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I've got nothing to prove to anyone, but Everything to improve for myself. Husband / Filmmaker / Photographer

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@xxpreciousx1 Lool can't lie, money disappears quick in Africa!Where is 7? @L_sharn Lool let's just say "we thank God"🤣 @15Swiss the yout must have good genes @SameeraaaXo Nigerians : Ahh!Do you think that 💪rmz guy is clean, cus his size is not making sense at all. @MsCloud10 Lol I know, that was my way of saying that I need a bit more than that to do what I have in mind. Say 50 to 100k😫Master P is who yall THINK Diddy is.
Retweeted by 🗣6ft 2 & boi... The wallet part, do you mean in pounds or niara ?😆 think twitter will crash the day people on here realise that life decisions isn't a one size fits all. Until then, as you were.. @AbiMariahO 🤣🤣🤣🤣 lol sometimes you've got to beat them to itWhen women asks you to bring them a sample of their bath water to test if its hot enough are disgusting, sorry! One literally fell into my dirty pond and the owner will still let it back into the ho… @TallTT_ Well, train it is then 🤣Boss babes are only for Kings. They already know what time it is by the way you carry yourself as a man. Ain't go… @ShaniceAlethia @CMOyeks So this is what ya'll are here doing.. Don't spend money recklessly, BUT when I do! 🙆🏾‍♂️.. 1 extreme to the other! @datboyJuniorE @TallTT_ Why £45 isn't congestion £15 or something like that, (maybe parking too 🤔) @TallTT_ Drive it if u can.. I try my hardest to not take public transport to central especially on a hot day 😫Send £5,013.70 to my savings and carry on with my day. this in the UK and the property market will crash. @moneyymaya 🤣🤣🤣 @Mango_BerryK I swear down!!🤣This TV licence man knocked on my door and asked if he could come inside my house to see if I have a TV after I tol… @_humblesailor Honest????? Helll no! I tell them that I was above my last place, they didn't know what to do with… @respawnedtarga1 That is one thing I would never do, rent to students! Your property will look like a trap house @_humblesailor My guy I've got all the lines!! I tell them that I wanted growth and the previous position wasn't… @AngelaNakiyingi Lmao! Nah I would too.🤣 @ShaniceAlethia @AngelaNakiyingi Loool I saw it coming!🤣 I had to shock them with my resignation one time! @respawnedtarga1 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Lmao yes! I've been fired I've also fired myself before they had the satisfaction of firing me I've walked out… @Unkle_K Do I even pay it in my own yard? They knocked on my door one time and I told them that my dad isn't at home. 🤣 @dalomkid Another day please 🤣 @Duttyeve I would love to go but my anniversary is in November and the Mrs might want to go somewhere else for that… is who you people pay TV licence to? 😆 @EmanDux You reckon 1.5k will do?Ladies, you do know that "the silent treatment" does absolutely nothing to us right.. How can you "punish" a man… @EmanDux Nigeria, 2weeks @dalomkid I have not even told you the story of how I did that in 2days in London 🙃 @Duttyeve Lmao i spent more than that o, but it was intentional. I wanted mobility and the family houses was on… @amachalker Yh December is bump everywhere In Africa, Nigeria in December is the same too. 😅 @Trey_Ball10 Loooool, yh 3k is right amount for me. That place is toooo sweet! @Duttyeve Yh same here, I dont buy things neither. And I must stay in a hotel everywhere in Nigeria i go, my dads h… @marbieskitchen_ 🤣🤣🤣 toooo accurate! @respawnedtarga1 Fam! This yout saw me trying to climb the pavement with my trolley and RAN to help me,(I didn’t… @15Swiss For where, and for how long? @marbieskitchen_ 😫🤦🏾‍♂️.. OK Nigeria? 🤣 @Trey_Ball10 Say 2weeks in lagosThe best part was dashing people their monthly salary in one go for good customer service. Fam, the prayers I received 😫Last time I visited Nigeria I had like 3k pocket money for 10days. IT WAS LIT!!!!!!🤣 Nigeria is sweet with money,… much do you think you would need in British £ as pocket money to have a great time in Africa?Next time I go to Nigeria I ain't telling any1 that I'm coming! My dad made me fly to Abuja as I touch down in la… remember when I got bored of the UK and went to Nigeria for two months. Words can not explain how peaceful I felt… @monldn Likewise, can't wait to return again @EmanDux I had to read the question again and again! I don't think I have an answer for that one o! 🤣Can you keep a secret, for a long long time 🔥Now I know how parents feel when they are asked to pick their favourite child out of all the kids they had. @monldn That heat is different 😫"Mate" am feeling generous today, who wants 0.01p sent to thier bank account? @KingKofi How many times will I warn you to stop using my videos for catfish?Small talks via email <<<<<< Get to the damn point!Has prince Andrew been arrested yet? appreciate how efficient Tesla's cars are but they are really ugly design wise😫 @_QueenLioness_K Trusss me!🤣Lmao I sent the IDIOT an email saying "she should know better than sending me work to do whilst I'm on annual leave… IDIOTS who will CC the entire office in an email they send to you like its EVERYONE'S business. Cool, two can play the game. @MsBanks Ur urhobo?New day, New money. Let's go!🇯🇲🔥
The wig said!'t even talk too much!🤐By this time next week I'm sure banks will require 99% deposits for mortgage loans 😂😂Who is ready to "take that risk"? wood and cardboards! 🤣
@_WhitWoo_ Innit! @Bukky_Beatrice @Chrimo__ Missing a payment won't reflect on ur credit history, but defaulting on a payment will.… @BrickzwithTipz Lmao!!! Fam I'm on episode 4 of season 2 and I am still waiting for the hyped part the TL has been gassing. @Bukky_Beatrice @Chrimo__ I have actually used them and I missed a payment, they were not clear on payment date, I… you mean to tell me that I have..... @Bukky_Beatrice @Chrimo__ Beatrice, how much are they paying you?👀🤣 @LadyRenz Lol who has the time? 😆 @FromP4mWithLove Lmao I don't even think women knows what the word normal means @TheAureliePearl @MrDaMention 🤣 @Lazza_Nero You took ur car to BMW BMW? Lmao it shall be well with you.The UK is really going out of it's way to prove how Racist it can be. can you sleep with 200-300 people? Don't you have a job?😆 @Lazza_Nero Lmao just dash them the car na!Personally I have made good financial decisions from early & I have an excellent credit score but I still don't hav… agree with leveraging & using money that isn't yours to build wealth, but. Having easy access to money that isn'…"God safe us"Same way I chew water!🙃 @TheNamesLawlz Y'all are special! @Chrimo__ Yh but unfortunately some adults find it hard to manage money. That's why a credit check exist, to see wh… @Chrimo__ If you miss a payment, which is very likely. It will seriously affect your credit ratings. They don't (… @MrDaMention @TheAureliePearl Lmao bro I actually can't with her anymore. Everyday is something new! And she pr… wife legit has names for the plants in our home, when she tells me to go water Miami like I know which one that it. 😫 Women! @thatgirltammy Thanks, yh that my wife's plant she's even got a name for it 😫