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😂 a very chesty scammer. Wawu drew myself everyday for a week and it went like this..
Retweeted by KorkorLmao are they relaxing lockdown rules for religious gatherings for Easter?????!!!! But some people are also really angering. I always apologize though but I keep it moving. ✌🏽 feel so ugly after reacting off of anger. That’s why I just dead a lot of situations and keep my distance. It’s so much more peaceful.
Retweeted by KorkorChale. Going crazy in this house. I should have made it to Ghana in time for the lockdown.If a mf stop fuckin wit you while you goin thru something never fuck with them again.
Retweeted by KorkorIt's important to maintain some semblance of normalcy even during a pandemic. That's why my code still doesn't work.
Retweeted by KorkorAh????“Chemical radiation” 😂 @dedebaake @tyrone_brother Yeah she’s probably not. But why would she go all these ends to make people believe in nonsense. Ugh @tyrone_brother @dedebaakeImagine....being rich. congratulations. This must be your biggest achievement in life“Lockdown is over”
Retweeted by Korkor!!!! @fauziyen 😂 change your life FauziyaPeople who argue to win instead of discussing to understand, are the worst.
Retweeted by KorkorMy flatmate asked me where I’m going for Easter and it took everything in me to give her a nice answer. I have a problem @Bra_Kwame__ @niiapa 😂 i didn’t even have a reply for that @niiapa Lool wow now everyone knows my business apa.😩 Callum and James like Kofi and Kojo for English men? @dedebaake 😂 gyai saaMe returning to Instagram, Twitter and Snap for the 1654th time
Retweeted by KorkorDon’t be stupid @dedebaake Et tu, Baake?
do you know who could find Carole Baskin’s husband? #TigerKing
Retweeted by Korkor😂 omg @quels_bee Yam or coco yam 😫My mum today: so you really put a hole in your nose and screwed itI’m actually craving mpotorpotoryou lose a lot of friends when u get serious about life and goals.
Retweeted by Korkor @kessir_ Yuppp. No plan yet though. I just have the urge to do something bigWho here wants to do big things. I neee a partnerFriday and Monday are holidays. Feels like a waste
Retweeted by KorkorWeird flex. @korrkorkotey 🙏🏿
Retweeted by KorkorHeart goes out to those who have lost their jobs and have no source of income. @korrkorkotey That’s the one!
Retweeted by Korkor3!! been awake like I don’t know i have a meeting in the morning. If I sleep now yawa
@niiapa Herh. Behave @dedebaake 😂 chale. @i_Archive Not really though......if you’re forced to go to work @i_Archive Lool I realized it wasn’t for my age group 😂Who tf are these? I’m not doing again. korsah and Nathan Amanquah government on April 30 telling us we’ll be inside until May 31 but it’s for our good:
Retweeted by Korkor*PLEASE RETWEET* my cousin has been missing since April 3rd around 7:40pm. if you see her dm me OR if you know anyt…
Retweeted by KorkorHaving the luxury of getting paid while working at home is nothing short of a blessing.
Retweeted by Korkor @dedebaake I skimmed through. 🤦🏽‍♀️Can someone please link me the video of the ga woman singing the song with plenty insults? Sorry that’s the best description I can give @dedebaake 😂 people who believe in that can’t be saved. There’s no logical conversation you can have with them. @dedebaake 😂 ei BaakeWhy I no marry before the lockdown? Why
Retweeted by Korkor @niiapa Hi✌🏽 @korrkorkotey Awwww don’t worry. Baby exercises one at a time. And less carbs, more fruits and vegetables.
Retweeted by Korkor @deeaba 😫Ei @deeaba 😂 . You should have said it early. Next time
Mad thing is once we get to go outside again it’s gonna become “fuck it’s Monday again”It’s never been slept on really. at 2am ever since this lockdown was the worst thing ever createdFather said cardib can cook egusi for him @_O_O__O_O @Adawulede @exe_rac @i_Archive @niiapa @Saka_Stic Chale! @Saka_Stic @niiapa 🤦🏽‍♀️ @korrkorkotey story of my life!!😂😂
Retweeted by KorkorOk people can’t be this...... dumb. awkward when you have more exposure than the people who want to pay you with exposure
Retweeted by Korkor😂 literally fuck off if you take your anger and misery out on people. Grow up.
Retweeted by KorkorIf you do 4-8, you’re better off replacing your morning coffee with a milkshake 🤷🏾‍♂️ (1 is where it’s at 🙂)
Retweeted by KorkorThis how my body would be if not for 5g technology
Retweeted by Korkor @iRyfie @i_ArchiveGye Nyame
Retweeted by Korkor!!!!!!! @therealchyke 😂 Chale. No be easyI almost exploded in that supermarket trying to hold in my cough. BruhThe silver fox don’t rush men .... 😉 @Its_Nanette Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I think I missed that explanation @KobbyFletcher 😂 I never got itSmall weekend is over.. now entering big weekend ☹️
Retweeted by KorkorLooks like frank from shameless. Both before and after“Nah.... you had all day” all 2020
Retweeted by KorkorWe all missed one episode of Empire and never went back
Retweeted by Korkor @99Poke_em This one’s both 😉 @99Poke_em 😂 no oo. Just personal use. The other blender I had broke. @99Poke_em I’m my defense it’s a very pretty blender 😩 @99Poke_em A blender. 😂