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kordell @koordell Ontario, Canada

professional black man, twitch partner, polo g, roddy ricch, calboy and 2kbaby fan acc.

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@_miyamoto__ @oFabz what is wrong with u
@saidbusuri tomorrow like 4 @may_wedda ? @marcusy_ pull up @marcusy_ surehi🥺 go support my fave small brand they’re donating $1.50 with every product they sell to help remove plastic from…
Retweeted by kordell @marcusy_ sup @jeshvs huh @ronnyrickkk no @yNope_ prolly 4ish @GuilleCrespo36 idk probably 4ish @yNope_ idk @boy_drowsy little hope, the exorcist, phasmophobia and the manor @JefferyxBball what they gonna do @YrgTokyo ? @MrSamdman nohorror game stream tmrw gonna go crazy @marcusy_ @lilraay1k @brndxi aint u got a sus ep dropping tmrw @said5q yeah @marcusy_ @lilraay1k @brndxi both of yall a different breed @brndxi u did not need to say this @brndxi ima get that regardless i been waiting to play it @YourRAGEz lets hear it @FreeRodeoShootr i can listen to both start to finish no shuffle no skips so boththey’re all so good it’s crazy @khawt2804 i been waiting @marcusy_ that one in specific always gets methe try again to feds transition on TLOP4 is so good @wethsworld nah fr @icedoutomnitrix congrats man @SIMPatheticX oh LMFAOO @SIMPatheticX he got a kid? @glizzyfart ion think we ever getting back there but it’s good @DoubleBlvk nudy snapped per usual @Ultra15151 oh i remember ned flanders @albert12798 yeah @albert12798 go across @SamManlol i think u mistaking me for maywedda @Ultra15151 last i remember of him was trues world so like 2017 @btshoodmoments fr @urolderbrother yeah i like it @albert12798 huh @glizzyfart i ain’t even realize he dropped but it’s good @boy_drowsy nah i’m frthis new madeintyo nice wtf @marcusy_ yeah @marcusy_ he needs to sue whoever let him drop this LMFAOO @larrygpriv man i got so excited but ive had this song for 2 years but at least they finally dropped it @snootid @CrypticNoOnee this sound cursed @snootid @CrypticNoOnee u aint even get one with her song over it @TristanGHill polo does not drop bad verses @TristanGHill whenthere’s really niggas listening to trippie’s album rn LMFAOOO
@marcusy_ at work @LilTunechi @realDonaldTrump @POTUS no not wayne @OnlyLeafss hard @ronnyrickkk probably like 5 more min @Jah2Solid wym? @albert12798 what did u mean by thislink kordell on the youtubelive @CUEARTT i will move my bed out of my room for the stream idc @rhyaux that’s gonna be one of the games for sure @CUEARTT me too LMFAOO @BeezRogue wait what @may_wedda saturday’s halloween thohorror game vr stream saturday?🤔 @sxoxo @drixburger wym? @drixburger what a weirdo
Retweeted by kordell @dr2xter @meramicat @sophiesolit @TristanGHill can u tweet this on main @dr2xter @sophiesolit @TristanGHill LMFAOO @TristanGHill @RowdyReynoldz @TristanGHill us in the ybn barbershop @RowdyReynoldzy’all going here or to the naked barber? @TristanGHill what the hell @dr2xter @LazasBautista ya i watch/watched almost everything tbh @dr2xter @LazasBautista ya i’m all caught up @LazasBautista @dr2xter he don’t know @HarryButAverage partner soon @LazasBautista checkmark soon @afemeje he does not miss @uwukong LMFAOOO @WhosBreezyUK he really forgot to switch accountshe really is in cubaaint this nigga dead??? @may_wedda we gonna have to get a bad player tho @may_wedda i’ll play
@CUEARTT I SAW IT THE FIRST TIME SHUT UP @marcusy_ he doesn’t have a wap n he can’t twerklil baby really got robbed man @uwukong man @marcusy_ uhh idk @CUEARTT do u mean this @notchaselyons early? @puppyelise get a grip @CUEARTT sammy fan account @puppyelise huh @RoddyRicch let’s go