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Karla is a Puerto Rican artist who works on Films (MCU, ILM,HBO), Games, TV, Books Covers, Fine art etc. She gets political & paints her days away!

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@explodikid 5’4” reporting for duty to the average yet still short brigade.
Being good at social media is a unique skillset that people are hired into full time salaried positions for—it’s im…
Retweeted by Karla Ortiz @javi_draws Congratulations!! :D @heyjenbartel, AOC is very good.
Retweeted by Karla Ortiz“I will protect Medicare and Social Security from socialism.”
Retweeted by Karla Ortiz @JennRavenna @mbrleigh The way the author just stabs my heart, even tho I KNEW it was coming!! The PAIN WAS REAL! @krystalball It’s why I laugh every single time they’re like “they wanna give you socialized medicine” and we’re al… @JennRavenna Jennnnn !! I finished it yesterdaaaay 😭 😭 😭
Prop 22 is horrible in SO many ways. Vote no on it! @belillustrates <3 heck yes!! <3 happy to hear that! @belillustrates Support systems are important, for sure. They may not always come in the form of a parental unit th… So yeah. Not everyone’s path is the same. My own path had its own ups and downs, privileges and difficulties, s… find, no matter how small the pay. I also had a supportive family and later peers and colleagues that offered… But they sacrificed like crazy, and knowing that was a huge motivator for me to make sure it was worth it. It s… We were never a family of means, we were close to poverty, and didn’t have any sort of generational wealth. O… I have been independent ever since. When I was 27 my mom lost her job and I began to support her full time fo… Once settled I kept looking for any art jobs I could find, and was always freelancing while I was a student.… I was also homeless again for a little bit, as we desperately looked for housing in SF. Jumped from friends hou… my schooling for a year and a half. What i found out much later is that she skipped paying a ton of bills, and l… offer any sort of financial assistance as they were independent school. This is when my mother and father, but… I did become homeless for a bit in Florida , and me and my group of friends would jump from friends house to fr… ad agency, and concept work for two small game companies in Florida and so on all while in college. With the ext… I began to look for any art related jobs. I did Body painting for parties, caricatures for people, book covers f… However, I was so clueless that I got fired on my second day of training lol freaked out I called my dad and he… So I got in bed with the devil and got student loans (that I’m still paying off) to attend a ...questionable art… I got a head start on art since I ended up going to a really good public art high-school in Puerto Rico. I was d… Seen this floating around and it’s a solid question. A bit hard to answer as everyone has different stories and… @nicodelort Dreamy lines and architecture <3Hey Friends! If you're attending Adobe Max I have a session going on at 12! :D @reneedicherri Same!! <3 Thank you as always for being there and advocate for us <3Iain McCaig and myself were interviewed by Adobe on all things Concept Art! Check it out! :D
With proper credit and all. My heart is full today 😊My art is now technically on @Forbes thanks to @laureninspace 😌 @explodikid For real! I was gunning for Meg, but once I met Thanatos I was like “my bois heart is yours”. Now I am… @besf0rt Ooooof @explodikid Omg , the thing is I keep one nectar on me at all times in case I do see him , so this is 100% me lmaoo @explodikid I have done 30 runs. And have seen Thanatos only 1 (one) time. I am forever sad 😭 @besf0rt Perfect lol @ChuckGrassley So no , you dont get to defend a powerful woman by weaponizing concepts you have never in your life… @ChuckGrassley Feinstein is not a weak, a wilting flower. She’s a damn powerful senator with duties and responsibil… @ChuckGrassley Shielding a horrible senator from well deserved critique and anger (reminder, she was harsher to kid… when she Ilhan when she gets impostor gets impostor
Retweeted by Karla Ortiz @Monstermash042 @isaiah_kb Get her a ring light too!! :D we wanna see Ilhan glow <3 @kenklippenstein Hahahahhaha @IlhanMN Perfect last round with @israhirsi !! Great game!! @TECHN0PAIN @AOC lol @axl99 That was amazing lol @isaiah_kb @IlhanMN All we need is to improve the light just a tiny bit so we can see her better, but it's so amazing to watch her play! @AOC you are doing so good btw!! :DHere we goooo
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@johniadarola @TeamJoe They have so many run of the mill centrists they can choose, but instead opt for extremely r… @IZarov @KeeangaYamahtta It seems daft to believe people won’t be extremely upset that a Biden administration would… @stevendeknight Ohhhh! You’re all to sweet and kind! followed so DM’s are open! :) feel free to reach out any time and have a lovely week! @YingjueChen @MingjueChen Ps. I also adore cooking! Bouillabaise, Pernil and chocolate chip cookies are my specialt… @YingjueChen @MingjueChen Omg yes @MingjueChen @YingjueChen I hope one day to eat @YingjueChen ‘s food!!it just it look so tasty 😭 @WhittersRichard @wspieler Oh my 😂 😆 @wspieler 😂 @pboutte @stevendeknight Awww! You’re all way too nice lol but happy to work with Phil and new folks any time :D @pboutte Oh youu stooop @MikeHeartsTacos I can always count on you Mike lol @coyotehackles Madam, you deserve no less!! All the flirts!<3 <3
@kenklippenstein To be fair, only the upper half of top hat man is pictured so we really don’t know what he’s actually up to 😬 @Monstermash042 @drmistercody So many combinations! @drmistercody Biden for Joe President or Biden Joe for President ? @AOC I'll play! Tho.... the real question is, you still playing Animal Crossing? Cuz this October update is just too dang cute! @Xocari Atelier training helped tons, especially when handling pencils. :0 there is power filling in the dots withi… @coyotehackles Idk if i deserve your title, you absolute art queen <3 @explodikid Good! Homophobes deserve to be called out, especially those with the audacity to demand stories to cat… @subversivegirl *ti ( autocorrect tirándome al piso) @subversivegirl Lo mismo podría decir de ty tu arte!! ❤️❤️❤️ @explodikid I am here for this fire, and also for the next episode!!! :D @george_10g ❤️ this is so wholesome and lovely ❤️ @izzicm But honestly, i just always made sure to store two page drawings flat and had framers take care of the rest… @izzicm Those were for moleskin shows. The gallery would send you a whole ass moleskine and you’d send in the whole… @satoihiroshi :D we will one day!! I do have a FF7 Vincent sketch i need to do soon !One day I’ll work in pencils again (In a love affair with oils atm) . But for now, here are some blasts from the pa… @Beavs Aww yeah !!! Congratulations Alex!!! Super excited for what’s next for you!!!FOLKS—we found who created the epic “Wear a Mask” Beauty & the Beast video! Created and sung by Noah Lindquist…
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@JennRavenna Also, because i don’t think I worded it properly, if the community doesn’t get references packs, becau… @JennRavenna You will not fail! You will thrive, and hopefully we can still have some packs as a treat we pay for <3 @kenklippenstein Ken, but why 😩 @AllisaBlue @BriannaWu @kirstiealley @realDonaldTrump No one cares Allisa. Just shhhh. Shhh shhh 🤫 @AllisaBlue @BriannaWu @kirstiealley @realDonaldTrump I admire and respect Briana Wu leagues more, so this statemen…
@explodikid Of course!!! any questions or anything at all hit me up anytime :D @yoshisquared Oooooo!! That would be so good!!! Drink cute coffee, eat all the foods and explore!! :D yes! done! @explodikid Workrave (PC and free!) is a good program that helps you take breaks! Mac has a similar one called RSI… @explodikid But ah sorry to ramble on. Injuries is something I deal with a lot too, so thought to help. But again s… @explodikid It helps manage the pain , doesn’t worsen it. Then when healthy I just make sure to take breaks every 1… @explodikid Yeah! For me taking lots of breaks, especially as when healing is crazy important. For me, as soon as I… @bperlowNPS I was planning a 3 month stay around this time, but 2020 came in with all the NOPE’s 😭 @explodikid Anyway take care you and if you need anything im here! I have recurring RSI , so while not exact, if I… @explodikid Positions often is one way to reduce long term strain. So for me is using a cintiq, a wacom tablet, and… @explodikid Im so sorry you’re dealing with this. Arm injuries of any kind are so common yet so scary for those of… @amuveau Cafe Reissue in Japan! cant get over how much skill and work that took. And just..its been a crazy bad week, and this just makes my hear… my dream is to visit Japan once all this insanity is over! Guess I know where to visit first! <3 @george_10g Also my dream is to visit Japan ! When I do you’ll be my first stop! Thank you! 🙏🙏🙏🙏