItzBoltzy @supamen @jammyzx I would have named myself before to be fair.Feelsgood to start the day and you already know it will go well because @supamen will carry me to the victory. @RelyksOG GL friend πŸ‘Šyes hardcore the new path of exile league mid VCT ;-; @KQ903 yup it was me in ascent.Our first bo3 of the day at 6 EST will be streamed here πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ @branted707 @beastcoast NO WAY IM PLAYING YOU @OfficialfRoD @Instacart LOOOL at least we tried @OfficialfRoD @Instacart LMAO theres no way @xoxCheIs πŸ₯³πŸ˜Š @jammyzx @oderuscs Lmaoooo @1dianazzz Wooohoooo lets gooo @oderuscs Oderus did you knew that the Vandal 1 shot to the head ? You’re welcome for the knowledge @MarcilGabriel Non aucune ideePlaying at 6pm east you guys now the drill , wish me good luck it should be a fun one , My first real opponent of t… @jammyzx Didnt ask could not care lessdeathmatch stream 1h ish just vibin taking it easy. for the day gg's to everyone we played stoked for day2 tomorrow.
first bo3 finished 2-0 gg's to them @missharvey πŸ™πŸ‘ŠMatch day , playing in VCT with the squad first match is at 6pm east will keep you guys posted like always. @chloe_hime7 @RiotBallerina @dcopGG ik its getting scary. @RiotBallerina @dcopGG oh yeah this is the game you carried us 19-7Short stream tourny tomorrow trying to keep it low today
@BanKsEsports I love D double E alot he always kills it. Biddi bop bop @BanKsEsports d double e πŸ”₯πŸ”₯Deathmatch stream got bored. @xoxCheIs HBD ! πŸ₯³ @RiotBallerina That stinger is the best in slot 100%Come vibe with me !
Welcome to the squad happy to have you onboard. @OfficialfRoD πŸ‘€I am now LFT as IGL. DM’s/email open. 😜
Retweeted by KOLERMade a tweet couple days ago about having a beach map someone is listening @RiotBallerina ImpressiveWarzone in a clip @SxssyPants Its a life changer ally @SxssyPants sorry :(Thinking about poutine at 6am @witmer tabarnak OKAYYYYYYYYYYYYYwe are backLost internet should be back shortlyq'ing ranked so why not open the stream again new music is the hardest thing ever.Probably a short stream we will see how it goes. in 15 be there its an order.I like food too much this is a problem now.
@HUYNH_CS lets goooo @1fiziq yes and dont upgrade it you're welcome.Short stream
@jammyzx this is meEarly stream @itskaplan @_PLAYERR1 Fraps my 1.6 clips lmao mega throwbackdeathmatch stream vibing with music @WedidOfficial @Envy Really happy for you man this is insane good job. @CAthCSGO @HUYNH_CS 😍πŸ₯° @jenjixo @HUYNH_CS yup ! better luck next timeLETS FUCKING GOMy Twitter Crush is: @HUYNH_CS Find yours at β €
@NiSMO_VAL Lets gooo congrats πŸ₯³ @MkaeLcs 😍 @_PLAYERR1 Ijji gunz and gunbound @_PLAYERR1 WowLove you all @hvnniez Ikr?Pietrovos still terrorizing the ranked queues. ban this dude holy shit.
Retweeted by KOLERDeathmatch session time. @MkaeLcs @Diablo BUT I DESERVE IT TOO @MkaeLcs @Diablo yes you do my dear @RiotBallerina @starlitkelley @Guiiimond @OfficialAproto tabarnak this is a stacked lobby if i've seen one.Been practicing this one for a while finally getting rewarded. done with my week lets gameeee
@1juniorcs @AstralisCS OKAYYYYI need a valorant beach map on a island or something get me out of the snow in icebox. @mummAy no way @clgaming @missharvey @ChoboMe lets gooo πŸ₯³found a friend q'ing with @HUYNH_CSWe are live friends