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@soendala hai @soendala omg fir kalo malem2 lu ngelawak trs ga lucu ada suara krik krik krik nya dong keren juga
@lactocide STOP I LOVE YOUreally makes u think
Retweeted by JD 🗡 @mitskireeks what the fuck berat banget jadi bacaan anak sd @ramzyhnn @kopiasusu @____evvvn HARUS PASANG ANJING EVAN!!
Retweeted by JD 🗡 @ayambberkah one time kudeta got a poem from someone and it was titled "My People" and talked abt his struggles fit…
Retweeted by JD 🗡 @tobiomylk aww i look white and fit into conventional eurocentric standards but i hate when people point it out 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 Sad @rosiefansclub SINI!!!!! @kopiasusu @____evvvn PASANG GA!!
Retweeted by JD 🗡 @litberalism stay strong ya moms 😔sedih pacarku gamau nempelin sticker harta tahta jordinna di motornyaawkwardness is a terminal illness and im on life support @woosexuals 🤓🤓🤓 @soendala soree om @lovemoodmedia SAYANGGG @SONOYAMlZUNO ILYYYY @oddire IM CRAZY FOR YOUU TF @grrrlgrey MUKA KM KALO KETUTUP AJA CANTIK SA ??!!!?!? hiiii..transition game not too bad 😙 means organising beyond words. It's organising by caring for the community and the people we work closel…
Retweeted by JD 🗡Thank you all for joining us today at the #TransnationallyAsian Digital Conference. A key takeaway from the opening…
Retweeted by JD 🗡some people confuse the absolute disregard for the safety and well being of others around themselves with freedom and it shows
Retweeted by JD 🗡vevo x lorde was a cultural reset and i do not say that lightly
Retweeted by JD 🗡this whole thread is so good! young writers aren't made less worthy by submitting to tiny magazines run by your fri…
Retweeted by JD 🗡he's nuts i love him NIH!!! hasan disuruh sholat di rumah orangtuanya terus anwar ngomong begini. i still think about it sometimes think that was the book that may have radicalized me btw lolOIYA di Atheis ada bagian dimana si anwar ngebacot sendiri di kamarnya hasan tentang agama and filtering his life t… how could i forget the book that WOUNDED me these: 1. a gentleman in moscow - amor towles 2. (SPOILER) a little life - hanya yanagihara 3. insomniac city…"For you, a thousand times over."
@rahntoe U MADE IT @rahntoe ILYYYYAnd I get this feeling whenever I feel good It'll be the last time
Retweeted by JD 🗡 @demamkodok what is the problem ?we dont talk about this enough @demamkodok beliin @demamkodok ayodonk tapi senar tele gw putus blm beli barui swear to god if i could play the guitar solo in susie save ur love i would be so powerful @FishButtowski TEXT ME BACK @ayambberkah bukan lucu yg aww gemes.. lucu yang kyk wakwkakkwakak idiot @ayambberkah HAHAHAHAH LUCU BGT SUARANYA KEPOTONG @notnorgaard pacarku @cherry__sashimi girl🥺 @oddire silly aure harusnya meong but its ok because ur cute😋 @woosexuals BAGUSSS @oddire he said no but we can still hold hands.. if u want 🥺lipstick @str4wberryjem BDHSJSJJSHSBDBSJ THIS IS DEPRAVED.. (yes) @buvesti so kewlWHERE is miss mitski im going FERAL @str4wberryjem omg.. 😏😏😏😏3 seconds 🐈 mirip marion jola @adobesikeren terima kasihWeek of 10/18 in Leo: You will want to sing a song about love. Oh just do it and do not worry about the images in t…
Retweeted by JD 🗡 @KANTORPOLlSI warrior catsss @ayesashimi SAYANG @adobesikeren WOI itu tangan ade gw 😔
ini private account siapa yang quote rt?!!?!?!? bikin kepo tau @titancantik iya skrg mahal bgt anjg @II3LUE gw gabisa lanjut baca karena males sama clary lol @oddire kalo lagi stress woy @POSESPLASTIQUE the characters are developing bgttt woi tappei jadi lebih lembut sama miiko 🥺orangnya: bacaannya:“ft Kehlani” Kehlani:
Retweeted by JD 🗡'wandering' chapters 1 & 2
Retweeted by JD 🗡without downloading new pics whats it like dating u? king of the world dipikir2 i miss you by blink 182 bisa dimainin pake gamelan @palabiskanabis bau bgt boiyes @soendala jiah @str4wberryjem how did U get even more goddess like in quarantine wtf??!!?!?!? @kontempelir loh buat siapa dong @rahntoe kemaren gw denger di radio banyak relawan yg mundur in healthcare because it was fucking them up being on… glowing pink in the night in my room
Retweeted by JD 🗡
Retweeted by JD 🗡
kangen pasar santathe poems i was talking about: anjing
Retweeted by JD 🗡 banyak banget kritik terhadap pendidikan yang muncul dari kelas hari ini, Mulai gimana pendidikan cuma mengemba…
Retweeted by JD 🗡beberapa bulan yang lalu aku dibully karena ngetweet soal "kenapa sih orang jelasin omnibus law pake bahasa inggris…
Retweeted by JD 🗡 @mitskireeks @folkwhore__ haiMORE POEMS INSPIRED BY FILMS AND THEIR CHARACTERS PLEASEEEE i just read one inspired by jennifer's body and i'm absolutely losing it @gashinaedeul @FishButtowski sama ikut donk @C0RPSE_BRlDE @alwhattagal Hey @mitskireeks theyre really pulling shit out of theyre asses at this rate arent they what the fuck is "bi people wan… @gashinaedeul @FishButtowski 1 MONTH BREAK FAYE U NEED IT @FishButtowski i love u
8 Years Ago, this episode premieres, and my jaw actually was left hanging open by the end. A pretty special moment…
Retweeted by JD 🗡 @margianta SICK OF ITTTT @mitskireeks MR MAMAS& you wanted to be real, to be swallowed by what drowns you only to surface, brimming at the mouth Ocean Vuong, Trevor
Retweeted by JD 🗡 @mouthfulofloss anjing bisa bagus bgt dahbentar lagi gw jadi nctzen